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2024-01-29 20:18 by Karl Denninger
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Here it is folks:

The latest revelation is especially damning: the plane that sparked a new round of questions over Boeing's ability to ensure its jets' safety left the factory without the door plug bolts installed. They weren't just loose — as door plug bolts on other aircraft were found to be upon mandatory post-incident inspections — they weren't there. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the bolts on the jet operating Alaska 1282 "appear to have been missing when the plane left Boeing's factory" after "the plane maker's employees failed to put back the bolts when they reinstalled a 737 MAX 9 plug door after opening or removing it during production."

I told you that as soon as the pictures showed up of the aperture because the means by which it was secured was obvious.

There was no damage to the pins in the frame.

It is not possible for the door to rise and clear the stop pads with those bolts in, and the installation of the other one pictured clearly showed castellated nuts so even if the bolts were not properly torqued it was physically impossible for them to back off and fall out if the pins or safety wire were there.

As I pointed out when this started anyone can see an example of this by crawling under their car.  The tie rod ends (which allow you to steer by turning the wheel assemblies) have a morse taper joint at the steering knuckle.  There is a castellated bolt on it with a cotter pin through it.  The pin is there because even though if properly tightened it should be impossible for that bolt to come off if it does you lose steering control and will crash, so they put a cotter pin in it.

Further, because of the fit between the frame and door if one of them was missing at the top it would not come off because the other one would keep it from moving vertically.  If both had physically broken there would have been very visible evidence of that left nothing to the imagination and it wasn't there.  Further, there was physical evidence that the bolts tightened against the top pads had ridden upward and scored the pad and the only way that could happen is if the bolts, nuts and cotter pins -- all of them -- where physically missing.

Well, now you have it.

That's exactly what occurred.

Self-certification and allowing anything other than competence to guide anything is a damned disaster and only pure luck kept all those people in that aircraft alive.

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2022-03-09 09:01 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 935 references
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News: Zelinskyy no longer insists on joining NATO.

The actual news: Russia won.

Now the terms of surrender are under discussion.

I'll make a prediction: They'll be exactly the same terms Russia offered before, with another few additions, and Ukraine will take them.

  • No accession to NATO, period, with sufficient protections to prevent it from being revoked or evaded.  This likely means a bar on military resupply and rebuilding in Ukraine and perhaps changes to the Ukraine legal structure to forbid it.  The West's word means nothing as we promised this 20+ years ago (no eastward expansion) and we lied, repeatedly.

  • The two eastern provinces are confirmed as independent demilitarized states and Crimea remains Russian; this is formally adopted by the Ukraine government.  Demilitarization is to be enforced, and the Nazi (literal, and yes, there are two units in Ukraine that are best-described as same) will be disbanded.  Russia provides security guarantees to the two eastern provinces with the explicit understanding that any further shelling or similar act by Ukraine against them (which has intermittently been going on for eight years) will be met with immediate Russian military retaliation.  In other words if Ukraine ****s with those provinces or Crimea the deal is off and the war is back on.

  • Permanent revocation of permission to place or operate any bioweapon or dual-use facility in the nation.  Nuland confirmed in sworn testimony yesterday we violated the UN Charter and in fact what Russia said they found there was not propaganda it was true.  Said facilities shall be razed under Russian supervision and no attempt will be made to rebuild them irrespective of who sponsors or operates same.

  • A permanent ban on enrichment or other nuclear activity beyond that required for civilian power production, with a specific ban on the presence of any nuclear fuel beyond 5% fissile in the nation and an absolute ban on any reactor operation that short-cycles fuel.  To be enforced under IAEA surveillance.

  • Each nation bears its own costs.  Nobody owes anyone anything for what's happened to this point.  And whatever Russia now has in its possession in terms of documentation and proof (e.g. the Biden 10% for the big guy, the kickbacks to Zelenskyy, the biolab data they already released, etc.) has no protection.  You can bet it will be used when it is most-appropriate in their view too.

That's it.

We'll see whether I'm right.

Don't be even slightly surprised if the "breathless analysts" at CNN and elsewhere continue to insist Russia is losing right up until pen meets paper, which will take a bit of time.

My bet is that as of right here and now it's over.

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2022-01-11 13:35 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 11609 references
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Oh darn, there goes Veritas again releasing well...... not just a smoking gun, but a rank indictment of both actors abroad (including China) and right here in the United States.


So the "work" (gain of function) was rejected by DARPA but NIH, including Fauci who personally signed off on it, did it anyway.

And he did not just do it in China the work included was in part done here.

