Why Is The Market Skyrocketing?
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2020-07-15 09:28 by Karl Denninger
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Why Is The Market Skyrocketing?*
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A thought for the day.

The stock market is inches away from all-time highs in most indices, and beyond them in the tech sector.

Does any of this make sense if the so-called "pandemic" is as sold to the American public?

Think about it folks; this is what we're being told:

  • There is no lasting immunity.  You get Covid, and in a few months or a year you can get it again.  Note that this means you can get it even if vaccinated a year later.  In other words, forget the vaccine; it's worthless but will make companies a lot of money -- and that's if it doesn't leave a potentiating element behind, which it might.  If it does everyone who chooses to take it is at severely-elevated risk of death and you can't un-take a shot.  You cannot both have waning immunity and a vaccine that works.  One of those claims is false.  Given what we know about coronaviruses it's likely the waning immunity is real, as I've pointed out since this began.  In other words we have a tens-of-billions of dollars scam being spread around multiple firms as they're producing something that science says won't work over any length of time.

  • This virus is 10x or more as deadly as seasonal flu.  Yet it doesn't seem to kill healthy young people at all; seasonal flu does.  Further, the virus is clearly racist on the data; Singapore has a 0.06% fatality rate (approximately seasonal flu) while we have a 3.92% one -- sixty-five times higher  and yet both our nations have advanced medical systems.  Is this really likely to be true or are we counting people as having died of Covid19 who really did not because it suits a political climate along with scamming by the medical industry writ large, including short-cutting purchasing and safety protocols which would otherwise limit the ability to steal?  Multiple states, including Florida, have been caught fraudulently inflating their figures.  Incidentally please do note that nobody has yet been caught intentionally deflating their numbers.  Errors are randomly distributed; when all the "errors" go one way they're not mistakes, they're intentional, malicious, fraudulent and even felonious acts -- every single time.  Or worse -- are we intentionally killing people who get this bug by refusing to treat them early with inexpensive and potentially-effective drugs and treatment modalities, waiting until they literally have one foot in the grave before we deviate from the "standard of care" which is really nothing more than "stay home in bed and take Tylenol" and/or we're intentionally seeding the virus to vulnerable people in our health care and nursing home systems?  Again, tell me how Singapore has a death rate 1/65th of ours on a per-case basis unless one of those two explanations are true.  This is either fraud writ large or murder writ large; there is no other way to explain it.
  • The virus does not follow the laws of physics applicable to all airborne spread viruses, whether droplets or aerosols, but it's spread by droplets, aerosols, or both.  Not only is the virus racist it's also magical or even God-like in that it can evade the laws of physics.  Which is the more-likely explanation: This is a true statement or it's a massive, knowing and intentional lie that certain people and firms are profiting from and maintaining by refusing to so much as mention the contrary evidence, including direct evidence from both Wuhan and Hong Kong that was publicly reported at the time?

There's much more, of course, but this will do.

Then you have The Fed and Trump, the latter of whom screamed for zero interest rates -- and after being unable to get them why just like magic a deadly virus promoted by the same guy who ****ed several hundred thousand Americans into the hole with HIV/AIDS and he shows up to do his bidding, and The Fed dutifully "follows suit" as he's been demanding for three years.

Do you really think the people in the market are not smart enough to figure that out?

See, if this entire thing is real and "as sold"; that is, it could kill three to five percent of everyone in America -- old, young, about-to-die-anyway (remember, about 2.7 million Americans die every year form all causes) then it would utterly screw the economy and market on a durable basis.

Instead it's within a breath of all-time highs.

You'd think, if you listened to the screaming Karens and equally screaming tyrants at the state and local levels that a literal apocalypse is upon us of Biblical proportions, not a somewhat-nasty respiratory virus that kills some people who had one foot in the hole already.  Cries of permanent lung and cardiovascular damage in virtually everyone who gets the virus, as some fear-mongers are claiming, is literally the end of the modern economy -- no bull**** folks, the real deal.  Leverage (debt) being what it is such an event would be the literal end of the US Government and an outright dirty Civil War within months.

Yes, the 2024 fiscal cliff within Medicare I've written on since 2007 in these pages and spoken of since the 1990s is still there -- and has been accelerated by all this outrageously reckless spending.  That will be damned ugly and there's no avoiding it.  But that's a different animal altogether than what the fear-mongers are selling you and the #MaskHoles are lapping up and REEEEEEEEEEEEing over on a literal daily basis all over CNBC, CNN and elsewhere.

Is it entirely possible that the market has it 100% wrong and it really is that bad?  Well, yes.  It wouldn't be the first time.

But if it does have it wrong, and this virus is really that bad and racist besides since Singapore isn't seeing those results then I hope you have guns and ammunition in size already because both are damned hard to find right now and due to the leverage that already existed prior to this event, never mind what's being added today, you're very likely to die all right.

It's just that you're going to die of acute lead poisoning, mass-arson in your sleep, gross brutality or even cannibalism -- not Covid.

That's the bet you're taking if you believe in the Covid garbage being run.  You're literally begging to be killed in a social and economic train wreck worse than the WWII concentration camps by demanding "social distancing", masks and lockdowns.  YOU set up and in fact cheered on this calamity by spending the last 30 years intentionally goosing the economy and markets through unsustainable leverage irrespective of political party and have done nothing about it.  While that unwind is inevitable and going to hurt if you compound it with a virus that is truly as deadly and nasty as the Faucis, Birxes, Governors and Mayors all claim then what you're really advocating for and setting up is an all-on socio-economic collapse on a national if not world-wide basis and resulting global dirty Civil War.   This you advocate for in a world where multiple nations have nuclear weapons and some of those nations (including ours) will be destabilized to the point of political destruction.

You may as well suck-start a shotgun if you're in that camp.  It'll be faster and hurt less.

The alternative is that you recognize you're being sold bull**** by the bushel, the market is right, and you tell all those mayors, governors and the Federal Government to shove their #MaskHole bull**** up their ass where it might actually do some good -- and if they refuse, well, then you start writing a document that begins with "When in the course of human eventsand enforce it.

After all when you look at the Singapore death rate from Covid19 -- 0.06% -- and compare it with ours at 3.92% you can only come to one of two possible conclusions: We're intentionally killing people at a rate and to a degree that every single American should rise up immediately and put an end to the perpetrators reign of terror by force or we're lying on a scale so ridiculous that it rivals the sort of propaganda leaflets dropped during a war.

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