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2021-06-11 10:22 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 390 references
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When do we take out the trash?

First the FDA "approves" an Alzheimer's drug that, on the data, does not work -- but it sure as Hell is expensive.  At least one and perhaps two of their advisors quit over that one.

Now the CDC is going to meet on the "extremely rare" myocarditis risk to kids getting tard shots.  Extremely rare my ass; you never see if you don't open your eyes, and given the reports in the news and social media there is no way this is "extremely rare."  How many people have heart attacks every day yet that doesn't make the news unless they're a celebrity or somesuch.

So when nobodies start being reported on, well, folks, it's not rare.

To be "reported" at all you have to wind up in the hospital or similar, so the presumption that these are "mild" is horsecrap. nobody with a bit of discomfort goes to the ER; you go to the ER if you have chest pain, and that's not minor.

The big unknown is whether the damage done in these cases is permanent.  Nobody knows.  But, I remind you, a grand total of eighteen, more or less, kids have died with Covid all the way back to March of 2020.

Now tell me exactly how many of the hundreds of those myocarditis events being reported, and that's an undercount where Covid was an overcount, are acceptable if they produce permanent damage?  

If your answer is anything other than zero you're a ghoul.

If you gave these shots to kids, or advised kids to get them, well... you ought to have a problem.

A big one.

And so should Biden, Trump, all public health departments and every single corporation and social media firm that has been advocating these things for young people.

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Oh look what we have here.... which I talked about over a year ago.

In the case of the gain-of-function supercharge, other sequences could have been spliced into this same site. Instead of a CGG-CGG (known as double CGG) that tells the protein factory to make two arginine amino acids in a row, you'll obtain equal lethality by splicing any one of 35 of the other two-word combinations for double arginine.

Yep.  And here's the rub -- while this is a "preferred" (lowest energy) combination for human cells it is not in other animals.  Biology is a thermodynamic process as is everything else in the universe.  For instance, your body prefers to burn glucose rather than fats; that is, the process by which ATP is generated prefers glucose or glycogen over lipids (fat.)  Why?  It's easier, metabolically.  If you are out of glycogen (what glucose is stored as), and those stores are very limited, then your body will burn fats.  In addition you body will not store fat (which also requires energy) until it fills up the glycogen stores for the same reason -- it is more efficient.

That's thermodynamics folks -- and everything in the universe follows those laws.

That which is easier is always preferred over that which is harder, or another way to put it is that all things, absent input, go from higher energy states to lower ones.  We call that "entropy" and it's part and parcel of thermodynamics which tell us that there is no such thing as a free lunch -- indeed, you can't even break even.

If the insertion takes place naturally, say through recombination, then one of those 35 other sequences is far more likely to appear; CGG is rarely used in the class of coronaviruses that can recombine with CoV-2.

In fact, in the entire class of coronaviruses that includes CoV-2, the CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here. A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn't present in any other virus.

I did not know back in early 2020 that there were no other coronaviruses found naturally that had the CGG-CGG pairing.  I did know that it was not the preferred coding for that amino acid in other potential candidate source or pass-through animals than humans, and it was on that basis that I put forward early in 2020 that the odds of this virus naturally jumping to humans as a result of infecting other animals was statistically non-existent since recombination in those animals with that pairing was impossible.  Oh sure, anything can happen, but the odds of it happening are basically nil.  That was the basis on which I stated that I believed it was a lab leak; no other explanation was logical.

But now we know that the most-common means by which viruses mutate, which occurs when one cell is infected by two or more viruses at once (called "recombination") could not have occurred in humans at all as the viruses must be compatible to do that and all the other coronaviruses lack that sequence.  Therefore it could not have happened that way; you can't exchange for what's not there.

Could it have occurred by just wild random chance instead of recombination?  Perhaps.  But damned unlikely -- like asteroid strike unlikely.

What's even worse, however, is that this is a preferred insertion in lab work because it is so unique, as it is not preferred in other than humans cells and as a result you can figure out where the virus went and how it "performed" when you're working it with because you won't find it in the ambient environment by chance.

There is the other problem that is raised as well; the relatively light mutational history in humans.  Generally speaking the first mutation that makes viral invasion of a new species possible isn't the "best" one.  Not by far.  Indeed it takes many of a given species to get infected over time as the virus adapts to its newfound host.  The pattern, absent tampering, is for the virus to become less lethal but more-easily spread.  That's simply because both confer an advantage to survival, which requires that the animal infected live long enough to infect more animals.  A mutation that makes a virus more-lethal is disfavored in humans (albeit perhaps not in other animals) in that humans will actively shun someone who looks like they are sick.  If you're coughing your lungs out or are puking people will stay away from you and this is to the disadvantage of the virus; that mutation is less-likely to make it into the next person.  This is likely what happened with SARS; it made people extremely sick and thus nobody else got it; you get it, you get so violently ill that as soon as people recognize there is a deadly virus nobody will go anywhere near you and thus the virus fails in its essential purpose -- to get to the next person.

