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2020-09-01 12:27 by Karl Denninger
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Satanic Alternatives - America Does Not Deserve To Survive *
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Let's face it -- we're being given a Satanic choice.

There are a few things that are quite-clear about this political season.

First, the Senate is odds-on to flip Democrat, like it or not.  In fact it would be miraculous if it does not.  This isn't a function of who's got the better candidates, it's a math problem.  Toss-up states are all incumbent Republican or vacant seats; this by definition is a crappy situation that has nearly no chance of working out well for Team Red.

The odds of flipping The House red are long.  In fact, insurmountably so, by my math; the margin is just too large.

And then you have the top of the ticket.

Remember, Trump has had four years.  What has he done to beat back the Marxist tendencies of various political entities?

Nothing.  In fact he has enhanced them.

Who continued to allow the FDA, for example, to continue their outright scam when it comes to drugs?  Is not Trump in charge of the Executive?  Can he not demand that the law be followed and enforce it as the head of the executive?  Of course he can, and of course he could have.  In fact he promised to do so repeatedly during the campaign in 2016.

Could he have resolved the entire medical scam during his first week in office?  Yes.  There is 100+ year old law, 15 USC Chapter 1, that makes essentially everything the medical industry does when it comes to pricing illegal.  Said law has been challenged twice by parts of the industry all the way to the US Supreme Court and upheld.  The authority to execute on that law rests solely in the Executive, as does all law enforcement.  President Trump decided not to.  Then when Covid hit he furthered the scam by not only continuing to allow differential pricing but by deliberately using the DPA to force production of ventilators that we knew killed you 95% of the time in Wuhan.

Remember this?


We spent billions of dollars on an intentionally worthless device and our President did so by unitary Executive Order.  Said devices were then used on Americans and murdered them.  We did this will full knowledge ("p" value of <0.001, or less than one chance in a thousand that outcome was due to random chance) that they were next to worthless.

That is a Satanic act, standing alone.

But it did not stand alone.

Secretary Azar issued a regulation within days of the outbreak using a post-Katrina law immunizing the medical industry from legal consequences from the use of said devices and for any other decision to treat, or refusal to treat, anything related to Covid19.  Secretary Azar serves at the pleasure of the President.  Secretary Azar still has his job.

Trump did not pass that law, but he did deliberately abuse it and that abuse was directly responsible for the death of over 100,000 Americans, including quite possibly your grandmother.

Remember we were told that we should shelter in place for 15 days to "flatten the curve" and even the CDC admitted that there was no possible way to stop the virus.  They're right, by the way; there isn't, save one -- herd suppression.  Further, the CDC deliberately changed the way deaths are counted, an act of open and notorious fraud.  In all cases except this one a particular cause claimed as part of a death must be in the causal chain of death on the death certificate.  For example

The person died of lack of oxygen.
Caused by their heart stopping (myocardial infarction)
Caused by a blockage of a coronary artery.
Caused by chronic inflammation, which was contributed to by:
1. Smoking
2. Diabetes
3. Obesity

I've read enough death certificates; I have, at this point, buried damn near my entire family.

Except... in this case if you have or were around someone who had Covid19 then suddenly Covid19 is a "cause" of your death, even without causality in the chain being demonstrated.  This has led to the CDC declaring that more than 5,100 people who died of accidents or suicides were in fact Covid19 deaths -- by their own admissionAnd that's just the fraud that is self-proving; the alleged "influenza" deaths this year ex-Covid19 are implausibly low by a factor of about 80%, never mind all the heart attacks, strokes and cancers.

Fraud is illegal.

If that is not enough reason to burn in Hell would you like me to keep going?

Well, like it or not I'm going to.

Fifty-four NIH "scientists" have resigned or been fired for undisclosed foreign government ties.  In 93% of them the foreign government was China.  There have been 189 scientists investigated across 87 institutions thus far.  The investigation started in 2018.  This is the same NIH that Fauci works for, who also, I remind you, has managed to have his wife in the chain of major funding decisions.  If that's not a conflict of interest what would be?

How does an organization that has been proved corrupted by a Communist foreign government have any say whatsoever when it comes to public policy -- especially public policy that is given the force of law?  Yet the NIH and Dr. Fauci have done exactly that.  That too is Satanic and rests directly at the feet of one President Trump, who of his own volition appointed said agency and Dr Fauci to his "task force."

There is, at this point, hard proof that this virus is no more dangerous than the flu -- unless politicians and Health Care intentionally concentrate infections in vulnerable people and thus kill them. There is also hard proof that China launched and continues to maintain a major international pressure campaign for lockdowns and other intrusive measures.  They focused specific attention on Sweden which refused such measures and, I remind you, has been proved right; they reached herd suppression.

How many of the "models" and "modelers" have also been corrupted by the Communists in China?  To this very day they continue to maintain we are on the verge of an unspeakable wave of death -- and these are the same models, "modelers" and "experts" who all claimed Sweden would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 dead bodies.

In point of fact Sweden has lost fewer than 6,000 citizens and for more than a month their death rate has been an effective zero -- one here, two there, often with days between them.  All of these claims were frauds, not "errors" (to which not one has admitted to publicly nor apologized for) by a factor of more than THIRTY TIMES (3,000%).  In fact these organizations and people including but not limited to some of our allegedly "most-prestigious" epidemiological and "public health" universities and "experts" are still maintaining that we are on the "verge" of a catastrophe this fall and winter that will kill a million or more Americans unless we all take further extreme measures.

