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2023-05-09 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 459 references
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Read this one folks:

"He’s in this jail probably having a hot breakfast when we’re out here talking about it," Kean added. 

Kean also would not confirm whether Oropesa's wife is among those arrested. Oropesa's bond will be officially set at the jail by a judge Wednesday morning, Kean said. 

His wife eh?

Is she an American citizen?  If she is, and CNN is reporting they are long-term together and have a child, then (1) she was almost-certainly involved in his felony entry into the United States and is thus culpable for that crime and, (2) it appears, she may be an accessory after the fact to the murders as well.

There is a regularized and legal way to enter the United States for purpose of residency -- whether temporarily or otherwise.  Anyone entering via any other means is a criminal under long-standing US law.  The first such offense is a misdemeanor but subsequent re-entries after deportation are a felony.

I'm tired of known felons committing serious offenses who are able to commit those offenses because the government refuses to prosecute and remove said felons from our nation and we, the people, refuse to demand that they either do so or we will do so and if anyone tries to stop us we will remove them from society as equally guilty.

I believe very strongly in Due Process and Equal Protection.  However, equal protection includes, because it must include, protection from thugs of all sorts including thugs within government agencies who deem citizens to be open-season style targets for thugs of all other sorts.  Such persons are equally guilty as those committing the original felony in that they both enable and in fact promote the behaviors that directly lead to the crimes.  This is no different than you driving someone to a bank for the purpose of robbing it; you get the same sentence they do, and properly so -- up to and including murder if they shoot and kill someone.

In this case we have a felon who managed to acquire and display, for several months or years, firearms despite being a felon.  He did not hide said firearms.  It is illegal for a felon, as well as someone who is in the United States as a foreign national but not a lawful permanent resident, to own or possess firearms except in a handful of very limited circumstances (e.g. someone who comes here lawfully and is hunting.)

This individual made no secret of his possession of said weapons; he was known to discharge them on a regular basis on his property and the police had been called in the past over this, as he was doing so unsafely.  As a consequence any reasonable inquiry, which they had every right to make, would have disclosed he was a previously-deported person and thus was a felon in possession of fireeams which is an immediately-arrestable offense.

Had any of the federal, state or local law enforcement agencies, including "border patrol", done their job these murders would not have happened and had his wife been arrested as an accessory to his felony entry into the United States he would have had no reason to try to come back in again because she'd be in prison.  If she was the person who bought the guns she wouldn't have been able to do so as a person with a felony record -- at least not through otherwise-legal means.

The same sort of thing happened with "A Girl in Iowa."  Nobody cared about the illegal alien who came into the United States and was illegally working here in the United States on a farm.  Said illegal murdered a young woman who was out for a jog with no provocation or other particularized reason for him to kill her.

I do not care whether the "rate" of such persons committing these serious offenses are higher or lower on a per-capita basis than those of black people, legal Hispanic residents or whites.  That is irrelevant; what is relevant and fact is that every single one of those offenses would not have happened if said persons were not here in the United States, and every single person who profited from or assisted them in coming or remaining here whether directly or indirectly is personally responsible for every single one of these murders, rapes, assaults and more.

This stops only when the people of this nation make clear that either the law is enforced equally and without favor against all these individuals -- right now -- or we the people will deem every single act of malfeasance and misfeasance to be an act in deliberate furtherance of these felonies and we will act as judge, jury and sentencing body since these employees of the government will not do their damn jobs despite knowing full well what they are and taking an oath to do so.

It is time for those of us who are citizens and are tired of this crap to make very clear to all officials of any stripe that they have two and only two choices: Enforce the law, if necessary with armed force at the border or we will, and if they continue to refuse we will hold them personally accountable as equally guilty for each and every such offense on a personal basis and enforce those penalties ourselves.  We will do so because they are equally guilty, and their choice is to either either enforce the law they took an oath to enforce or we will see to it that they will pay the identical penalty as those who commit the crimes just as you or I would if we drove said bank robber to and from the bank.


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2023-05-08 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 811 references
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Oh this is rich.

A Denver city council representative seeking re-election proposed taxing "White-led businesses" and redistributing the wealth to minorities as reparations for the harm of capitalism.

Go ahead and do it.

I'll tell you what will happen: There won't be any white-led businesses in Denver; they will all move or dissolve.

Then we will get to the bottom line: Like it or not those who want to play "gimme" have to have someone willing to give it.  If they all move out or shut down you're ****edEven if only some modest percentage of them do your "projected" revenue doesn't materialize.  Now the promise you made to pay can't be met without ratcheting up the tax amount which in turn drives the rest of the producers out.

This cycle rapidly destroys the entire city's tax base and jobs.  Whether you like it or not those who want to play "gimme" are disproportionately black and non-native Hispanic.

How do I know this?  Because they're the ones demanding the "reparations"!

