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2023-01-26 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 742 references
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Interesting context and editing, as usual.

Pfizer Executive: ‘Mutate’ COVID via ‘Directed Evolution’ for Company to Continue Profiting Off of Vaccines … ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘That is Not What We Say to the Public’ … ‘People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

Pardon my skepticism -- never mind the very real constraints that are supposed to exist on such research.

He knows just enough to be convincing.  But, having watched it -- something is off.  I can't put my finger on it but unlike several Veritas has done that made my eyebrows go up (although I challenge anyone to find the indictments that said "bombshells" have resulted in) this one just didn't feel right.

Before you run around with your hair on fire the details are extremely important.  And, I might add, any of this sort of thing would be entirely beyond the liability shield related to jabs generally or "countermeasures" under EUA.  Don't kid yourself about research generally, including with pathogens: It is going on all the time and yes, there have been multiple screw-ups.

But: Do recall that Pfizer is not really the whole story; unlike Moderna they partnered with BioNTech, and there's plenty of risk-aversion reasons for them to have done so.  And there's just a touch of.... too much in this one.

We'll know within a few days if there's anything other than smoke here, or even perhaps a trap.

Perhaps this is what it looks like and you're free to point all the fingers you want on an immediate basis -- but I'm gonna let it percolate a bit.

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2023-01-22 11:30 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1092 references
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Clott Adams has apparently recanted -- well, sort of.

Note the quote though: "The anti-vaxxers clearly won."

Naw, he hasn't recanted.  He's still calling the ones who "won" by pejoratives, intentionally-so.

I argue that he's just pissed off that he may be fucked and there's nothing he can do about it, that the VSAFE data which the CDC deliberately refused to release until they were sued (showing a seven percent serious adverse event rate, which incidentally matches roughly with what Rasmussen polled at and therefore can't be called "doctored") only catches the immediate bad things, so it therefore must understate the harms by some amount since that which hasn't happened yet is obviously unknowable and the premise of having a one-in-14 or worse Sword of Damocles hanging over your head tends to produce a crap-ton of anxiety and is certainly not implicated in promoting deep, restorative sleep.

One who goes to the gallows while calling the person who caught him by pejorative labels instead of contritely admitting "I did an evil thing, those who caught me did a righteous thing, for my evil act I deserve just punishment and accept it humbly, realizing that all I have left is to supplicate myself before St. Peter" deserve nothing but permanent derision.

They're not admitting anything except that they were caught and are pissed off that they were caught and thus can no longer hide behind obfuscation and bullshit.

Wake me up when any of these people actually exhibit something that could reasonably be called contrition.  I have an entire list of said people who were formerly in my orbit that I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire.


Scott could have instead apologized for the "anti-vaxxer" pejorative and publicly listed every person who he blocked for same while unblocking them and asking (but not expecting) forgiveness.  I know very few people who refused the jab and viewed their decision as anything other than a risk:benefit calculation which, by the own determination and metric, fell on the "more risk than benefit" side.  As it turned out by the data even from the coroner in NYC or the CDC themselves only the very old AND seriously morbid -- their risk of death from infection was approximately five percent -- had any possibility of benefit outweighing harm.

Calling someone a name because their calculation differs from yours when neither of you can conclusively prove your calculation is correct for any individual case is malicious -- every time, without exception, period.

Indeed such a question is always objectively reasonable given that drug companies have repeatedly been caught gaming said trials, have paid billions in fines yet not one of said persons has ever gone to prison or been executed for it and thus as soon as you find such statistical holes, never mind a mechanism of serious harm you're crazy to believe anything they tell you in regard to that until and unless that risk has been run to the ground.  This very same BS was run with Vioxx (killed 60,000 and was ultimately withdrawn) and Gardisil (only protected against one of the HPV strains, has a potential to cause Guillain-Barre that can cripple or kill, the disease is sexually transmitted thus in virtually every case is a consequence of a consensual adult act never mind pushing it on boys when it carried zero benefit in reducing their risk of cervical cancer for obvious reasons yet they too might get hit with serious systemic harm.)

Said mechanism of serious potential harm was known before the shots were rolled out and was intentionally swept under the rug.  That the original three month trials in the fall of 2020 had more deaths in the treatment than the placebo arm was known and again intentionally swept under the rug as "not statistically meaningful."  That this was intentionally ignored instead of being publicly and widely exposed and debated including the mechanism by which severe and fatal harm could occur was proved in the early summer of 2021 when said study was peer-reviewed before mandates and that the specific mechanism of said potential harm was known in December of 2020 and intentionally buried was also clear at that point because said study was published as a pre-print at that time.

