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2022-05-22 08:04 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 706 references
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A runner is dead after collapsing at the finish line of the annual Brooklyn Half Marathon Saturday, authorities said. 

The 30-year-old runner, who was not identified, was crossing the finish line and collapsed. FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer told The Associated Press the runner was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.  

Or maybe not.

Let's dispense with the obvious: Yes, people do die at these events.  Not all the time, but it does happen.

The weather was reportedly brutally hot on a comparative basis, and from what I can tell the skies were clear -- so add the sun to that, and that's not a small factor. Six other runners got in trouble and wound up in the hospital at original report but there are multiple reports that the number was much higher.

I'm only half-crazy so I limit my running stupidity to 13.1 miles and have done several of them, with the last being Yellowstone last year and one in front of me in a few weeks. If you didn't train for it in the heat (and who did given this time of year?) then getting hammered on race day is a not-nice situation.  Getting behind the curve with hydration and/or electrolytes can result in serious trouble.

But what's missing was what were the conditions on the course at the time the runner collapsed?  Yes, it was hot later in the day but how about when he was running and had the event?  This is a very large event so the starts are staggered, but someone in reasonable (but by no means "competitive" in a field of that size) physical condition will finish a half marathon in somewhere around 2 hours and in a "competitive entry" event (depending on the field size) I'll bet the cutoff is between 1:30-1:45 depending on age.  If you started with the temperature in the lower 60s and when you finished it was in the mid 70s that's a world apart of starting with it in the upper 70s and finishing when its 90F out in full sun!  In point of fact about 2 weeks ago I did a training run for my upcoming half that was over 10 miles and started with 72F temperatures -- in full sun, running on a sidewalk with zero tree cover.  It was 80ish by the time I finished over an hour later and while it did suck it wasn't life-threatening.

Update: There is a comment below that CNN reported he was found collapsed at 9:00 AM, so that means he started with the early groupings, it was in the low-to-mid 70s at the finish when he collapsed and it was not dangerously hot at that time.  The media is lying trying to lay this off on the weather alluding to it being smoking hot (which it was later on) at the time.  Those media folks running that bull**** should be disassembled for doing so.  60ish is nearly perfect running weather and low to mid 70s, while a bit uncomfortable, aren't inherently dangerous.

Note that the sponsoring organization, New York Road Runners, required you be jabbed to compete and prove it, which is wild-eyed stupid since all such races happen outdoors.  Even if you believe the jabs work and are safe there is zero argument for such a requirement outside of flat coercion and if this guy collapsed and died due to cardiac damage from the jabs the organization should be destroyed with every one of its board members and employees, along with their families, financially and personally ruined.

Who wants to bet on them shaving what should be a mandatory autopsy to find the root cause of this gentleman's collapse given that if indeed there's evidence of clotting dysfunction or myocarditis from the jab that left him with an impaired cardiac state you certainly should be able to find it.  There's no means to force public release of course and I suspect his family will be just as interested in not bringing that forward, if in fact that's what happened, as is Fauci, Biden and the executives from Moderna and Pfizer.

I will say this however, given what we know about the apparent very significant increase in these type of events since the jabs rolled out -- but not prior to that, from Covid itself: If you are involved in sustained and serious cardio exercise events, especially events like distance running, and got jabbed (no matter how many times and how young and apparently-healthy you are) you'd be very wise to go have a full cardiac workup done -- right now.

I'll wager that a very significant percentage of the people who took these jabs got some level of cardio-pulmonary damage from them and that you haven't "noticed" doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Plenty of people have heart attacks with no prior warning so if you think it can't happen to you...... yes it can.

If you find something you don't like in that work-up there's probably nothing you can do about it except to cease participating in those sorts of events.  It sucks to have to give up something you love but there's a price to our actions and this may well be yours.

It sucks worse, I remind you, to be dead.

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2022-05-21 07:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 700 references
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Consent to this sort of ****, that is.

A Johns Hopkins University center aimed at preventing child sexual abuse has hired a transgender professor who resigned amid controversy after remarks attempting to normalize the phrase "minor-attracted persons," which expanded on a book about the subject.

The Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Baltimore, Maryland, announced Thursday that Allyn Walker, Ph.D., will join the center as a postdoctoral fellow on May 25.

"Minor-attracted persons" eh?

Let's differentiate:

A man who happens to like post-pubescent young women that are under 18, that is, who have developed secondary sexual characteristics (specifically hips and breasts) isn't all that particularly odd.  It is illegal to act on such a thing but such a young women is, in all respects except the law, a woman; she menstruates and she can bear children.

Likewise a woman who happens to like post-pubescent young men that are under 18, that is, who have developed secondary sexual characteristics (specifically their balls have dropped, they are capable of impregnation, their voice has changed and they are growing facial hair) isn't all that particularly odd either.  It's illegal for her to act on such a desire too but such a man is, in all respects except the law, a man; he ejaculates, he has the larger musculature and structure of a man and can sire children.

