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2024-07-15 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 635 references
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The new "turn down the temperature" game from the Democrats and Biden, of course.

This, after he and his surrogates have basically called anyone who they brand "MAGA" Hitler adherents and Trump, of course, has been branded Hitler himself, in fact they've run blended visages of the two.  Then there's Griffin who literally ran around with Trump's severed head in her hand, in effigy of course, but that's not "real"?  Never mind that claiming someone, if elected, will end our Republic is moral justification for any act taken to prevent it, including violent acts.  It stops just short of the line of advocating assassination but it certainly does morally justify it, assuming the speaker really believes it.  Thus the obvious problem -- if you stop those characterizations (and call for others to do so) were you lying then or are you lying now?

As Biden has said "c'mon man."

Let's not forget that Biden's VP specifically justified burning, looting and murdering in the lead-up to the 2020 elections.  The Federal Government punished nobody for those crimes -- and there were thousands of them caught on live television. Indeed the CDC literally made excuses for exempting riots from covid protocols while being perfectly ok with arresting someone for walking their dog or going for a run outdoors.  The government not only didn't arrest and punish any of the rioters and arsonists Harris specifically endorsed these acts as "mostly peaceful" even though businesses were burned and looted, and more than a few people were murdered.  Biden's DHS has allowed several murderers into this country and released them; at least one was wanted in his original nation for murder and went on to murder a woman here.  Not one prosecution under 8 USC 1324 against a single individual or company harboring and employing those illegals has been lodged and Mayorkas is still in office, along with those who intentionally released those criminals.  Biden wishes to argue that "we must not go there (toward violence in settlement of differences) as a nation" as he said in his address last night but his Administration has served up exactly that sort of violence on many Americans though his deliberate policy decisions and, when others have served up violence over policy decisions he has deliberately refused to charge, prosecute and jail any of them so long as they serve the policies and positions of Democrats.

So let's decipher what Joe really meant.

You see, I get the problem the Administration has now.  Its not just that the obvious risk of the same sort of thing happening to Biden and/or Harris suddenly turns all the violence against ordinary Americans they've suborned, and their violent language, into personal risk where as long as he and Kamala were imposing it on you in service of the Democrat agenda the entire Administration was perfectly good with it.

Oh no, its much worse and in reality its all about his impending and now-inevitable loss of power; Biden's advisors realize he lost the election Saturday and there's nothing he can do about it.  Trump got winged, the guy that shot him intended to kill him, and but for the Grace of God the Democrats would have been dancing in the streets ala certain people after 9/11 and so on.  Instead of either dying or showing weakness by hiding under the lectern Trump stands up and defiantly gives to those who would undertake such actions in service of such an agenda, even at the extent of trying to murder him, a very-symbolic and powerful FUCK YOU! in the form of his fist held high -- with blood from his injury, which came within an inch or less of killing him and which he quite-clearly heard whizz on by as it went through his ear, running down his face.

It's not every day that someone violently opposed to a candidate hands them an opportunity to show, under stress, the response that an enemy of the nation will get if they try to give us a bloody nose or worse and we're still able to respond NO MATTER WHO IT IS THAT DOES IT.  When that sort of thing happens sometimes the person wounded does cower under the desk, displaying weakness -- and thus at best gets sympathy.  But that's not what happened this time -- at all.  Trump didn't let them carry him out or low-crawl away like a scared rat.  Nope; instead you got the equivalent of a one-finger salute to anyone who would pull that shit.

Trump's response is exactly what 99% of the population thinks the response to that sort of event should be too and, in my opinion, that majority position is exactly correct.

Talk is cheap and everyone claims they'll be "the best" when it comes to such maximum-pressure situations.  But 99% of the time in a political campaign you have to take the candidate's word for it because, of course, that nasty situation hasn't arisen yet.  Oh maybe they had cancer, or were in a war, or whatever at some point in the past and they play the sympathy card with varying degrees of success but this is here, now and today and of course you're hiring that person for today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

Notice how nobody on the Democrat side is talking about replacing Biden anymore?  That's because they all know it doesn't matter; whoever they run they will lose and diverting resources into that race at this point is a complete waste of time and money.  All they have left is trying to prevent the raw detonation of their entire House and Senate caucus and that's a serious problem because huge percentages of their side of the aisle have launched the same sort of incendiary attacks which now look an awful lot like they were a solicitation to the assassination of their political rival and the potential civil war it could ignite.

I'm no fan of Trump as everyone who's read this column for any length of time knows.  But even I, in that instant, recognized that if the flag goes up this nation has to have a President who, even if bloodied and bleeding, will rise off the floor and say FUCK YOU to whoever did it, -- and then go execute whatever has to be done.

There's not one American with undivided loyalty who can argue with that position; the only people who can are those who have not just dual loyalty but their primary loyalty is other than American.  And while we have some of those people here, all the illegals for starters, and we even have some people in Congress who meet that definition as we continually see when it comes to their positions on certain foreign nations, the fact of the matter is that the illegals aren't supposed to be able to vote and the others are too small of a percentage of the total population to overrule the rest of us.

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2024-07-10 09:43 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 367 references
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Let's cut the crap ok?

Houston is in a tropical weather zone.  It is not a surprise that hurricanes will strike the area.

I lived in one of those zones -- specifically, NW FL -- for 20 years.  Historically the area where I resided was hit by a strong Tropical Storm or Cat 1 hurricane every year or two.  Historically-speaking about every ten years the area got hit by a nasty hurricane, defined as Strong 2 or better, frequently Cat 3s.

It rains a lot in a short period of time when tropical weather shows up.  You had better figure out how you're going to drain the water that falls from the sky or you will get flooding.  Adding hard surfaces and especially destroying wetlands and other low-lying areas that are natural buffers for said water without replacing them with some other means of conducting that water toward either a useful goal (e.g. irrigating something) or draining it somewhere safe (e.g. the sea, which is where it evaporated from in the first place) is stupid.

In my 20 years of living there we got hit with storms of this magnitude a bunch of times, and one real bastard (Ivan.)  Not all that far away Michael came to play over in Panama City, but it was small enough that the few dozen miles away where I was when it showed up it rained, and not even very much.  Ditto for Dennis which was a similarly-small but nasty SOB of a storm; it rained at my house but over in Navarre, not far away at all, they got it in the face.

Tropical Storms and Cat 1 hits were no big deal and I didn't expect to lose power or other basic utilities during and after them -- and very rarely was there any material disruption at all.  Yeah, the big bastards are a different story, and some elements have no defense other than "don't build where it can happen" such as surge -- if you have insufficient elevation to avoid it that's on you because you knowingly built where surge can happen and didn't elevate the structure above the reasonably-expected inundation level.

