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2021-10-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 224 references
[Comments enabled]  

One of the more-ridiculous refrains that is constantly heard is that "there is no accountability for X", where X is one of:

  • Illegal invaders raping or murdering our citizens.

  • Jab and mask mandates, particularly when it comes to children or threats to your basic ability to earn a living.

  • "Bathroom and locker room choice" for people who cannot be bothered to look between their legs to determine their sex.

  • Flat-out illegal collusion including "price-by-insurance-carried" only after service is performed, which I remind you has been illegal for over 100 years in the form of 15 USC Chapter 1, confirmed to apply not once but twice by the USSC, in respect to medical services in the United States.

  • "I want you to panic" - Greta Thunberg.  Nations did.  Last winter people had property destroyed in Texas and a few died as a direct consequence.  Coal plants were shut down and natural gas pipeline pumps that ran on the gas in the pipe were replaced with electric ones.  No renewable power, no electricity and no gas pressure either.

And more, of course.

The assertion that no accountability is available for such rampant violations of both law and reason are false.

There is in fact unlimited accountability that can be brought to bear on each and every individual responsible for said mandates and policies, whether they be politicians, corporate officers, directors, HR personnel, teachers, Superintendents, School board members or even just your direct boss.

That accountability -- and the responsibility to apply it as required -- rests with you.

It's simply a matter of mathematics -- and your fear which they deliberately cultivate.   You may be enraged if your daughter is raped in a school restroom by a trans "boy" who decided he's a girl only long enough to get in there, then suddenly "he's a boy again" because he used his boy parts to commit the rape, didn't he?  Obviously said person was fully aware of his actual sex -- and your school and government coddled what was clearly mental illness and depravity which is direct reason that your daughter was raped.

Let's not forget that our federal government has threatened to "prosecute" parents who are enraged that a girl was raped as a direct consequence of the local, state and federal government's decision to pander to said selective claim of being "trans" which evaporated at the instant the instrument of rape, a penis, came out of the pants.

Anyone with two IQ points to rub together knows that said "trans" claiming person was 100% full of crap and was not in any way actually of the belief they were or are a girl.  A girl has no use for a penis and thus if there is one currently physically attached an actual trans girl would find it useless for any sexual purpose whatsoever, including of course a felony criminal purpose.  In short you put a criminal's "comfort" and intentional lie in front of the victim's safety.

This was not an accident ladies and gentlemen it was intentional so take a bow as to the outcome you permitted exactly as you would by handing a full can of gasoline and a lighter to an arsonist.

Of course you cannot in "polite" company point any of this out today but truth has nothing to do with politics, consensus, or democracy.  It is true irrespective of how many people believe it, just as a falsehood is false no matter how many people believe it.  Indeed something that is false can be believed by 100% of the people and it does not become not-false as a consequence of the number of believers.

That masks are worthless to deter respiratory pathogens has been proved through more than 40 years of scientific study.  Indeed said devices are of dubious value for bacterial respiratory pathogens which are many, many times larger in size.  That original study demonstrating that masks were of no value even with every single user being a highly-trained medical professional was attempted to be falsified more than a dozen times in the ensuing years and not once was statistically-valid refutation obtained.  Yet today, 40 years hence, this lie remains promoted and repeated by medical providers all over the world.  I remind you that Semmelweis demonstrated that contamination of the hands was largely responsible for obstetrical transmission of disease, not "evil spirits", and he was literally drummed out of medicine and driven insane by those who claimed he was not only wrong he was a heretic and agent of the Devil besides.  The truth, however, was not changed to a lie by the near-unanimous claims of the medical profession.  Today we do not doubt that microbial contamination from one infected entity or item to a non-infected entity is how disease transmission occurs but that did not "become" true when it was medically accepted; it was always true.

That the current jabs are not vaccines is not in question; it is truth. The government has changed the definition of a "vaccine" but you cannot change something that is false into something that is true by making a claim that it is so.  A vaccine is a preparation that contains or mimics actual infection but is either attenuated or killed so that it will not harm you.  The current "clot shots" are genetic programming designed to alter the core processes of your cells.  That the intended outcome of this is to produce an immune response protective against a pathogen does not change the fact that they are not vaccines and that we have discovered the direct result of said programming is pathogenic is not in scientific question either; it is, and is almost-certainly responsible for all the adverse effects of same.  A therapy alters the core processes of your cells to combat a disease; every drug in the pharmacy does this in one form or another.  Whether said reprogramming is good, bad, effective or not isn't the question; it is the claim that such constitutes a "vaccine" that is medically and scientifically false, and no matter how many people believe it, whether that number is zero or 100% of the population does not change the falsity of the statement.

