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2021-08-09 09:58 by Karl Denninger
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This Is Why You Can't Get There From Here
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I'm stunned that CNN published this, to be honest.

Does it make sense that someone would want to avoid putting unknown chemicals in their body? Is it reasonable not to fully trust the pharmaceutical industry? It doesn’t take a lot of Googling to find lawsuits and settlements of billions of dollars involving harms, false claims and withheld information by drug companies. Isn’t it true that we have only short-term data on the effects and side effects of the vaccines, if only because the trials began less than two years ago?

Why yes, yes it does.  Vioxx, for one.  And not just once either.  There was a wee problem with the original IPV (Injected, Salk polio vaccine) too.  It was contaminated with a cancer-causing agent.  How many did it harm at the same time it helped?  We don't really know, but we do know it caused cancers -- including in kids.

Then there's the fact that IPV was rapidly followed by OPV, oral polio, which until the 1990s was still used in America.  Why?  Because IPV was non-sterilizing; that is, "leaky."  Guess what?  All the Covid vaccines are too.  That's bad.  It is, in fact, what promotes mutation.  We've known that for 70 years which is why we used both.  Every single so-called expert in the field knows this and that what they attempted to do this time was very likely to fail, as I pointed out before we began.

Now it has failed exactly as I expected.  The question becomes this: Why did those so-called "experts" go down a path that was known decades ago to be nearly-certain to not work?

And then, encourage them to talk. That’s where curiosity comes in. Ask questions, not to trap them in logical inconsistencies, but because you are truly curious about their answers. How do they compare the relative risks of vaccines and Covid? What data are they looking at? What makes them doubt the safety of the vaccine? What have they seen and heard?

That's the punch line, isn't it?

For those who are not morbid the data is clear: Covid is not very dangerous.  Sure, it can get you.  I can get run over by a car getting my mail too, but we must have perspective.  I operate a motor vehicle and accept a roughly 1 in 8,000 risk of dying every year that I do.  There's nothing I can do about it, other than not drive or ride in a car.

We keep hearing that we can take all these "measures" to stop Covid.  But those claims are lies.  How is it that Covid-19 managed to get transmitted to and among deer, for example?  Because it did.  I assure you as someone who has lived where deer are for a good part of my life they're not very interested in people.  They certainly don't get within six feet of you unless you just shot one, at which point whatever you gave it ends there since said deer is going in your freezer.  So how did 40% or more of them get infected over the last year, and what does this say about whether "social distancing" and "masks" can possibly work?  Deer, of course, are outdoors in high-airflow environments and do not interact with people.

That they're infected en-masse means this virus is all over the place and transmitted all over the place, indoors and out, no matter what you do.  All the so-called "mitigations" are worthlessThis is now established fact yet nobody is admitting it.

How many lies do the so-called "experts" get?

Well, how about when one of them tells the truth?

While data shows vaccination is reducing the rate of serious illness due to COVID-19 in Iceland, the country’s Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason says it has not led to the herd immunity that experts hoped for.

That's because it can't.

And further, note his language: Hoped for.  In other words they had no evidence it work work.  Hope is not a strategy, it is a religion.  Religion ahs no place in public health or medicine, which is supposed to be evidence-based.  This time it wasn't.

I warned of this, explicitly, before we started this nonsense.  Narrow immunity will be evaded and runs the risk of OAS, ADE or both.  What we attempted to do was futile and was not going to work.  I didn't need a degree in virology -- just the ability to read and not try to set aside decades of knowledge on viruses and how they, and vaccines for them, work (and, in the case of coronaviruses, not work.)

You simply have to accept that we all will get the virus.  It doesn't matter whether you like that or not.  You can't suppress Rt for a virus with an R0 of 7 to 9, which they claim Delta has, even with near-100% vaccination if the vaccines are not essentially 100% effective, and they aren't.  We injected hundreds of millions of Americans (and many more worldwide) without first proving durable and near-perfect immunity from said jabs.

We had exactly zero evidence of durable immunity because we didn't take the time, and there is no way to substitute for time.

