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2023-03-21 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 592 references
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..... go over there and shoot him yourself?

Who am I talking about?  Everyone who thinks we should go to war with, or support a war against, Putin.

If you think the Ukraine war is just then get off your fat ass, hump a rifle and go get you some.

You can, you know.  Got passport?  Use it.

Its not even illegal.  Stupid, well, that's up to you; as a "privateer" if you get your ass blown off or captured that's too bad.  Geneva Conventions?  What are those; you're not entitled to those protections as a privateer but then again those spouting this crap don't believe Putin obeys the Conventions anyway, so, as to steal from Hillary, what difference does it make?

Why aren't your entitled to them?  Because the point of the Geneva Conventions is to disincentivize people to fight out of uniform because if you do that then the opposing army has every reason to blow civilians and anywhere they find them to Mars as they cannot determine who is an actual combatant and who is not.  Since being wrong makes you dead doing things like putting military personnel in a civilian school, hospital or church turns such a place into a valid target -- and fighting "out of uniform" makes you subject to immediate execution if caught.

So where are all these "Mr. Nutsack" screamers who want to send billions of dollars over to Mr. Gaydar Grift and a whole crap-ton of weaponry that will work oh so well when handed to untrained personnel which, incidentally, is about all they got left over there.

I think it will be most-interesting when China decides to negotiate the purchase of some land in Mexico and places a military detachment there, possibly including nuclear weapons.  What's the cruise missile flight time to San Diego's naval port from there, may I ask?

Oh, that'll never happen?  Well perhaps it will and perhaps it won't but if you think this situation over near Russia with NATO isn't basically the same thing you're a few cans short of a six-pack.  Indeed it was our emplacement of nuclear missiles in Turkey that led the USSR to place them in Cuba.  It was our withdrawal of them from Turkey that ended that tit-for-tat and we started it.

Just like we did here, except for a minor little difference, which is a whole bunch of politically-connected people on both sides of the aisle running money through Ukraine, one of the most-corrupt nations on the planet.

That should not surprise either given that the people there are roughly divided into four or so factions, have been for something like a thousand years as that land has been a crossroads and fertile piece of dirt forever, and they have always wanted to kill one another at the slightest provocation, which incidentally is why Moscow considered them ungovernable and essentially allowed them to have their own quasi-government -- albeit still formally part of the USSR -- during the Soviet years.

Our decision in 2014 to unlawfully interfere in Ukraine domestic political affairs, which we did openly in a form and fashion that were Russia to do it here would get them all arrested is why the mess over there exists today.  You do remember the speeches at Maidan yes, and who among others delivered them?  You do remember the snipers firing on unarmed civilians over there and all of them were not run down and prosecuted, which is rather odd if in fact the people currently in power weren't the ones behind those doing the shooting, right?

At the same time how many people has China poisoned by running fentanyl precursors into Mexico and then in finished form into the US over the last fifteen years?  Oh, those couple of million illegals and all the poison hidden among them isn't an invasion?  Is that so?  Dump just one load of that crap in the Chicago water supply and you'd have bodies all over the street, so save me the BS about how this isn't the exact same thing as an invading army when it comes to body count.

It is.

Did Trump use his authority as CiC to declare that an invasion?  Nope.  Biden hasn't either, of course.

Now add to this Trump's insane belief that you can run zero and even negative interest rates without consequence which, I remind you, he advocated for while in office.  Credit Suisse anyone?  Who else?  The better question is who isn't impaired and its not just about bank runs either.

Let's get down to brass tacks -- the reason SVB blew up as it did was that there was no incoming deposit flow.  That is, the ordinary way this works is you take a loan to buy a truck, the dealer cashes the check and deposits it into a bank.  There are lots of banks so on balance while you and the dealer probably don't use the same bank it all evens out because while your transaction leaves your bank cash short and the dealer's cash long someone else commits a transaction that does the opposite.  The overnight money moves (which incidentally had better exist and is 99% of what The Fed actually does) balances those books between the banks but when they're not balanced and one has to borrow overnight and the other can lend, there is money paid for that privilege.

So long as that balance is reasonably close the amount of money spent to maintain that balance is trivially small and nobody cares.  In a rational economy this is the case because there are lots of banks and if they act reasonably and do not irrationally and unsoundly concentrate risk in their book of business the ordinary flow of commerce is such that the interest paid on the amount of money required to balance their books every night is an inconsequential part of the total cash flow picture.

