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2020-03-25 12:11 by Karl Denninger
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I hate it when I'm right.

Here's a Youtube from a doctor documenting what I suspected when it comes to actual transmission of this thing.

In other words it's nearly all shit-eating.

What was the protocol for presumptive interpersonal spread in a clinical setting where no physical contact had occurred?

30 minutes around said presumptive or actual positive person with no PPE.

How many times was this wrong?  Effectively zero.

So it's easy to spread interpersonally through aerosol, which is the entire argument for "social distancing"?  Bullfuckingshit!

So how is this thing being spread again?

What did Diamond Princess teach us?

What did I say when this started back in late January?

The same damn thing.

Of course nobody listened to that then and doesn't now.  "Social distancing" does nothing because almost none of the spread happens that way.  How's it spread nearly all of the time?


Wash your hands, you don't eat the shit and you don't get it.

Lock down the entire fucking country over this when it turns out the spreading is happening in the goddamned hospitals because the people there don't wash their fucking hands before and after each patient?  Then said person goes home to their family, spreads the shit and..... whoops!

Or, they get on the train, spread the shit and..... whoops!

Where do all the people with it concentrate?  In the fucking hospital!

And they didn't spread it by breathing -- they're spreading it with their hands.

They're shit-eating, to be blunt.

Oh by the way, NYC?  Full of shit-eating immigrants; people who were never incultated to even the routine washing of hands after using the bathroom!  Washington and CA?  Same deal.  Gee, sanctuary city politics anyone?

One of those people gets on a subway, now the railing on the escalator is contaminated and so is the train.  Someone else touches it and eats shit.

Political correctness, illegal invaders, third-world "imported asylees" and similar and hospital workers are the ones causing these hotspots.  Anyone wanna bet on the demographics of the nursing home workers at Kirkland?

Then there's more.

NY, of course, "shut down their economy."  I said that was stupid and they'd never figure out all the interconnections.  Well, that flying dickhead Cuomo can't even figure out the obvious ones.

No funerals.  They're unnecessary and promote social gathering, right?

Guess what?  The goddamned morgue is now nearly full!  Why that's an emergency for DHS even though that dickhead Cuomo directly caused it by shutting down funerals!  DHS ought to tell him to shove the dead bodies up his ass until he can taste them.

Naw, it'll all be good if we shut down the economy.  We can do this.  We can manage to figure out all the essential connections and we've exempted them.  It'll all be ok.

At least this one only hoses people who are already dead.

Wait until the next one where it turns live people into dead ones.

The shutdowns are madness and must be immediately reversed.


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