Building and maintaining things to laugh at routinely expected levels of wind and rain that is reasonably expected to show up every couple years, and a strong Tropical Storm or Cat 1 hurricane is within that realm of expectation anywhere near the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts is another matter.  If you can't build infrastructure and housing expected to withstand that without material amounts of damage you are incompetent, PERIOD, you deserve it in the ass and exactly ZERO federal taxpayer dollars should be spent to cover any such damage.  You knew it was going to happen (but not exactly when of course) and deliberately didn't plan for and execute against that so YOU OUGHT TO HAVE TO FUCKING EAT IT.

Not pruning back or removing trees that are within the fall radius of your infrastructure, such as power lines, or your house is even more-stupid.  No house will withstand a tree falling on its roof without severe damage and neither will your infrastructure.  You either remove them from the radius in which they can impact same if they come down or you suffer the consequences when the inevitable storm does come.

Never mind engineering that isn't being done properly either.  Houston has a nice and quite-new covered stadium.  The roof was apparently not engineered to take 70mph wind loads -- a modest Cat 1 storm of which on reasonable expectation will hit Houston every few years.  The county and city signed off on this, obviously, and now the roof has been damaged as a result of something that is expected to occur every few years and yet nobody enforced any sort of engineering standard to prevent that damage.

It is always cheaper to skimp on or not even bother in the first place with said engineering and maintenance so long as the storm never comes.  But of course the storm will come, because your city is where that's an expected risk and all these dickheads pocketed the money they "saved" by not doing the work.

Now you have a couple of million people in hot weather (gee, big shock, its hot in the summertime) with no power and thus no air conditioning, never mind all the Karens who scream about the "pretty trees" in neighborhoods that are now in the middle of your living room because you didn't remove them and the storm knocked them over on your house.

Civilization was nice and you lose it when engineering gets trumped by DEI and other Karen-style bullshit such as "green energy" -- of course those windmills cannot withstand that sort of wind loading from said storms and most designs for solar can't either.  And while you might think putting electrical underground is a panacea it is not; if you don't maintain it then water gets in there and shorts it out which is just as bad as having a tree fall on it.  In both cases the problem is that you have your head up your ass because the 115 IQ+ people who can build and maintain this stuff have been fired, forced out or have quit because they refuse to put up with the SHIT coming from all you goddamn assholes who think DIEEEEEEEVVVEEERRRRSSHHHHITTY is more important than competence and not doing the work on purpose or fraudulently signing off on code requirements which are not actually met, which is also part of it, is not punished with CRIMINAL sanction EVER and of course its CHEAPER to leave out the important stuff that makes a thing resistant to and thus allows it to survive reasonably-expected environmental conditions.

Those of us who are (1) still around and (2) capable of said engineering, construction and maintenance should triple our salary demands; if you want to hire incompetent people and play dieeeeevvvveeerrrrshittty go right ahead but I'll be goody-Goddamned if I'm covering for it and everyone else who remains alive and can also do the work ought to shove this up everyone else's ass.  Get the incompetents out or pay triple because if I gotta do the work of three people because you insist on hiring based on "gender identity" and skin color instead of competence by God you're going to pay me three times as much.

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2024-07-04 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 285 references
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Are you not entertained?

I certainly intend to be today.

You do know what the symbolism is when it comes to shooting off fireworks, right?  We shot the British, and the civilians not only had little peashooters some had canon as well.  You know, "evil" weapons that no ordinary person should ever be able to possess; why only the King President should have command of those!  Uhhhhhh.... yeah.  Maybe while I light my mortars and firecrackers this evening I shall be doing so in effigy, wishing they were placed up certain people's asses first.

But perhaps given the histrionics around a recent Supreme Court decision, especially Sotomayor's dissent itself, we ought to contemplate how it is that all these media people, and all these people on social media, magically came to the exact same conclusion within seconds of each other, far more-quickly in fact than I could read the opinion -- and I read quite-rapidly.

In other words this "event" is proof, beyond any reasonable doubt, that in fact no such "conclusion" was come to and zero of those "opinions" were organically and independently reached.

Yet they all "appear" to be.

That's deliberate, of course.

And a proved fake.

So who's doing it?  Who's actual opinion is it and how did they get it that rapidly?

Well, quite-obviously someone gave it to them in advance.  But who was the recipient and who set up the distribution and "cloning" in advance to be used with it?  That we do not know, but that this was anything but "organic" we do know, just like we know Biden didn't actually write his own speech on the January 6th decision.  Indeed, the pure mendacity of that, coming on the back of literally giving the Supreme Court the middle finger on student loans, is so far beyond reason that nobody with even ordinary, everyday intelligence would look at that speech written by some White House staffer and not throw it back at the author.

Thus we also know Joe's not missing a couple of cans out of his six-pack; he's got an empty ring up there.

Social Media's "owners" always talk about "authenticity" being a core belief.  They're lying.  X isn't the only offender; Facebook claims people who leave and then years later try to set up a profile aren't really themselves with no course of appeal.  I've seen hard proof of this; claims that someone who has owned and had an email address for more than a decade on the same provider (e.g. gmail) being told they're "inauthentic" and thus their attempt to re-connect to it is permanently blackballed.  Does Facebook have a right to do that?  Sure; they're a private business.  But they don't have a right to lie about the reason, which might be as simple as "we know you broke the addiction we imposed on you via dopamine programming with our 'clicks and likes' and thus you're DANGEROUS (to our profits) as you might spread how you did it to others."

The media occasionally will run a story on "bot farms" with racks of smartphones all driven by a single person and computer over the USB plug.  Yes, doing that is not very hard; if you plug a keyboard and mouse into a USB expander and then into a smartphone you'll find they were built on top of bog-standard operating systems and recognize them.  That's actually sort of useful in that you can pair bluetooth keyboards and mice this way too, and you might find that good if you're typing a bunch of stuff -- it beats a screen.  But here's the reality behind it -- any social media site can trivially detect this sort of duplication of both content and locale and, having done so, blackball both the accounts and source from attempting to produce more alleged "accounts" which are, in fact, not real.  They don't do that and its both deliberate and an act of fraud as every one of them claims a "core interest" in authenticity -- that each account is in fact one human and one distinct, separate voice.

What is an "influencer"?

Definition: A person paid to lie to you for either their personal advantage or that of the person who is paying them.