So what happens when you're not part of that ordinary commerce stream and the only way you become "cash long" as a bank is when there is another venture-funded deal put out into the market, most of which are woke fantasy bull**** that will never turn a profit because they're all climate-screaming or "diversity-driven" garbage?  Oh, and by the way your own board is full of directors that (1) are directors at the regulator of your firm or (2) have in their past being part of firms that blew up doing similar stupid crap in 2008?

All of this sort of nonsense seems to be great right up until the flow of said new and impending bankrupt woke garbage slows down or stops because you can't borrow at no cost!  Similarly and in the same vein Facebook (META) and several others are rumored to have paid people six-figure salaries when they had no work for them simply to keep them from going to work for someone else.  That's all fine and well as a strategy when you can do it by paying $1,000 in interest (1%) per year to keep that person from going to work for a competitor and never pay back the $100,000, simply rolling it over.  That's a pretty-cheap "investment" in screwing your competitor out of a brain he might want to hire, right?  The "employee" loves it too because they don't have to actually do anything productive; if they yank their pud to Redtube videos all day or play Call of Duty that's all good from their point of view, especially if they have a sushi bar and espresso paid for by the company in the cafeteria!

Oh that isn't what the last 15 years has been about and specifically all four of Trump's Presidency?


What happens when you can't do it anymore because the natural limit of such uneconomic actions is reached and continuing it doubles the price of gasoline, triples the price of natural gas and doubles the price of eggs and other groceries, never mind already doubling the price of houses?  It stops.  Now SVB is short of cash and every paycheck cleared out of one of their client's accounts makes it more-so, as none of that money comes back in deposits to them.  Their cost of overnight funding ratchets up and while their book of debt is guaranteed to pay principal and interest the interest isn't enough to cover the operating expenses, including the interest on the overnight book-balancing loans they must take to remain solvent.


Oh, this is just SVB?  Like hell it is.  The entire house of cards in finance for the last fifteen years since 2008 was built on exactly this and yet those book-balancing loans have a real cost and must because you can't force someone to make them.  No matter who buys yours they are doing it instead of buying something else and if the "something else" has a higher yield they'd be out of their mind to buy yours, whether overnight or for any other duration.

Nobody ever intentionally lends at a loss; when governments appear to do so they aren't taking the loss they're forcing you to take the loss at gunpoint.

Trump intentionally cranked that risk higher and bragged about being "The King of Debt", that is he was going to force you to eat the losses before being elected.  May I remind you what he said in 2016 in his own words?

“I’m the king of debt. I’m great with debt. Nobody knows debt better than me,” Trump told Norah O’Donnell in an interview that aired on “CBS This Morning.” “I’ve made a fortune by using debt, and if things don’t work out I renegotiate the debt. I mean, that’s a smart thing, not a stupid thing.”

Oh really?  It's a smart thing when it doesn't work out for the entire nation?  Who do you think you will "renegotiate" that with when the holders of same are right here?  On a national basis its very different than it is when you're at arms-length in a combative, commercial situation.  There its perfectly ok for you to win and the other guy to lose but on a national basis there is no "other guy" to do the losing; the nation loses and since nobody works for free the net is a loss as the laws of thermodynamics are not suggestions, every transaction involves cost and both sides of the transaction ARE HERE IN THIS NATION.

When you're President you're not just the President of the rich, moneyed jackasses bidding up commercial and residential property, never mind bank and other executives buying back stock and with the proceeds buying condos in Aspen and Cessna Citations with which to go to Paris for lunch.  You're also the President of the people who are on the other side of that transaction as they're the guy working for a salary who gets 0.1% interest on his checking account because the executives stole all the rest of the money through the policies you promoted and directly caused.

When that deal blows up and is "renegotiated" that same schlub working for a paycheck gets the bill for the "renegotiation" in the form of $4.00 gas prices, skyrocketing property taxes and $4.00/dozen eggs while the executive(s) who "renegotiated" keep their business jets and mansions in Aspen.

If you think it was just oil executives and bankers how about the hospitals paid bounties for Covid+ test, ventilator use which we knew killed people 90% of the time in Wuhan and Remdesivir which, we now know by a huge International study does not work and is dangerous, giving rise to the risk of destruction of the person's kidneys and thus killing them. Oh, never mind legal immunity for what would otherwise be wild-eyed and trivially proved medical malpractice given that Remdesivir had twice previously failed for other indications on safety.

But nooooo!

We must run more money to Ukraine and further imbalance our books.

So says Lindsey, Mike Pence and, of course exactly zero of any of these people will take any responsibility for what looks to be an outright international economic disaster that has just poked a tiny little piece of said iceberg above the water in the form of SVB and Credit Suisse.

