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 Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We
Gonavybeatarmy 82 posts, incept 2021-05-21
2022-06-12 17:44:06

Right now where I am in the UK, a litre of diesel is +/- 1.90.

I realize theyre different currencies but were just about $2CDN a litre in Alberta and closer to $2.50 in the rest of Canada. $8/gallon is how you kill an economy.
Dbigkahunna 821 posts, incept 2010-01-10
2022-06-12 17:44:17

Having opportunity to attempt to deal with a Russian, hard headed does not even begin to describe these people's mindset. Maybe it was just him and his wife but having read a bunch on Russia in both world wars an my little dustup they get to a point where no fuck is given. They don't care if they go down in flames as long as they live long enough to see you dead first.
As westerners and a western mindset, we cannot comprehend their agenda.

Blessed, Grateful and Living a Dream
Mannfm11 8k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2022-06-12 17:44:29

Over half our Congress, including every member of the House from California is owned by the Chinese. They should be arrested and shot.

Trump tried to do something about this. I heard economic idiots on business channels say they ran a trade deficit with their barber, like that money didn't stay in the local economy. These banker, debt peddling motherfuckers. Don't these bastards understand that what we don't pay extra in local costs we get back in debt. But then again, the local guy isn't getting the markup, the banks and multinationals are.

Americans don't seem to comprehend what is going to happen to our standard of living. The politicians are taking it away, while doing the stage act of paying out more worthless money. Don't blink, they are stripping the corpse. Everything DC has in mind and actually does, involves pools of money to steal. They are now spending close to $50,000 for every private job in the US. If you figure 20% of the people in the US are getting $20K each back, that is only $1.2 trillion back, maybe $1.4 trillion. They passed a $43 billion bill. $6 billion actually went to Ukraine. They stole most of the rest, cycling it into political coofer designed to wage war against us. Think those thugs threatening the court, are free? They are paid terrorists.

I'm 66 years old. I got out of high school in 1974. I got out in a recesson that made 2009 look like a paid vacation. I got out of college in December 1978, having started a semester late. 73-74 and 80-84 were the toughest time we have seen since 1950. Deflating the 1970's busted every major bank in Texas and the S&L industry. Congress put a band-aid on it and Volker kept money tight too long. Reagan broke the invisible money machine, as DC was using inflation to raise tax rates.

Rather than deflate the bubble of the 1990's, developed in part from sinking interest rates, partly from fantastic projections on all kinds of fool projects, the Fed made a bailout and created the housing bubble. Home equity fed much of the bubble, FMNA and FHLMC acting as extra central banks. Nearly twice as many SFR homes were built some years than needed. Next, the Fed provided free financing, for the criminals to finish looting us. The wars didn't help.

Now another war. Trade and wars is why Trump isn't President. The elite and the NAZI's couldn't stand for us to have a solution to that. The NSA and the State Department was and is packed with people who were going to make sure we had a war wih Russia involved and Ukraine was it. Everything we saw out of DC was to keep Trump from stopping this war, including the set up on the call with Zelinsky. The Democrats stopped his nominations and we had the Clinton State Department in place. The Ukraine ambassador was a Soros Canadian pawn. Non Americans as Ambassadors, Ukrainians (Colonel Shithead Vindman and his twin) on our NSA, you have to wonder what the fuck is going on?

I hate to be brutal, but I hope Russia pounds so much sand up Ukraine's ass that no one ever goes along with the US and London neocons, in war. We had a 30 year window to solve this and all Russia got out of it was an attempt by American and London scam artists to loot the country. 1/6th of the landmass likely holds 1/6th of the minerals, maybe more.

War and emergency destroy Republics. The people of the US need to understand that or they are doomed to slavery. Rahm Emanuel made the statement, never let a crisis go to waste, code words for We are going to steal everything not tied down and fuck the people. FDR used it, both war and emergency. The Depression didn't go away. Propaganda, changed people's minds, while the government stole all the real money, giving us debt in return.

Biden has been declaring emergencies for everything and we are being set up for mass annihilation. The war was convenient, to move the narrative off their previous emergency, the fake virus threat. Biden renewed that emergency, rather than give out useful treatment and protection. They are still pushing the deadly masks and the ultimate fools are still wearing them. There should already be hangings and firing squads, but we need to steal the guns instead, over a stage act and 19 kids, when 19 kids die every day in auto accidents and 1000+ people a year died in bathroom accidents. They disarm us, there is no limit to what they can do to us.