That there has never been a successful vaccine -- an actual vaccine -- against a coronavirus in man or beast is also fact.  That is not due to the lack of attempt; there have been many attempts.  All have ended in failure; either the protection is non-durable and thus becomes a "required subscription" or worse, it turns on the inoculated individual member of the population and potentiates illness, severely injuring or killing them.  Attempting to force that model on the human population through lies or worse, mandates, marks every person involved in advocating or attempting to impose same worthy of immediate imprisonment or even execution as they are wild-eyed extortionists at best or even mass-murdering psychotic criminals.

That every respiratory pandemic in history has progressed into an endemic disease is scientific fact.  If it was not, even once, every single one of us would not exist because somewhere before our birth humans would have all been dead.  Yet here we are, which is scientific proof that any claim that Covid-19 would not follow the same pattern absent our intervention was and is false.  That is not to say that certain pathogens haven't been worse than others; there have, of course.  But the trend toward endemicity and immunity from serious outcome via infection or the mimicry of actual infection, not genetic engineering which only now exists as possible, is fact.  Thus my commentary, which I have repeated relentlessly: We are all going to get this thing, there's nothing we can do about that, and we ought to work on personal resistance to serious outcomes which we know we can have positive impact upon.  Indeed, were Covid-19 to have occurred prior to our obsession with obesity and "healthy at any size" it is probable that 99% of those who have died from it in the US would have successfully fought it off and it would have been less serious than seasonal influenza.

Your propensity to commit suicide whether through booze, drugs or alleged "food" does not and must never compel me to act in any form or fashion.  I may pity you and blithely allow that whatever alleged "good" you think you get from that is personal choice but the risk thereof is also your personal choice.  I know people who drink in amounts I believe are excessive and in fact two people in my social circle over the years are dead from having done so but its not my place to ban production of beer because they might see me drink one and want six; it is their decision and if you hold freedom to have any value then consenting adults are free to do as they wish in that regard.  The vast majority of those dead as a result of Covid-19 infection made themselves wildly more-likely to die -- by a factor of 10, 100 or even a thousand or more.  That some people had a run of bad luck and became more-vulnerable changes nothing; I am not responsible for that either as I did not cause said bad luck.

You are facing monstrous heating bills this winter because you consented to and many of you repeated a lie.  You allowed coal-fired power plants to be shut down when they are perfectly capable of providing all the power you need.  Texas got a small taste of their stupidity in reliance on "renewables" which have never been defensible on a thermodynamic perspective as a replacement and never will be due to physics.  I remind you that physics does not present suggestions, it is in fact a system of natural laws you cannot alter.  Ten years ago I put forward a means to address our energy requirements that was viable on both physics and capacity to execute.  While it had the virtue of also reducing carbon emissions that was not the goal and in fact did not inform my position in any way; stability and sustainability were the first, second, third and last mandate, as they must be if you intend to have a stable, growing economy since behind every unit of economic output is a unit of energy.  We instead turned off reliable sources and promoted unreliable, expensive ones.  Last winter the screwing impacted a relatively short period of time and a relatively-confined area of the nation.  This winter it may well be worse as we've continued down the road of stupidity and the embracing of lies.  People like Greta are either ignorant of the relationship between energy and the economy and thus are unqualified in the first instance to speak on the matter or intend to slaughter you.  We are talking about people who deliberately advocated for and acted to destroy perfectly-functional electrical generating and gas pipeline infrastructure in favor of unreliable "replacements" that were directly responsible for both severe property damage and death -- and will be again.

Likewise you are facing supply shortages and sky high inflation because of lies.  It is a fact that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomena.  You sucked off Donald Trump when Covid hit and went along with a lie -- that the government could pay you to sit at home and suck down bong hits without causing ruinous inflation, and that you could shut down business and commerce without destroying supply chains that would take months, even years to restart and clear.  Having done that you let Biden continue to sell lies.  Whether Democrat or Republican you refused to demand that stop, despite hundreds of years of economic history proving that these policies would be ruinous as not one single example exists through recorded history of their application not having said ruinous outcome.

So what of accountability?

What prevents you from demanding same and enforcing accountability right here, right now?

Only one thing: Your repeated refusal to accept truth and refuse lies.

It is the truth that there more than 100 ordinary citizens for each one of those who would oppress within any area of government. You grossly outnumber them and, provided you are willing to use surprise it is impossible for them to escape your imposition of accountability.

It is the truth that all claimed "law" rests on the preposition that 99+% of the population voluntarily consents.  It is mathematically impossible to imprison any more than a tiny fraction of the population; we imprison more than any other nation on a percentage basis and have increased that by more than five times since 1971 yet even so less than 1% of our population is in fact in jail or prison.  The threat to lock you up or worse is empty the moment even a few percent of the population decides it is.

