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We syndicate directly via our own systems.

The previous two days worth of traffic will be returned in a feed comprising no more than 500 items. For this reason if you intend to track traffic in the high-volume feeds you will need to leave your reader open or items are very likely to be missed, as some feeds may contain more than 500 items in a two-day period.

If you are signed in then the forums that you can see in the present time are displayed. Note that your RSS reader, if it is not integrated with your browser, will require you to authenticate. Authentication for RSS CAN expose your password to interception; please be careful if using RSS from public networks. We strongly recommend using "https:" for RSS connections for this reason and fully support it.

We recommend (and use) Thunderbird here for both RSS and Email and find that it works well. Other readers such as "Sharp" should also function properly, as does the internal Internet Explorer RSS capability.

For most RSS readers you can simply drag and drop the links below into your feed aggregation software and it should do the "right" thing from there.

Feed Description
Everything The complete forum feed, in one file. Presented in alphabetical forum, then reverse chronological order. Beware - this can be quite large!
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There are 1058 active direct feeds in use.

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