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2020-03-24 13:58 by Karl Denninger
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The Truth About NYC, Cuomo, CA And Elsewhere *
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Cuomo says "we haven't flattened the curve."

That's because your city is full of imported shit-eaters and you have spent the last decade and more telling us that we must accept this, we must import more of them, we must keep doing it and it's all ok.


Now you're eating the shit, literally.

"Social distancing" is not the answer nor are "lockdowns" because you can't enforce them, you can't support them as the infrastructure to do so doesn't exist in the US, you wouldn't get rid of the high-spread people before this happened, now its too late and you also can't maintain a lockdown, even if you're willing to go around shooting people who refuse to comply for the amount of time required without the health system collapsing due to lack of government revenue.

Isolating high risk people and offering them, at their own risk and choice, prophylaxis that may not be proved but is worth trying can at least blunt some of the impact.  It won't eliminate all of it.  You wrote the check in those areas of the country and now it's getting cashed.

Quarantining people who test positive and attempting to trace their contacts (and then testing those individuals) can be somewhat effective.  It's also sound public policy.  But that, for the most part, isn't being done and even that is not completely effective because this virus sheds before you become symptomatic.

The wages of bad public policy, "open borders", refusal to cooperate with removing illegal invaders, refusing to insist that employers actually verify every single employee and more is now coming back to bite all of these places hard.

No, NY is not what is coming everywhere else.  But it probably is what is coming to similar cities, towns and areas that also have a large number of shit-eaters and it is not the responsibility of those of us who did not countenance such policies and in fact advocate for them to bail your ass out when you freely made the choice and ignored those of us who said this was stupid and nothing more than an attempt to find ways to exploit people who would work without tax payments or benefits -- in other words, to suppress the employment of Americans and the money they earn.

AOC and her "squad" are in the middle of this and it's not a coincidence that AOC lives in NY!

Nor is it a coincidence that shit-eater advocate Nancy Pelosi and Diane FeinSWINE are from California.

Nor is it a coincidence that Inslee presides over yet another state with such "sanctuary" policies.

Nor is it a coincidence that Shitcago is going to be involved too -- and in fact already is and is perpetrating it by refusing to test.  I have inside baseball on it, and that's what they're doing to intentionally understate a problem they caused.

None of these are coincidences.  They're causal factors for the mess you now find yourselves in.

The fact of the matter is that public policies matter and quite frequently the stupidity you embrace has a lag time before you get fucked by it whether personal or throughout society.

If you believe "healthy at any size", a factual lie, and trust in medicine to give you a pill when you're fat, unable to climb 10 flights of stairs because your pulmonary capacity is fucked, you have high blood pressure and are diabetic, and thus pop pills to "control" this one of which is suspected to greatly increase mortality when you get this virus when the bug comes around it's too fucking late to change your mind.

You were wrong.  

You are NOT healthy at any size. 

Instead of a 0.05% risk of death from this virus your risk of death is one hundred times higher!

That's what the data out of Italy tells us.

0.5% of those who have died in Italy had none of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.  Italy's death rate is quite high; last time I looked about 7% and change.  That sounds awful.

But if you do not have any of those co-morbidity factors your risk of death is not 7% it's 0.05%!  You can nearly count those deaths on your fingers and toes!

Not all of these factors are under your control.  Some people get high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or diabetes without lifestyle choices.  But in nearly all cases these diseases are due to choices you make over a period of decades.  Not always, but most of the time.

Yet we hear how "this is all a personal choice and not anyone else's business."

Ok that's fine with me -- if this is your personal choice and not anyone else's business then it's not my responsibility when you get sick and die as a result of it and we must NOT destroy the economy because of the consequences stemming from your personal choices.

The facts are that the average age of someone in Italy who has died is something like 81.  This equals or exceeds the life expectancy for both men and women.  While that really sucks we all die of something and as we get older and more-frail the odds that something a younger person will not be terribly troubled by will kill us goes up.

We can dramatically increase that risk by doing things that are stupid and advocating that this is not only a civil right but that you're "healthy at any size" while making those demonstrably stupid decisions is criminally insane.

I have a "near son" (no actual blood or adoption relation, but we're very close) who's grandfather just passed.  The test came back this morning; positive for Covid.  That sucks.  I knew him and he was a great guy.  But he was also very old, well past the average expected age of death for a man born when he was, quite frail medically and his frailty wasn't due to doing stupid things -- it was due to simple good luck and nothing previously getting him.  This time he lost the bet and that blows but eventually something was going to get him.  It's inevitable.

If the government had, instead of demanding we all "social distance" at gunpoint by closing bars, restaurants and other events told him and his wife to stay the fuck away from everyone and have his groceries delivered with nobody coming or going from his house he might not have caught the bug. At least for now.  I don't know if he could have taken a prophylaxis with the anti-malarial or not; I don't know what sort of underlying conditions he had, or what medications he was using.  But if we had done that he might still be alive.

Instead of telling him a month ago to lock his ass in his house with his wife and do not open the goddamn door we tried to "lock down" the entire fucking nation and play "social distancing."  That strategy, which was not targeted at those especially at risk, failed for him.  He's dead.

That's not causative, of course.  He might have died anyway.  At that age it's always a risk.  So far his wife is not sick.  Maybe she actually was the one who got it, got a silent infection and give it to him.  We don't know because there's no antibody surveillance so we have no idea and at this point it doesn't matter, other than that his wife should bolt the door and shoot anyone who tries to come in.  In addition we owe her an antibody test (which we have but refuse to approve) so she knows if she needs to stay bolted in her house and shoot anyone who tries to come in that can't prove they're immune or whether it's safe for her to be out among the rest of us.

The policy of "everyone's welcome" is stupid.  The claim of "healthy at every size" and "pop a pill will fix it" is criminally insane and bankrupt as a matter of public policy.  You never know when a bug like this will come, some of them will be greatly potentiated via the mechanisms of action of various pharmaceuticals whether OTC or otherwise and viruses do not give a crap about your political and social justice bullshit.

This bug is known to spread in feces and personal sanitation protocol is not something you can enforce at gunpoint.  It's a cultural thing and as we are now, sadly, finding out there is a price that said "open borders" leftist screamers are going to inflict on everyone in those jurisdictions, like it or not.

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