Remember one thing. Politician is largely a criminal class and being politicians in office, there is no limit to the crimes they can commit. Hunter Biden blatantly sells bullshit art for 6 figures, after blatantly using Dad's influence and likely paying Dad and Obama millions. Pelosi and her family openly steal, as do Romney, McCain and most of the others. I see guys in the Senate I wouldn't hire to fight a traffic ticket, slimeballs. The same slimeballs are running AG's in States, DA's and mayors in cities. The Mayor of Chicago is frightening, and we hear about White Supremacy, which is mostly a bunch of excons banded together for protection from the blacks in prison. The enemy is running government, finding it more preferrable that girls and boys swap clothes and sex, so Americans won't reproduce. Isn't the current terror game about killing babies, so they don't have to pay? Open the door, the world is full of replacements

What is going on scares the living crap out of me and all the government can do is fiddle while Rome is burning and order more gasoline for the fire. There is no fucking free, yet we are going to see more until their tool for free collapses in a heap of rubble. When it does, they are out of business.

This is a storm that I'm not sure one can prepare to avoid. The Democrat party and its well financed minions, likely out of our own taxes, is more dangerous that the German NAZI's of the 1930's. This bleeds largely into corporate USA, which identifies it as fascist. They are creating a reign of terror. They are destroying the economy, both to create their next emergency. Hyperinflation or deflation or both? No one can estimate their costs.

The last 30 years has been a debt party. Real pain has been avoided. In the meantime, they have built the mechanism to enslave and persecute us. They wiped out many banks in the 1980's while allowing their preferred banks to operate insolvent. 2009, they crammed or money into them. People went on disability instead of going to work. They hid a bad economy, produced in part by Obama regulations under college loans, removal of people from the work pool and large deficits. They can't hide this one.

In the 1970's and 1980's we still had pensions. You can't have a pension fund with near zero rates. They looted the Social Security fund, by stealing the interest. In the meantime we are supposed to be liable for the government pensions. Fuck them.

My grandmother told me many times she felt bad for the people in cities, during the depression. Farm people produced food. She was the last of the pioneers, born in Indian territory and came to Texas in a covered wagon, most likely, because there were no cars in 1905. How fucked are we, when it is quite possible the Chinese start taking the foodstocks out of the country and the administration is destroying the transportation model over a false delusion sold to a generation of snowflakes.

Bannon and Eric Prince had a discussion about going to war with the Chinese. Out of that conversation came the implication our military might not have the fighters. There was mention of the ship collisions and how sailors and offircers were quivering in the corner rather than taking action. Is the navy full of gays? How absurd is it to be running a military that way? It appears our government wants us dead or captive. Don't let them have your guns. We are going to have to fight the invaders, who will come to repossess what is ours, because the United States will be in default.

If you have read the Bible, its history says invaders generally removed the people living in the conquered area. Will we be exported or murdered. Removing the people removes the hazard of occupation. Or is the Biden administration doing the work for them?

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Sancho 127 posts, incept 2013-12-06
2022-06-12 17:45:19

The Statesman who, knowing his instrument to be ready, and seeing War inevitable, hesitates to strike first is guilty of a crime against his country (this is from one of the most cited authors these days, Mr Clausewitz).

Not that Putin is a candidate for Saint. Not that is not totalitarian. Not that Russian is not corrupt and not that he did not try to poison his political opponents. But he is an statesman. And he did was he was supposed to do.

Ukraine (with the support of the West) pushed Russia into a position where war was inevitable. They were amassing forces for an invasion of the east separatist territories, and perhaps Crimea making paper toilet from the previous agreements in Minks. War was inevitable.

I guess someone told Zelenskyy: "Imagine yourself as the man that reconquered Ukraine from Imperial Russia, go ahead, we have your back and a very well rehearsed and professionally developed plan". I am sure he dreamed of himself parading in Kyiv in a quadriga with a laurel crown.

He was willing to send Ukrainians soldiers against a very effective and ruthless army in exchange for good dealings with the West and for an opportunity to be a member of "the club". He must have enjoyed being solemn, wearing a "working" T-shirt, a permanent 3 day beard, and a hand on his heart while speaking on every western forum.

And now he wants to send mostly untrained women against the Chechens....