Contemplate this: In the northern half of the US in the 1860s ten percent of the Union soldiers were underage and went anyway.  These men were not conscripts; they VOLUNTEERED to fight and put their life on the line ON BEHALF OF BLACK PEOPLE.  Roughly 750,000 MEN died fighting that war and over 2 million northerners were mobilized to fight .vs. less than half that number of southerners.  Forty percent, roughly, of those killed in action were never identified -- they just never came home.  2 out of 3 deaths were from disease, not gunshots, cannon, slash/stab wounds and similar.

Over 300,000 Union Solders were identified and re-interred by 1871, so cut the often-run bull**** about how "it all fell on those who were slavers."  That's a damnable lie and blood libel on top of it so if you run that **** on me you can **** right off.

Every one of those dead people died to free slaves and end slavery in the United States.  Every one of their families did not have their son or father come home; they were dead.  Every one of the black people descended from slaves today in America and all the "racism" you scream about owes the descendants of those dead Union soldiers, by the black people's claims, more than can ever be owed the other way for very obvious reasons -- they died and were not "merely" allegedly discriminated against by "systemic racism."

Without those people -- and thus by your argument the descendants of their families -- the blacks in this nation either (1) would not exist at all or (2) would still be slaves.  You thus owe them your life -- literally.

The facts are much more-complex than you care to admit because if you do admit it then you must also admit that there is no logical, legal, ethical or moral basis for assessing anyone to cover the sins of those several generations removed and that as soon as you start that crap someone else can render the same claim against you on those same terms simply by changing the dates under consideration.

You want to start this **** Denver?  Go right ahead.  Just like San Francisco wants to; it appears that the needles all over the place, the inability to park your car for 10 minutes without all the windows being smashed and thousands of homeless people crapping on the sidewalk in between shooting themselves full of heroin or god-knows-what-else hasn't served as enough of a lesson as to what happens when you demand those who produce hand over money to those who scream "racissssss!" or simply "gimmedat-because-you-have-more-than-I".

I'm good with this, by the way -- you can stew in your own **** when the water and sewer system doesn't work anymore, exactly as happened in Jackson MS when all the people willing to actually work and maintain said system leave and what's left are people who either can't do the job or steal the money via grift and fraud that they collected in tax revenues to keep the water and sewer systems functioning.

Never mind the inbound tidal wave of literal **** you're going to have on your sidewalks when city revenue and thus services collapse.

Oh, this is just an American construct eh?  How's it going in South Africa?  Yes, apartheid was a crap system.  However the water and electrical systems worked and crops were produced, all three of which are now, under black majority government rule on the verge of collapse.  If the black majority population is even half as capable as white people then explain this to me.  Perhaps stealing a white man's land and then demanding he help you grow crops on it doesn't work out so well and neither does expecting an electrical grid to function when you get rid of all the people who actually care to show up, maintain and expand it, replacing them with people who either can't or won't do the required work.

Essentially all of the rampant "Gimmedat" crap started with the so-called "Great Society" programs and as soon as black people figured out they could scream "raaaaaccccciiiiisssssss!" they also realized they could do that instead of working.  The problem of course is that nobody in their right mind will keep producing when you scream in their face that they're a racist and demand they give you money simply because of skin color.

I'll put the productivity of the white people you wish to steal from up against your black residents.  I cite as evidence all the majority-black areas of our cities over the last 30+ years since "gimmedat" became so damned common.  Said people, on balance, have more gang-bangers, car thieves, petty thieves, muggers, rapists, murderers, burned-out and dilapidated homes and similar on a per-capita basis than those not.  Huge parts of cities like Detroit and St. Louis look like a war zone straight out of Bosnia and you're actually safer walking in said war zone than those parts of said "cities."  Black-on-white violent assaults, including murder, occur at a rate much higher than the other way around despite black people being approximately 14% of the population.

This is a culture problem and bull**** just like what you're spewing is what has directly caused it.  Tell me how "white people" are responsible for all the black rappers who get chart topping songs out there featuring "****ing hoes" and other rappers "singing" about similar ape-style behavior and you might get a discussion from me on that point too.  Nobody makes music that doesn't sell so save me your bull**** about what the people in your demographic want to listen to and have drilled into their heads.  Let's talk specifically about how your culture's depiction of women produces solid families, children and a responsible, productive next generation when the predominant "singing" from said culture considers a woman's reproductive organs to be a commodity consumed as an exploitable, often violently-so resource with its sole purpose abuse by thuggish men rather than an essential element best utilized by loving, monogamous couples with respect for each other and in awe of the most-powerful capacity -- literal creation -- acting in harmony to produce the next productive generation.  If your culture gave a wet crap about children and families anyone doing "rap" of that sort would be immediately run out of town and the ground they stood on salted.  That hasn't happened and thus it is clear you and others in your cultural demographic believe in and support that view of women, children and families.  The result -- such as entire districts in Chicago where not one pupil is competent in math and reading is what happens when two or three generations of this occur without being stopped and thus the people of said culture who don't give a crap and listen to such trash wind up a couple of decades later as teachers who can't themselves make change for a $20 or form a single proper English sentence.  Despite this they are entitled to middle-class or better salaries and benefits while handing diplomas to kids who can't read, write or make change for a $20 simply because their skin color is "correct."  The only "job" said graduates are qualified for is carjacking. 

