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 Here It Comes
Kareninca 668 posts, incept 2011-08-23
2021-07-25 07:46:30

This was posted further down the thread today at Naked Capitalism, by the same physician who is a long-term poster:

IM Doc
July 24, 2021 at 12:13 pm
For several weeks dating back to mid May I was seeing groups of fully vaccinated patients becoming positive but asymptomatic. Most of these situations arose because one member of the family or group was found to be positive because of foreign travel or having surgery or whatever.

As this became more and more common I began to be very concerned about what the future may hold. And the Health Department and CDC were just ambivalent.

The guidance of the local health department was to ignore this they are vaccinated there is no way they can spread, etc.. Just as the CDC guidance was telling them to do. I do not much like to have armed nuclear warheads sitting around, and I am very persistent so I ordered the contact tracing on my own every close family member or close contact was checked. And to my absolute horror large clusters of them were positive. But at that time, they were asymptomatic- almost every single one. I have been dutifully reporting these numbers to Yves and Lambert for weeks.

Then about a month ago something changed. People were then starting to become ill and come to clinical attention that way. There were no longer just the asymptomatic patients. And again on my own ordered the contact tracing and found the same thing. Multiple vaccinated family members positive. Multiple bridge group members positive. Multiple church members positive, etc etc. And lately socials around the July 4th weekend were also clustered. At that point in time there was no one sick enough to be in the hospital. But the vaccinated positives were clearly more ill than the unvaccinated positives. Heavier coughs, more SOB, more febrile. This included even the younger ones among them. But again no one sick enough to be hospitalized.

And then this week we have had a seismic shift. We have admitted multiple very ill vaccinated patients two of which were critically ill. At the same time we are admitting unvaccinated patients as well. Some of them too are now very ill. We have had deaths this week all of those patients were unvaccinated. But I am not holding my breath we now have two critically ill vaccinated patients that I am not sure are going to make it. I do not have the best handle on these situations this week because I am in quarantine. But right at this minute we have more COVID patients in the hospital since January and it is right at 50/50 vaccinated/unvaccinated and I would say they are equally ill.

It has been fascinating to watch this very orderly step up in severity over time. And then this week the bottom dropped out. And I live in a very vaccinated county the paper reported this AM a 72% vaccination rate. The only stragglers were the 12-18 group which is below 50. The herd immunity concept is certainly not working here. And the local medical folks are just horrified that this is getting this bad after working so hard for this really good vaccination rate. It is reminding me greatly of the ramp up we had last summer it is almost the same in every way except it got much worse much quicker. I am hoping it will burn out but not looking like that so far.

I will share something else. I have a very small limited patient size I am in a small town. But I am very attentive to media reports of numbers from other locations. Big cities and big sample sizes give perspective. When I heard last weekend that there were ZERO vaccinated patients in the hospitals in LA I grew immediately concerned because that was not our experience at all It is basically a WHAT HAVE WE DONE WRONG MOMENT.So I called three of my old students who are now on the front lines in the LA area to the one the response was I have not a clue what they are talking about that is just not true. Among the three of them the averages they were seeing were about 75% 85% unvaccinated in the hospital and all had had very ill vaccinated patients. I did not feel so bad then. But My God, the media cannot be trusted with a single god-damn thing. I have never seen such a bunch of liars in my lifetime. It is a real tragedy when we need them the most they are doing propaganda. And do not even get me started on the Health Dept people who are misleading the population like this.

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