He may soon learn that "Roma traditoribus non praemiat" and join the fate of others that believed they were allies of the west, like those horse riding freedom fighters that joined Rambo against the Soviets....

Victoria Nuland and Blinken, at worst, will still be living in a nice and well heated home somewhere in the US cashing on US Gov retirement.

Life is Rock and Roll
A stairway to Heaven,
and an highway to hell
Ee4fire 1k posts, incept 2011-03-24
2022-06-12 17:45:38


If you want to see Ukranian flags, come to the Metro DC area they are all over the place. There are still plenty of Biden/Harris signs and bumper stickers, but I have noticed there are less of them.

In DC, you have to show you are following the politically correct crowd to keep your gravy train running.

"Only by creating wealth can you relieve poverty.
It's what you do with your wealth that counts."
― Margaret Thatcher
Jdingman 9 posts, incept 2022-03-16
2022-06-12 18:16:24

But...but...but the Russians are running out of ammo, tanks, missles! ROFLOL

No kidding. Inexplicably, comment in the West ignores Russian armament industry. I read that Russia manufactures around 35 cruise missles per day . That suggests that even at the current rate of launches, Russia is not drawing down tactical inventories.

Russia is deliberately using older armaments and legacy tactics. I have only now seen the first comfirmed appearance of the networked SU-57s. We've only seen one or two hypersonics. Not even sure if they used thermobarics but probably the first one. Just imagine how many of those are now in inventory.

Russia deftly allows Western hubris and lazy investigative practices to craft narratives of a weak and challenged combatant. If the gloves ever come off, it will be eye-popping beyond description.

It isn't about being for or against one side or the other. Watching this is about using critical thinking to connect the dots (that are there to see).

Cluelessinfl 297 posts, incept 2011-01-08
2022-06-12 18:51:59

Having opportunity to attempt to deal with a Russian, hard headed does not even begin to describe these people's mindset. Maybe it was just him and his wife but having read a bunch on Russia in both world wars an my little dustup they get to a point where no fuck is given. They don't care if they go down in flames as long as they live long enough to see you dead first.
As westerners and a western mindset, we cannot comprehend their agenda.

The ancestors of today's Russians were invaded by Mongols, Napoleon and Hitler. They were brutalized by Stalin and Lenin. Hard headedness has been ingrained in their DNA.

You cannot reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.
Mannfm11 8k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2022-06-12 18:52:03

@Jwm_in_sb: I posted a Lancaster video a few weeks ago, from December, where he was in a trench in Donbass with the Russian ethnics. They said shelling had been going on since 2014. We stripped them of their representation, something that happened in the US years ago, swapping representation for thieves. The guy with the gun was a bad dude. They had drones and he knew if they got the range down, he was dead. Lancaster was about to wet himself. The guy with the gun sat back with a smoke and calmly reloaded his bullet belt with what looked like 300 Win mag or bigger.

If Russia wasn't in bed with China, I might look into moving there. There is a real shit show coming to a US town near you and it would be a good time not to get a ticket. There might be a few extra Ukrainian girls as well. I have heard they don't age well, but I will be dead, blind, crippled crazy or dead by then. They appear to me to be the next great power economically. That is a hard people there. That is, if they will clean up the crime.

Ukraine, London and DC neocons created this war. I don't know why Gates and Soros aren't in prison, for different reasons. Soros people have been running the scam in Ukraine for 30 years. That witch left over from Obama Ambassador was there to keep the lid on crimes, while the Senate bottled up Trump's nominee. Gates is wanted for capital crimes in India and other places. Soros in much of Eastern Europe.

Russia should wrap up and threaten their announced enemies on the border, to change the narrative. DC and London started this war to change the narrative from crimes against humanity for genocidal medicine and the energy destruction plan the starvation artists had set in motion. Russia is still exporting plenty of oil and it won't be refused by Europe, regardless of public statements by their NAZI leaders. They have threatened German industry, which foots the bill for the social structure of Germany. Talk about a starvation model.

A term I am using all over the internet is THE GREEN NEW STARVATION, because that is what it is. People need to wake up fast. Starvation and disarmament go together. They are just changing the channel, now with the fabricated overthrow of the executive, organized criminals Pelosi, Schumer and Cheney are running with our money on TV. There is a character they call Ali Akbar (I think his real name is Ali Anderson)who was brought into the Trump circle and met with the Aizona Promise Keepers (Ray Epps).