We now have a plausible explanation, for example, why agreements related to the spike were executed by at least one US University prior to Covid-19 being "known."  What institutions were involved and how involved were they?  When was the first such agreement executed?

But... it gets better.

We knew the vaccines would not work and were harmful.  We didn't think so, we knew so, and further we knew that someone who had been infected was at least in part protected from said harm by the mechanism infection uses.


I pointed all this out without having what Veritas has now published merely by deduction.

We knew in September of 2020 there was a risk issue with the spike in the circulation that was not in most cases present from natural infection and we knew by December of 2020 it was singularly dangerous.  It is now confirmed that THE GOVERNMENT knew this and proceeded to purchase and deploy the shots anyway.

We also knew that there were other fingers in the pie including American ones before Covid-19 was announced to exist because the transfer agreement with a US University was known to exist more than a year ago and it was executed in 2019 before Covid-19 was claimed to have "emerged" in China.  How can you do something that requires a thing before the second thing happens?  You can't, ergo, the government and the private organizations knew damned well Covid existed before the agreement was signed.

So now have what I've maintained all along is in in official government-documented form:

  • The virus was man-made.  Ecohealth tried to get funding through DARPA and was told to go to Hell because it violated the constraint on gain-of-function research.  Fauci didn't give a **** and his part of the NIH funded it. BOTH THE UNITED STATES AND CHINA created the virus; it was a joint and intentional project, not rogue actors in Wuhan or Beijing who were responsible.

  • There were people in both China and here in the US (along with presumably other nations) who were involved.  They all knew damn well what happened and all of them have lied for the last 2+ years about it.  That almost-certainly includes both Trump and Biden, incidentally.

  • The governments involved all knew before the shots were released that they were dangerous and would become worthless.  They knew that natural infection did not, in most cases, carry the same risk because the virus never gets into the bloodstream in other than severe and fatal cases but there is no way to avoid that risk with an injection.  We now know this factually from clinical experience (and in fact knew in the early part of 2020) -- viremia does not happen in other than severe and fatal cases and yet you can't give someone an injection without the injected material winding up in the blood in some amount.

  • The governments also knew that Covid-19 itself was not dangerous most of the time to healthy individuals and they knew why.  It was deliberately engineered that way in an attempt, this paper alleges, as an experiment to be inoculated intentionally into bats in an attempt to see whether doing so could cut off future zoonotic events.  Whether the experiment went wrong by accident or intent is not known, but that it was taking place and both our government and China knew about it, along with knowing that it should not be very dangerous to most people is now established as fact.

So why all the histrionics ginned up worldwide continuing to this day?

The experiment went bad and if the public knew why it went bad and who was involved in it the people might reasonably conclude there really is a valid reason to get rid of every single government agency and individual involved.  Unlike "conspiracy theories" that are flat-out crap its not crazy to contemplate doing that either, especially given the death toll.  It was evident within weeks that medically frail people were going to get buttraped by this thing and thus if the government told the truth the pitchforks might well come out since they actually created this ****ing monster and it wasn't just China - it was also the United States Government that did it and several institutions within this nation were intimately involved as well.

Oh by the way the same documents also contain evidence that the Government knew both HCQ and Ivermectin were effective against the virus by April of 2020.  How many people died that were denied access to safe drugs that our government had every reason to believe worked?

Still sitting on your ass America?

May I point out that these *******s have killed roughly twice as many people in the United States over the last two years, by their claims, as did both Nazi Germany and Japan in all of WWII and that these are all people and businesses within the United States?

Gonna take another jab or allow the USSC and Biden administration to tell you that you should or indeed must, never mind private employers, when the government factually knows its dangerous and has known for well over a year both that it is the case and why?

Still want to consider Trump a "savior" eh, when he pushed and continues to push these known dangerous jabs?

How many people did they they intentionally let die again?  Twice the toll of WWII with every single death chargeable directly against not a foreign adversary but rather agencies of our own government and publicly-funded "educational" institutions?

Want to argue with all this?

Argue with the source material; its either real or it isn't, and if it is its the best argument I've seen in over 100 years for a national divorce with prejudice.


PS: There are people claiming that what Veritas released is a forgery.  If it is then O'Keefe needs to go to prison forever and break rocks until he dies.  This is the sort of information that can legitimately be the reason for a government to be discarded by its population.  To participate in a forgery is equally as bad as to undertake the actions in the first place.  If someone has evidence that this is indeed false -- let's see it.  While you're at it make sure you account for the verified by FOIA release of this email from Peter Daszak himself....

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