You can argue individual cases all you'd like but I will argue statistically what is going to happen to your ****ty when you do this because said statistics are clear, convincing and have played out multiple times already all over America in the last 30+ years or so in such fine instances as Detroit, St. Louis and elsewhere.  Chicago was turned into a feral sewer by this bull**** and I lived in and around there for 13 years.  I saw it coming in the late 90s and got the hell out because the precise same crap happened in Detroit, all based on the same "gimmedat-or-you're-a-racist!" trope and it drove out statistically all the producers who said "screw you; we're done with being insulted because we actually produce as a consequence of only employing people who actually show up and do their damn job."

It is not that there aren't lots of industrious and hard-working people who happen to have black skin.  There are.  I've employed more than a few of them over my years in business.  Skin color was immaterial to my willingness to employ said people and had zero to do with their job placement and salary in my company.  Their attitude and industriousness had everything to do with it; in fact, that's all that mattered.  A businessperson is out of his mind to do otherwise but he is also out of his mind to employ a single person who thinks they're entitled to anything because of their skin color or what happened 150 years ago.

But it is a fact that on a percentage basis producing people are under-represented among the black population specifically because you inculcate into black people that they can demand something because others are "racissss" and get it.  If you try to force white people to pay blacks simply because of the color of their skin when those who you are trying to extract the money from did not cause any of the injuries being complained about the correct, logical and only answer any white person should give you in response is "**** YOU" and they should then immediately remove themselves from your capacity to financially reach their assets.


WHEN they take said peaceful and lawful alternative not only will your scheme collapse in a tsunami of red ink your entire city will collapse around you on a fiscal and output basis.

And when THAT occurs YOU DESERVE IT BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACIST PIG and so does EVERY OTHER CITIZEN who is stupid enough to remain in Denver.

Go ahead and kill your city just like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis -- and South Africa for that matter -- have.

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2023-05-06 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 409 references
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Its simple folks, when you get down to it.

If you support "equal access for anyone who identifies as {whatever}" then what you are supporting and demanding is men having access to a woman's locker room.

That's what it comes down to, when you boil it all down.  Leave aside the rest of the BS about bathrooms generally; women do not want to see a penis in their bathroom but generally-speaking in the woman's restroom you have stalls and usually doors -- which is the argument always raised "on the other side" by the so-called "trans-activists."  Fine.

In a locker room you inherently have bare-skinned bodies.  Like it or not, that's how it is.  Both women and men change their clothes and take showers in those places.  You cannot take a shower with your clothes on and whatever clothing, including that which is considered "underwear", you are wearing while engaged in said athletic activity gets quite disgusting and you probably want to remove it when you're done.

If you are a mother or father then you, if you permit this to occur, are arguing for your daughter being forced to take a shower in the same room as a person, however you choose to "identify" them, with a penis hanging down between their legs.

Said person is also going to be biologically larger, stronger and intimidating as a result of that to most if not all of the women in there and again, I remind you, both they and her are going to be naked in there as an inherent fact of the basic function of said facility.

That's the beginning and end of the debate.

If you're a parent of a girl and support this crap whether explicitly or by your silence then I have to question whether you give a wet crap about your daughter -- her modesty, safety and the ability to do ordinary athletic things that women want to participate in and excel in while being able to go take a shower, get the sweat off and then change back into street clothes without some person with a DICK being present in said place at the same time.

It really is that simple and if you have any respect for women at all then you must put a stop to this -- right here, right now, permanently.

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2023-03-28 09:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 458 references
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Friedman famously claimed that world "free trade", which he fully knew would begin with Chinese and Mexicans earning 1/20th or less of their American counterparts, would almost-immediately begin to normalize wages over there.  That is, having "tasted freedom" the workers would essentially force companies to pay competitive world wages and their standard of living would wildly improve.  This would turn them into consumers of the very same products they produced and thus greatly expand the economy as a whole.  While he acknowledged this distribution would not be even the premise was that the great improvement generally would outweigh any modest declines in established markets.

He was wrong.  NAFTA was passed and what Ross Perot said would be the case turned out to be true; wages in Mexico did not normalize with America.  We offshored labor to Bangladesh and Vietnam for textiles and nearly everything to China and wages did not normalize with the western world over there.