A person who is sexually attracted to children, that is members of either sex who lack secondary sexual characteristics and are not either men or women at a physical level but rather are boys or girls isn't a "minor-attracted person"; said person is a pedophile.  There is no natural and reproductive purpose to such a desire and that is not a mere legal distinction, it is one of abuse as such a person when targeted has absolutely nothing to contribute biologically nor do they understand what the hell is going on as they are simply not at a developmental stage where such is useful to them as an organism in any way.

The distinction here is not just about societal ethics or morals: It is about physical facts and that all such instances are abusive by definition because there is no gain to be had by the kid no matter how you slice, dice and debate this.

People with this sort of "attraction" are profoundly and fundamentally mentally disordered.  There is a decent amount of evidence that such is a permanent condition as well; there has never been any worthwhile demonstration that any sort of psychotherapy or similar will change someone's desires in this regard.  While anyone can deny themselves what they desire -- and plenty of people do on a voluntary basis, whether it be drugs, sex or something else this appears to be some sort of "miswiring" that has occurred in said person at some sort of basic level.

It isn't "normal" and it isn't acceptable to treat it as such.  To shroud this in any sort of "legitimacy" is to claim that there's nothing wrong if someone is wired that way.  That's bull**** and everyone with more than two firing neurons in their head knows it.

Johns Hopkins may think this is "ok" but I will note that this is the same Johns Hopkins who believes legal and physical adults are to be treated as children when it comes to them making their own health decisions, specifically related to lightly-tested and unproved Covid jabs, which we now know don't work as originally advertised and can be dangerous.

It's time to make chess pieces out of those ivory towers.

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2022-05-16 08:40 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 667 references
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This was pretty cool last night, right?


Except..... wait a while.  I got hammered by atmospherics when we had totality so sadly the photographic quality wasn't what I was hoping for.  30 minutes makes a difference sometimes, and last night it did.  Oh well.



See that?  No, not the moon with the shimmer (bummer, when you have to run a few-second exposure and atmospherics get you -- no, it really isn't out of focus) -- look more closely.

Specifically, see those streaks.

They're in every frame I took with totality, and they're moving which is why the streaks -- and with the bracketing I was doing they varied in length exactly with exposure.  Those aren't stars.

They ought to be rammed up Musk's ******* at 18,000 mph.

I would like to buy a few hundred pounds of BBs, along with a lift for them into low-earth orbit -- right at Starlink's altitude and in opposing orbit.  That ********** Musk has permanently ruined any time exposure astrophotography, in any part of the sky, forevermore.

I used to spend entire nights in the middle of the winter up north a few decades ago, when atmospherics were at their lowest, with a piece of film in a cold camera behind a 14" Celestron.  Exposures of 20 minutes, sometimes longer, on an equatorial mount tracking them by hand, which you have to because otherwise the slight eccentricity in the gearing screws your image.  Today the electronic alternative is dozens of exposures all stacked, using the power of computers to get rid of the sensor noise as its random and what you're shooting is not.  It gives you effective ISOs that are off the rack compared to the native resolving power of your eye, just as did the cold camera which neutered reciprocity failure that otherwise made exposures into the minutes pointless.

**** you Elon.  I hate you with a white-hot passion and that will never change.  Just a few short years ago my daughter and I went up to Algonquin in Canada where it is really dark.  I had mistakenly left the lens I wanted to use, and which is exceptional for dark sky photography at home, but we got to see it.  I wanted to take pictures of it, of course -- but now and forevermore into the future every single one of those photographs will be ruined by that bull****.  Nobody, ever, will be able to take that sort of image again; these streaks were with 4 and 8 second exposures and will be much worse as exposure time increases.  If Musk burns to death in a Tesla that spontaneously combusts I will cheer the flesh being broiled alive off every bone in his body.

That son of a bitch destroyed something that cannot be recovered, and he did it "because he could" without a care in the world for all those who were to come next and could never enjoy what used to be as a direct result of throwing trash into the sky that will forevermore destroy any sort of time-lapse astrophotography -- even of something as easy to "get" as a lunar eclipse.  Never mind all the *******s who deserve to have skull****ing made great again upon their eye sockets for issuing all the required permits related to same.

Once again from the bottom of my blackened heart and with every evil wish for Musk I can muster: **** YOU ELON.

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2022-05-10 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 792 references
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First Colbert has apparently gotten Covid again.  I say "again" because he had it less than a month ago, and now has it again.

If you're not SCREAMINGLY AWAKE with the obvious on the jabs in this regard you're stupid.  We knew before the mass-jabfest started from the data that it was likely taking them would inhibit "N" recognition of the virus -- the part that does not materially mutate.  I hypothesized that this would likely mean you could get serially reinfected as soon as the spike mutated.  I was ignored.  Now we have celebrities and politicians, all jabbed, getting it over and over again with this latest being less than one month apart.

If you get insulted with disease often enough eventually you're going to get hammered.


Exactly how damned stupid are you?