Watch the June 10th video, now at the top of the page. Byrne mentions a European journalist who gives him a different recap of what went on January 6th from what he heard from people he knew. The NAZI's brought that guy in as a witness. We are watching the coverup of a coup and massive election fraud, so they can continue to march the American people off the cliff and change the channel from their program of national suicide.

If you haven't seen the revolver news stories, they are worth a watch. They ran a color revolution to install criminals.

I understand Boris Johnson is toast in Britain over the Ukraine mess, not that he hadn't already ruined himself. They need another narrative in the US, like blaming Putin and framing Trump. The real problem in the US is we have at a minimum 400 people in the House and Senate who don't serve us and a DC bureaucracy that is waging war against us. Trump walked into that and we didn't have much of an administration, because these people, who are destroying us now, waged war against us and Trump. Like him or not, I don't think anyone else in the US has the power to change this crime syndicate. If they succeed in forcing out the Conservative Justices, this place immediately becomes NAZI Germany. One only need look at Obama's last nominee to the court, Biden's AG to see what they are doing. If nominating a woman who can't define a woman isn't enough, we can only guess what is coming. Socialism always ends up totalitarian.

You can only store up so much food, hoard so much cash and metals. If they disarm us, we can't depend on the police. In fact, one only need look at videos from Australia and NZ to see how disarmed people are treated. Throw in Canada, where Trudeau brouht in NAZI storm troopers to deal with petition and redress and peaceful assembly. We are dealing with natural law and self preservation, which is what refusing the jabs are.

I'm thinking of getting some of those freeze dried rations, which I can only imagine how bad eating them might be. I would imagine the squirrels and other critters would get scarce, once they became hunted. Tom T. Hall had a song, I suspect was written by Billy Joe Shaver, because the refrain is Don't forget the coffee Billy Joe. In it he has the phrase, they wonder why there are no rabbits left this day and time, I guess to tell the truth, we ate them all in 49. I suspect game would disappear pretty fast. There are a million rabbits in this suburb where I live. I don't recall ever seeing one growing up here. Was it dogs or just because the locals ate them all years ago?

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Mannfm11 8k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2022-06-12 19:11:39

@packetcap: I was going to comment, but I think you beat me to it. If the US controlled the skies, we would have the upper hand. but there would still be logistics.

People don't comprehend how big Ukraine is and 40 million people. Anyone really think Ukraine was kicking the bear without a plan to defend themselves. They were just acting foolish, if you ask me, thinking Europe would get in a shooting war with Russia. DC needs a cold war, not a hot one. They don't care to smolder either, though blowing up DC would likely help the US.

TG wrote..
We think speed is a virtue.

Maybe, and maybe not. But you can spend 1,000 $1,000 shells for the price of one $1m missile, and those 1,000 shells will inflict not just the casualties but also shake the troops on the other side psychologically in a way that the missile doesn't.

Before my uncle died, I heard him relate what my grandfather told him, when he wanted grandfather to sign off on him joining the Army early. Korea was going on. I remember the quote almost exactly.

grandpa said wrote..
I was at the battle of the Argone Forest and they started shelling over night. When the sun came up, the forest was gone. You hear about brave young men, but what I heard were boys crying for their mamas. When you get old enough, you can decide, but I'm not sending my son into something like I saw first hand.

Mike Tyson said it is all even until someone gets punched. Bannon or Eric Prince said the Russians were masters of artilary. They have been fighting invasions for hundreds of years. Our most deadly war was against ourselves.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-12 19:35:40

This seems the appropriate place to post this, the best damn video I've seen in a long time.

It's an hour and 45 minutes long-- about like going to a movie, but it's free, and certainly far better than any Hollywood shit.

I don't like this guy's seeming apathy to the PURE EVIL of Communist China, but other than that, he's spot-on. And I LOVE his witty rapid-fire style. Holy shit, this kid doesn't even stop for a sip of water.


I hope you bastards repent before you die, but for fuck's sake, do just DIE already.
Ingar 640 posts, incept 2017-02-14
2022-06-12 21:21:17

The Ukraine has lost because "their" leaders trusted the US and believed that they could be used as a weapon to prod the Russian bear without dire consequences. Having to conscript women puts the Ukraine in the dire consequences category from which it will not easily extricate itself.
Not only has the US pursued an overseas empire, it has built a domestic one with a polyglot of ethnicities with each having interests that are not congruent to the majority population's interests. Chalk that up as a loss for the USA.
The decades long mismanagement of the US economy is about to result in conditions unfavorable to the preservation of domestic tranquility. The breakdown of domestic tranquility will not be covered by the Ministry of Truth, but we'll see it firsthand.
Krzelune 17k posts, incept 2007-10-08
2022-06-12 22:08:44

I'm gonna call in sick with Monkey Pox tomorrow. I'll try to make it sound convincing.