Likewise in many American cities in the 50s and 60s we built "projects" for low-income housing.  Cabrini Green was one of the most-notorious of course but hardly the only one.  Some of these were constructed to house displaced people during the Eisenhower Expressway system construction through major cities, but hardly all had that as their excuse.  These places turned into hotbeds of crime, drugs and squalor, and we were told it was the concentration that was the problem; dispersing said people with Section 8 vouchers all over the urban and suburban landscape would cause them to experience good culture instead of bad and thus adopt the good elements, at least in part.

That's not what happened.  Instead the "bad culture" expanded wildly into the urban and suburban school districts, destroying the quality of education for everyone.  The drugs, thuggery and similar nonsense expanded there too, along with the criminal element that inevitably comes with all of it.

Joe Biden nominated Kato Crews for a federal district judgeship.  Crews, who is currently a magistrate judge, was asked during his confirmation hearing how he'd evaluate a Brady motion.  He did not know what it is yet it forms one of the pillars of due process of law and any graduate of law school or person who passed the bar would know this.  Therefore it is fact that irrespective of any alleged credential he may have that allegedly "qualifies" him to be a lawyer -- or judge -- he never actually learned any of that material and thus did not actually earn the credential; how did he manage to get that seat?

Obviously Kato Crews' cultural values do not include actually mastering material before being given a credential, a rather basic precept in any honest society.

That people who fail this basic test are not and will not be immediately removed from any position of power and authority, no matter who they are, points directly toward an impending collapse in our nation's capacity to deliver all manner of things that are utterly-reliant on basic competence.  To refuse to demand ALL said persons' removal and back up that demand with whatever is necessary is a choice our society has made and it has consequences you are not going to like.

South Africa infamously had an "apartheid" government structure for 43 years; black people were formally and legally disadvantaged, unable to be treated as equals despite being in the majority of the population, from 1948 to 1994.  The nation, despite formal and legal segregation had a functional economy and government structure.  In the 25 years since that system was formally ended the nation has essentially devolved into gang violence, thuggery and is teetering on the collapse of basic goods and services such as production of basic foodstuffs (farming), electricity and water supply.  Please explain how, if there was no cultural or other significant difference whether in capacity or culture between the two groups this occurred and for extra credit please explain why anyone should consider assistance of any sort to this nation when the majority of the people there, who demanded equality and got it, are in fact fully and completely responsible for this breakdown in the basics of any civilized society and economy.

MASHELE: You've got a political crisis, which started in 1997, where the then-CEO of Eskom alerted government and told them that, if we do not get additional capacity in, we are going to start load shedding from 2007, which is exactly what happened.

Post-apartheid the electrical system operator warned the government that if they did not act to incentivize infrastructure and investment this would happen.  The newly-empowered majority government did nothing of the sort -- with fully ten years of fair warning -- and thus collapse it is.

Lest you think I'm bagging on people because of their race -- nope.  I'm bagging on people because of their culture and unwillingness to accept that which is when it comes to physical fact and deal with it.  Biden and his family anyone?  A wife in the family who gets a "payment" for no service of note?  A son who likes to smoke meth and, it appears, shower with underage girls in the family, never mind all manner of apparently-corrupt business dealings in multiple nations, being paid huge sums of money when he has zero relevant business or operational experience in the fields at hand.  This man winds up President, which tells me everything I need to know about the culture of this nation, particularly when his opponent in the other major political party just got done paying hospitals bonuses in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars per-person for procedures we knew did not work against a novel viral threat -- even when the patient died.

That is functionally equivalent to the Palestinians sending family members $10,000 when one of their sons wears a suicide vest and blows up a bunch of Israelis.  If that is an unacceptable act worthy of United States and international sanction tell me why the man who paid hospitals bonuses when they used known worthless treatments on your Grandmother and she died just had a huge crowd show up to cheer him on for a second Presidential run instead of running that rat bastard out of town?

When both major political parties post up candidates such as this and the people through their representative processes allow, enable and cause that to happen the cultural problem resides in us.

The instant rhetoric whenever someone engages in a school shooting is "ban guns."  How about banning thugs, virtually all of whom self-identify before the final incident?  We just had that happen in Denver, did we not?  I don't care how old you are or aren't or what race, sex or other "tribe" you belong to; if you're violent and disruptive you have no right to destroy the rights of others under some rubric of "equity."

You know, this thing called "The Rule of Law" which says when you demonstrate you're unfit to be in polite society through your actions we put you somewhere where you can't harm peaceful citizens.

I think they're called "prisons", but I could be mistaken.

There have always been thugs among humanity who, given the opportunity, will take advantage of others.  This is not new.  There have also always been narcissists among humanity who are absolutely certain they are the most-important person in the universe.

Positions of power attract these people just like crap attracts flies.

The entire reason we have an alleged "Rule of Law" and no "Divine Right Of Kings" in this nation, and such was ensconced in the Constitution of the United States is that history has shown repeatedly over more than two thousand years that as soon as you allow any group to be exempt from said laws the thugs are attracted there and you wind up with abused and dead people by the score.