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2023-03-15 12:28 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 501 references
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Let's just get right to the point....


Positive IgG, negative IgM, control is valid.

I have had Covid exactly once, in the first week of August 2021.  It was not fun, but I survived and I have no long-term effects on my cardio performance -- or anything else.  I know it was Covid-19 because I had IgG tests from May of 2020 forward and was using them on an every-few-month basis; I acquired them through "back channels" because I got hit by some nasty virus the first week of January 2020 and believed initially it was Covid.  It wasn't; I was IgG-negative right up until I got what had the classic symptoms.

I refused to go to the doctor or hospital and I won't tell you it was fun.  It wasn't.  But I was badgered both before and after to take the shots, with the claim that my immunity would wane and the antibody titer would go away.

Right after infection I had a light IgM titer and a pretty-strong IgG one, as expected.  Six months later, I had no IgM and a stronger IgG.  One year later I still had a decent IgG (and no IgM.) 

Today, approximately 580 days (~1.58 YEARS) later, I still have very-much present IgG; the exact opposite of what we were told would happen -- that you would not be protected over time, and would get it again repeatedly.  And yes, it is circulating here as people keep getting it.  Quite-obviously the infection produced induction in my marrow since I have not repeatedly been sick (or for that matter ill with anything) and thus I am forced to assume that so long as there are circulating strains which can produce immediate recall from said marrow I will continue to have a blood titer, and if that ever ends I will still have the recall for as long as I have functional marrow.

Then again given that the other human coronaviruses in the same "beta" family tend to circulate on about a four year interval its probably fair to believe that the challenges will continue.  Eventually I'm sure I'll get it again, but whether I'd even recognize it as anything other than a cold.... probably not.

May I note that most people I know who got jabbed have had Covid multiple times?  One person I know claims to have had it four times!  Obviously something prevented their body from inducing recall capacity in their marrow when they got it.  Gee, that wouldn't be the shot, would it?  Probably, which leaves open the question: Is that damage permanent and if so how many times do you have to roll those dice before you get totally screwed?

I will note that these cassettes are "expired" (by six months, although sealed in their original factory pouches) and there is no "official" diluent (which is why a few were sent to me ex-the other part of the supplies) so I came up with something that I believed would work.  I was hoping the control antigen was in the actual cassette (and not the diluent) or otherwise the test would ring "invalid" (no control) and, if the ersatz diluent didn't transport the blood proteins adequately I'd get a negative even though I did have antibodies.  In other words all the potential errors would produce a negative result which might or might not be true.

Obviously my ersatz diluent was effective and the control protein is on the paper at the "sample" area, because I got the valid and test read.

If you ever want me to trust medicine again those who lied about prevalence of protection from infection and every one of those people who used that as a predicate for a mandate or in any way coerced anyone to take that crap must be asset-stripped to the underwear, their family ejected into the street including their children and they must then be arrested, indicted and tried for one count of intentional, premeditated murder for each and every person the jabs have killed, along with malicious felony wounding for each person said jabs have harmed.  Their liability is and must be joint and several, imposed on every politician, medical provider, doctor, nurse and Internet scold who run their bull**** on the public at-large.

Since you can't sentence someone to death more than once I'll settle for once.  It's not enough, but its the best humans can do.

I'd prefer something more biblical for the punishment side than the gurney-and-needle show but since that's what the Federal Government uses I'll accept it.

I will accept nothing less, and until and unless it happens I refuse to believe or adhere to any such alleged "advice" now or in the future and will treat anyone attempting any future mandate of any sort for any public health matter to be attempting murder upon my person and will respond in kind.

What you see here above is scientific proof that from the first of August of 2021 to today, without a subsequent infection that rendered me ill in any way (minor or otherwise) and without any jabs I still have a decent IgG antibody titer against Covid-19.

I all but lick doorknobs and have since this started, refusing all your "protective measures" and for all who attacked me for my view the facts are in:


PS: The economic damage from all these people who got screwed and are now repeatedly getting sick, never mind those who are now permanently disabled or the jab killed outright?  Tough crap folks -- there's nothing you can do about that either.

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You ought to read this; I've pointed it out before, at the beginning of the Covid crap, but it bears another look.

Since the introduction of antibiotics "pandemics" from viral agents have never mattered materially to society.  We will eventually, by the way, likely find ourselves in serious trouble in this regard once again because of antibiotic resistance, which we caused, but whether that's worth it or not is an open question.  Certainly, for the people who don't die but would have otherwise, they will tell you it is -- and was.