Tell me how such a label is considered good and not so-wildly pejorative that, should you earn it, you're literally run out of everywhere whenever you're dumb enough to show your face?

The Nation anyone?  

Not so with Trump. Presidents are now entitled to “absolute” immunity, which means that no matter what they do, the immunity cannot be lost. They are always and forever immune, no matter what evidence is brought to bear.

That isn't what the decision said.  At all.  This "take" on it, which the breathless left has parroted endlessly for days is a knowing lie and the only way someone can claim they don't know is their own willful blindness as a result of deliberately not reading the opinion.  The only absolute immunity found in that opinion is for mere discussion within the Executive.  That is, you can't charge or jail a President for talking to his Vice-President or, for that matter, firing an Executive Department head even if you later judge he did it for "corrupt" purposes.  He's entitled to run his department under separation of powers and that is not and never can be a crime.  If you think about it for 30 seconds you have to reach that conclusion because ordinary discussion and debate within any organization will from time to time include talking about things that if acted upon would be illegal.  Indeed when I ran MCSNet I contemplated acts that, upon reflection and often discussion with counsel, the conclusion was reached that the contemplated act would be unlawful and thus I did not do it.  These breathless idiots would make it a felony for me to discuss a proposed action with those under my employ.  That's wildly unconstitutional whether within the government or not and render the Presidency unable to discuss and debate anything.  It doesn't take a Constitutional Law expert to know any of that and reach that conclusion -- it just requires a literal two nickels worth of IQ points.

The overt and externally-visible (beyond said department's) acts on the other hand, in an official context where they clearly are within the President's delegated powers, are entitled to presumptive immunity. That immunity is not absolute; a showing that the intent was corrupt pierces it, but you must make such a showing.  This is why Obama, who infamously droned civilians, could not be prosecuted for murder because his intent was not to drone Americans and, in the contemplation and execution of the act he was within his delegated powers as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  Now if a President was to drone a competing candidate for his office no, that act would not be immune nor would anyone who participated in it escape criminal liability for doing so.

Finally acts outside of the official trappings of the office are not entitled to any immunity at all; they are all judged under common citizen standards.  A candidate is never entitled to that immunity no matter his or her present office when seeking to retain or gain said office; they're an ordinary citizen trying to win said office and thus there is no immunity.  The question turns on what acts are in which bucket which the "special prosecutor" deliberately did not seek to delineate and intentionally failing to do that, given long-standing precedent, fatally damages the prosecution -- as such the case got sent back to develop that record (and the case in New York is essentially stalled prior to imposition of formal judgment by the court at present as well for the same reason) since acts in one buckets are in no way immune, in a second you must show corrupt intent and that is subject to adjudication by a jury, and in the third, which all come down to mere speech, you can't charge that person for at all.

The Nixon case is illustrative.  Nixon famously ordered AG Richardson to fire Cox.  Richardson refused and resigned instead; Nixon then ordered his Deputy AG Ruckelshaus to fire Cox who also refused and resigned.  Nixon then turned to Robert Bork who he appointed as acting AG, he ordered him to fire Cox and Bork did so.  None of this could be charged as a criminal offense -- not then and not today.  Nixon believed he could get away with this and legally he had every right to do all of it as these were direct reports within his Executive.  His gambit was that with all the crap going on in the world at the time the public would get beyond it and the hubbub would die down and that would be the end of the matter.  He was wrong.

You see the fact that a President can legally do something (after all his AG might be corrupt and if the President so-determines he can fire said person as that person's employment is "at will" and subject to his pleasure) does not mean the President is above repercussion for such acts as our Founders were far too smart to let a President pull that sort of crap without any means of redress. Congress has the power to call hearings, look into allegations of abuse of power and impeach the President for this sort of action, which does not have to rise to the level of criminal liability, and in Nixon's case they were poised to do exactly that.  Knowing he was going to be impeached and the votes existed to convict him in the Senate Nixon resigned.

Propaganda is as old as humanity.  Madison Avenue was created by the weaponization of propaganda in the economy to sell things to people.  Before that manufacturers of washing machines and refrigerators had to tout that their washing machine was faster, better at wringing the water out or cheaper than the competitor's product.  But today you're sold on the "sleekness" of a new car and, for some, a hidden promise that it will get you laid.  This is new?  Oh really?  You ever see an ad for an old Johnson outboard sold, of course, to men with a boat they fished from?  The very name was suggestive of, well, your Johnson!

Today's "advance" if you will is that computers are faster than humans.  Indeed they are but they cannot actually draw an inference out of scope.  No computer ever has, not even the much-vaunted "large-language models" and similar that are now being touted as "artificial intelligence."  Yet an actual intelligence test is all about figuring out your mental capacity to draw inference -- that is, abstract reasoning because that is the defining difference.  It is how man came to figure out how to make a fire, use tools and similar things we all take for granted.  To invent the water closet, for example, required out-of-scope inference.  We don't think of the common toilet that way but that's how it was dreamed up in man's mind along with damn near everything else!

We continue to fall into the trap that more voices saying the same thing means they all thought about it and reached the same conclusion.  Really?  If 9,000 "scientists" allegedly read an IPCC paper and agree with it how many of the 9,000 actually read the whole thing, got the data sets underlying it (if they even could) then individually validated the data and math as untainted, reproducing the analysis and mathematics claimed?  I'll give you that answer: Zero of them, including every single signatory originally.  Not one went through the entire thing from one end to the other and verified all of it.  How do we know this?  Because we also know that there are in fact fake temperature readings -- extrapolations presented as actual readings -- in some of the data sets and exactly zero of said "readings" would survive honest review by a single person.  Obviously even one "made up" reading means that you're guessing rather than analyzing, and then the obvious question becomes whether it was an honest guess or did you fit the data to a desired result?  You can't prove it either way yet we're told all these people agree.  Well, yes, they all agree that if they say the same thing they'll get paid but that's the end of it because they couldn't have possibly actually analyzed it all themselves even if they wanted to as some of the data is known to have been invented out of thin air and thus it is a fact that they did not.

Or shall we talk about the FDA's "approval" of the covid shots?  Two advisers were claimed to have "voluntarily" stepped down in 2021.  But in January of last year (2023) the truth began to emerge -- the remaining advisors claimed to be "disappointed" and "angry" that data was deliberately concealed from them showing the boosters did not work.  That's fraud folks, and over 40 million Americans relied on that bogus recommendation which made the companies billions.  Did those original two advisors step down or were they fired and their opinion suppressed?