Tell me again how Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted and imprisoned for sexually trafficking minors, managed to be convicted for that crime when not one person to whom she trafficked said minors to has been indicted, tried or imprisoned?  Its rather difficult to traffic minors for sex without someone consuming that service and in each and every case doing so is a serious felony.  If you believe the only person she "trafficked" them to was Epstein you're a few cans short of a sixpack; the flight logs from his aircraft make quite clear an awful lot of people were flying around on that plane, nearly all of them men and underage girls, and in addition no plausible legal explanation for where he got all of his money from has surfaced.  So where are the other prosecutions, convictions and imprisonments?  You see we still have "The Divine Right of Kings" don't we, and we, as Americans, have not sacked our government for continuing that practice despite it being the very reason this nation exists and why we shot all those British soldiers, ejecting them from America!

I'm supposed to be mad enough to ban guns over the shooting in Nashville despite the fact that a gun in the hands of a non-thug at that instant in time ended the slaughter?  At the same time 107 people, as of 3/20/2023 were shot and killed this year in Chicago, all but two of whom were apparently killed by thugs (the other two were, it appears, legitimate police stops of a thug-in-process.

The shooter in Nashville was apparently a 28 year old woman and the "early reports" were that she was apparently "in her teens."  Oh really?  Why isn't her name all over the place if she was known to be 28 years old and since when is a 28 year old apparently "in her teens"?

Then we find out -- the shooter, according to the Nashville cops, identified as a man and so gee, was biologically a woman. A copy of a social media profile with pronouns has been found.  Gee, no culture problem there right?  I get it, you didn't like being born with a slot between your legs instead of a hose.  I didn't like being born a dude who wasn't really all that good at hand-eye coordination sports because my right eye isn't as good as my left and thus, for example, I will never be any good at hitting a pitched baseball, but there's no "bionic" replacement so there's also nothing I can do about it as I was born this way.

I didn't go shoot up a school because I sucked at baseball when I was a kid nor did I demand people coddle me because I couldn't process an incoming baseball fast enough to accurately swing a bat at it.  Not do I have a right to play in the Major Leagues even though, no matter how much effort I put into training, I will never be capable of hitting a fastball.  Ever.

We all have something we'd rather be different.  The cultural difference between "well, that's how the cookie crumbles; I have to figure out how to deal with it" and "this is reason to scream, shout, demand accommodations and then go kill a bunch of people" is, well, rather profound.


Rational response (this is who I am, like it or not, so I have to deal with it and figure out how to be ok with it) or kowtowing to the screaming demands of those who, when they don't get what they wish they were and can never be or have, turn rabid?


Biden's administration immediately tried to frame this as yet more "gun control" nonsense which is a nice attempt from deflection from the fact that he and his administration have funded the slaughter of tens of thousands of people in and around Ukraine which incidentally shielded wild-eyed corruption over there, was a direct beneficiary of our corruption of their political process and then "demanded" literal tanks in the streets -- and got them, from us.

Oh, never mind the LIE that there is no objective reality with it comes to things you cannot change and are fixed at the moment of conception too.

Why do I bring this up specifically?

Because its really all part of the same issue.  Prior to 1968 you could literally buy a gun out of the Sears Catalog by mail order and have it delivered to your door by the post office.  There was an entire section in the "wish catalog" that came out every fall before Christmas; I remember that catalog as a boy since the back part of it was Christmas toys.

Yet there was no such problem.  Indeed it was common for boys to have a shotgun in the rack of the back of their truck in rural areas because they went hunting after school with it.

Why was there no such problem?

Because if you were a thug or decided that your specific issues meant someone else had to kowtow to you our culture was that you were not allowed to get away with that crap -- you sucked it up or not, but you could not impose your insanity on others.  Oh sure, there were exceptions -- the mob in some cities and similar -- but not in the general case.  You hit a teacher or threw a chair at her you got expelled and your parents had to deal with finding a way to get you an education at their own expense.  You got neither an IEP or a "cry room" if you were incapable of being in the same space with others and not disrupting their learning.  If they didn't or couldn't act as parents you wound up having to fend for yourself.  If that ended with you in prison for life tough crap.  If you attacked someone else you got jailed.  If you did it again you got jailed for a lot longer and you got to break rocks or make license plates as your highest and best life achievement.  If you believed you were a woman trapped in a man's body, or vice-versa, you were told to suck it up buckwheat -- your chromosomes were set at conception and there's nothing you can do about it.   If you wanted to be wild-eyed crazy that was your prerogative until and unless you committed a criminal act against someone else -- and then off to jail you went.  If you were a man but liked to dress as a woman that was fine, but we still called you "Joe" and there was nothing you could do about it and no, you could not be on the woman's track or swim team.  We did not allow a parade of people to break the law coming into the United States and if you tried that you were summarily ejected, we did not allow a river of fentanyl to flow in via said illegal border crossings and we did not coddle people who committed violent offenses against others no matter their age.

