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 Here It Comes
615obo 53 posts, incept 2020-08-10
2021-07-23 13:13:29

How do they know what variant is going around? From here:


While exact numbers of the Delta variant are not available, Dr. Piercey says totals on the state website will rise. "It takes a special kind of lab," Dr. Piercey says of testing COVID-19 samples. The state instead takes a lump of samples to have tested and then uses the findings to provide a picture of which variant is dominant. Dr. Piercey says for now, the Alpha variant will show as the more widespread variant since the state has tested for the variant longer but Delta cases will go up.

"The Delta variant is the dominant variant in Tennessee now," Dr. Piercey said, adding the "variant has a stronghold in Shelby" county, likely caused by large outbreaks in states neighboring the city. Dr. Piercey says spread of COVID-19 is affecting some counties at high rates, 10 counties with a 15% positivity rate or higher. "They're kinda scattered throughout the state," Dr. Piercey says. "Many of them are rural counties...3 of the 10 actually had rates over 20%."

Dr. Piercey says she does not believe the Delta variant will make people sicker, but "bottom line is the vaccine is the best way" to protect against infection.

What a sack of dog turds.
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