But in this case at emergence, unless China is also lying about when the virus got out, was immediately extremely contagious  This is statistically very unlikely for a zoonotic strain because, again, the jump itself just occurs because of possible infectivity; it takes many more random mutations before through time and iteration the contagion level rises sufficiently to cause a pandemic.

Oh by the way, what does this tell you about the so-called "process" in our government?

It better tell you quite a lot.

Among other things vaccinating into an outbreak with imperfect immunity puts abnormal evolutionary pressure on a virus, and during the period of time after vaccination until you develop a full antibody response is the most-dangerous in that regard.  In other words what we're doing right now can cause more-dangerous mutations to arise and probably has.

Suppressing infection with drugs does not do this because you ultimately develop perfect antibody recognition against that which infected you, and thus the risk is much lower.

But, you see, the very same people who told you to wear masks and take jabs that have not been fully tested while denying that what are now known to be effective medications work, all for the purpose of promoting and getting authorization for said jabs.

How many times do you let people lie to you before you tell them to **** off and ignore them -- or worse?

The first time it was where the virus came from; they knew damn well, before I figured it out, what the odds were overwhelming it came out of that lab in Wuhan.  Fauci, the CDC, the NIH and everyone else lied.  It was no accident either; Fauci's emails prove that.

But then, on top of the first lie they cost 500,000 Americans their lives by claiming that inexpensive drugs don't work when they do and is now known by the weight of nearly SEVEN HUNDRED studies.  What's the problem with these drugs?  They're cheap and readily-available, thus there's no money in it.

Now they expect you to believe that the jabs are safe and effective.

How'd believing their bull**** work out for your Grandmother?

You'll have to hold a seance to ask her opinion, I'm afraid.

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2021-06-07 15:46 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 228 references
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Naw, it's not the $56,000 price tag that led to approval -- right?

Biogen Inc. shares were on track for their biggest gain on record after the drugmaker released pricing for its recently approved Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm. 

May I point out that this drug failed one of two controlled trials and was approved under "fast track" authority anyway?

Of course Dr. Siegel thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread.

But.... while there are claims that this drug helps to remove and prevent the proteins in the brain that are linked to Alzheimer's the problem is that when a trial on a drug of this sort fails you have to step back.  Is it worthless or worthwhile?  Nobody really knows nor do we know much of anything about the side effects as they've not been published. Indeed there's plenty of debate over whether the "plaques" seen in Alzheimer's patients is the cause of the brain dysfunction or whether it's a biological result of what causes the dysfunction.  In the latter case the drug will not work since that's not the actual problem, of course.

But what we do know is that this "accelerated approval" will make Biogen a hell of a lot of money whether the drug works or not.

And if you get the side effects?  Sucks to be you, I suppose.

We haven't seen anything like that in the recent past out of the FDA, have we?

Just asking....

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2021-06-07 07:35 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1061 references
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Ok folks, why are people still putting up with anything when it comes to the whole Covid nonsense at this point?

For how long have I gone over this data?  Coming up on 18 months now.  Governors, Mayors and others have had every opportunity, and plenty of science has developed and been published, showing that:

  • If you're not morbid, most of which is due to lifestyle, you're not at particular risk.  You're far more-likely to die in a car accident.  Yes, it can kill you.  You can be run over while getting your mail too, but you don't live in fear of that.

  • Children are at nearly-no risk and neither are healthy adolescents and young adults.

  • Even healthy very old people are at little risk.

Now if you're fat and/or diabetic, well, then you're at quite a lot of risk.  But let's cut the crap folks; most people who are diabetic are Type II and that's a lifestyle disease, as is obesity.  You get there through voluntary decisions.  Therefore the additional risk you take is yours, not anyone else's.  Never mind that those morbidities make you a lot more likely to die from other causes too.

NY has been publishing this data since the pandemic started and for people who have none of a relatively-short list of underlying illnesses the number of people who have died even at age 75+ is seven.  Between 65-74 the count is nineEven Alameda County in California is now admitting they wildly overstated death counts and are walking it back.  The CDC itself has admitted that a third or so of the adolescents and children who are claimed to have been hospitalized or died "of" Covid were not plausibly actually killed, in whole or part, by the disease.  Indeed the CDC just got caught lying again by making a claim that there is a "rise" in young people being hospitalized.  They cherry-picked the dates; the data is that there never was a serious hospitalization rate among young people and it is currently plummeting just like it is for everyone else. 

Even at the highest levels of Covid in late December among the 5-17 year old group hospitalizations were running slightly above one person per state per week.