Whatever gifts and abilities, for better or worse, you were born with that's what you had.  Our culture instilled the viewpoint that you should make the best use of your unique abilities to the best of your capacity, and if you choose not to for whatever reason that was fine -- but the cost of that decision was on you and nobody else.  If you tried to make it someone else's problem you'd be told "NO!" in a firm but compassionate manner -- and if you refused to accept that answer it would be enforced if necessary.

With this culture we advanced in this nation as no other country ever has over a similar period of time.  We conquered atomic energy for peaceful purpose, we put men on the moon multiple times, we built reusable spacecraft that could fly to orbit and return and we created and distributed all manner of apparently-miraculous things, including electric lights, electricity on demand, automobiles capable of being bought by the average person's salary, calculators you could hold in your hand, computers in an office, then on your desk and finally in your pocket and more.

But then over the last several decades we decided we could instead create and nurtured culture where flat-out false claims and demands for "equality" when in fact that is impossible are tolerated and even rewarded, such as the insane "reparations" nonsense out in San Francisco, claims that a man is in fact a woman., that one is entitled to a law or other degree or diploma if one hasn't learned the material and repeatedly releasing violent accused felons on trivial or even no bail whatsoever.  Friends of mine vacationing in Nashville a few months ago were held up at gunpoint overnight in their rental by armed thugs.  To the best of my knowledge the assailants have not been caught.  Anyone care to guess whether they had priors and if so why weren't they in prison?

A couple of years ago violent bands of thugs burned and looted cities all over this nation.  How many were imprisoned for a decade for committing arson or commercial looting?  Effectively zero.  What does that tell you about how our culture has evolved to consider such thuggery nothing more than a nice night out on the town?

It is all the same thing through this article and these examples -- culture.  We have enabled and celebrated thuggery in Mexico (drug gangs), China (Uyghurs, Christians, Muslims and right here in the United States (drug gangs, illegal immigrants slaughtering a girl in Iowa, BLM and antifa "mostly-peaceful protestors" and more.)

This has extended into our government with both Trump (paying hospitals a bonus when they kill you) and Biden (mandates that had no basis in law or fact, "defund the police" out of Harris, shielding from prosecution his son for apparent criminal acts and more) never mind our Congress which has enabled repeated scams and schemes (Solyndra and all the various Covid-time period rip-offs anyone) going back decades and accelerating on an unbroken basis over the last 20+ years.  Rather than punish the funding source for the 9/11 attacks (Saudi Arabia) we instead waged war on TWO nations that had nothing to do with it (Iran and Iraq) and killed a few million children in one of them; one of the most-outrageous examples of thuggery in human history explicitly endorsed and permitted by the American people.

Spare me the crocodile tears until our culture changes and we decide, as a body politic, that this crap is going to stop -- and mean it.

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2023-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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As many of you have read in these pages Ishmael has contributed several articles on the clown world challenges of the last few years.  No, that's not me writing under another name, and yes, it is one contributor.

Let me offer, at this point, a different perspective: We won, they lost.

The outcome was in doubt for quite some time.  But now, its not.

Rasmussen ran a poll not long ago and found a very large percentage of people who are convinced that someone they knew was seriously injured or killed by the vexxines.  Remember the old mantra -- safe and effective?  Its no longer an opinion that holds sway among the American people.

But its not just opinion anymore: Now its fact, as we keep seeing.  Report after report, even showing up in the mainstream media, of people taking the Fauci Flop.  Allegedly healthy people, even elite level athletes, suddenly collapsing and in many cases dying.

Reality is that everyone dies and death is not uncommon.  But unexpected, sudden death among people younger than 60 or so is quite unusual.  Especially among athletes and other people of prominence, except from drugs, which of course have always been a scourge and have claimed people all the time.  Elvis infamously died on the crapper and upon autopsy they found ten prescription drugs in size and a seriously damaged liver.  Not all that long ago my sister died under similar circumstances, and from similar root causes.  I've had friends who also succumbed from the same sort of abuse of substances and that sucks.

But many of these are not slow suicides by drug abuse -- or, for that matter, by potato chip and sugared beverages.  They're "side effects" of something peddled to the masses and everyone knows it.  Those who were conned are scared of meeting God and having to explain their personal insanity to him, thus that fearful look in their eye.  Their attacks on you both over the last two years and today are from that exact reason: They're scared they got it wrong and you had it right -- and they may be literally walking while already dead.  Those who conned others or worse, who were enforcers either through soft coercion or even literal force, such as politicians, police officers, CEOs and supervisory people are not just scared they might be next but that their particular fiefdom and ambitions are screwed, never mind their personal life and wealth, perhaps terminally so.