That was criminally stupid.

We are now seeing the proof of our stupidity in that in Israel jab effectiveness is down to about 20% within six months.

Even without Delta that would make them worthless as a function of public health.  You'll never be able to accurately know when your "protection" level on an individual basis has waned enough that you either get infected or worse, get an enhanced infection.

This leaves us with individual risk reduction which is unknown as to its duration and strength.  It's also possible that vaccinating someone who has previously had Covid destroys their natural immunity; there is enough data out there at this point to be highly suspicious of this but not enough yet to conclude it.  For example we know natural infection is >95% effective beyond one year, because we have cases to document that.  But we also have jabbed people who were previously infected and now have gotten it again at a greatly accelerated rate; for example, three out of four among a small vaccinated but previously-infected cohort.  It is wildly improbable that if they had not taken the jabs three of the four would have had a second infection.(a little more than one chance in 10,000 on a random basis.)

Remember that whether some strain of a virus is more-transmissible virus (e.g. R0 of 5 or 9 .vs. 3) still doesn't get you if you're immune.  Immune is immune; the contagion level of the virus is immaterial.  It only matters if you're not immune.  Why you're not doesn't matter either.  Measles, with an R0 of somewhere around 13-15, does not scare me because I'm immunized and the data says it's very likely the protection I got from that vaccination remains good.  The Covid shots, on the other hand, appear to be good for perhaps six months and there is evidence that they destroy natural immunity if you were previously infected which means for the prior infected taking the vaccine is a net lose plus brings the risk of adverse effects!

Do you take the shot given these facts?

That depends.  If you've had Covid-19, hell no!  Why would you risk destruction of any of your natural immunity?  There is zero evidence that you get benefit from the published science and reason to believe you may get harm.  Doing that is stupid.

But what if you haven't had it as of now?  That's a more-difficult decision.  We do know of several potentially-useful drugs and supplements, most of them cheap, that work. Rather than sit at home and eat chicken soup until you are choking on your own spit you can choose to hit a suspected infection immediately.  If you get Covid, and beat it, you then have broad natural immunity that, thus far, none of the "variants" has demonstrated an ability to evade.

So which would you rather have?

Broad immunity that lasts for a long time and, at least thus far, is good against all the variants or narrow immunity that Delta (and, we must presume, future mutations) will evade and which fades off after six months forcing you to go get another stab with all of its adverse event risks such as heart inflammation, strokes and other clotting disorders?

The second choice is one that, if you make it, you're stuck with for life!

That's the choice and you should make it based on your particular medical situation.  For some people who are quite-likely to be laid waste by Covid, even with hitting the infection early with inexpensive drugs and supplements the jabs may be a good bargain despite the risks and probable requirement to keep taking them forevermore.  But for others, who are at very low base risk from Covid to begin with accepting that we will get infected and once we do we will have broad, strong natural immunity is clearly, on the math, the better choice.

Facts before fear folks and remember, it's your ass while CMS pays hospitals bounties for toe tags if you're on either Medicare or Medicaid provided they can show a PCR+ test.  As a result the hospitals have no interest in anything that keeps you out of them if you get Covid.

Are you going to continue to listen to people who have repeatedly gotten it wrong -- 2 weeks to flatten the curve, another 30 days and it'll be ok, don't wear masks, then do wear masks, masks are better than vaccines (after which a shit-ton of people died), we'll be ok after the high risk people get jabbed, we'll be ok when jab enough people to get herd immunity -- the last of which we now know is mathematically impossible as the vaccines wane in effectiveness and thus you will never get there no matter the level of compliance.....

Or are you going to start paying attention to the people who have consistently gotten it right for over a year and a half?

Finally, those who issuing mandates, especially now that we know the vaccines are failing within six months of administration in multiple nations, including Israel, Iceland and now the United States have absolutely zero justification for their actions.  They need to be blocked from being able to do same and if in political positions removed from power -- irrespective of how -- as the data is clear: Their claimed path forward does not and cannot, mathematically, work.

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