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 Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We
Eleua 23k posts, incept 2007-07-05
2022-06-13 14:07:56


11. The West needs to return to Christ and seek peaceful relations with Russia so all people can live in harmony. Rome has fallen silent about the true crimes being committed across the world. Perhaps God is going to use Russia as His bulwark against the secular West.

Your list is spot on. #11 is one that may bring smiley from many, especially those of us born into the nihilistic, materialistic world of the post WW2 West. After all, does a fish know it is in water?

Recently, I have been able to visit Europe as part of my work duties. While many go out boozing, I prefer to look at the ancient Christian cathedrals. There is a sense of awe that is difficult to describe. It doesnt exist in the US. Even the US National Cathedral in DC falls short. This has served to show me that I am making to a fish that now notices the water that has surrounded me for my entire life.

Secularism and materialism doesnt work for beings that are inherently spiritual. It may look like it works in short durations, but it never does. Why? Here is a largely secular explanation of why secularism doesn't work with us. It's worth the 4 minutes.

Upshot: take away man's genuine anagogic motivations and he will naturally pursue surrogate forms of spirituality that evil men can control and define. Conservative "Libertarianism" is just as toxic and empty as liberal collectivism.

I don't know why YT has this age restricted. There is absolutely nothing in this that isn't all over YT 24/7, other than the curators of YT (cough...cough...ADL...cough...cough...pedophiles...cough...) don't want people to look too closely at the Ruling Class.

Diversity + proximity = WAR

-The facts do not care about your narrative. The "GREAT NOTICING" continues apace.
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