I wrote on it at the time and it cemented for me what was up until that point a clear and obvious fact: You can't know what takes time to show up until the time passes, and the reason it takes 10+ years to qualify these sort of therapies in an honest system is that you can't know what will happen in 10 years until ten years passes unless you possess a time machine.

The entire reason that attempting to use "vaccination" (even if it does work, and in this case time has proved it doesn't) against an emerging pathogen is stupid is that it is not possible to qualify the countermeasure in terms of both positive and negative effect over time.  You therefore are demanding that the public accept unknown and unknowable risks in trade for an unknown and unknowable degree of protection over an unknown period of time.

While making such a proposed countermeasure available with all the data on the table for individual assessment upon each person's individual circumstance is a rational thing to do in the face of an emergent biological threat to advocate that others do so, to promote it, to obfuscate any of the possible alternatives, to in any way suppress anecdotes or data on the harms or otherwise try to sway others is a serious moral, ethical and in fact damn well ought to be a criminal violation and, if it results in deaths (and in this case it did) you should hang for it particularly when you are proved wrong and refuse to apologize.


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2023-01-20 17:03 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1530 references
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Let's start: It sucks that Hamlin is probably long-term, permanently fucked.  But it is likely that he is, and the glad-handing face people have been playing is a lie.  That lie has now at least in part been admitted to by no less than the Associated Press.

Damar still requires oxygen and is having his heart monitored regularly to ensure there are no setbacks or after effects,” Jordon Rooney said. “Though he is able to visit the team’s facility, Damar is not in position to travel often, and requires additional rest to help his body heal.”

So he was not "discharged and is recovering normally."

Three weeks after his cardiac arrest live on national TV, the cause of which has not been disclosed but we know factually it was not Commotio Cordis as he had a pulse when the team medics got to him and lost it afterward (incidentally we know that reporting has to be true because otherwise nine minutes would have passed without circulation and he'd be dead) where is disclosure of what caused the heart attack?

And why does he still require supplemental oxygen; room air is, by this report, not enough.  Never mind that it appears they don't believe his heart rhythm is stable either.

Don't give me any bullshit about how they don't know.  A healthy young man who is that size of an investment to the both the NFL and the Bills, and has gone through a rigorous physical exam prior to being signed isn't going to go into the hospital with a near-fatal heart attack that had it happened in his house he would have been dead with near-100% certainty, come back out and nobody knows why it happened.

That's utter and complete crap and if you believe that you're a blind, vapid NPC.

Now if this was ordinary Joe I'd say heh, its his business.  But no -- Hamlin has been paraded around as some sort of hero and the NFL altered the games and the outcomes of the remaining contests in the playoffs -- to the benefit of some, and the detriment of others.  That makes this whole thing public, which incidentally is part of the deal when you become an NFL player and said prowess in the field and strutting around for the camera is why they pay the players all that money.  As such it's also reasonable to expect that when said player does a thud on the field and the league not only cancels the game, something they have not done before or since even for really serious injuries where people have been carried off on backboards, we damn well ought to have an answer as to what happened.

Especially when the obvious potential cause is not only on every fan's mind it is also on every other player's mind.

Needing supplemental oxygen at three weeks post-event for a young man in excellent physical condition is not a sign that there is no permanent damage and he is on the road to a full recovery.  Quite to the contrary; it is fairly good evidence that he's not coming back to football, ever, and may never be able to engage in any sort of strenuous activity again.

Proof?  No, but pretty damn good evidence.

In the meantime you're still not willing to face reality, are you?

One in 5,000 to one in 50,000 you say is what the CDC claims to be the risk of myocarditis and associated injury?  "Very rare", right?

That's funny: There's apparently a study out of Puerto Rico showing high double-digit rates of objective cardiac damage.  And another one out of Thailand.  And another out of our military showing, once again, high double-digit rates of objective markers of cardiac injury.  The first and third are not public (gee, I wonder why) but the second one is.

So "best case" is nearly 30% of the people who got the shots are screwed to at least some degree and two other studies had almost-identical results, one in the general population and the second among young, very healthy individuals -- members of the military, both approaching or at a 70% risk of objective cardiac harm.