The suck that the so-called "mitigations" caused from destruction of two+ years of children's education and productivity in our economy is nowhere near finished.  In fact the worst of it is just starting.  A virus that for many including healthy young people was actually less dangerous than the flu has done what essentially every highly mutable respiratory virus does: Entropy is not a suggestion any more than the laws of thermodynamics (which is what gives rise to entropy, by the way) and nothing escapes it.  Covid followed the same pattern that OC43 did back in the 1890s when nobody knew a damn thing about the structure of viruses nor were there any shots.  Even with our tampering the laws of physics were not to be denied or evaded; man may create God in an image that suits him, but he can't make hydrogen and oxygen turn into gold instead of water.

There is a maxim I didn't much discuss when I was running a business (because I certainly preferred not to educate my competition!) which is that you don't make money selling things -- you make money when you buy them.  Its has and always will be true.  When you take advantage of someone else's stupidity (which you're not responsible for since you didn't contribute to the stupid act) you acquire an advantage your competitor cannot outrun or outmaneuver whether its in business or your personal life.  MCSNet managed several of these, with one of the larger being a deal we found for office space (which of course every business needs) that was at about 20% of the going rate as a result of another firm's stupidity.  I was able to capitalize on that because I had stashed back cash, acquire a five-year lease on said office space and the cost of operations advantage over others was immense -- and dropped immediately and durably to the firm's bottom line.

The "suck" is going to tempt you in the next few years to whine and cry.  Don't.  That's self-destructive, especially if it prompts you to do something stupid like drown yourself in a bottle of gin.  Instead, if you're one of the people who said "no" and meant it build reserves, live frugally, shed unnecessary debt and expenses and be patient.  The stupidity that has run through not just the United States but worldwide over the last three years has not been local or minor: It has been immense, it has crossed nearly all professions and it has sucked into its maw the majority of Americans, say much less those in other nations.  The opportunities this will generate are also going to be immense, particularly when coupled with all the other stupidity of the last 20 years, including so-called "diversity hiring."  Just look at one minor piece of this -- the recent NOTAM meltdown in civil aviation.  NOTAMs even got "diversity renamed" to Notice to Air Missions when in fact it is Notice to Airmen.  It really is a trivial problem from a computing point of view; just a list of notices that deal with a specific route or place to warn pilots of local and abnormal conditions, such as a restriction on flying into a given set of coordinates during a certain time.  I could probably code up a system to do this in a weekend and run it in a single rack of equipment for the entire nation, then triplicate that in three strategic locations so there are two always-on spares -- literally.  Well, the FAA apparently did not care about making sure this "non-safety critical" (after all, if it fails it doesn't directly crash a plane) system actually worked and was redundant, and it failed.  The problem is that without it you can't fly because if you take off without having the NOTAMs for the area you're operating in and go somewhere you can't as a pilot your ticket gets punched, so said failure basically grounded the entire US non-military aviation system, commercial and civilian, for several hours.

This occurred because the stupid has run rampant throughout or civil and government systems where competence is no longer the gating factor to employment and supervisory positions but rather has been replaced with blind obedience to whatever the flavor of the day happens to be whether its hiring someone due to their skin color or their pronouns and then, in the last couple of years, whether they damaged their bodies stupidly because of a bunch of money-grubbing jackasses along with their enablers in the media and government.

All this will unwind and those who did the stupid things will be the ones who pay for it.  Yes, you'll have to live through the suck and we're all going to have to deal with that.  If you're younger you have never lived through a real suck.  That must be nice.  I'm almost 60 and I did -- both little sucks (e.g. early 1990s) and one pretty nasty one in the late 70s and early 80s which was caused by stupidity and arrogance, just like this one.  That latter one went on for about five years before it turned and started to improve but if you were prepared and took advantage you did damn well.  I was both too young and personally stupid at the time but I learned from that and in the 1990s pounced on its little brother.  That smaller one came at a great time for me professionally and was a big part of MCSNet being successful.  Some people levered up and won but most who did that lost with many literally losing everything.  The prepared who didn't lever up did quite well without the risk of a zero; winning less is ok unless you're a pig, in which case go ahead and grab for that Ring of Power -- just don't whine if you fall off the cliff into the lava instead of getting it.

Those of you who said NO -- the most-powerful single word in the English language -- are already winning.  You don't wake up every morning wondering if tonight you will go to bed and never wake up from a clot you throw in your sleep.  You might have been persecuted, fired and ostracized but you have your health and are not wondering if there's a ticking time bomb in your chest.

You should contemplate putting your unvexxed status everywhere -- including especially on resumes.

Wear it proudly -- you were RIGHT and its a perfectly-valid marketing point to use both personally and professionally.