Further, of those from 5-17 the number of persons who were admitted to the hospital and died, from March 1 2020 through March 31st, 2021 was....... wait for it...... NINE.  Yes, a literal NINE nationwide.  Another nine under 5 died.  That's right -- 18 children in total from 0-17 year olds died of Covid-19 all the way back to March of 2020.

If that's not enough further review in a recent study the CDC did itself found that about a third of those were misclassified and had no plausible connection to Covid-19 actually killing the person in question.

That's a statistical zero risk of death if you are in that age bracket (17 and under) and get Covid.  There are roughly 75 million persons under the age of 18 in the United States; this means their risk of death from Covid-19 since March of 2020 is roughly 1 in 4 millionTo put context on this you're roughly one thousand times (there is a lot of variation with age and sex) more likely to die of something else in that age bracket provided you make it out your first year.  Why your first year?  Because roughly 5,500 per million infants die in their first year from all causes combined which is a stunning 20,000 times the rate that Covid-19 kills them.

In addition for those under 50 the percentage of hospital admissions ending in death was 2.4%.

There is no material risk of dying of Covid if you are under 50 and this is with zero early drug intervention which we know works so can we cut the crap folks?  This isn't my data it's the government's official data.

The AARP confirms this; 95% of those who died were 50+ but 64.6% of the Covid-19 alleged cases have been in people under 50.

Yet now the CDC is attempting to scare kids and adolescents into taking jabs through flat-out lies.

Why hasn't the CDC been banned from Twitter and Facebook for "medical misinformation"?  They are the publishers of this data and yet they are knowingly lying about their own data!

Now are there an awful lot of seniors who are fat and/or diabetic?  You bet.  But there are also many who are not and Covid doesn't kill them often, if at all.  

There is no reason for anyone to put up with any more of this bull****.  After almost a year and a half of being gaslighted, lied to up and down the line by every so-called "expert" under the sun, having treatments suppressed to the point that discussing them gets you thrown off social media sites and doctors sanctioned or threatened with loss of their licenses and professional associations please explain to me why the people of this nation haven't gotten tired of their loved ones being deliberately sacrificed -- that would be called murder, by the way -- and shoved all of this bull**** up the government's ass?

Nor is there any reason for anyone to get a jab for anyone else's benefit; these are not fully-tested and documented products, no matter what someone tries to tell you and again, the FDA's own documents in the form of the actual EUAs say so.  Any claim otherwise is ALSO a lie; these shots are lightly tested and there is plenty of evidence that more than one of the original safety claims made for them are now known false.

Does this means the jabs are proved dangerous?  Not necessarily, but the data certainly seems to say they are for some percentage of those who take them.  Never mind the insane number of people on this system and elsewhere who are reporting either their loved ones or someone they know quite well got the jab and within hours or days had extremely serious medical issues arise with zero prior history of medical trouble, frequently with doctors refusing to enter it into VAERS.  Once is a coincidence, twice is an oddity but when it keeps happening sorry folks, any claim that there's no connection between those events is flat-out bull****.

The question when it comes to something like mass-vaccination is always this: How many people do we need to treat to prevent one serious disease course vs how many people get a serious adverse event from the treatment?

We do not have the numbers for the serious adverse events associated with the jab as they're not being reported.  Without a numerator you cannot even begin to estimate an actual risk, but if you think about the number of people who are active on my forum and then their immediate associates and friends, to have even one or two such reports of serious (as in "hospital or worse") adverse events connected with these events ought to be enough to cause anyone to think twice before saying "Yes".  Without informed consent, and obtaining that requires a full and fair disclosure of what's known and not known, you have no right to give anything to anyone.

At this point anyone who wants the vaccine can have it, and if you believe it works and is safer than the disease for you that is up to you.  But the serious adverse event risk is material; perhaps a few in a thousand doses administered or even, perhaps, a couple per hundredThe risk of you having a serious adverse event from Covid if you are not morbid is, to the best of our ability to determine at this point, less than the risk of taking the jab and that does not account for the fact that you are not certain to get the disease.

You are certain to take the risk when you get jabbed.

Never mind this report -- where are the life insurance companies?  If there's one group of people who have their crap dialed in when it comes to who's going to die and how often it's those folks.  Oh not you specifically of course, but statistically, you bet.  These companies do not lose money and they don't make stupid bets either.  Every one of their bets collects a small amount of money and when they're wrong very large amounts go out their door.  If they are not changing rates and forcing jabs to get coverage or surcharging you if you don't get the jab then this much is absolutely certain: Covid-19 is non-event from a life insurance perspective -- in other words, whether they think you'll die of it

If that line of business says it's crap then its crap.

For those of us on Team Reality we're well past the point where we should be putting up with this bull****, any of it, especially when one considers that there are early treatments that work.  With those early treatments the risk of bad things happening if you get Covid is even less.  If someone gets the flu in a nursing home they give everyone else Tamiflu.  Why?  Because you hit viral diseases early and hard with safe drugs, that's why.  We know there are multiple safe drugs that work in this regard too and India has now conclusively proved it by literally collapsing their case rate in days through early treatment, where the one province that refused saw their rate skyrocket instead.