Tickerguy 198k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-06-12 22:08:56

Gonna admit you're a buttfucker eh?

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Hstella 1k posts, incept 2009-08-18
2022-06-12 22:27:11

In the beginning, lots of families headed to the border, only for males 16-60 to be forcibly pressed into service. A lot of old men have died as well. There has been an enormous, tragic loss of life that is probably underreported by a factor of 10.

While nato/us spent the last 8 years training the U army to be nato-interchangeable, that army was amassed in the Donbas, and destroyed. We know the U soldiers being called up now are basically untrained and unprovisioned. They are under stand and fight orders that mandate the execution of anyone who runs away, and any commander who tries to retreat.
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-12 22:41:59

@Mannfm11 and all Mannfm fans:

Y'all need to check out the "Geopolitics and Empire" podcast. I just discovered it a couple weeks ago. The host is a
Croatian-born dude who got the hell out of the dystopian U.S. and is now holed up somewhere in... Mexico. I always suspected a day would come when the border crossings would start going the other way....

Anyhow, this episode here, he interviews Francis Boyle, who talks about the current global NAZI war that makes those German Nazis look like pikers. Germans only marked Jews and a few other groups for extermination. Today's NAZIS are exterminating ALL humans in EVERY country.

WWIII is under way right now. The war has begun and we are already IN it. Like it or not. It's reality; recognize it and adjust to it. It is a war against the whole human race. Think of an owl swooping down on a mouse. As Peter Breggin says, for the global predators, WE ARE THE PREY. This is the thing that is so horrible, people can't mentally process it.

Satan has bared his teeth, and is stomping around all over the earth.
Grannytotwo 68 posts, incept 2010-02-03
2022-06-12 22:42:22

My nearest neighbor has a Ukraine flag flying, so I ordered one off Amazon 2.99 3x5. Threw it in the coop, let the chickens paint it. Then let my Saint Bernard and Aussie play tug till it was shredded but still recognizable. Then hung it between her pasture and my pasture so every time she goes to feed she sees it. She started yelling stomping across her field take that down take that down. Its still hanging blowing in the wind. I strung it up between two trees with some fence wire about 6 ft off the ground so the bottom almost drags in the muck. We still waves at each other but she has one finger pointing up when she does.
Like I told my husband I dont care if she is pissed I find it amusing. You all might call me a bitch.
Asimov 146k posts, incept 2007-08-26
2022-06-12 22:50:29

I wouldn't call you a bitch. I'd call her a bloody idiot being fed her opinion by the various medias.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Bluto 2k posts, incept 2021-07-10
2022-06-12 22:50:34

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a government that tried to PREVENT wars instead of STARTING them?

The end result of the Ukraine war is going to be:

1) No NATO membership for Ukraine
2) Russian control of the Donbass region
3) Russian control of some portion of Ukraine, perhaps all the way to the Dniper
4) Lots of $$$ for the MIC
5) Lots of dead soldiers
6) Global realignment that benefits Russia and China

If peace was sought by US "leadership", you would have had #1 and #2, but not the rest.

Basically, the US traded some graft that benefits the 0.001% for a lot of dead Ukrainian solders and a stronger China. A shitty deal for everyone except China and the grifters.

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end -- which you can never afford to lose -- with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever
Rickylc 3k posts, incept 2009-02-09
2022-06-12 22:50:46

I'd call you the life of the party!


We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying. - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Californialost 146 posts, incept 2021-10-14
2022-06-12 23:06:59

Over half our Congress, including every member of the House from California is owned by the Chinese. They should be arrested and shot.

I don't think Doug LaMalfa, CA1, is a CCCP asset. But, 1 out of 53 representatives is a horrible %.

I live 3 miles east of the California capitol, heavily woke, "educated", vaccinated, green. The flags are disappearing, but I'd say 15%-20% of the house in my neighborhood were flying the Ukrainian flag a couple of months ago.