It is the truth that about 4,000 bank robberies are committed each year in the US.  If 1% of the population committed just one bank robbery each per year that would be over 3 million bank robberies, nearly a thousand times more, and it would be impossible to stop said "crimes"; that specific law would instantly cease to be enforceable.

It is the truth that everyone dies exactly once and that at the moment another person acts in such a fashion you are convinced you will be dead as a consequence of their action there is no punishment that can be leveled against you should you decide to personally impose accountability for that act upon them.  Once you accept that you are dead you can only make the situation better by your actions from that instant forward in time.  Failure from that point in time forward has no price yet success has a reward.

The Jews were exterminated in Germany because they bought into the lie that they could be compelled and essentially 100% of them believed that lie.  They were not compelled to disarm and in fact consented.  Once you go too far down the road of consent you can't change your mind and meaningfully impact the outcome but that does not change the essential nature of what happened or why.  Had the Jews decided, as soon as the persecution started, to go hunt down a Nazi Party member's family and burn their home, or simply to make sure some of those who came on the early raids never returned to their wife and kids until that crap ceased it would have stopped.  There were simply too many Jews and not enough Nazis, particularly if they acted individually without coordination as detecting who's going to do so in advance becomes impossible.  Yes, some would have died but that beats all of them dying, doesn't it?  If you wait until there's a machine gun pointed at you or you've been routed into a camp and are now awaiting your turn in the shower you waited too long.  Note that few who espouse Never Forget take the next step and by refusing to do so they embrace and espouse lies rather than the truthYou can stop an incipient event of this sort but you must do so well before the boxcars show up -- and exactly never is the correct action to stop such an event "harsh language" or "voting."

A Girl in Iowa was murdered because you let the illegal invaders in and to this day you allow them to stay.  That is also why a woman was raped on the train in Philadelphia by another illegal invader.  You are responsible for both that murder and the recent rape because it has always been and is today within your power to compel every single one of those people to leave this nation.  You can do so via peaceful means or not but I remind you that******is not peaceful and as such your refusal to so-insist means you are either a coward or co-conspirator in that violence as you are unwilling to demand the politicians, businesspeople and police eject these people under pain of very bad things happening to them, and since you refused to do that said woman had a very bad thing happen to her.  That Mollie Tibbetts' parents excused the slaughter of their own daughter and refused to demand the expulsion of every single illegal invader from this nation is one of the most outrageous things I have witnessed as an adult.  Mollie is dead and this victim was raped because you all consented to these monsters being given effective pardons for their original crime of illegally entering the country instead of insisting they leave now.  For a gallon of milk that is a dime cheaper you sold those victims -- and that's a fact.

You have allowed your children to be muzzled and deprived of human interaction for more than a year and a half; this has extended to deliberately harming or even destroying their education over that period of time.  This is despite our scientific knowledge that the current respiratory viral threat almost never kills or seriously harms our youth.  Yes, there are exceptions but said exceptions are more-rare than RSV, Influenza or a whole host of other maladies and events that harm children.  In short you did this and allow it to continue to this day, as the CDC's Walensky has now made clear they intend to never drop because you are scared, not for them but for yourself.  Rather than take responsibility for your own vulnerability such that it may be, whether great or small, you laid it off on those who through physical size and mental immaturity are unable to defend themselves against your aggression.  Now you are sitting by silently while the government and business propose to jab persons with an unproven technology that we know does not prevent infection when said persons are, on a statistical basis, effectively never seriously harmed by the virus itself.  This is in stark contrast to inoculations such as for measles which in fact does kill kids.  Your refusal to demand this stop and enforce said demand by whatever means are necessary if you are a parent of said child marks you as a child exploiter and abuser and that makes clear you are a monster.

You allowed over one hundred thousand Americans to be deprived of the care and comfort of their loved ones for months when nursing homes were locked down and other care denied.  You can't make those people whole or repay them because they're dead; you took the last months and weeks of their lives away from them and turned them into prisoners despite them committing no offense whatsoever.  You are monsters for allowing this to occur.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no means to force the population to consent to any law, provided even a tiny percentage, well under 10% and in fact in virtually every case less than one percent, are willing to make it ridiculously and personally expensive in wealth or treasure for those who would impose same upon society.  The premise that one must be "organized" to resist is false and is promoted by those who want you to get into the boxcar.  Indeed organization is where tyranny flows from, whether corporately or from government.  It is the tool of the tyrant who can infiltrate or misdirect organization and is thwarted by unorganized individuals of like mind as there is no way to know in advance of their action who said persons are.  Witness the "Tea Party" which was infiltrated and destroyed within months by turning what was a legitimate point of protest -- "Taxed Enough Already" -- into guns, gays and God at which point it just became another right-wing nutjob snake-handling congregation to be ignored, attacked, and ultimately faded off into obscurity.