The poor bastards who find themselves with a resistant strain of some invasive bacteria that kills them will likely disagree.

So be it.

It is a fact that most of the people that the 1918 flu pandemic killed died as a result of secondary bacterial infections.  This is not in dispute.  What is also not in dispute is that doctors killed a huge number of the remaining people that died by handing out aspirin like literal candy.  They choked on their own blood and secretions which the aspirin, in huge doses that we now know are well beyond the LD50 dose (that which kills half the people who take it) caused.

In other words the doctor killed them.  We even have a "pleasant" name for this so we don't have to call it by its proper name ("murder" or "manslaughter") -- iatrogenic disease or death.

"Iatrogenic" is a pleasant name for caused by the physician or medical "treatment."

Why don't we just call it manslaughter or negligent wounding?

It is.

Let's cut the crap -- the evidence is overwhelming that every single Covid death was in fact iatrogenic.  All of them.  Why?  Because the virus was man-made, not a fluke of nature and this was known within days after it supposedly showed up, which was also a lie as to the "date it appeared."  We now know this to be factual and in fact knew it pretty early on because blood donations made in the latter part of 2019 had antibodies to Covid-19 in them, an impossibility unless the virus existed and was circulating in people prior to the claimed "appearance" in early 2020.

We know the virus was man-made because a patented sequence of proteins is in it and you can't patent something that nature creates.  This is proof that the virus was in fact manufactured -- whether directly or a precursor does not matter; without said manufacturing there would have been no Covid-19 at all.  None of this can be disputed; it is fact.  Further, everyone in the so-called "scientific community" knew this within days of the original announcement that Covid-19 existed and the so-called "community of doctors and scientists" intentionally lied about it.  This should not surprise given that a huge number of said people were implicated personally in either being part of it (directly and indirectly) or funding the work that led to it.  When was the last time someone who did a particularly stupid thing that led to a really bad outcome came forward and admitted it?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Would you tolerate the engineering profession redefining the collapse of a design to be enlogenic -- a mish-mash for "I didn't calculate elongation -- that is, expansion due to changing temperatures -- correctly and thus you died"?  Why no, you wouldn't.  So why don't we force the medical and pharmaceutical industries to call death by drug or doctor manslaughter -- which it is, incidentally -- instead of a mismashed term that 99% of the population will not relate to "that ******* should hang for what he gave you -- or withheld -- and was the cause of your death."

Can we get rid of the "what he gave you" part?  Maybe not; humans have a pretty insane capacity to believe in what amounts to witchcraft and it has very little to do with intelligence whether or not you fall under said spell.  There are multiple areas of cognitive bias that come into this; Semmelweis was drummed out of the medical profession for his correct deduction that deaths in maternity wards were due to doctors not washing their hands between patient examinations.  That happened in the mid-1800s so please save me the sanctimonious nonsense about how "the best and brightest don't do things like that" because they most certainly both did and do.

Money only adds to the list of said cognitive bias that weighs upon the scale, never mind fear of being caught when you realize that a grant you underwrote a few years prior has now led to a global viral outbreak.  If there was ever a reason to hang someone that would be it so if you think such a person has no reason to fear being held accountable and thus lie through their teeth you're certifiable.

The simple reality is this:We have repeatedly made viral outbreaks worse by "intervening."  We killed over 60,000 gay Americans by withholding Bactrim from those with AIDS who had PCP, claiming there was no evidence it worked and instead prescribing AZT, a drug that we had little experience with and, of the experience we had, we knew it was toxic as it had failed trials for cancer on safety.  The claim that Bactrim was unproved was a lie; we knew it worked because ten years earlier it was discovered to work in Leukemia patients and to this day stands as the single largest advance in Leukemia survival by making PCP a non-issue, where it used to routinely kill those undergoing treatment for said cancer.  We killed god-knows-how-many people in 1918 by wildly overdosing them with aspirin, a "new fangled" drug that had just shown up and we had little experience with.  This time around we did the same thing we did with AZT with Remdesivir, a drug that was "new fangled" and had twice previous failed on safety, yet it was touted as "an answer" to Covid pneumonia.  In those previous trials it failed because it destroyed kidney function.  Someone I knew here in town died exactly that way, allegedly of "Covid", after being given the drug.  Now we have people dropping dead or coming up with crazy non-previously-existent maladies after giving them a lightly-tested, unproved injection to, it was claimed, prevent Covid and we now know it does not prevent infection nor passing the virus to others.