Do you think it began and ended there?  Of course not which recent hearings on Capitol Hill proved, and I documented a lot of it during the course of the pandemic, all the way back to buying billions of dollars worth of ventilators we knew didn't work because they tried to use them in China early on and essentially everyone died anyway onward.  That study was published and thus known at the time the money was spent.  It was not 'discovered later" it was known at the time and the use of those devices and the spending on them was at best felony fraud and at worst malice murder with the motive being money.

So here we are on July 4th and in fact the only thing that has changed, in reality, since the 1970s fiasco with Nixon is that we have many actors on all sides who can present the false claim of "consensus" on all sorts of events and matters when in fact nobody allegedly in that "consensus" has actually done anything approaching examination of the claim and in many cases the alleged people claiming to be part of the "consensus" don't even exist as they're fictional personas created for the express purpose of deceiving you.

That's not new, but the amplification certainly is -- and given that technology is hardly going to go backward (unless we manage to nuke ourselves out of all of our computers, electrical power and perhaps even flush toilets) thus breaking that spell on this July 4th and forward relies on each and every one of us using our human intelligence to demand evidence rather than "influencers."

I'll take the under on that being the path we follow.

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2024-07-03 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 369 references
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No, not the hot mess late last week -- the one going on now.

Let's dispel a few myths:

  • Biden can't be changed because {ballot rules | printing | state laws | etc.}  Bullshit.  Neither Trump or Biden is the actual nominee at this point; that doesn't happen until the convention when the formal nomination takes place.  They are both presumptive nominees, but not an actual nominee at this point.

  • The Presidential election is different therefore ..... You bet it is.  And one of the primary differences is that the primaries are formally called "Presidential preference elections."  That's right -- you're expressing a preference, and that is all.  You have no right to actually select the candidate; that is controlled by party rules and you have no legal recourse if the candidate that comes out of the convention(s) isn't the one you voted for.

Further, the Presidential ballot isn't for President, it is for electors.  You are voting for an electoral slate, not a President.  The electors may be "pledged" to a candidate and State Laws, if they exist, were ruled Constitutional in 2020 by the Supreme Court.  Article II makes clear that each State must appoint electors as they so choose and the 12th Amendment mandates the means of their voting and transmission of their slates to Congress for counting.  The Constitution is silent on any sort of permission or prohibition beyond those two points and as such yes, the States can (and do) have different laws in that regard.

(Incidentally there are arguments this makes the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact" legal; one of them is found here.  That's flat-out bullshit.  Brookings, like so many other so-called "expert opinion think tanks" conveniently omits anything that argues against their "interpretation" which in this case is not even a point of argument or debate -- it's a flat Constitutional prohibition.  Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 makes clear that no Interstate Compact may be entered into without the consent of Congress.  This is the same clause, by the way, that prohibits tariffs leveled by a state on items or services in Interstate Commerce.)

What the debate last week made crystal-clear, however, is that the lie machine in the media and Administration, with the media carrying not just water but the entire damned house, for the left has been exposed on the deliberate deception it has run for the last couple of years on Biden's cognitive state.  Of late the common talking point is that any video or other evidence showing that Biden is non-compos mentis is "obviously" either deceptively edited, a "deep fake" and/or "disinformation."  This is the same media and government apparatus, by the way, that claimed for four years the Laptop from Hell was "Russian" disinformation ginned up by Trump and his supporters; that argument went straight down the toilet when the DOJ introduced it in part as evidence in Hunter's trial on gun charges.  May I also note that the CIA's director at the time (Haspel, through 2021) was one of the major proponents of the "Russian" influence in same and the CIA is formally prohibited by law from acting on US soil in US matters, so her actions and that of the agency were clear violations of US Law and amounted to tampering with our elections.  Of course nobody wants to go there but they damn well should and so should everyone with regard to Biden's mental capacity, which at this point during at least part of every day on a presumptive basis appears to be approximately equal to that of a potato.  Anyone who has cared to look has been able to see the deterioration over the last three years, Biden has (unlike virtually every President before him) has taken great care to never have an actual unscripted, no-teleprompter press conference or remarks and the deterioration has not been subtle.

May I remind you that the Presidency is not a 10 AM - 4 PM job as some might wish.  If the balloon goes up at 0300 you damn well better be able to get your shit together within seconds or minutes and make tough decisions.  I've worn that hat as the CEO of a modest-sized company that had 24x7 operations and was expected to work all the time.  Of course sometimes it did not and the phone or pager rang at most-inopportune times.  That's the job and if you're not ok with that then go do something else that has a more-predictable schedule.  The facts are that this element of the job, more than anything else, is what makes most people unsuited to entrepreneurship.  The same applies to the President.

Trump on the stage was really not much better.  Leave aside the lies (all politicians lie) he had multiple opportunities to run Biden through with a sword and leave the pieces on his lectern and took none of them.  For example when asked about immigration and Biden lied through his teeth and in addition gave an utterly-outrageous answer that sounded like people being raped was not all that big of a deal (!!) Trump had the clear opportunity to make the factual statement that in the last couple of weeks four illegal immigrants have been arrested who all entered the US during Biden's time in office, all were caught and released into the US during Biden's current term, one was wanted for murder in his home nation and there are three dead women and one raped woman, one who suffered both offenses sequentially and two of the women were teen girls.  While it is certainly true that neither rape or murder are exclusively the province of illegal immigrants it is also true that three women would be alive today and the fourth would not have been raped had those illegals not been deliberately released into the United States after being caught coming in unlawfully.

The other was on "climate change" which Trump didn't answer at all.  That one was even easier without going into thermodynamics and actual physics, which would have likely made 90% of the audience's eyes glaze over.  Nope -- all he had to do was say this:

"Which way would Americans like it?  You can have 10 cent/kWh electricity as does Tennessee with a mixture of all available means of generating electricity or you can pay three times that much and have an electric bill of triple that size as does California which has green energy mandates. Further, in many parts of the nation it gets very cold in winter; at 3:00 AM there is obviously no solar power and if the wind is not blowing while government has mandated you can't use natural gas your heat pump won't work at all because there will be no electricity when you are reliant on wind and solar.  That's the choice; we have a modern society because we use carbon fuels and from the 1950s to today we've wildly cleaned up our use of same.  Witness the Detroit River for one of hundreds of examples."

That fits in 2 minutes and makes it clear: Do you want to pay a tripled electric bill everywhere as do some places now, and do you wish to take the risk of literally freezing to death in winter, a risk that pre-industrial humans had to take because there was no other choice and yet our exploitation of carbon has rendered that risk greatly attenuated.

