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 This Will Be Unpopular....
Aquapura 4k posts, incept 2012-04-19
2023-10-10 10:54:26

Yeah, war isn't pretty. Civilans do end up as collateral damage, whatever that means. Should the Red Dawn come to the heartland I sure as **** will be picking up arms as the alternative doesn't sound very appealing and dead-is-dead so might as well take some of the f'ers with me, right?

As for the bleeding hearts who talk about humanitarian crisis, cry me a ****ing river. Read the history of Germany immediately post-WWII. The civilan death didn't stop because the shooting ended. People starved because the country was destroyed. I wasn't around then but I'll take a good guess that many of the allies that fought the Nazis didn't have much care post war that Germans were suffering. I'm all for having compassion within reason, but the "west" has become cucks over the past 70 years. To the point that we are slowing being destroyed because of our can't we all get along worldview.

While I had reservations about our escapades in Iraq back in the 00's, if it truly was a "war for oil" like people said - then just ****ing admit it and go take the ****ing oil. To the victor go the spoils. Same applies to any other conflict. In my lifetime I'm not really sure what war is. It's been far different than what I learned about in Western Civ. My bet is the nooze will show some dead Palestinians and pressure will come down on Israel and this little skirmish will end without any resolution. Rinse and repeat. We would all be better off in the long run should these conflicts get to the full and nasty resolution.
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