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 This Will Be Unpopular....
Andrew 333 posts, incept 2014-09-24
2023-10-10 11:29:19

Israel's gun laws make NooYawkCity look like a Libertarian Paradise.
You can apply for a Permit to own a pistol.
It's an arbitrary process, and subject to bureaucracy, one can be denied for even having been accused of a crime.
And that's "ownership".
There's talk of loosening rules, and that includes a Permit holder to be allowed 100 rounds instead of 50.
(shooting at the range is fine but "take home/use" ammo is limited currently to 50.)
The only bonus, an "ownership license" is a de facto "carry permit".
But there's a range of places one can't carry to as it is.

The stat I heard was something like 1% of people there are Permitted guns.

Every other gun you see is in the hands of conscript soldiers (who carry their M4 on and off duty), security guards, and on duty soldiers.
Once one leaves military service, they can apply for a Pistol Permit, but there's no guarantee it'll be granted.
Oh, bonus, it's said if you "use" said handgun your license is revoked and you get to start over in the "MotherMayI" OwnerShip Process.
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