If he gets a rebuttal when Mr. Potato sputters for his two minutes then add to it that last year continued the trend of more and more primary energy production from carbon fuels with the largest chunk of it centered in China and India -- by the way they have close to three times the population of our nation and are not going to stop advancing as societies whether we and everyone else who wish to scream about carbon dioxide like it or not so is my opponent actually suggesting we kill them all to stop them from adding CO2 to the atmosphere as clearly despite all our "urging" they're erecting the middle finger in response!

So where was Trump on those two issues?

I can excuse him on the inflation argument because quite-frankly he caused it through his actions when the pandemic occurred and if Biden had a hint of mental capacity left it could have run Trump through on that and his wild-eyed spending increases -- except, of course, that Biden not only maintained those increases he made them worse.  Thus I can certainly understand why neither of these two wanted to go anywhere near that issue, yet it is the issue in this campaign above all else for the same reason it always is:  When you get down to it everyone votes their wallet.

When it comes down to risk and politics however its quite a nasty little grab-bag as things sit now.  The only realistic way for Harris to become President is for Biden to stay in, win and then be unable to serve and either resign or get 25thed.  If he leaves before then she's got trouble because she polls worse than he does and thus she almost-certainly loses, along with a huge whack on the down-ticket ballot and she'll get the blame for that, meaning her political career is very likely to be over and she'll have to go back to sucking dicks as a profession.

Never mind the water-carrying media who is now whining along with donors about being "surprised."  Well, if you weren't willingly blind and believing everything is a "vast right-wing conspiracy" you would have known two+ years ago that Biden was a rapidly-degenerating potato on a cognitive basis.  It was blindingly obvious to anyone who has had a parent or grandparent go through that which incidentally sucks and has been on full display during Biden's entire Presidency!  The only way to be "surprised" is due to your own willful refusal to look so go fuck yourselves and consider that when you wrote those big checks you really were fucking stupid and threw your money away.  If this is the "best and brightest" among the monied elite I'm not scared of any of you as none of you have the intellectual chops to think your way out of a fucking paper bag!

On top of that the Democrats have no bench among people who can actually win.  Who would they nominate in Biden's place?  If Biden does choose not to run then Harris is not entitled to anything and she won't win among the convention delegates -- but the party is rather-likely to pick someone even more extreme and unlikeable, such as Newsom or Witmer.  Neither polls well enough on a national basis as both are hard-leftists and very publicly so.  I'll assume each gets their home state but California is not in play in the first place and I don't know that Michigan is either given the Lansing/Ann Arbor/Wayne County insanity there.

What that Democrats need to be competitive is a middle-left candidate but those are darn scarce among Democrats, and worse they'll wildly piss off the black female side of the party if they eject Harris -- and yet if they don't she loses.  The one person I can see that actually could win is Roy Cooper, but doing that means running a straight white man.

Oh noooooos!

But -- he has followed a political path that gives him a long and valid claim of experience, starting with the NC House in 1985 and traveling through the State Senate and AG's office.  He also famously dismantled the rigged Duke LaCrosse case.  As Governor he also expanded state Medicaid eligibility in 2023, a serious Democrat talking point -- and of note Cooper is term limited out and thus cannot run for re-election to his current post.

Get this ready folks -- you might need it.


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2024-03-04 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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I'm rather tired of this and am going to go down a short litany of facts which not even Musk, with his so-called "commitment" to free speech, will permit.

But first, receipts on the claim that Elon was and is lying in that he now admits his platform will censor FACTS:


Note that there are claims this "only applies to Brazil" due to some court case, but as you can see there is no distinction made in the cited post.  Therefore, if this is the case then let's see it in the formal TOS so it is in fact a tort IF IT IS A LIE.

Let me be clear:  Your sex/gender is determined at the moment of fusion of the two gametes no matter your species among sexually-reproducing organisms -- including but certainly not limited to human beings.  It cannot be changed from that instant in time forward, ever, no matter what you do because every single cell in that organism carries forward that determination as every single cell comes from that first cell's division into two.

Said organism is either male or female in every single case.  Yes, there are cases in which an error occurs and you get more than one or two "X" chromosomes, or for that matter only one X and no others at all, for example; the scientific name for that is "intersex."  This is quite rare but does happen -- its a genetic accident and properly characterized as an error, but it does occur.

This is not a "disease" but it is a genetic mutation and while a few of those people can in fact either sire or carry a child, its rare.  Most of the time if you're in that category you're sterile.  XXY, for example, is called Klinefelter's syndrome and typically results in a micropenis; most men with this produce little or no sperm as they also produce little testosterone.  But these people are male, despite having two "X" chromosomes (because they also have a "Y".)  Unfortunately most boys with this also have serious intellectual challenges.

Likewise someone who is born with "XXX" is female.  Many women with this have no outward symptoms but some have learning problems, seizures, and sometimes serious kidney abnormalities and premature menopause (ovarian failure at an uncharacteristic age.)  However, such a person is female.

There is nothing, however, anyone can do to change any of this from the first cellular division at conception forward.  A male, whether ordinarily XY or some combination that includes a "Y", can never become female.  A female, that is a person without a "Y" chromosome, can never become male.

From the moment of conception your neural, circulatory and other body systems develop differently depending on that chromosomal arrangement. This cannot be altered beyond that point no matter what you do; it is what it is.  A woman's body develops from conception with the blood supply capacity for a uterus and the child that may develop in same which no man ever has as just one example.  There is no way to create a female sexual response in a person conceived as a man because the neural connections are simply not there and never will be, and vice-versa, so even if we could fashion functional physical components and we can't even successfully do that.  As a result if you are conceived male you can never have a female sexual response, and if conceived female you can never have a man's sexual response.  It is not possible as from your first cellular division forward the neural connections for the other sex never develop and thus are not present.

As such sex is not "assigned at birth" and anyone saying that should be immediately and permanently committed to a rubber room; your sex is observed at birth (if Mom never had an ultrasound) but in most cases since women do it is observed while said child is still in-utero because the penis, if said child is male, is visible.  No penis?  It's a girl.  Penis?  It's a boy.  Period.

This doesn't mean you can't be unhappy you are male or female, or that your particular chromosomal assortment is unpleasant in your mind -- of course you can be unhappy with that just as you can be unhappy that your skin is white, black, brown or for that matter, if we discover little green men at some point, green.

But that you are unhappy with a fact does not make it untrue -- it just means you're unhappy.  As an adult you are free to undertake whatever actions you wish in an attempt to be happy (thus "pursuit of happiness") but you have no capacity or right to compel any other person to assist you in any way whatsoever, including "recognizing" what you desire but is physically impossible.  To demand otherwise or to enforce otherwise is to enslave someone else and worse, force them to lie which is never acceptable nor may it be compelled under any circumstance.

