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2021-05-06 15:39 by Karl Denninger
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The Purpose Of This Area *
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Why another Market Ticker area?

Simply put there is material that certain interests do not think you should read, and they like to threaten advertising relationships.

It's part of the "big tech" Cancel Culture, and its pervasive.  It's not helped by some of the "big titans", including Google, being less than forthcoming about what they do and don't like.  For instance, since the outset of my running advertising with Adwords, I have occasionally received an email notice that "there are articles that have ads disabled because they allegedly violate policy."

Ok, so what are they?  They send me a link which goes to the "policy center" and not once has that ever returned anything except "an error occurred and we told the technical people about; they'll fix it."

No they don't.  It has never been fixed, and several years ago I sent an email inquiry into them asking what was up with that -- and got no reply.

Can I exempt articles from advertising if I know they won't like them in advance?  Sure.  I could, for example, take anything in a certain category and not have the system display ads.  The problem is that if I do that then what do I do with the top page that displays several articles at once, as is true for a newspaper?  Am I forced to omit those from the display on the front page?

That is what is being coerced there, isn't it?  "Get it off the front page -- or else!"

Well fine: I'll do it for them.  All the things that "might" draw such fire will simply go here.  With no ads and its own "main page."  The never will be ads on this page until and unless some other advertising aggregator that does not deal with "big tech" wants to run ads on this content specifically.  If you are such an entity look to the right and there's my contact information -- let's make a deal.

Is this a bad answer to the problem?  Well, it's not a great answer.

But it's the best answer I have for now, other than shutting up, which I'm not about to do.

If you want this instead of the regular Market Ticker you can always get to it directly via, for "no ads" or, if you prefer, yes, I have nads.  You choose.  It's easy to click back and forth as well; just look to the top right at the Main Navigation panel.