What if, instead, five or ten percent of the people who were imbued with refusing had decided that whatever they were aggrieved about was going to stop?  The word "should" that so many spineless, worthless so-called "conservatives" espouse on this issue or that becomes banished and is replaced with SHALL.  What option does government have if there is a general strike, picket line or even embargo around the means of production and delivery?  Witness Italy where it is happening now. The media is ignoring this on purpose because they know damned well that it can trivially spread worldwide -- including right here in the United States.  What does government do in response?  Shoot?  That's a losing proposition and they know it as once you demonstrate that you will shoot the homes and businesses of all sympathizers of the government position may as well paint targets on their front doors, assuming the people are willing to exact accountability.

If you want to know why Southwest and others are threatening but, when faced with even a few percent of those who say "**** You" they back off this is why.  They're still trying to be too cute by half as you have not sent the message that you will destroy them corporately and personally unless they cut it out entirely and in fact make clear that there will never be another instance in threat or deed.  Thus the attempt to thread the needle: They know damned well that a hungry man or woman who they just dispossessed has no reason to be nice and even if a couple of percent of the population decides they will exact accountability then the imposing entity loses.

There are those who say "well, but the Karens outnumber us!"  That doesn't matter.  Again, the basic reality of life in any modern society is that well more than 99% of the people must agree to voluntarily comply with any law, not 50.1%.  There is simply no means of meaningful enforcement beyond that point if the dissenters are willing to make those on the other side pay personally.

Witness the medical scam over the last 30+ years, all of it illegal under 15 USC Chapter 1, and twice being ruled illegal by the USSC.  Yet it continues daily.  Why?  Because you let it continue.  The day even 1 or 2% of the population decides to exact accountability if the law is not followed it ends and so does your impoverishment, suffering and death at their hands.

The Reeeeeeing Karen cannot force compliance -- she must deal with the reality that only via effectively-universal consent does policy advance just as you must, begrudgingly or otherwise, acknowledge the same thing.  The point of agreement is never 50.1% if either side of the debate is willing to exact accountability on a personal level -- as soon as one side takes that position and means it the point of agreement that must be reached shifts to 99% or better.

It is simply a matter of mathematics and mathematics is, like physics, a function of laws, not suggestions.

You have all the power -- every bit of it -- as soon as you decide to assert it and refuse repression.

Use it in accordance with what the Founding Fathers put forward -- for good, not evil -- but do not believe for a second that the differentiation between good and evil comes as a result of consent to evil and lies.  It does not, as both Mollie Tibbetts and the woman on the train in Philadelphia, along with countless others including virtually every child in this nation, has discovered the hard way.

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2021-10-21 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 829 references
[Comments enabled]  

Yep, women, men, everyone: You deserve this and in fact begged for it.

Authorities in Pennsylvania are working to determine if passengers who witnessed an alleged******on a suburban Philadelphia train line not only didn't call 911 but may have filmed the incident.

"I can tell you that people were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked," Thomas J. Nestel III, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority police chief, said at a news conference Monday.

No, not the rape itself.  The complete lack of giving a crap by the other people on the train.

You, America, caused this.  You begged for it.  You demanded it.  You believed you could tell other people not only how to live but you could mandate they take medical treatments because you either ruined your own health on purpose or got unlucky, and are "scared."  "My body my choice" only applies to you, but not anyone else.  "My body, I ruin it intentionally or by bad luck, your problem" is you mantra and the result is that nobody gives a flying **** if you live or die -- nor should they.

Never mind the report that the assailant is an illegal invaderWith a record of prior sexual abuse.  Who you allowed to remain in this country, along with the millions of other illegal invaders.  Just like the illegal invader who slaughtered a girl in Iowa, remember?  Oh, sure, "not every murderer or rapist" is an illegal invader -- not even close.  But if you had demanded they all get the **** out of this nation or you'd take heads from politicians across the board exactly zero of the rapes and murders they committed would have occurred since they wouldn't be here.

So now, having destroyed all trust and respect in society as a whole you're "shocked" that people watched a brutal crime and did nothing?

You deserve nothing, America, when it happens to you.

You demanded the right to control others instead of accepting personal responsibility for your own health and welfare, including when it truly isn't your fault (which isn't most of the time as you're fully aware.)  You let a bunch of illegal invaders -- millions of them -- come here to the US and stay.  What you got was a nation full of people who responded to your example by not giving a crap about you at all; you are now a rock from the perspective of every random person instead of a human being and thus are unworthy of their attention when in peril -- and you deserve that outcome.

It appears you think you can pull this sort of crap for decades without consequence.

You're wrong.