In fact someone who tries to compel you to speak a factual lie is violating both the Constitution and your rights which predate said Constitution and thus, by any reasonable standard has forfeited all their rights.  Yes, all of them.

Further, if you refuse to accept physical facts you are mentally defective and society must assume you will refuse to accept other physical facts which renders you manifestly dangerous when it comes to any task where the evaluation of physical facts is necessary for anyone else's safety.

No problem can ever be resolved without stating things that are facts.  We can debate that which is not a fact, but putting those opinions on the table in the open is how we find and reinforce facts and demote and ultimately destroy lies.  This is an essential part of any civil society.

Elon seems to think he has the right to abrogate that.  He does not, particularly after claiming that he stands for "free speech."  Neither does any other government official or private party.  A private party may tell you that your statement of facts is inconsistent with their private property rights and free association and thus demand you leave provided they did not make a former representation that you had the right to speak freely or they became, due to their position in society, an effective public square where such right of control of association has been lost as a consequence of their for-profit operation of what amounts to said public square.

Exactly where is that line?  That's a good debate but large social media sites are clearly under this purview in that they form an effective oligopoly and further give their membership the means to block communication with those who disagree.

Once you reach that critical threshold and provide the means to block said interaction you no longer can make a reasonable claim to "freedom to not associate in gross" because each person can choose on their own.

On a societal level this gets even more-serious when facts are concealed on purpose, as they are here.

For example, here:

It is incredibly disappointing that our community is disrupted at public events throughout the region by groups of underaged youth. Just like other venues in the area, we are committed to keeping this type of trouble outside our park and off our property. There was police activity involving gunshots; we want to confirm there was no shooting at our property or parking lot. This took place on South Service Road that is not owned or operated by Six Flags. However, we join our community and the Atlanta region in our commitment to safety and security. We won’t put up with that type of activity here.”

We all know what the probable distribution of the races of the people involved were.  Oh, and while the press won't say it there is video evidence from people who were there.  Where did the guns come from among underaged persons?  It is specifically that we refuse to call out the wild over-representation in this behavior among one specific group, that being young blacksand making clear that we will not tolerate it and will throw those who commit felonies in prison irrespective of their underage status that leads to this happening.  If you say this on "X" -- or virtually any other social media -- you will get banned.  Well, I'm saying it and I don't give a shit if anyone likes it or not because it has been true for the last several decades, still is, and it won't stop until we call out the facts and demand that the government enforce the goddamned law against said persons without regard to their skin color or age and we make clear that is not a request -- either they do their job OR WE WILL on a summary basis.

Or how about this:

Here's a Kentucky State Senator defending giving child sex dolls to pedophiles.

Remember that there are a whole bunch of people who defend this particular perversion saying that "well, you might be a minor-attracted person but you can choose to act on it."  True perhaps, but now have we decided that "acting on it" doesn't include fucking a doll that is in the shape and size of a child?  What happens when the doll pops or is simply unavailable and the urge to act on it is still there?  Oh gee that's really hard to figure out -- right?

Or how about the fact that illegal immigrants are not "newcomers" they are criminalsNever mind that 8 USC 1324 defines as a criminal, 10 year in prison felony the following offenses related to any US and foreign persons and entities assisting said illegal aliens:

  • Attempting to bring an alien into the United States at any place other than a designated port of entry irrespective of whether said person has received authorization to enter or remain in the US or not.  Any entity or person doing so has violated said law and every person involved in promoting or enabling such illegal crossings is a felon.  
  • Transportation or movement of an alien knowing or recklessly disregarding that said person illegally entered into the United States is a criminal felony.
  • Concealing an alien knowing or with reckless disregard for their illegal entry anywhere in the United States, whether by transportation, housing (e.g. in a building) or otherwise.
  • Encouraging or inducing an alien to enter or remain in the United States, knowing or with reckless disregard for the fact that such entry is illegal, or engages in any conspiracy (e.g. combination of people or entities or planning) such acts.

For each person a party does this with where the intent is for financial gain or commercial advantage (e.g. employment, rental to such a person, etc.) the penalty is 10 years in prison.

If the violation is not for commercial or private financial gain (e.g. trafficking) the penalty is five years in prison.

If the alien commits an offense of bodily injury every person who was involved in the above gets 20 years in prison.

If the alien commits homicide the term for every person so-involved in any of the above is of any number of years up to and including life.

There is an exception for missionaries, believe it or not.  None of these people are of course.

There's more: If you merely attempt to bring an alien into the US without authorization (but fail, obviously, since the above covers if you succeed) you get one year in prison unless you do not bring said person immediately to a port of entry, in which case you get 10 (which is what the above carries, so that makes sense.)

If you knowingly hire ten or more illegal aliens within a 12 month period you get five years in prison.

Oh by the way, any conveyance used for any of this is subject to seizure and forfeiture!

So tell me, everyone, why do we tolerate the government intentionally violating this law and refusing to arrest anyone who harbors, transports, rents to, provides services to, treats medically, transports or otherwise harbors or assists anyone who is here illegally, all of which aids and abets said behavior and all of which is, under that actual law, already illegal.

These so-called "sanctuary cities" and states are in fact committing felonies and no, the elements of the State Government, private actors, NGOs, apartment and hotel owners, food vendors, transportation operators including airlines and others are not exempt from said law.  And yes this includes all the so-called "DREAMers" and every school, food vendor, lunchroom or employer who in any way assists them in being or remaining here.  It is all a serious crime.

Where was Donald Douchenozzle Trump on this?  This is not new law.  Why didn't he use it?  You know goddamn well the reason he didn't use it -- he didn't want to use it because his cocksucking voters love the illegal labor that destroys your wages, any more than Biden refuses because he wants them to be given the capacity to vote for more handouts, yet you still SUCK TRUMP'S DICK even after he refused to put in prison each and every single entity that broke the above law, including every landlord and other entity who so much as gives such a person a fucking sandwich.  Like, for example, all the farmers and other businesses who are using illegal labor.

Spare me the bullshit about "harassing" people who are, under this law, clearly felons, many of them US citizens or US corporations and government employees who are breaking the law by giving aid and comfort to said persons and harboring them, despite whatever excuse you wish to make when exactly none of them who entered here illegally have a right to be here.  Period.  Throw them all out and fry anyone in this nation who in any way assists or supports their entry or remaining here.  I don't give a shit who they are; they're criminals under the law -- and not "minor" criminals either.  End of conversation, full stop, that is the law and if the government will not enforce it then for each of those crimes not one person who is here illegally nor anyone who assists them in any way, no matter if government affiliated or not, has cause to complain if a felony is committed against THEM.