We're well past the time when we must play I AM THE MONEY GOD, as one of the respondents to a previous Ticker pointed out.

In other words the man with the wallet calls the tune; exactly nothing, other than a handful of things such as groceries, are truly a necessity and it is time to make all of these ghouls pay for their bull****, if they do not drop it and recant, IN SPADES.


  • We won't just not wear a mask, you won't either.  Nor will anyone else, whether an employee or customer.  A mask in a business used to mean someone was about rob the place.  In other words no, your employees will not wear them nor will you let customers wear them.  They're banned.  Period.  Put up the sign and mean it.

  • We will not discuss vaccinations or immunological status. My medical history and decisions are none of your damned business.  That's between myself and my doctor.  You ask me and I will both refuse to answer and immediately ask when you last had anal sex since obviously you like things -- such as that rat bastard liar Fauci -- up your ass.  Then you will see my back -- walking out the door with my wallet snapped closed.

  • The ambiance you used to have, and the amenities, are all going to be back as they were if you expect my patronage.  If not then forget it.  The plexiglass bull**** at the bar, the cash register, wherever?  Take it down.  If you run a hotel and used to offer a hot breakfast buffet, where is it?  No daily maid service in said hotel?  GTFO.  Pool or hottub is still closed?  BITE ME.  Want me to take a cruise? It's the same as it was in 2019, including the boarding procedures and questions.  No, I will not take a test first nor present proof of anything.  Got arrows on the floor and circles at 6' distances?  Get rid of them all -- now.  No more bull****.  Period.  I don't give a **** what the CDC thinks; they're proved liars so if you want to listen to them then you're a proved liar too and can **** OFF.

In short it's 2019, all of it.  No, we're not going to compromise.  We're not going to have a debate.  These are demands, not an opening bid or a set of requests and you will meet all of them or get nothing.

You may have a good or service to offer but I have money, and you need me to come in the door and spend it -- I DO NOT need you.  At all.  I have other options and places to spend my money and I will choose them if you do not comply with every one of the above demands -- with a smile.

I will not compromise; if you offer 99% of what I expect that is the same as zero.

I will not entertain any debate on the matter.

You will comply or you will get zero.

In fact, you may well get less than zero because I will actively, through every legal means available to me, encourage others to demand that all of what we used to enjoy return without exception and to walk out until you provide it.

And further, I will enjoy and indeed relish and celebrate every minute of watching your firm, and hopefully you, go underwater and drown in bankruptcy for the abuse you attempt to heap on both customers and employees.


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2021-06-06 09:17 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 223 references
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It's over folks.

All it takes is one.

In a news release touting "comeback for summer sales", Royal Caribbean said guests were strongly recommended to set sail fully vaccinated. 

However, those who were unvaccinated or unable to verify vaccination would have to go through testing and other protocols, which the cruise line said it would announce at a later date. 

Which will be, I predict... nothing.

And here's why -- Florida's law as of July 1st, which is before their first sailing, fines businesses $5,000 for each person who they demand evidence of vaccination from.

So no, they can't ask in a way that matters.  If they try to segregate you in that fashion it's $5,000 per person who they obtain the information from and use.  If they attempt to play fast and loose with this they'll lose.  Notice they're not talking about what protocols and testing at this time -- it's simply yet another threat to try to get you to take the jab.

**** 'em.

These ships hold thousands; this is thus a several million dollar fine per sailing.  Ain't gonna happen.

I'll bet Carnival will be right behind them, and in addition there's another wrinkle too; nobody as customers are going to put up with constraints on shipboard life, such as masks and such.  If it's not the experience people expect, especially considering that there's none of that crap anywhere else in the country anymore there will be lots of empty ships and bankrupt cruise lines.

Oh sure, some of the old folks will go anyway, and not care.

But not many, especially if there are "social distancing" and "mask" requirements.  I personally like cruises but I will not book anything if I will be expected to wear masks, distance and cannot go to the buffet, bar, casino or lounge in the hottub with a drink.  Sorry, that's non-negotiable and I'm not taking the jab either.  It's my money and if you want it you will provide the experience I expect and have had in the past or I'll spend the money somewhere else.  I will not considering booking such a cruise until and unless it is clear I'll get that experience and the representation is made in writing and thus is enforceable.

I predicted the crazy would end, and it is.

It's not completely over yet, but it only takes one leg to get kicked out from under a three-legged stool and it's over.

All of this has gone one direction now for months.  Expecting it to not continue, including the folding of those screaming for "muuuuhhhh mandates!" is the wrong-way bet.  Place it if you'd like but I'll take the under on that.

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