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2024-06-05 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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So About Fauci *
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Let's just cut to the chase and then I'll do the detail: Irrespective of whether you think he should be tried, convicted and hang for what he did during the crazy the facts are that we let this happen over a space of more than 20 years, we deserve it for that reason and we had damn well better put the marker on the table that any attempt at this sort of crap in the future will be met with immediate and summary deadly force aimed at every single person involved -- no matter who they are.

The worst part of the Fauci saga was that he was known to do this sort of shit since decades earlier and got away with it.  I'm speaking of the AIDS years in which he deliberately blocked the use of Bactrim in AIDS patients (remember, at the time AIDS was a terminal condition) claiming "we didn't have enough information" on its risks and benefits.  The facts are that we knew it worked to prevent PCP, a deadly pneumonia, in immune-compromised people because in the 1970s we discovered that and it changed the face of leukemia -- patients routinely were killed by PCP during their treatment as their immune system was trashed by the drugs.  Prophylaxis with Bactrim stopped that and made a huge difference in leukemia mortality.

Why did Fauci block this?  He was convinced AZT was the answer to AIDS.  It was not; it did not work, it never kept a single AIDS patient from dying and had hideous side effects, including destruction of the marrow's immune structure in a decent percentage of people which, if you didn't actually have AIDS, would basically give it to you minus the virus of course.  Oh, it was also, at the time, the most-expensive drug ever prescribed in the United States.  A lot of people made a lot of money and every person who took it for that condition died anyway.

If this sounds like Remdesivir (but worse) its because it basically was; AZT was a failed cancer drug -- which previously failed on safety, just as Remdesivir had previously failed on safety.

30,000+ Americans died of PCP that would not have otherwise and we did nothing about the blatant pocket-stuffing by the drug companies during those years, all of which Fauci was directly involved in.  He didn't personally make the money but he sure as Hell cheered it all on and blocked cheap alternatives that would not have done more than extend life either (Bactrim prevented PCP but would not have prevented your eventual demise from AIDS) but if you used it you might not want the expensive, on-patent drug.

Then there were the cheap potential drug therapies during Covid.  You can claim Ivermectin is worthless if you'd like but the facts say otherwise.  Does it work for everyone?  Of course not, but when using interdictions against a virus sooner is better than later in every instance because viruses replicate exponentially and further what also works if your lungs get involved and is extremely cheap is Budesonide -- an inhaled steroid typically used for asthma.  This too was known as a doctor in Texas was using it in the first few months on early presentation and none of his patients got sick enough to require critical care or died. 

I am personally alive because I sourced it in advance of need and used it; it reversed my lung involvement within 12 hours.  In most nations a Budesonide inhaler costs under $10 US and we could have handed one to anyone infected with Covid along with instructions to use it if oxygen saturation began to be materially impaired.  It likely would kept most persons out of the hospital (and thus those who died) and while my experience may be an "anecdote" I'm here as a result of it so anyone who wishes to attack me on that basis can fuck off and die -- and I both mean that and never will change my position on it either.

Again the issue here was money: You can't get "emergency authorization" if there are working, known safety profile alternatives.  There were.  Ivermectin has an effective zero risk profile (1 in 600,000 for serious adverse events) and while Budesonide does have some risks they're well-known and characterized as the drug has been used for decades on a chronic basis for asthma.  When used on an acute basis such as here the risks are very close to zero.  Never mind Hydroxyurea which nobody still talks about at all and which a small palliative care hospital used in critically-ill Covid patients in 2020 who were all expected to die and saved nearly all of them.  That drug is quite-dangerous (you wouldn't use it on a routine basis without damn good reason) but again we have decades of experience with it and its both off-patent and cheap as it is commonly used for maintenance of those with sickle cell disease.  If you didn't get and use either Ivermectin or Budesonide when you got Covid, wound up in the hospital and didn't get Hydroxyurea it is 90%+ likely when you died that the doctor and hospital refusal to use those three drugs was directly responsible for said death and that, I remind you, was all a deliberate act driven by myriad people including Fauci personally.  That's malice murder and every single cocksucker involved in it deserves to be indicted, tried and upon conviction be executed for it as there are hundreds of thousands of dead Americans who died as a direct result of those deliberate acts.

I am not going to forget about that nor will I forgive anyone involved -- ever.