I guess now that the Uniparty has appropriated $40B for Ukraine, the dead and dying young patriots of Ukraine serve no purpose for the grifters by the Potomac. Bunch of psychopaths have written their own checks and now, are trying to slither away, again. Might not work out too well this time, we hit hyperinflation, people are going to be killing anyone who pisses them off, anyone. At least in the Balkans, they had religion to bind them into protection groups. What do we have? NFL teams? Gonna be a rough ride.
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-12 23:28:38

obliterating whatever is left of the Ukrainian genetics. Russia The Soviet Union got much of it in one of the most vile communist genocides ~90years ago


There IS a difference, you know.

By the way, in the old USSR, the various republics had their own branches of the NKVD. The Holodomor was carried out by the Ukrainian NKVD, not the Russian one. And many of the officers, I am sorry to say, were Ukrainian Jews. NOT Russians. Yes, of course, it was ordered by Stalin (who was not ethnically a Russian either, but let that go; yes, I get it that Russia dominated the USSR, no question). But still.

Another little-known bit of information... In Eastern Orthodox theology, soldiers are supposed to go through a period of repentance and getting right with God when they return from war. No matter how justified the war, taking human life is seen as gravely damaging to the soul. Is it hard to believe that perhaps Russian soldiers might behave a bit differently from godless communist Soviet soldiers? Just saying. I hate war, and I'm not trying to sugarcoat it, but these things do matter.

Russia is now a Christian nation (more so than the U.S., at any rate). People can call me naive if they wish but here's an actual fact: Since the abolition of Soviet COMMUNISM, over the last 30 years (22 of those years with that evil bastard Vladimir Putin in power), the abortion rate in Russia has dropped from an average of EIGHT per woman over her lifetime (i.e., abortion as birth control) under communism, to a current annual per capita rate LOWER than that of the United States.

That evil bastard Putin even signed a law passed by the Duma making it illegal in Russia to advertise abortion services.

Oh, and the Duma also passed (and that evil bastard Putin signed) a law making it illegal to expose children under the age of 18 to homosexual propaganda.

I could go on and on with examples, but suffice it to say that contemporary Russia is NOT the Soviet Union.
Eleua 22k posts, incept 2007-07-05
2022-06-12 23:38:21

Totally correct with how the modern Russia isn't the USSR.

Most people will never figure that out, and that is because the mass media is in the hands of the perpetrators of the USSR atrocities, and they hate Putin.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote extensively on this, and one of his most damning books is not available in English.


Diversity + proximity = WAR

-They wanted camps; I want ropes.
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-13 07:52:18

I know I sound over-the-top naive about Russia, but damn it, the godless pagans running the U.S. are bringing everything too damn close to home lately. My little rural Kansas local school has got to figure out whether we're gonna let our needier kids go hungry or let boys into the girls' bathrooms and sports teams.

My kids are grown and long since out of school, but damn straight I am going to the school board meeting tomorrow night.

Oh but that's not all. Now some woke-as-fuck company bought out the beautiful camp that generations of Kansas 4-H'ers have gone to every summer, and this company has declared that boys and girls coming to the camp will now be assigned to the cabins where they sleep NOT by their gender but by which gender they "identify" as. Parents who called to protest were told that any other policy would not be "nice" or "fair."



They ruined the Boy Scouts.
They ruined the Girl Scouts.
And now they've come for 4-H.

There are no words for how much I hate this shit.

The hell with it. So, yeah, I get a little misty-eyed for a country that doesn't stand for this shit -- a SERIOUS country, run by SERIOUS adults, who care about the long-term survival of their culture/civilization. Anyone who's got a problem with that, I do not give a flying fuck.
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-13 07:52:53

electorial losses in the mid-terms

As they say down South, well, bless your little heart!

Seriously, if you have not been living under a rock since November 3, 2020, what on earth makes you think the Demoncrats will lose in November?
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-06-13 07:53:05

they could have taken the exit ramp over the shots last May when it became apparent they did not work and caused harm, and dumping the blame for the whole thing on Trump. I honestly thought they were going to do this at the time as this is the typical pattern of slimy politicians covering their asses when things go wrong. Instead they doubled down until stopped by the courts January of this year.

Their global masters give them no choice. The Gates/Soros/Schwab cabal are engaged in a project to reduce the GLOBAL population by 95 percent. This is much bigger than just the U.S. The junta behind Joe Biden do not have independent decision-making power in this matter. Or any other matter.
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