When two unrelated groups of people run two studies on the same thing across two different populations who are wildly different in their medical history and personal health, in two different places, looking for a common element that came from something both groups did and they get nearly the identical result if you don't instantly sit up at full attention you're crazy.

How 'ya feeling America?  That's just one side effect, you know, and we're well-aware that there are a bunch of others that have been reported too.

SEVEN OUT OF TEN?  THIRTY TO SEVENTY PERCENT?  Yeah, I'm sure the amount of damage varies widely but cardiac damage does not heal in virtually every case.  That damage is permanent.  You're stuck with it for life and whatever it brings, whether the damage manifests as a small limitation in your physical exercise capacity or results, now or down the road, in cardiac arrest.

How do you like those odds and how do you feel about the con job that, it certainly appears, was run on you?   Would you have taken the jabs if you had knowledge of any, say much less all three, of those studies?  How about Trump still taking credit for "warp speed" which, I remind you, deliberately short-circuited the ordinary and expected testing that we've used for decades to qualify medications so you didn't know about them as they hadn't been run and published yet.

What do you say to those of us who warned that without running down what was a plausible mechanism of harm that could lead to exactly this outcome, with said warnings issued before the mass-jabbing actually got under way and in fact original pre-prints dated back into December of 2020 before basically anyone had received them -- and who were poo-pooed, called conspiracy theorists, ostracized, it was claimed we should be held down and forcibly jabbed, many argued for us to be imprisoned, many were fired from their jobs, denied entry into sporting events, restaurants, and concert venues and some of us were even assaulted despite published evidence that the potential for said risk was there.

Would you like to read my article from 2021 before mandates were imposed?  Here it is, just so you can't say "nobody told us."  I sure as Hell did and so did others -- in the first half of 2021.

Oh, and about all those ads that have run for the last two years on every television station, all the radio stations, all the social media, the blackballing of all of us who raised the alarm (indeed I still have a "search block" on my handle on Twitter) and indeed even your local grocery store was probably running ads for these damned things -- at least here they were (Kroger) right up until this week when they magically disappeared from my local store.  I have not seen or heard one warning about adverse effects in one of these ads.

Where's the "You were right, we were wrong, we were stupid to listen to {insert whoever}, we apologize and if we are fucked its our fault and sole personal responsibility for listening to that bullshit and it will remain our fault if we don't force accountability, both civil and criminal, against those who misled not just America but the entire world."

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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2023-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1256 references
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As many of you have read in these pages Ishmael has contributed several articles on the clown world challenges of the last few years.  No, that's not me writing under another name, and yes, it is one contributor.

Let me offer, at this point, a different perspective: We won, they lost.

The outcome was in doubt for quite some time.  But now, its not.

Rasmussen ran a poll not long ago and found a very large percentage of people who are convinced that someone they knew was seriously injured or killed by the vexxines.  Remember the old mantra -- safe and effective?  Its no longer an opinion that holds sway among the American people.

But its not just opinion anymore: Now its fact, as we keep seeing.  Report after report, even showing up in the mainstream media, of people taking the Fauci Flop.  Allegedly healthy people, even elite level athletes, suddenly collapsing and in many cases dying.

Reality is that everyone dies and death is not uncommon.  But unexpected, sudden death among people younger than 60 or so is quite unusual.  Especially among athletes and other people of prominence, except from drugs, which of course have always been a scourge and have claimed people all the time.  Elvis infamously died on the crapper and upon autopsy they found ten prescription drugs in size and a seriously damaged liver.  Not all that long ago my sister died under similar circumstances, and from similar root causes.  I've had friends who also succumbed from the same sort of abuse of substances and that sucks.

But many of these are not slow suicides by drug abuse -- or, for that matter, by potato chip and sugared beverages.  They're "side effects" of something peddled to the masses and everyone knows it.  Those who were conned are scared of meeting God and having to explain their personal insanity to him, thus that fearful look in their eye.  Their attacks on you both over the last two years and today are from that exact reason: They're scared they got it wrong and you had it right -- and they may be literally walking while already dead.  Those who conned others or worse, who were enforcers either through soft coercion or even literal force, such as politicians, police officers, CEOs and supervisory people are not just scared they might be next but that their particular fiefdom and ambitions are screwed, never mind their personal life and wealth, perhaps terminally so.