For decades I've carried around an emergency med kit in my car.  Not for myself; if I wreck the odds I can use it on myself are extremely small.  No, for the odd chance that I will come upon someone else who has wrecked and thus I can use it to help them.  Twice in the last 20 years or so I have come upon someone who just wrecked.  Once in the early part of the day, and once late at night.  In one case I was able to render assistance, in the other the person who wrecked didn't need assistance, but I stuck around anyway to make sure.  In both cases I was the one who dialed 911 and got emergency response on the way.  In one of those cases my intervention might have indeed saved a life.

I will no longer do that.

In Loudoun County the people have allowed the school district to cover up a rape of a female minor at school by a trans and actually arrested the father who protested the assault of his daughter and the school continuing to defend "choose a restroom" at a board meeting.  You did not rise up and sack the board and pigs who arrested him for refusing to sit back and let his daughter be raped as a direct consequence of your demands that require "affirming" such bull****.

In short **** every one of you who allowed a young woman to become a boy's sexual plaything on school property -- you shielded the school and its administration going so far as to permit the arrest of the parent attempting to redress the issue through lawful process.  Every single individual in that district who allowed this and did not immediately stop it by whatever means are necessary is an accessory after the fact and nothing you do now can change that, now or ever in the future.

Ditto for the illegal invaders who have brutalized and killed Americans.  You let them all come in and you let them stay.  You did not insist they all leave and the politicians, employers and cops make it so or you will force them to comply -- whatever it takes.

Then there are those who are literally threatening to hold people down so they can be jabbed -- in public.  Such "expressions" are all over social media.  Never mind that statistically speaking the data is clear: You are more-likely to get (and thus be able to spread Covid) if you are vaccinated.  That's right - the data is now clear; you were sold a lie and you who are allegedly "protecting" a compromised loved one are actually doubling their risk of getting said disease which has a high probability of killing them!


Further, the data that shows that once jabbed if you get a "breakthrough" the odds are overwhelming you will not build "N" protein antibodies and thus you can get it again, unlike someone who is not jabbed and does build said antibodies:


In other words that doubling of your loved one's risk isn't a one-time deal -- it is perpetual and eventually, if you roll the dice enough times, you're going to kill that person.

Little **********s like this, for instance, who are both threatening a felony assault (I remind you the assaulted party is entirely within their rights to crown them with a baseball bat as soon as they try it) and who is doubling the risk of his own wife's death:


We have become a nation of ghoulish monsters who, on the evidence, want immune-compromised people dead and we are now doubling their risk of being dead and extending that risk on an indefinite basis into the future.  I have just two words for every virtue-signaling person who took the jab and claims to be "protecting others" or who goes even further and issues threats, mandates or supports in any manner whatsoever or permits such to continue: **** YOU.

You're a murderous PRICK unworthy of oxygen and that you have not risen up and stopped this bull**** is all I need to know about you and your character.

You allow the man Biden appointed to manage and work to clear supply line disruptions to take two months off he is not entitled to under the law to have..... because of an adoption with his male partner.  Leaving aside the intentional act of doing so which was entirely voluntary as to time and place, not a consequence of unavoidable circumstance there is the fact that under applicable law he is not entitled to said leave, paid or otherwise as only by gimmicking the required one year prior employment to take said leave could he do it at all.

You want to know why nobody comes to the aid of those who need it?

Because the odds are you're one of those who do not deserve aid, that's why.  The odds favor you being either a murderous prick, an advocate of perverted rapists, an advocate of people abusing $200,000+ a year jobs for their own personal aggrandizement rather than discharging their duties to the public, an apologist or direct beneficiary of illegal invaders who******and kill Americans or some combination of all that plus more.  Since nobody can determine that in advance and the majority of people deserve what they get then the default is simple: **** YOU I WILL NOT ASSIST.

Indeed since you allow the cities, towns and states you live in to fire the cops, firefighters and nurses who have as their job providing aid because they will not intentionally and knowingly double the risk of them killing your grandmother each and every one of you who live there have no reasonable expectation of help from anyone, ever, period.  Yes, this extends to your children since you obviously do not give a **** about them yourself.

Why would I help someone like that?  **** that crap; I invite you to go see St. Peter and plead your case before him.

Next wreck I see?

I drive by.

You're on fire and I have a cup of water?

I drink it.

You're getting mugged or raped and I'm carrying?

Sucks to be you; hope you like it in whatever hole you get it.

You created this change in society folks.  You caused me to change my attitude toward helping others just like you did in Philadelphia.  You decided by your actions to label yourselves dirtbags who think you have the right to dictate medical treatment to others and put in place mandates that increase risk and have zero benefit for a huge group of people while at the same time refusing personal responsibility for your own health and welfare.  You decided to protect perverted mentally ill individuals instead of adolescent girls who are allegedly raped by said pervert.  Maybe you can get away with all that and maybe you can't but until you stop it, force those who did all of this to reverse their actions and repent I don't care who it is that's in trouble -- I'm not intervening and I am perfectly happy to watch you head toward St. Peter's desk for adjudication.  I have no duty to intervene; I am not legally required to do so anywhere except as a master of a vessel upon the water, I no longer own such a vessel and as a result I will not  intervene.

