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 So About Fauci
Ingar 886 posts, incept 2017-02-14
2024-06-05 08:47:49

I knew two people who were HIV+ in the late 80's. I believe that both died from PCP. Had Bactrim been "approved" they might have lived longer and maybe even long enough to have gotten to the point where AIDS wasn't the death sentence it had been. Yes, Fauci has a long record of dancing to the tune of big pharma to the detriment of the public. So does "our" government. The "hearings" were the usual managed affair where some congress critters can pretend to be outraged that some people died as a result of "mistakes" on the part of some government officials. They're all waiting for their next 'campaign" contribution from the various lobbies that own "our" government lock, stock, and barrel.

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