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Comments on Relax Folks: The CDC, VUMC, Johns Hopkins Are All *DONE*
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User Info Relax Folks: The CDC, VUMC, Johns Hopkins Are All *DONE* in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Incept: 2018-12-26

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You did see the latest research from Salk News, issued yesterday on A research paper published Apr 30 in Circulation Research shows that the spike protein on a pseudovirus attacks the lungs and arteries. This shows again that the spike protein all by itself attacks the vascular system. Three guesses what the COVID-19 vaccine generates.
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@DSmith -- I wrote an article on that the other day.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
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@Blackcrow You have competition for the Martin Luther title ironically from Germany. Dr Reiner Fullmich is going after the corporations in court

On a side note re: pregnancies I have noted this. While it is to early to draw conclusions it bears watching at least from the California perspective
The Bay area has been rather compliant about getting vexxed.

"Pandemic baby bust unprecedented in Bay Area, California history"

Most of drop in live births is being attributed to he immediate stress of the pandemic. We'll see. I can remember the Loma Prieta quake and there was a definite rise in live births. Time will tell.
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Incept: 2021-02-18

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We Pennsylvanians suspect that the reason why Queen "Rachel" was kicked upstairs to the Biden* administration was to shield her/him from the nursing home deaths fallout that is surely going to befall Gov. Tyrant Tom Wolf, and for the same reasons Cuomo is in hot water (but still not brought to anything like justice, and likely never will). She/he hurriedly took her/his mother out of one at the start of the pandemic and put her into a hotel. Of course.

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. --- Frank Zappa
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Fort Walton
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link to this ticker was posted on as well

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.
― Thomas Paine
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@Blackcrow -- yes, know and agree regarding the state budgets and Medicaid. This is simply the least bad of all options for some people. The expansion program is not going to be repealed easily and will exist for a long time even if as some broke, dysfunctional form.

Ultimately i expect the disability program to be burdened by this after the pseudo conservatives play their games that it is in people's heads or that the sick are lying to get on welfare. After that crowd gets done with it, there will be a massive revelation online and a few years later in the media where everyone who knows how to CTRL-S digs out all of the articles that people like Karl wrote during the live crisis.

Even before the internet became public, this has been the general pattern for these types of things. Ultimately the injured get some acknowledgement in concert with a coverup where everyone knows what happened but do nothing consequential to those responsible, the injured lose over two decades of life to misery and non-productivity, get a little cash and some support and spend the remainder of their days with third rate doctors on the disability that is finally approved for them. It is a self-healing system that attempts to drag things out until people are dead, give up, find ways to manage and the public loses interest.

And, sadly, life goes on.

A little something from my spiritual traditions: What injustice one allows to happen to another ultimately happens to all.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
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People will see the pharmaceutical coup d'tat
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