All of these events featured one thing in common: They were all new and wonderous alleged "answers" to some medical problem caused by a virus, all of them made the peddlers a crap-ton of money, none of them had any track record proving they were safe to use over decades of prior use and every one of them killed a huge number of people because, in fact, they neither solved the problem or were safe.

We learned all the way back to 1918 that allowing money into the game adds trouble on top of even the allegedly most-educated person's addiction to magical thinking.  We do this with many other areas of medicine as well; we cannot even formally describe in detail the full interactions and functionality of the immune system yet we think we can design other than by pure mimicry an effective "prophylaxis" (e.g. vaccine) that uses same.  That's wild-eyed arrogance without a shred of evidence to back it up.

Mimicry (e.g. the traditional measles shot) works despite our ignorance because it mimics where a natural infection shows up and thus even though we do not have anywhere near a complete understanding of how immunity works it gets "close enough" and in nearly every case provides durable and stable protection.

Such is not true for any non-regularly-viremic, short-latent-period viral infection including RSV, influenza and all coronaviruses, including but not limited to Covid.

The evidence is that the work being done before the virus got out was likely related to an attempt at a coronavirus vaccine.  I've gone over in some detail why this is the most-likely explanation, including the fact that if you were actually trying to come up with a weapon you wouldn't choose a coronavirus; their rapid and unstable mutational pattern makes them a poor choice.  Never mind that the No Time to Die (e.g. James Bond film) scenario of targeting requires a level of understanding that we are nowhere near achieving and almost-certainly won't achieve in our lifetimes.  Such a view is fantasyland nonsense and while striving to gain knowledge of the immune system in full is a good goal to have the facts are we're not in any danger of pulling that level of understanding off at any time in the foreseeable future.

The best we can do is to demand that the "white lab coat" folks, when it comes to health, be relegated to advisory roles and destroy their gatekeeping capacity in all respects -- whether it be at the pharmacy (e.g. you can buy what you want and are responsible for the outcomes individually) or in the realm of so-called "public health."  The facts are that all elements of this so-called "profession" have not only failed to help they have made many diseases and conditions worse, presiding over an explosion of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and death.  Their nostrums, "recommendations" and even mandates have done nothing to reverse or prevent any of these outcomes, all of which claim a huge percentage of human lives in the Western world.

Absent their immediate consent to that change, backed by immediate legislation barring them from any role extending beyond advice we must hold every one of them to an engineering standard and then hang every single one responsible for even a single iatrogenic death.

Whether the jackass shoots with a gun or a hypodermic needle - or for that matter a pill - does not change the essence of the act.

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2023-03-06 08:18 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 619 references
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For the last several decades I've been told, as a man, that any man and any woman are interchangeable.  That any woman can do anything a man can do.  Anything.  Of course vice-versa only applies in part; a man, for example, is incompetent compared against a woman when it comes to raising children, of course.

This was preposterous and obvious to me even as a boy.  Girls are just built differently, and we all know it.  Yes, a woman can pee outside, but its harder for her than it is for a man who happens to have a hose conveniently attached in the right place so the pee doesn't go where you don't want it to -- like on your shoes or down your leg.  Women have to squat and pay attention to where their pants are to avoid this where a guy can just unzip and point it where he wants it to go.

Like on a former jabbist jackwad's headstone, for example.

The only reason said man has that hose is genetics.  He has an XY chromosome pair instead of an XX. As a result from the first cellular divisions onward his development in the womb was different than the fertilized XX egg.  If you're unhappy with the lot you drew in the swimmer's lottery that's tough crap; it was immutable at the moment of fusion as to which swimmer won the race, period, full stop.

Today we're all told that this genetic difference is not to be recognized as dispositive either.  No, that's bigoted, you jackass!  To suggest that a girl cannot ever become a boy, or vice-versa, is to get you canceled.  Well, I'll say it: If you're born with male parts and chromosomes you're male, period, and vice-versa.  You can at best change your outward appearance but you cannot do anything about your chromosomal make-up which was fixed at the time of fusion of the sperm and egg that became you.  Its immutable and further said immutability results in structural differences in your body as you grow -- both in the womb and beyond and long before you are sentient enough to be able to express an opinion said differences are so profound there's no way to alter them.

USA Powerlifting got sued for asserting this -- and lost.

In other words a Minnesota State Court issued a ruling that 2 + 2 = 22.

Black-robed bastards can assert whatever they want but asserting the Earth is flat, which I remind you courts did do in the past and imprisoned people for claiming otherwise, cannot make it so.

