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 You Must Like Your Daily Sex
Pika-steph 57k posts, incept 2007-09-11
2020-05-19 15:34:17

@Ebt - A lot of people think taking K2 will keep the "calcium in check". Not true when taking an isolated molecule of a dozen+ molecule substance. Not true when you are basically eliminating all calcium modulation by not creating those metabolites - which are only created ON THE SKIN.

If you have been taking D for any length of time I will warn you that stopping will create very unpleasant side effects. Detox is a real thing. However, your body will thank you in the long run.

Vitamin A is the other big fat soluble nutrient, but unlike D is not created by the body at all. A in its preformed state, retinol, must be obtained from diet, only found in ANIMAL sources, and the current daily requirements are wholly inadequate. Beta carotene is not vitamin A - as it must be converted by the body into retinol and even the very best converters can only convert 2%.

What's ironic is that retinol is the true immune system controller and it, along with its backup storage in the liver, are completely destroyed by D3 supplements (NOT by D metabolites synthesized by the sun). My vitamin A was critically low. I am still working to bring it back up. The destruction of vitamin A in the liver is the primary cause of the severe thyroid function impairment caused by taking D3 supplements.

"Obama is the dark-center of the anal fissure of a chancre infested, hemorrhoid laden asshole preparing to pucker and spew endless jets of diarrhea."--Chthonic
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