No, stopping with your advocacy alone is not enough; penance is part of the deal if you wish to be absolved, like it or not so until you enforce penance on every single politician, school and business you allowed to pull this crap if you need help you can **** right off.

If you are seriously injured or die as a consequence of others, including myself, walking right on by when you're in trouble -- tough ****.

Tomorrow, perhaps -- and certainly soon -- we shall talk about accountability.

It is never the case that there is none.  Indeed, it's always the exact opposite.  Contemplating that is your homework assignment.

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2021-10-20 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 42384 references
[Comments enabled]  

Oh, you're a woke-poke employer eh?

You think hiding behind OSHA -- or the threat to issue a mandate by the government -- in some way prevents you from being liable for injuries and/or deaths related to the vaccines?

Uh, how would you like to defend that position in court given all of the following are true:

  • The PREP act has no provision giving you legal immunity and cannot be amended by executive order as it is law, so you would need both houses of Congress to pass such a thing -- and they have not.

  • The producing firms and health care providers are immune from damages under that same PREP Act.  Therefore under the general principle of joint and several liability guess who gets all of it: You do.

  • You could have tried to claim that the Federal Government refused liability (and got away with it) for direct employees, or even that "there's no such thing as vaccine injury from these jabs" and claimed that the Federal Government itself said this is so..... except, oops, that just went up in a puff of smoke.

The Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) covers injuries that occur in the performance of duty. The FECA does not generally authorize provision of preventive measures such as vaccines and inoculations, and in general, preventive treatment is a responsibility of the employing agency under the provisions of 5 U.S.C. 7901. However, care can be authorized by OWCP for complications of preventive measures which are provided or sponsored by the agency, such as adverse reaction to prophylactic immunization. See PM 3-0400.7(a).

Further, deleterious effects of medical services furnished by the employing establishment are generally considered to fall within the performance of duty. These services include preventive programs relating to health. See PM 2-0804.19.

However, this executive order now makes COVID-19 vaccination a requirement of most Federal employment. As such, employees impacted by this mandate who receive required COVID-19 vaccinations on or after the date of the executive order may be afforded coverage under the FECA for any adverse reactions to the vaccine itself, and for any injuries sustained while obtaining the vaccination.


If you mandate, as a private employer, "vaccination" against Covid-19 any and all adverse events as a result of said jabs are now chargeable to you, as the Federal Government itself has deemed that "mandated" vaccinations are indeed injuries that occurred while performing the job in question, irrespective of where the jab took place, and that said adverse events, up to and including death do in fact occur.

Got that employers and HR Departments?  Said "adverse events" are expected.

Oh by the way your insurance firm has likely inserted a "pandemic exemption" into your liability coverage.  That's shown up in a whole lot of those policies over the last year or so, and it's odds-on that's the case for you as well.

Incidentally there is plenty of evidence that these jabs will be eventually found to be responsible for a whole host of serious problems, and those do not end within a couple of weeks of the jab itself.  Indeed, the evidence is mounting rapidly (see the all-cause "excess death" rates for various age groups, particularly cardiac and circulatory related, among young people now showing up in places like Scotland and England for examples) that there is a causal link between both strokes and heart attacks.

I remind you that the FDA and pharmaceutical industry claimed, not all that long ago, that no such link existed for Vioxx.  It was only after about 60,000 Americans had heart attacks and died, and several hundred thousand had non-fatal heart problems caused by it, that it was withdrawn from the market -- five years later.

Moderna and Pfizer may be immune from lawsuit but you are not, and further, the precedent by the Federal Government itself now exists based on their own public statement that if an employee gets screwed by the jab you demanded they take you're on the hook whether that injury is evident five minutes afterward or five years later.

If OAS or ADE shows up as is being indicated, but not yet proved by the data out of both Scotland and Britain then you're really in trouble as every single vaccinated person who gets Covid-19 and dies or is permanently harmed in your organization, and that will be a very sizeable percentage of the whole, is going to result in a huge lawsuit that you will lose.

Good luck *******s; you just got ****ed, your company is likely to be a smoking hole and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

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2021-10-19 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Buttigieg has now proved what has long been suspected: It is trivially-easy to abuse FMLA and other "mandated" leave provisions without consequence, so go ahead and do it -- right here, right now.

**** ALL employers and **** the government.

After all they're willing to **** you, right?  Vax mandates and swabs-up-nose, along with "insurance" surcharges anyone?

Let me explain.