Sports inherently involve both cardiac and muscular capacity and differentiation -- that is, the mixture between slow and fast-twitch muscles, which are to a significant degree influenced by your chromosomes.  Sorry, there is no such thing as a "sport" that doesn't in some way wind up impacted by this, despite the claim that video games are now a "sport."  That's crap and further dilution of reality, and one that we've permitted to go on for far too long.  It is a fact that a woman's circulatory system differs from that of a man and there is nothing she can do about it long before birth; said circulatory system must support a second life during gestation and as such there are structural differences which can never be overcome, as a man simply doesn't have those parts in his body and thus there is no blood supply required for them.

You can look at a skeleton -- utterly devoid of any tissue whatsoever -- and determine if the person it belonged to was male or female, even though there is obviously nothing left of either the internal or external genitalia.  Those differences are structural and nothing will ever change them.

Those structural differences impact athletic performance and no amount of training or dedication will change any of this, ever, because it was immutable long before each person was born.  I don't care if some court claims otherwise; that is a lie.

Go ahead and tell me this set of results is not because men are simply faster overall than women.  If it comes up with the 10k select the 5k.  I'm in there.  I was beaten by one woman and she's roughly half my age; the closest woman in my age group was a full minute slower.  If there is no differentiation by sex at birth then women, in this race, are three minutes behind.  I'm nothing special when it comes to road races either.

So women, this one's on you because you've told me for decades that you can do anything a man can do and that any and all differences in, for example, job selection and choice of career is because men are pigs and force women out of "male" jobs and then deliberately connive to restrict women from making money as a man does.  Further, all differences in, for example, the bell curve of intelligence between men and women are because men rigged the tests and do not in fact exist (the evidence is, in fact, that women have a somewhat-smaller range around the norm while men are more-widely divergent; this means that there are both more highly-intelligent men and more stupid ones.)

Any intimation that such differences are both real and complimentary, and that embracing them as such in society is good for everyone involved net-net including men, women and especially children and family formation has resulted in anyone saying that being branded a bigot, a misogynist and when possible canceled.  This crap has gone on for decades.


You wanted this, women, so here you have it.

Now men who have natural advantages from the time before birth which will never go away and can't go away in skeletal structure, musculature and cardio capacity and who choose to cross-dress and pretend to be women are going to own every single competition in which they enter where physical women with similar training and dedication are present.  You will lose not because you trained less or were just out-competed you will lose to people with an inherent advantage you will never be able to overcome because you embraced and forced upon society a series of lies and your insane demands based on those lies dates back decades.

Your claim, in short, that there are no innate differences was false, is false, but you ran that crap for decades so now you get eat the consequences.  Just desserts.

If you want me, as a man, to rise against this then you're going to have to start by retracting, apologizing and burying both in law and culture all the bull**** you've run for my entire adult life on this matter -- not just in sports -- and until you do I don't care how many powerlifting, skiing, ice skating, marathons or track competitions you lose to men who have invaded AT YOUR INVITATION and thus destroyed your capacity to have a fair competitive sporting environment FOR WOMEN.

In fact I am laughing at the own-goals you have and will continue to score in this regard and all the screeching that has and will continue to come from it.  Indeed, if you're aggrieved by this why has not every single women's team and individual competitor walked out until this crap has stopped across the board -- not just in sports but in all things?

The fact is that you loved it when you got an advantage by forcing others to cover your costs.

Now men pretending to be women are ramming it up your chute.

I hope you enjoy it.

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2023-03-05 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Kunstler had a very good take on this recently...

In an interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier last Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray said, “The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan.” Like so much else in America’s tortured, distractable life these days, the meaning larded into that that utterance went clear over the collective heads of just about everybody.

What was the key part of that statement? “For quite some time now….” Gee, really? Like, how long? One year? More than that? Maybe since March 2020? And you didn’t say anything, Mr. FBI Director? You didn’t do a thing to dispel the Covid-19 miasma that swaddled Washington DC like a smallpox blanket of yore?


You see, plenty of people knew.  But it was the official policy of the government that in fact a pangolin managed to get bit by a bat, which is how the virus got into contact with humans, because someone decided to sell a diseased pangolin to someone else in a wet market, said person picked their nose after handling same, and voila!

Ignored in this alleged sequence of events is the fact that within days of the alleged first "discovery" the virus was put through a sequencing machine and out popped a sequence bearing a set of proteins in a specific order that occurs nowhere in nature.  Indeed said sequence is patented which is proof it occurs nowhere in nature because you can't patent things that occur in nature as the definition of a patent includes the fact that you must have invented said thing.