Let's continue because while this bullshit is a huge thing today its by no means the only bullshit that is ruining us and in fact in some cases killing us.

It is a fact that virtually everything in our modern civilization exists only because only competent people were hired to build and maintain same, most of which were White men, and as soon as we allowed anything other than competence to determine this process it all went to shit.

An example is Flint Michigan and their water system.  The lead feeder pipes for their water system were and are perfectly safe provided someone competent is running the system.  Why?  Because the lead pipe with proper water chemistry protects itself with a microscopic layer of oxide exactly as does aluminum when exposed to air and thus none of the lead goes into the water and poisons you.  Proof of this is that nobody got poisoned for decades until the water system shifted its source without people who knew what the fuck they were doing running it keeping said chemical balance intact.  THEN kids (and adults) started getting poisoned.

The people who built the system and operated it were mostly WHITE MEN.  Flint was an industrial town FULL OF WHITE MEN who ran the city services and did so competently.  Guess who this benefited tremendously?  All the black people who lived there, roughly half the population at the time, and who were not competent to build and run all of this on their own.  This was all well and fine until incompetent people were hired to replace the competent ones who either retired, quit because they were passed over for incompetent others or were literally forced out in the name of "diversity."

Who was the mayor when the water crisis hit?  Karen Weaver, who proudly claimed to be the 5th Black Mayor of Flint and first woman to hold the office, and by the way as noted she was only the person who was there when the decades-long degeneration of competence, which most-certainly did not happen in a year or two, finally got to the point of poisoning people.  Nonetheless rather than take responsibility for it and fixing it by restoring competence in the water department she blamed others and so did Obama, who I remind you is also Black.  Either of them could have demanded competence be restored to the water department and immediately resolved the problem instead of ripping up and replacing pipes while forcing the distribution of bottled water  (at great profit to the bottlers, I'm sure, and I'll bet that was a crony set of agreements too) that wasn't poisonous.

And who was most-likely to be poisoned?  Why black kids, of course, because when the color of your skin, sex and whatever gender you think you might be this afternoon is more important than your mental firepower you tend to wind up fucking your own people.  This was, of course, blamed on white people even though Flint first elected a Black Mayor in 1966.

Incidentally the 1950s were one of Flint's most-prosperous decades, centered in its middle-class manufacturing base and also incidentally in 1964, just before McCree's election, a massive scandal erupted over... you guessed it.... a plan to bring Lake Huron water into the city!  It was in the wake of that scandal that the city's water connection with Detroit was established.

Mayor McCree and all of his successors up until the crisis clearly did not believe having competent people run the water plant with full understanding of the supply's chemistry and any changes well in advance of them happening was the first and foremost job in order to insure the stability and safety of the water supply system in the city.  Whether that was due to lack of understanding that actual technical competence was required or willfully and intentionally hiring incompetent assholes I do not know -- but what I do know is that a bunch of black kids got poisoned as a direct result of not taking due care to make certain said chemistry requirements were met when the water source was changed.

Why is there no discussion of this?  Why don't we discuss how and why this actually happened?

Oh, that's an isolated incident eh?

Fani Willis anyone?  Yes, my first and foremost indication that Fani is incompetent at best might be her selection of "Gorilla Grip Pussy Pal" as her bluetooth device name.  That is clearly a clean indication that said person is extremely serious as a litigator and thinks with her head instead of her cunt.  Never mind the apparent presentation of evidence that she was both skimming public funds indirectly for her little indiscretions with a man she hired to participate in prosecuting Trump and was fucking him besides so one has to question whether the actual intent was to hire the best and finest to prosecute or to both get laid and have lavish vacations on the taxpayer dime while attacking a political enemy.  Of course her defense was "oh I'm Black and that's why people are after me" when it all blew up in her face.  Uh huh.

Any white person would already be under indictment for this sort of crap so sit down and shut the fuck up Fani, never mind your vapid County government which, I note, the Governor has utterly failed to stomp on.  He damn well should have years ago so there goes Georgia in the "DIEEEEEVERSITY" lottery as well.  Disqualified?  Where's the rather-obviously justified indictment from the STATE Attorney General and which party do people claim has actual competent and reasonable persons running under their banner?  Looks and smells like bullshit to me.

Good thing there weren't any black kids downstream of a water plant where she was controlling the chemical balance of the water, eh?  There might have been literal shit in that supply.

Oh, doesn't this sound a lot like the Smollett case?  Why, I think it might be sort of the same crap eh?

Just these couple of examples?

Oh, maybe not.  Let's talk about New York!  Lettia James (gee, what an odd coincidence that all of these people are black?) infamously went after Trump.  Oh, and by the way, James campaigned on "getting Trump" which incidentally is about as crooked as it gets and you'd think that standing alone would disqualify her from holding office never mind Howard University revoking her JD.  Nope.  But then of course Governor ("I think with my pussy, hear it ROAR!") Hochul tries to claim "oh this was a one off", only to have James almost-immediately go after one of the largest meat-processing firms in the United States under that very same law claiming that they're "climate abusers" and by God, she's going to single-handedly save the fucking planet!

Is this all just simple corruption or do we add in rank incompetence driven by sub-80 IQs across the board with an obvious outcome sort of like this:

Oh, that's offensive you say?  Well it might be but here's my reply:

Offended you I have, a shit I do not give.

Let's ask the question a different way:

Where is this sort of degeneration not in evidence?

You'll have a hard time with that.

We replace reliable carbon-fueled base load power plants with wind and solar which are not reliable as the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine.  We haven't hanged a single person who did this shit anywhere even when it was proved to not work because you can't guarantee wind or sun in a given place and if that doesn't coincide with when you want power you don't get power at all.  ERCOT had its infamous freeze and they're not alone -- everyone is pulling this crap and the power companies and entities (some government run, some private sector) either have nobody in charge who is saying "heh ASSHOLES, our first job is to make goddamn sure we can generate the power when the customers require it and only when that is assured can we choose other priorities" or some diversity and/or green douchebag is telling those people to sit down and shut up or be fired -- and they're running the show.

Go watch that video up a bit again as many times as it takes because that's exactly what this sort of stupid shit constitutes when it comes to intelligence and this is going to be the repeated result if we don't cut it out right fucking now.