The entire "mask", "distancing" and other bunk was known to be garbage within a couple of months.  I reported on the Iranian hospital study in which they found culturable virus in the bathrooms, specifically in the suction grates on the ventilation system at ceiling levelyet could not find culturable virus on the tray tables in the patient rooms.  This was hard evidence that the virus was both airborne and in feces (and farts), and thus not primarily droplet based.  As a result masks were known worthless; only a PAPR or other positive-pressure delivery mechanism is sufficient to provide any meaningful protection so all the alleged "social mitigations" were worth zero.  We knew all this with scientific certainty by the early summer of 2020 and I wrote on all of it at the time.  It has now been admitted that there was no science whatsoever behind any of that crap -- by Fauci and the others themselves.

There was also no evidence that prior infection did not confer durable, stable immunity at least against significant disease.  In fact we knew that it was effective in providing immunity by the back half of 2020 because the Cleveland Clinic published a study on exactly that -- and this was before there was any jab at all.  They had no incidence of reinfections among their very large staff complement and a hell of a lot of their people did get the virus during that time.

When it comes to the origin of Covid that it was a "natural evolution" of something originally found in bats is farcical bullshit.  Within days of the original sequencing coming to light it was known (as I noted) that the virus contains two amino acid coding blocks in sequence that never happen in nature among either bats, pangolins or humans, the two alleged precursors and of course us.  That specific pairing is used in virology research for this exact reason; if you are trying to find out if something can be passed through in an experiment (since viruses cannot live independently all such research inherently must pass the virus through some sort of living tissue) you use this as a marker since it never happens naturally; if you get it out the other side you know you successfully passed it through said experiment and are not looking at a fluke.  The presence of this group doesn't prove Wuhan released it either accidentally or otherwise but it does prove that man tampered with the virus on an intentional basis somewhere in its developmental path and thus humans are absolutely, with 100% certainty, responsible for its existence as without said tampering that pair of amino acids would not be present -- period.  All the rest is arm-waving bullshit.

None of the so-called "hearings" will go after any of this and neither will the political parties because the entire medical system from research onward is addicted to all the money they make and the stack of dead bodies generated from events like this is irrelevant to them.  In fact the more fear they can inculcate in you the better because fearful people will allow and expend any amount of money to avoid the boogeyman coming for a visit and if the visit can be portrayed as likely to be terminal so much the better.  Thus the more than one hundred times claims of mortality than fact, the refusal to trumpet the fact that among 80+ year old persons in NY who died of Covid a number smaller than that which you can count on your fingers did not have one or more of a short list of deadly comorbid conditions and thus if you didn't have any of those, or could get rid of them by improving your lifestyle your risk from this disease was in fact much less than the risk you take by riding in or driving a car.  That is there was no reason whatsoever to do anything other than improve your particular and personal metabolic profile.  Again this was all known within a couple months and I repeatedly reported on it as the NY Coroner data including age stratification and comorbid conditions was public and updated on a daily basis.

Note that the culpability for all of this goes far beyond the medical system.  The alleged "pandemic" was a fabulous excuse for all manner of fuckery in the economy generally, including a permanent 33% increase in the size of the federal government -- an increase that resulted in all of the recent-years inflationary pressures.  You have had your purchasing power deliberately destroyed by these ghouls and your "payment" for that was two $2,000 "stimulus" checks which now cost the average $50,000 wage-earner close to $17,000 each and every year and will, until and unless we force them to roll all of that back and cut it out will cost you that each and every year on a forward basis until you die.  Exactly nobody actually "won" in getting those "stimulus" checks among the general population and we are all getting financially raped up the ass each and every year, four years running now, with no indication that its going to stop.

How many of those reading this column have chosen to ignore all of this?

Nearly all of you, as this was all public data and I reported on all of it at the time so if any of the above surprises you or any of your loved ones are dead as a result of this bullshit while the responsibility rests with these ghouls the fault is yours for letting it happen without a single retributive act -- whether peaceful or not -- taken to put a stop to both the medical ass-rape and the financial ass-rape that to this very day continues on a daily basis so no, ladies and gentlemen, it is not over.

And oh, by the way, H5N1?  It displays signs of being man-made as well which should not surprise given that avian influenza is not transmissible to mammals due to genetic diversity between avian species and mammals sufficient to prevent it absent human fuckery.  Well, here's your human fuckery and yes, we've been dicking around with that clade specifically both here in the US and abroad.

Let me guess -- AIDS wasn't enough, Covid wasn't enough and you won't hang anyone for this one either just like you didn't the last two (really more, but heh, we'll be kind) times which is precisely why this third one is now a threat.

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