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2022-09-19 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 782 references
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I'm sure you've all heard the hue and cry about illegal immigrants being bussed to Chicago, DC, NYC and now Martha's Vineyard.

All of which are full of people who voted for, and thus are represented by, politicians who allegedly support "open borders", "free migration" and, of course, sanctuary cities where nobody can ask about your immigration status -- that is, are you here legally or not?

This is all fine and well when it comes to posturing, of course.  But when it comes to actually doing it, not so much.

And this, my friends, is the underline on the facts -- and what you ought to pay attention to.

The way you get a no-bullshit shooting civil war is to believe you can take a policy, any policy, and ram it down someone else's throat while not executing the same policy at the same expense upon your own region and people.

That is precisely what the Democrats generally and Biden specifically are doing: Punishing those border states and regions by forcing them to absorb the cost of illegal migration which, under federal law, requires it to be stopped or even declared an invasion with use of whatever force is necessary to bring it to a halt while the "blue" regions laugh and pay nothing.

Well, now they're paying, like it or not, and Newsom is even trying to argue this amounts to kidnapping or, in the alternative, transporting illegal aliens across state lines in violation of the law.  Except, of course, that's exactly what Biden has been doing with his late night plane rides, so if its illegal to voluntarily let people board a bus to "greener pastures" why isn't Biden in prison right now?

We all know the answer.

This was a major part of what led to the first Civil War; the North and DC passed laws that wildly favored certain business lines in taxation while punishing others, which just happened to be all Southern States.  Then the DC and North decided that concurrent recognition of the laws of Southern States were unnecessary or even criminal while at the same time they expected that the laws favoring themfor example when it came to contracts and matters of business and finance, were to be enforced against those in the South.  Yes, that encompassed slavery, of course, but the point remains: Full faith and credit only ran one way just as it does now.

In the modern era how this can be turned against you is quite simple and, if it comes, disastrous:

  • You don't like cows because they fart methane?  Fine; you don't get any being raised here.  Eat bugs.

  • You don't want natural gas fired power, coal, or nuclear?  Only wind and solar?  Fine; no power from any of those other sources will be exported to your state.  Oh, its calm and raining/snowing?  Tough crap.  Die in the dark, assholes.

  • You don't want gas (or diesel) powered vehicles?  Fine; not one item will be imported into your state using or carried by them, nor will any of those fuels cross into or through your state.  That includes trains too; yours might be electric, but OURS are diesel and they're not coming to your state border.  Don't like that?  Tough crap.  Starve.

  • I know, chemical plants are nasty.  You don't want them inside your state.  Sounds good to me; no chlorine intended for water sanitation for you!  Die of cholera, assholes.  Oh, you think the same with regards to herbicides, fertilizers and similar?  Sounds good to me; now try to feed yourselves with the yields you can obtain without them.

See how this works?

Now explain the following: 50 so-called "migrants" resulted in Martha's Vineyard calling up the state National Guard to effectively expel them to a military facility.  Fifty.  Given this precedent and that the federal government did not step in to stop it explain why Texas and Arizona cannot mobilize their National Guards to cut off the flow of said people which numbers in the thousands per day between them and, quite-obviously, is a much larger burden.

If one is ok then so is the other and the Federal Government is not permitted said distinction. Indeed the entire premise of our Constitution is that the States stand as equals and thus if one can call up the Guard to expel migrants so can the rest.  It was the direct refusal to equally treat southern states with respect to "full faith and credit" that was a major component of why the Civil War occurred.

Be careful what you wish for folks; nobody with an ounce of common sense wants to see a real civil conflict.  But if you think that such a thing has to be a shooting war it most-certainly does not.

Just think about the four examples above and then contemplate how many more can be enforced without firing a single shot.  Yes, such enforcement would be "leaky" and some people would violate such an embargo.  Tell me how well it works out for you if even just 10 or 20% of that which you rely on in said blue cities and states doesn't show up.

Choose wisely.

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2022-09-10 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 595 references
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No you won't.

Mounting evidence from around the country shows that students who spent most of the time learning remotely during the 2020-2021 school year, many of them Black and Latino, lost about half of an academic year of learning. That’s twice as much as their peers who studied in person that year.