Having been proved that every single one of these individuals and organizations were completely full of crap and their fear campaigns were not only false they were maliciously false why hasn't Trump lifted the emergency orders?  For the same reason none of the governors have not done so: Money and power.

But let's focus for a minute on what is unquestionably Satanic: Intentional mass-murder.

Which Fauci, the FDA and our President have all not only endorsed they've caused.

Specifically, they have turned the law on its ear when it comes to certain drugs -- which is both illegal and Satanic.  The law provides that any approved drug can be prescribed by any physician for any condition where, in that physician's judgment, it may be of benefit.  It does not have to be a condition for which they drug is approved.  Yet the FDA and state pharmacy boards have blocked access to hydroxychloroquine for outpatient use.  There is no statutory or regulatory authority to do so; the drug is approved and has been for some 60 years.

"Law and Order"?  Uh, since when?  We're talking death here.  There has been roughly one death per year attributed to HCQ since its approval.  One.  The alleged "cardiac toxicity" referenced by many is, statistically-speaking, mythical.  TDP, which is the actual syndrome that can kill you, has yet to be demonstrated in any of the trials in which HCQ was put forward.  Since the expected mechanism of action for HCQ interferes with viral replication early use is critical -- that is, the earlier you use it the more likely it will help you.  This means that waiting until you are in the hospital intentionally destroys at least part of the expected effectiveness, and perhaps all of it.

Now contrast this with Remdesivir, the "approved" drug by the FDA under emergency authorization.  It has an incidence of 3/53 reported cases of atrial fibrillation, which is a severe cardiac rhythm disorder that can kill you outright.  3/53 is 5.6%, or many multiples of the risk of the same disorder from HCQ.

So why is Remdesivir approved and HCQ banned?  HCQ costs six cents a pill and we have 60 million doses stockpiled at this point; Remdesivir costs about $3,000 for the drug and since it's an IV infusion you must be in the hospital to get it, which adds thousands more to the price.

Satanic?  Oh, you bet.

Never mind that the damage doesn't stop there.  12/53 (!!), or roughly 25% of patients receiving this drug show hepatic enzyme problems.  That's liver damage.  So about one quarter of people who get this drug are at risk of significant liver disease caused by the drug. 

In short Remdesivir is a drug that has extremely serious safety issues -- likely severe enough to torpedo it straight to the bottom of the ocean in any sort of actual clinical review.  In this regard it is almost-identical to what was done with AZT and HIV.  AZT was a failed cancer drug that had extremely serious safety problems.  While it likely was helpful for a short while if you actually had HIV if you did not, because the test for the virus was faulty it created the same sort of damage that HIV did in the body!  Oh, and it was expensive as hell too.

At the same time during the first ten or so years one of the big killers for people with HIV was a form of pneumonia called PCP.  PCP, untreated, is almost always fatal. In people with a functional immune system it is extremely rare because the body is capable of fighting it off long before it becomes dangerous.  But, if you're immune-compromised then this is bug is a very, very real threat.

Leukemia, of course, also tends to wreck your immune system.  In 1977 it was demonstrated that giving children Bactrim, an off-patent and readily-available drug, was highly protective against them getting PCP, which, if they got it untreated it would and did kill them too.

So why do I bring all this up?

I do so because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a decades-long history of being a Satanic ASSHOLE who loves shoving people in the hole by wielding power he has no lawful right to have.  He in fact blocked use of this drug as a prophylaxis against PCP in AIDS patients for years, during which over 30,000 AIDS patients died of PCP infection.  Virtually every one of them should not have died of PCP because we knew this drug was effective as a prophylaxis -- we had successfully used it in kids with Leukemia for several years!

Now granted, in those years HIV was universally fatal; something always wound up getting you.  But that's not the point, right, any more than it is the point that with roughly 40% of our deaths allegedly "from" Covid19 in nursing homes that the median life expectancy when you are admitted to a nursing home is six months doesn't change the fact that if you intentionally give someone a virus that can kill them by forcing infections into said place that's still manslaughter even if you only took three or six months of life from them by doing so and not 10, 20 or 50 years.

What makes you think any of this bullshit with Covid19 is novel?  Perhaps you, dear reader were not around (or at least old enough to be sentient and remember any of this) when AIDS was ravaging the land.  I am old enough and remember all of it, including the dickheads who shoved 450,000 Americans into the hole, and some of those same assholes are now responsible in no small part for the 170,000 we shoved into the hole this time around.

That's what happens when you let someone get away with killing tens of thousands of people -- they do it again, and they enlist new people to help them the next time, exactly as occurred here.  This time they enlisted the governors, mayors and President in doing so and made a huge goddamned industry out of it to the tune of tens of billions of dollars within months at the same time.

Lest you think that Biden and Harris will make anything better, well, no they won't.  Biden was around in those years, if you remember. Harris was either too young or blowing politicians to get jobs.

But voting for Satan is, well, voting for Satan -- and I refuse.

Every one of the people involved in this bullshit, from the President to 49 of the 50 State Governors (SD's likely excepted) and an utterly enormous percentage of County and City Executives and Councils deserve to be in the Hague standing trial for mass-murder under political pretext right now.  I would offer a toast and thanks to God if any or all of them were to be hit by an asteroid and two toasts if their entire blood line was within the blast radius and reduced to dust; every last one of them deserve it.

If you think I'm voting for any of those people, it will be under only ONE condition: If that vote is to send them to public execution, preferably by slow, painful and outrageously severe means for the purpose of sending a very public and indelible message to anyone who might contemplate pulling this sort of crap in the future.

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