Oh, and that's likely permanent too.  Congratulations, walking corpse.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes -- specifically, take a number for your turn in the crematorium, it's a bit busy these days.

Second, Biden signed the "Lend-lease" bill with Ukraine.  We are now officially a belligerent in the war between Ukraine and Russia and as a result our entire government and military along with every bit of our transportation and production facilities that make or move weapons of war are now legitimate targets.

This is exactly how we wound up in WWII.

Congratulations again; make sure you tell your sons and daughters to bone up on their shooting skills just in case we wind up in a no-bull**** war with Russia, because we just might.

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2022-05-06 14:03 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 2590 references
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How many times have you heard that?

Heard it from your employer with regard to their Covid restrictions?

Or perhaps from "friends" or "family" who said "no jab, no see your grandkids" or something similar?

Well, here's the basic rules folks.

To merit consideration of forgiveness you must do all of the following first with no assurance you'll receive forgiveness in return:

  • Contrition -- which of course requires an admission you ****ed up.  You must admit, not tacitly but deliberately and consciously, communicating it as publicly as your original error -- you were wrong and you did wrong.

  • Restitution for the harm -- when possible. Not always possible, but when it IS possible it has to be proffered voluntarily, not pried out by landsharks or bullets, because if you actually HAVE contrition then you willingly admit you owe the harmed party(s). This is not a matter of punitive retribution; the willful and non-coerced offering of same is THE act that proves #1 is real and not words from the mouth of a snake.

  • A vow and, in the realm of business or political activity, legal and enforceable contractual strictures to prevent it from happening again.

All must be offered willingly and freely, not by legal or other coercion and even if doing so risks legal retribution before any consideration of forgiveness is to be undertaken. Further, all three do not guarantee or obligate forgiveness, but all three are a predicate before the person harmed should consider forgiveness.

So, if you're an employer, what you need to do for the last two years of abuse you heaped upon your employees looks like the following:

A FORMAL STATEMENT that as an employer your mandates were wrong on the facts and wrong ethically and morally.  You did it, you did it willingly, you were wrong, you admit it and you regret it.  This is published just like the virtue-signaling mandate was in the first place.

A FORMAL DOCUMENT TAKING FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL HARM DONE.  No laying it off on others -- unemployment, insurance companies, etc.  Nope.  You own it.  Therefore, if you fired someone not only do you offer them their job back they get paid for every day they didn't work as a result of being fired or suspended, irrespective of whether they got another job or not, and their reinstatement (if they want it) is considered retroactive for purposes of seniority and similar.  If there were employer contributions to retirement the backed-up ones are made.  If the employee was removed from said retirement account the firm eats the cost of reinstating it along with any taxes due or paid to do so.  Further, if the entity mandated, "strongly supported" or in any other way discriminated on basis of taking the vaccines or other mandates the company takes full, legal and financial responsibility for all side effects, period, indefinitely into the future, known and unknown.  If you demoted, otherwise threatened or tampered with someone's position during the last two years over any of this, in short, you own the cost and you pay it -- in cash.  No ifs, ands, buts or weasel-words and no legal releases or confidentiality agreements.  If you get sued later, oh well.  Your best argument in court, if you get sued, is that you already paid restitution and it was fair -- but that's not an agreement you extract for any of this, its an argument for tomorrow and the jury gets to decide.

None of this is done with or expecting an agreement that forgiveness will be forthcoming.  Maybe it will -- and maybe it won't.  It doesn't matter.  You're not doing it to get said agreement you're doing it because you ****ed up and you were wrong.  There are no promises on the other side of this.  If you're negotiating for something then what you're doing is striking a bargain and not admitting you ****ed up so if you expect something in exchange you are still a slithering snake and if you meet Mr. Shovel you deserve it.

Simply put if you really mean it the three above items must be provided without any quid pro quo.

The same is true for family members, "associates", firms who abused or harassed customers and more.  In most of those cases there's no real restitution to be made but the other two points still hold whether there is actual money or property to be exchanged or not.  True contrition is never a private thing when the insult wasn't private in the first place and most of the time it was not.  The refusal to allow someone to see their grandchildren was something the grandkids knew about and why, and thus if you're the parent who did that you admit to your children that you were an ******* -- you were wrong and said kids had every right to see Gramps.  If you did this in the context of a business or some personal interaction wherever and however that original insult took place the admission that you were wrong must be equally public to the people in the same place.

No slithering away or trying to act like it never happened.

It did happen, the harms were real, your jackassery was real and thus the contrition has to be real or its meaningless.

If you want those of us who were right to put it behind us then let's see you take public accountability for your actions.

In the fullness of time it has now been proved we were right and you were wrong with regard to masks, lockdowns and jabs, along with much more and every insult you served on us as a result of your wrong beliefs, expectations and actions, if you want us to put it behind us, you must atone for without an expectation we'll be willing to move forward.

In other words you have to do it because you know, and admit, that you were full of crap AND FOR NO OTHER REASON.

If you're not prepared to do then from my point its simple and will remain that way: Piss off.

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