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 Here It Comes
Crossthread 14k posts, incept 2007-09-04
2021-07-24 08:41:30

Vast majority of Covid-19 cluster in Cape Cod were vaccinated
In Cape Cod, a geographic cape extending into the Atlantic Ocean in Massachusetts, the vaccinated are falling ill with Covid-19. The American town with one of the highest vaccination rates in the state, now has the highest rate of new cases.

According to the Boston Globe, at least 35 Covid-19 cases in Boston residents have been traced back to Provincetown and the newspaper reported that the overwhelming majority of those had been fully vaccinated. A fully vaccinated Boston resident who had fallen ill while in Provincetown recently, told the Globe: For two days, I was the sickest Ive ever been in my life. The same resident nevertheless hailed the initiation of vaccine passports.

ABC News meanwhile downplayed the outbreak on Cape Cod among the fully vaccinated, but another individual who had fallen ill, admitted that its definitely not what I expected being fully vaccinated.

Dr. Janet Whelan, a member of the Provincetown Board of Health, confirmed that the vaccinated could be spreading the Coronavirus: The most interesting thing to me about this cluster of cases is so many of the people infected were vaccinated, which sort of means that a lot of the people that are vaccinated who are exposed to it may feel safe, but may also transmit it to others. ABC News however dismissed the spread as being not a major concern.

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