Third graders are at a particularly delicate moment. This is the year when they must master reading or risk school failure. Everything after third grade will require reading comprehension to learn math, social studies and science. Students who don’t read fluently by the end of third grade are more likely to struggle in the future, and even drop out, studies show.

If even half of these kids fail by this year that loss will be permanent.  There are approximately sixty million children under the age of 18 in elementary and secondary schools in the United States.  This is 1/6th of that so about ten million said kids are at risk and a 50% failure rate, which is likely low, means five million of them will never pay taxes or contribute to the economy in a meaningful manner.

At the same time those who get older march onward.  This in turn means two years worth of birth rate is not only gone its worse than gone because those kids will basically be wards of the state welfare apparatus.

Economically you'd be better off if they were dead (that's neutral where this is and will remain a cost) but of course doing that would be, well, monstrous.

The Federal budget's unfunded entitlements (which are Medicare and Medicaid, mostly) will not survive this.  People will scream about Social Security but that has never been and won't be the problem; Medicare and Medicaid will be.

There are many people who are responsible for this -- all fifty Governors, for example, shut down the schools for at least part of the time.  Most of the "blue" ones did so for over a year, some nearly two.  Masking policies ruin facial expression recognition which is essential to the development of both speech and reading, and those were put in place even in so-called "Red" states.

Teacher's unions and just plain teachers all expected the kids to take the punishment to protect them from the potential bad outcome of a nasty infection which they made far more-likely through their own personal lifestyle decisions.  Think not?  Have a look at the body mass of the "average" teacher.

The nasty part of this won't hit the economy for five to ten years and once it does it will not leave for forty more years.  That's how long it will be, roughly, before those people "pass through" the economy.

There's nothing that can be done about it but we damn well ought to make sure we do plenty to the people who caused it so as to make damn sure nobody ever tries that again.

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2022-09-07 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 694 references
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Let's recap.

There was a storm.

Said storm chewed up a bunch of muddy water.

The water plant had trouble with this.  It had trouble with it in no small part because despite this being a common feature in that area the engineering, maintenance, improvement and upkeep was not done to keep things under control.

The system failed.

We were then told this was the fault of "white flight" even though both the chief water engineer and mayor are black; ergo, both of the people directly responsible either screwed their own race on purpose or black people aren't competent to run a water plant and city government or black people can't fund their own government.

Pick at least one, because at least one of those has to be true.

None of these are the "fault" of people deciding they're not going to get repeatedly shit on by those calling them "racists" and, if said people wish to continue doing that along with "enhancing" crime and other acts they'll simply pull up their tent stakes and leave.

If said black people who remain really are as good or better (that's "diversity", right?) as the whites who left things should improve because their quality is equal or better than that of the white people who left.

Instead the infrastructure collapsed which proves at least one of the above three is true.

Which is it?

I'm not sure -- except, to add to the picture, the Army Corps showed up and, apparently, turned the plant back on -- and now its working.

Wait a second.... we were told it was irretrievably damaged and couldn't be restarted; that it needed to be replaced on someone else's dime.

That was obviously a lie since it is now working.

So which of the above is it?

Further, since its rather clear that in some way fraud occurred and so did extortion where are the handcuffs for both the mayor and water plant "engineer" who lied and tried to rip off a billion dollars plus from the taxpayer?

You wish to call me a racist?

I don't care anymore, and until and unless I see life prison sentences for those black people who tried to run this scam I shall never care again about anyone screams about "race."

It is not my duty to provide for those who assert that choosing people based on their skin color or choice of pronouns is or should be a consideration in any way and then, when they wind up with all of the levers of power, including control of the engineering, they can't manage to find the "ON" switch.  Then, to top it off, they try to rip off everyone else to the tune of a billion or more dollars while playing the race card.

PS: Our local area here in Tennessee recently had a big storm.  Said storm chewed up a bunch of muddy water.  Said chewed up stuff clogged the intakes of the water plant.  The result was a boil water order because pressure in the system was momentarily lost, but somehow, magically, the people working here were able to clear the intakes and various filters that got clogged up and then find the "ON" switch.  I wonder what the difference was?

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