Pregnancy has a nine-month lead time.  Therefore if you and your wife or girlfriend (or the other way around) are having fun and intentionally or otherwise wind up pregnant you cannot predict whether nine months into the future, at the time you do the deed, you will be in some form of serious job stress requiring your attendance.  You don't have a time machine and since pregnancy takes nine months to resolve in said requirement for your undivided attention (maybe seven or eight months for most women, all nine for men) unless you know your job is going to be 100% "all hands on deck" for the next year into the future you simply have no idea whether your personal decision to make a new family member is going to have a severe impact on your employer or not.

This is never true for adoption.

I'm an adopted child so before you say "oh you don't understand" shut the **** up right now since I most-certainly do understand.  Up to the point of adoption there was no burden.  Oh yes, you might spend all manner of money and be on some waiting list.  But the fact remains that the obligation does not have a nine-month lead; it happens now when you actually sign the papers and become, in the immediate timeframe, said parent and never otherwise.

Pete decided to do this in the middle of a supply chain dislocation that he knew, when he took the job, was going to occur because it started before Biden took office and had no sign of abating at any time since.

He decided to add a child to his family on his chosen schedule despite this fact and knowledge of the burden his job presented and then intentionally absconded from his duties to his position abusing the provisions of a law that allowed him to do exactly that and screw you.

FMLA was put in place to address what many people considered unknowable circumstances that could occur, and which society deemed (by passing said law) appropriate to shift to the employer despite the possible serious harm done to said employer by doing so.

No protection to prevent abuse by deliberately causing said disruption in your life and laying it off on your employer on purpose was written into the law.  In this case Pete decided to do exactly that and screw 330 million employers -- the people who are responsible for covering the taxes from which his salary is paid and who have every right to expect his job to be fulfilled.

Oh by the way, despite Pete's protest otherwise he is not eligible because you must have been employed for 12 months in that position and worked 1,250 hours during those 12 months.  No, the recent FEPLA law doesn't make him eligible since you must meet FMLA requirements to use it.  He could have not met either requirement as Biden has not been in office for 12 months.  In short he screwed the people because he can.

Now maybe it is proper and maybe it is not to protect people against the unforeseeable bad luck or bad timing that may be encountered in one's family.  That's a separate debate but its one that we had and which resolved, in the present tense, in the availability of paternity leave tied only to mental and psychological factors, not physical recovery from actual childbirth which, of course, no man can ever undergo despite the protests of so-called "gender fluid" liars.  No uterus, no birth.  Period.  Argue with God or Darwin over that as you see fit.

But that's not what occurred here.

What occurred here was a deliberate decision to undertake a life choice with immediate effect in the middle of a crisis and lay the cost of off on others, specifically the entire ****ing country to whom he promised faithful and full-throated service in his job.

Well, since Pete has not only done this he in addition did not qualify to take leave, paid or not, under FMLA and FEPLA but has gotten blessed for it instead of being immediately fired by Biden for abusing the law Pete has personally opened the door for everyone else to exploit this to the maximum possible extent.

Every single one of you should go **** their employer via the exact same mechanism -- a personally and intentionally manufactured "crisis" that requires you take family leave until and unless all the ****ing aimed at you via so-called "mandates" ceases, irrespective of the justification used to abuse you such as impending OSHA or "contracting" requirements.

When those who abuse you declare and demonstrate how to shove a white-hot poker up their ass entirely within the law then you damned well ought to take their example and make them taste it, bottoms-up.

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2021-10-18 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Chicago is a wildly-blue city.  If you doubt that you're nuts.  I lived in the area for 13 years and there were ZERO "R" wins on a precinct basis in any of the places where I was.  Ever.  Those are facts and its only gotten more-profound over time.

So as a result the Chicago cops should be nearly 100% on board with the jab mandate, right?

They're not.  In fact, half of the rank and file has either said "No" or none of your damned business.

Up to half of Chicago's rank-and-file police officers could be placed on unpaid leave because of a dispute between their union and Mayor Lori Lightfoot over a city requirement for officers to disclose their vaccine status.

Uh huh.

Eric Carter, first deputy superintendent of police, asked officers to fulfill "their mission and duty as professional police officers. It is also our expectation that all officers will comply with the City's Covid-19 mandate."

"Members of this department who refuse to comply with the requirements may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including separation," Carter said.

But I thought all the blue hive folks were on board with this?  Suddenly half are not?

Who's been lying here?  Is Delta lying?  Is Southwest?  Is Biden?

The answer is simple: Yes, they're lying.

Are the counties and states lying?  Probably.

Do you need 80, 90% or more of the people to get jabbed -- and if you do, does that stop the infection?  No.