Oh, its just power?  Uh, no, it isn't.  We know based on simple facts that one cannot determine the long term effects of a medication without the time passing.  Its not possible, duh.  So we mandate, coerce and lie that we know something is safe when we know damn well that you can't figure out what will happen in five years until five years goes by.  If that's not deranged enough we gave the people who make this crap legal immunity and nobody hanged the politicians, the physicians, the pharmaceutical executives or all of the above even without waiting the required period of years because it is obvious that the claims are frauds as you can't figure out what will happen in a given time until the time passes.  That we now have discovered that indeed they're not "safe as promised" isn't really material in that the claim was a fraud right up front and now, given the passage of time, it is ADMITTED that the shots have killed and severely maimed people.  The only debate today is how many people got killed or maimed!

There are a couple hundred people who are alive today only due to dumb luck because someone at Boeing, Spirit (one of their contractors), both of which trumpet their "diversity initiatives" (see Boeing's and Spirit's bullshit for yourself), or someone doing work on the plane under either or both of their alleged supervision, did not install all four bolts on a hatch in one of their 737 aircraft.  Any ONE of the four bolts, nuts and cotter (or safety wire) would have held the door in place on the frame.  The NTSB has now shown (which was obvious by the way within minutes of landing when photos were posted publicly by passengers and which I commented on in a separate posting at the time) that none of the four bolts, nuts and keepers were installed.  Only dumb luck kept that door from hitting the stabilizer after it detached as it tumbled free.  Since that door masses somewhere around 70lbs if it had hit the stabilizer at a hundred knots or more of relative velocity (consider a car battery being shot at the tail of the plane at 100mph for an idea of the level of impact involved here) odds are extremely high that the stabilizer would have been severely damaged or destroyed and the entire aircraft and everyone on board would have been lost.

There have been several recent incidents between aircraft where near collisions have occurred during landing and takeoff -- and one actual impact.  The rate of these incidents recently has been stunningly high and may I remind you that a plane impacting another while landing or taking off is quite-likely to kill everyone in both aircraft.  A landing 737 comes in at about 120kts just before touchdown so how would you like to get hit if you're about to take off at 130mph because that is roughly the speed at which the collision will take place!  Is this apparent increase because we hire for diversity in the control tower and cockpit instead of for competence?  How long will it before one of those near-misses isn't a miss and a airliner full of passengers, or even two airliners, are destroyed along with everyone on board?  May I remind you that at least one of the planes usually has plenty of fuel on board to be turned into a mist and ignite on impact too.  If the impact doesn't get you the fireball probably will.

We hear of "cyber incidents" all the time.  One of the latest is a health care portal company that interconnects various providers and insurance firms.  Why is it happening in the first place and by the way why aren't the firms involved, when it is a cryptojack thing or similar, equipped with competent people who can roll back to the few hours or day before the cryptojacking got them?  Yes, you lose the couple of hours of work -- that beats being offline for days or weeks doesn't it?  Modern systems can do this if they're set up properly and if compartmentalized properly then the impact is localized to one small area anyway.  Oh, but that takes actual skill instead of a bunch of idiots over in India writing garbage code and by the way who's doing system administration and how come they're not competent enough to compartmentalize and limit this sort of damage?  Again we get to the base question: How do you expect things that require a group of people who have roughly a 115 IQ or better to operate them competently to continue working as expected when you hire people on their skin color or pronouns and don't give a crap that they have an 80 IQ or can't discern the fact that being born with a penis makes them male?

How many more examples would you like?

How about just one more?

What makes you believe that your physician actually understands anything about health?  Before you say "but mine is good even if many suck" I give you one RICHARD LEVINE who can't even discern that he is a man by the fact that he had a penis when born and further, he also can't manage his own body mass yet we are told that this person is an "expert" on human health AND WE MUST OBEY that which issues from his mouth!  What sort of mentally-defective IDIOT (that's all of us, by the way) allow anyone who can't figure out basic biological facts related to whether you're a man or a woman along with the inability to maintain reasonable body mass to make recommendations and even DICTATE POLICY MANDATES for the rest of America's people?  Has your doctor told you point-blank that Levine is both ridiculously obese and mentally deranged?  If he or she hasn't then that person is deranged too and you're insane to listen to a single thing that comes from their mouth.

How much of our civilization will survive if we keep putting people in positions of both authority and responsibility for things that we all count on working when they simply don't have the chops to do the job but are hired because they're either cheaper, their skin or sex is "correct" or they use the right pronouns?  If someone cannot tell from the presence of a penis or vagina on their body at the time of their birth if they're a man or a woman why would you believe they can accurately process anything else in their head?  Exactly how many examples of obvious failure to accurately process information do you need to see before you realize that if fantasy is permitted to intrude anywhere that matters in job performance you will have serious problems -- up to and including people becoming dead as a consequence.

Guess what?  People like me won't put up with that sort of shit and you can't make people like me, who are competent in our fields, work for you.  As those who are both competent and intelligent retire or simply say "fuck you" and quit rather than coddle another's mental derangement, never mind the probability of them screwing the pooch then blaming the competent guy because he "misgendered" them, leaving you with the green-haired, pronoun-spouting person who you don't dare call "sir" or "ma'm" lest you get a complaint filed against you through HR running the water plant or the data interchange for your local hospital the odds of you getting fucked up the ass rise precipitously.

We either stop all of this, right now, by whatever means we must, or what we currently claim to enjoy as "civilization" will collapse incrementally and each of us will get doled out our personal "find out" to go with the "fuck around" the hard way.  Perhaps it will come in different ways for each of us -- we'll be hit at 130mph while waiting for take-off in a plane, drink poisoned water out of our tap at home, get an injection of shit at the doctors office that paralyzes us, gives us cancer or a heart attack, we'll freeze to death because we let the power company replace reliable carbon-based generators with wind and solar and then it will be -20F at night and calm, resulting in our power going off, our furnace will not fire and we will freeze to death and similar sorts of means of going to meet God.

Oh by the way what do you think the S&P will trade at when all this happens and for how long do you think the average 80IQ person will sit back quietly when it does before they come looking for whatever food you might have, which just might include an intent to eat you personally?

I hear Venezuelans sometimes demand the right to rape young women and, if said women refuses, they just kill her and crush their skulls.  THAT is what we have degenerated to already on the illegal alien issue alone.  The next dead woman could very well be you, your wife or young daughter and yet nobody will get off their ass, demand it ALL stop NOW and enforce that demand even when the clear consequence of not doing so is possible DEATH and is on full display in your FACE.

It isn't like we had a prior display of this exact same insanity in Iowa not all that long ago with another illegal alien, is it?


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