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 So About Fauci
Trm 7 posts, incept 2021-11-02
2024-06-15 23:03:22

"and we had damn well better put the marker on the table that any attempt at this sort of crap in the future will be met with immediate and summary deadly force aimed at every single person involved -- no matter who they are."

Irishman Michael Collins' tactical genius will be put to use again I'm sure. It was in Austria. Everybody was going along because their paycheck was on the line. Then the government introduced legislation to legalize "mandated injections" (FORCED injections). That was when the gloves came off.

Everybody going along with it is fair game. Once everyone saying "They don't make the rules" find out it doesn't make a damn bit of difference they stop. They have a greater fear than missing a paycheck. They then fear death. The old "Kill a few and word will spread" still works like a charm to shock people back to reality.

This is NOT advocating violence. This is reporting what already has happened. The resistance in Austria used Irishman Michael Collins tactics very effectively and the government backed down.

1) Attack infrastructure as it's everywhere and can't be defended.
2) Go after the locals going along with it not the higher up people.

Number 1 is sabotage and any business or group going along has bad things happen to them until they stop. With drones the possibility for mischief is huge. For example things that used to require a ladder can now be done from a 1/4 mile away like a spring loaded can of skunk or fart spray dropped on the roof in front of the air intake for the building. That would put a crimp in their operations.

Number 2 sounds backwards but it isn't. The higher ups are too well protected and even if you could get to one it might feel good, but they're just going to be eulogized and replaced with another flunky. Nothing will change. The locals going along with it (doctors, nurses, police enforcers) are all unprotected.

In Austria a lady doctor committed suicide after being doxxed and hounded. The press tried to paint it as a sob story but she was an idiot. She openly advocated forced injection and offered her clinic's services to do it. The important point about the whole sordid affair was that everyone going along with it at the clinic was also fair game. They stopped going to work, clinic had to close, doctor offed herself, nobody else wanted to be next.
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