.Despite these facts people were de-platformed, censored, had their careers destroyed and in fact there is now an entire section of my blog, upon which this article resides, exempt from advertising of any sort because I had to move all of the visible articles on that subject there.  Why?  Because Google decreed that no advertiser was to be permitted to bid for space on my blog if the content said anything about said virus that differed from the official party linea line of now-proved lies that they and other firms all agreed was absolutely, without question "true."

Oh, incidentally, Google did not stop there.  No, they in fact issued "misleading" labels on content that I had written more than five years earlier, including those on low-carb eating -- even though I have more than a decade's worth of personal experience doing so and the results of doing so which include durable loss of excess body mass and superior athletic performance.  This too was deemed banned for advertisers to bid against.

The FBI knew, with a moderate degree of certainty, that said "party line" was false yet they said nothing -- in fact they, along with other organs of the government, actually communicated with said firms and attempted to get them to blackball anyone that the firms themselves had missed.

Now Johns Hopkins has had a medical dude by the name of Martin Makary who stated in Congressional testimony that "The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government."

No, really?

Those lies were directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead Americans, never mind trillions of wasted dollars garnered and paid out under maliciously false pretense by both Republican and Democrat Administrations.  How does this not implicate Racketeering and isn't throwing people in prison for doing that part of the FBI's job?  Indeed the "ventilator push" was one of the first and most outrageous as we knew they were worthless against this disease in that the data from Wuhan early on conclusively proved so.

Who remembers this data table from said early study?


I published that table and its associated study in March of 2020 and it proved, beyond question, that ventilators when used against this virus do not work.  Indeed they might actually kill you instead; at best all they do is pad the bill by tens of thousands of dollars.  So what did Trump and everyone else do?  Build, deliver and use tens of thousands of instruments with which to kill your loved ones -- and make billions of dollars doing so!

It didn't end there of course; Run-death-is-near anyone, a drug that failed twice previously on safety, including against Ebola?  Said drug was proved worthless (again, this makes it three times in a row) in a huge multi-national study yet that did not result in its withdrawal from the market either.

Oh by the way, Makary's employer Johns Hopkins as of this time still requires the magic jabs, including boostersfor all "eligible individuals" and you must prove it.  This despite the fact that several nations have all-but-banned the booster for anyone who isn't morbidly ill or quite elderly -- which would describe nearly all students as just one example.  Never mind that two FDA advisory members quit over the FDA's promotion of boosters in young people as there is no data to support that they do anything useful in that segment of the population.

Doesn't matter; science be damned and you must take it or you're persona-non-grata.  I will note that Mr. Makary has not resigned in disgust nor sued.  Obviously the salary is better than the facts, risks be damned, and to this day Johns Hopkins denies that there are any serious risks from these shots.  Not that they're "relatively rare" (as someone defines that) -- no, they deny that anything beyond a mild sore arm or fever occurs, period, ever, full stop.  This is a blatant lie and you should go read it for yourself.  These jackasses should all be under indictment for voluntary manslaughter and sued to beyond the orbit of Mars.

May I point out that you only get one life and your heart never heals from damage it incurs?  Myocarditis is never a benign condition.  Period.  Further, the uptake of "boosters" has been quite poor so you'd expect the mortality caused by the shots would be fading off by now if it was a short-term risk -- that is, if you take it and thud, you're going to do that within a few months.  Nope; the data continues to come in that the disability and death rates, particularly among working-age employed people who are statistically healthier than average is increasing faster among that cohort than among the not-working who are, statistically-speaking less-healthy.  Why?  The obvious explanation is that large employers required the jabs and so those who still have jobs are of course those people (by and large) and they're being rendered disabled or dead at an accelerated rate.  Simply put people under 45 who are working in professional roles almost never die absent misadventures such as car accidents; they tend to not be either gang-bangers (and thus don't get shot) or drug abusers (and thus don't OD on fentanyl), both of which are chief causes of death among the young adult cohort generally.  This has been demonstrated statistically over decades of time which is why those group life policies have been so cheap.

Not any more.

It gets worse.  Singapore has seen a rough doubling of stillbirth rates starting almost-exactly nine months after they mass-jabbed everyone.  And they did mass-jab basically everyone as soon as they could too, and live births fell, so no, people didn't stay locked down, screw like rabbits and make lots of pregnancies, which would mean an increase (at the same percentage rate of failures) would be normal.  To the contrary; live births fell and the temporal association lines up exactly nine months after the mass-jabbing in June and July of 2021.