Those who cheated (e.g. bribing the doc $50 to squirt it in the trash) are arguably in the worst situation of all.  You branded your own chart by doing that and in today's world with EMR (electronic medical records) you can never undo it.  If you ever used that fake credential you committed an offense against the person who you gave it to and might have committed a crime but even if it wasn't a crime if and when you get caught (and yes, it is possible for it to be proved you never got the actual shots) or try to walk it back you risk being blackballed in your industry or worse, particularly if your profession has ethics clauses -- and many professions do.  Even if you can't be blackballed you marked yourself as untrustworthy, and that cannot be reversed.

The consequences from all of this stupidity are going to have to go through the system and this is not going to be "over and done" as if nothing happened next week -- or next year.  But those consequences are going to create tremendous opportunities.   All-cause mortality is currently running in the high single-digits to around 12% all over the world, it is not coming back down materially and that is not a small figure.

Then there's disability, which is doing its best impression of a skyrocket just after launch:


Note the dip in "disabled" as we went into 2020; that was disabled people dying from the virus.  They were medically fragile and succumbed; we know this virus was especially ugly in those who were already seriously medically compromised, and that shouldn't have surprised anyone.  But what happened afterward and why, even though Omicron has been the dominant virus form for the last year and it kills almost nobody, has that trend in disability gone vertical?  Those newly-minted medically-fragile are the new screwed -- and they did it to themselves.  Perhaps this will level off in the next year or two and stop but if it doesn't, and the evidence thus far is that it is not slowing down, asset prices are going to collapse in many areas and those who are healthy and didn't screw themselves will be writing their own ticket, which will go a hell of a lot further when it comes to standard of living than it did five or ten years ago.

Take a million and a half extra people out of the workforce every year just from disability and perhaps 1/5th of that again in deaths on top of the normal everyday rate and guess what: That's almost exactly the 3% rate of "seriously screwed" I predicted and what this data appears to show was a pretty darn good educated guess.

The rage over the last couple of years was surcharging people's health insurance for refusing the jab as a punitive, coercive act.  On a forward basis those who took it may find themselves uninsurable at any price, never mind life insurance and those who refused have every right and should demand all of those surcharges back in cash, with interest at today's higher rates.  This is where you'll get caught if you try to lie too, because both the damage and residuals from taking the vexxine is almost-certainly going to be detectable and will be looked for.  Elevated troponins or even worse LGE on a cardiac MRI are impossible to hide.  Yeah, Obamacare will be there but for the healthy this means subsidy levels for decent insurance will go way up and that's good if you don't need it because it means you can have reasonable coverage for little or no cost.  In private business when this worm turns the screwed may find themselves unemployable at anything other than part-time, no-health-insurance jobs as the prognosis for those with LGE is both very poor and hideously expensive.  Then there are all the younger people still in or before their childbearing/siring years -- you have to be out of your damned mind as a young man or woman to date with the intent to marry and try to create children with a vexxed partner when you have the choice of a someone who didn't take it -- and you do.  Three percent doesn't sound all that bad but it is: Do you like adding a one in thirty risk that your husband or wife-to-be is mortally wounded and going to stick you with both the psychic and economic costs of their prior decision two, five or ten years down the road, never mind the possibility of being unknowingly unable to have children?  How about the recent study that found evidence of cardiac damage in nearly one in five young people?

How do you like those odds if you're a young man or woman?

Choose wisely -- which means unvexxed.  Let the vexxed have each other and whatever misery comes to them.  They bought the ticket; don't take their ride for them.

Here's my take: Those who thought for themselves, read the available information and then stuck up the middle finger at the people attempting to convince them to take the vexxines not only will win they have already and will keep winning.  Be smart now and into the future, build reserves, live frugally so you're prepared and be patient; you're not just winning now, today and here you're going to continue winning and those who made the other decision are going to continue losing both now and well into the future.  Not everyone who did a dumb thing will lose but in terms of economic impact that does not matter; all that matters is that many, far more than usual in our society, did a stupid thing and you will be able to take advantage when they are awarded their stupid prize.  If you do that and keep your powder dry five years from now you're odds-on to have a big fat grin on your face.

When all is said and done I expect mRNA to be consigned to the dustbin of history, the worst of a bad set of medical experiments run on entire populations without cause -- and those firms involved in it are going to be severely damaged if not (as in the case of one-trick-ponies) utterly destroyed.  Biotech firms blowing up is nothing new; they do it all the time and most of them fail.  The only difference here is the size of the detonations as a result of the stupidity of attempting to use unproved medical technology on a mass basis.

Do not expect the economic and sociological impact will be over or "back to normal" in a year.  If we're lucky in five years we'll be coming out of it; if not it might be a decade or even longer.  But those who made smart decisions will be the winners on a statistical basis and already are winning.

Hold your head high if "screw you!" was your answer to this garbage.

You were right and it is rapidly becoming consensus whether the media and so-called "bigwigs" like it or not.

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