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 The 28th Amendment
Mosaik 233 posts, incept 2021-09-10
2024-07-09 06:54:26

I like virtually all of these proposals.
Recently I have learned to be critical of the 17th Am and am also pushing back against people who assert, and expect it to be accepted as axiomatic, that the Electoral College in ridiculous and "undemocratic." It seems to me that the EC and the appointment of senators by state legislatures are related concepts.

Re dual citizenship and how it is defined or interpreted, I think it must be borne in mind that anyone who has been a citizen of another country or has lived in another country as a citizen (or even not as a citizen) has some level of dual loyalties, because he/she has been influenced by that culture and will always carry some degree of culture shock vis-a-vis the "own" country.

That is OK for regular citizens---it is an asset to have citizens who understand different perspectives and even feel a certain alienation from their own culture or feel some loyalty to a different culture that perhaps added a lot of value to their life experiences and lives.

But this kind of ambiguity is no good in those whom we choose to run our government and make important policy decisions. They really have to FIRST see things from the US point of view, they must put the interests of US citizens first. These are the same as their own children. So, I would write in very stringent guidelines as to who can serve as an elected or appointed official in national or state government.
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