The counterfactual is that Sweden didn't seem to have as much of an impact; their still birth rate went up but live births did not go down.  So we do not -- yet -- have multi-national correlation that's convincing.  We also don't know if this is a permanent effect or one that will wane off with relative speed.

But if the stillbirths really are caused by that it had better wane off quickly or there is serious trouble inbound when it comes to the size of the next generation.

If you're a parent who did this to your kid(s) or did not warn a daughter or son of yours who is of child-bearing age -- or worse, encouraged them because you're fat and at high risk as a result of your own actions and you were more worried about you than them, well, sucks to be you and them eh?

How's it feel to have quite-possibly killed off your own family downline -- in whole or part -- before it was born?

Oh, I get it, people don't want to admit that they may have committed suicide and they especially don't want to admit that they may have killed, permanently disabled or sterilized their children.

Guess what?  Your odds, if you took these damn things, are not so good.

It wasn't rocket science nor did you need a PhD in medicine to know this; there was not only no prior record of viral vector "vaccine" use in humans, irrespective of the specifics of the delivery model (mRNA .vs. vector) in addition no coronavirus has ever been successfully vaccinated against in either man or beast.

I pointed all this out before the first jab went into the first arm and was called a nut for refusing to believe that what had never worked before was unlikely to work this time, and that I would consider any attempt at force to be an attempt at murder of my person and would respond in kind.  Yes, I meant it then and mean it now; I would have immediately killed anyone who tried to force me to take that crap.  I had already seen and reported on the malicious use of ventilators that were known to be at best worthless and might actually kill the person they were used on if you had this disease over a year prior so it was an entirely reasonable position to take that further attempts by the medical system to slaughter people would not be a mere idle threat.

It is not possible to sentence a dead man to death for his alleged "crime" so if you intend to do something to me that I believe will kill me you had better not miss as once I determine you're about to do it and mean it I have zero inhibition toward making you go to Hell first, even if only by minutes or seconds.

Well guess what again?

That perspective was proved through time to be exactly correct.  Not only that the people who allegedly are experts knew it too and pushed this crap anyway; even Fauci has admitted in print that there has not only never been a successful coronavirus vaccine that coronaviruses, and other families of virus that are typically not viremic except in severe and fatal cases have no record of successful, durable vaccination at all.

In other words its not just Covid, nor even just coronaviruses (the family of viruses to which Covid belongs) it is also flu, RSV and others that share the same basic characteristic.

If a thing doesn't work then any level of risk is unacceptable as there is no benefit to weigh the risk against.  Merely deferring an infection does not prevent it and if you wind up damaging immune response due to original antigenic sin (a very real possibility) that later infection now becomes more dangerous rather than less-so.  It takes years or even decades to know whether immune damage will occur and if so whether its temporary or permanent; you can't time-travel and as such there's no possible way to know what the risk profile looks like until the time passes.

Where is my apology and the begging of forgiveness by those who took the opposing view and attempted for cajole or even force me to take that crap?  I've not heard one person apologize to me or recant.  NOT ONE.  Every single person who ran that crap can **** off.  You are rocks to me and until and unless you make a full confession, which includes admission of guilt, begging forgiveness and restitution where possible to those who were harmed as a result of your bull**** the conversation with you, and any form of commerce or other interaction is OVER.

It doesn't end there either.  What about the next generation that had two years of their learning stunted by closure of schools and forced masking?  That's a deficit that said young people will never get back and it is those who pushed this crap that are responsible for it.  You should all have to forfeit everything you have to those 20-odd million American youth you intentionally screwed so at least their economic damage is compensated for and until you do you too are rocks.  People like Randi Weingarten are even worse in that they abused power to impose this on others broadly, not just individually.  There is no punishment available on this earth suitable for not only her but every screaming teacher, school administrator, mayor and governor who demanded the young people in schools take risk in a bid to avoid the personal risk associated with being a FATASSa decision to be unhealthy that they made over the space of decades.  These people are not teachers or politicians they're thugs and neither they or any member of their family have any place in polite society.  EVER AGAIN, PERIOD.

You think this is over and it will all go back to what it was eh?

Well, the data says no its not, the impact of the jabs in particular appears to be accelerating even though uptake has basically gone to zero and as a result the evidence is that the screwing is profound, progressive with time and PERMANENT in those who took them.

The only remaining question on the table is how bad?

Good luck jabbists.

You're gonna need it, but, by the data you are not gonna get it and I will not shed one tear when you win the stupid prize you richly earned.

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