Tennessee is about 50% excluding kids who can't.  The 7-day moving average of "cases" was just over 9,000 on September 11th.  There has been little change in vaccination percentage since; indeed a couple of weeks ago their "dashboard" added a second decimal percentage so as to be able to show "change" that would otherwise be absent.  The most-recent 7-day moving average rate is now 1,600 "cases", a nearly 85% reduction from the peak yet basically nobody is getting jabbed in the state at this point.

How is this possible if the only means to reduce Covid-19 worth doing, and the only thing that works, is getting jabbed?  We sure as Hell are not wearing masks, distancing from others or staying home!

It can't be possible according to all the fraud peddlers from Fauci to Vander**** and those who can't figure out if they're male or female, yet it happened.  That is not subject to dispute and only about 50% of the population who can get the jab, which excludes about 20% of the people, are "fully vaccinated."  Therefore the true rate across the population as a whole of this state is around 40%.

In other words the claim that we "need" to vaccinate people -- and that doing so stops Covid-19 -- is a lie.  It is a proved lie; that which you did not accomplish and yet the desirable outcome happened anyway can't be why it happened since you never accomplished what you said you had to do.

Is the truth that likely around half the population has not been jabbed and won't be, despite the claims otherwise?


Florida and New York both have statistically identical vaccination rates.  Florida's "case" rate is down 90% from end of August with a near-zero death rate (12/day at last check) while New York's case rate has not collapsed and their death rate is holding at three times that of Florida yet both have reasonably-comparable populations and, in fact, Florida has a more-elderly (and thus presumed morbid) population.

Near-identical jab rates yet wildly-different results are extremely solid evidence that being jabbed does nothing to change outcomes, never mind that in May JAMA documented that, if the jabs were effective there were insufficient remaining people without antibody protection to maintain anything other than nuisance-level Covid-19 infections.

Of course the summer surge did happen and since re-infection has never been documented in any statistically-meaningful number of people this means the jabs do not work to slow or stop infection or transmission at all.

In short the entire "public health" argument in Biden's E/O and "economy promoting" claim is bull****.

It was proved bull**** before it was issued and worse, it is clear that politicians all over the "blue" areas are and have been lying about vaccine uptake.  It is nearly-certain that corporate actors who have made these claims are lying as well.  Since there is no longer any sanction for lies, including as we have now repeatedly seen lies under oath before Congress, why not lie if it suits a political purpose?

And, of course... it does.

Never mind Colin Powell, who was fully-vaccinated and just died from Covid-19.  Remember, the latest and most-current lie is that you absolutely will not die of this virus if you get jabbed.  Well, he was jabbed, and yet Covid killed him anyway.  Once again they all lied and Powell had access to the best medicine has to offer at Walter Reed, a privilege you do not share.  All of it was worthless.

But political purposes do not stock grocery store shelves, do they?  Nor do they deliver "Christmas Toys"..... or essential components of machinery in power plants, water and sewer systems and those required for energy production so you can have heat this upcoming winter.


The mandates are neither effective or lawful, no matter what Pant****terInChief and entire the panoply of lying douchebags claim.  The data is incontrovertible; you simply cannot claim that 99% (or, as Treasury has now claimed, 100%!) coverage is essential to stop a disease when the collapse in case and death rates has already occurred at less than 50% coverage.

Step up Governor Lee and others, along with State Legislatures -- ban the mandates and insert into State Law that no entity may hold a Regulated Entity Business Permit or License if they discriminate in any form or fashion on health status nor are they entitled to such knowledge in the first place, including but not limited to health policy surcharges, acceptance or refusal of any vaccination including that for Covid-19.  If entities do not immediately drop their mandates revoke their business licenses.  Such a license is a state-issued privilege, not a right.

Don't do it and you risk economic dislocation or even social order collapse when your police force, firefighters or medical workers walk out.  Go ahead and be stupid, America: If and when the cities burn and your heart attack is fatal as there are no EMS workers or nurses to treat you you deserve that outcome as you caused it with your demands, which you have zero ability to enforce as exactly nobody is a slave and as a result you cannot compel anyone to perform the labor you desire.

Vaccination is a personal health decision and should always be made only on the basis of personal risk and reward.  For some individuals the risk is near-absolute (e.g. those allergic to ingredients) or the reward zero (those previously infected and thus presumptively immune or those who are immune-compromised and thus will not be reactive to the jab.)  The decision by governments to grant immunity to manufacturers and those administering said medical interventions is a legitimate element of each individual's personal assessment of risk and reward; if entities wish to promote vaccination and assert that it is "safe" the best way to do so is to accept all liability that accrues if it turns out they're lying.  Revocation of said immunity, therefore, is the best and most-effective means to promote vaccine acceptance.  That it has not been done makes clear that the only remaining logical response to any such "mandate" is to hold said politicians and health care providers personally responsible on an "eye for an eye" basis for each and every adverse event.

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