The suck that the so-called "mitigations" caused from destruction of two+ years of children's education and productivity in our economy is nowhere near finished.  In fact the worst of it is just starting.  A virus that for many including healthy young people was actually less dangerous than the flu has done what essentially every highly mutable respiratory virus does: Entropy is not a suggestion any more than the laws of thermodynamics (which is what gives rise to entropy, by the way) and nothing escapes it.  Covid followed the same pattern that OC43 did back in the 1890s when nobody knew a damn thing about the structure of viruses nor were there any shots.  Even with our tampering the laws of physics were not to be denied or evaded; man may create God in an image that suits him, but he can't make hydrogen and oxygen turn into gold instead of water.

There is a maxim I didn't much discuss when I was running a business (because I certainly preferred not to educate my competition!) which is that you don't make money selling things -- you make money when you buy them.  Its has and always will be true.  When you take advantage of someone else's stupidity (which you're not responsible for since you didn't contribute to the stupid act) you acquire an advantage your competitor cannot outrun or outmaneuver whether its in business or your personal life.  MCSNet managed several of these, with one of the larger being a deal we found for office space (which of course every business needs) that was at about 20% of the going rate as a result of another firm's stupidity.  I was able to capitalize on that because I had stashed back cash, acquire a five-year lease on said office space and the cost of operations advantage over others was immense -- and dropped immediately and durably to the firm's bottom line.

The "suck" is going to tempt you in the next few years to whine and cry.  Don't.  That's self-destructive, especially if it prompts you to do something stupid like drown yourself in a bottle of gin.  Instead, if you're one of the people who said "no" and meant it build reserves, live frugally, shed unnecessary debt and expenses and be patient.  The stupidity that has run through not just the United States but worldwide over the last three years has not been local or minor: It has been immense, it has crossed nearly all professions and it has sucked into its maw the majority of Americans, say much less those in other nations.  The opportunities this will generate are also going to be immense, particularly when coupled with all the other stupidity of the last 20 years, including so-called "diversity hiring."  Just look at one minor piece of this -- the recent NOTAM meltdown in civil aviation.  NOTAMs even got "diversity renamed" to Notice to Air Missions when in fact it is Notice to Airmen.  It really is a trivial problem from a computing point of view; just a list of notices that deal with a specific route or place to warn pilots of local and abnormal conditions, such as a restriction on flying into a given set of coordinates during a certain time.  I could probably code up a system to do this in a weekend and run it in a single rack of equipment for the entire nation, then triplicate that in three strategic locations so there are two always-on spares -- literally.  Well, the FAA apparently did not care about making sure this "non-safety critical" (after all, if it fails it doesn't directly crash a plane) system actually worked and was redundant, and it failed.  The problem is that without it you can't fly because if you take off without having the NOTAMs for the area you're operating in and go somewhere you can't as a pilot your ticket gets punched, so said failure basically grounded the entire US non-military aviation system, commercial and civilian, for several hours.

This occurred because the stupid has run rampant throughout or civil and government systems where competence is no longer the gating factor to employment and supervisory positions but rather has been replaced with blind obedience to whatever the flavor of the day happens to be whether its hiring someone due to their skin color or their pronouns and then, in the last couple of years, whether they damaged their bodies stupidly because of a bunch of money-grubbing jackasses along with their enablers in the media and government.

All this will unwind and those who did the stupid things will be the ones who pay for it.  Yes, you'll have to live through the suck and we're all going to have to deal with that.  If you're younger you have never lived through a real suck.  That must be nice.  I'm almost 60 and I did -- both little sucks (e.g. early 1990s) and one pretty nasty one in the late 70s and early 80s which was caused by stupidity and arrogance, just like this one.  That latter one went on for about five years before it turned and started to improve but if you were prepared and took advantage you did damn well.  I was both too young and personally stupid at the time but I learned from that and in the 1990s pounced on its little brother.  That smaller one came at a great time for me professionally and was a big part of MCSNet being successful.  Some people levered up and won but most who did that lost with many literally losing everything.  The prepared who didn't lever up did quite well without the risk of a zero; winning less is ok unless you're a pig, in which case go ahead and grab for that Ring of Power -- just don't whine if you fall off the cliff into the lava instead of getting it.

Those of you who said NO -- the most-powerful single word in the English language -- are already winning.  You don't wake up every morning wondering if tonight you will go to bed and never wake up from a clot you throw in your sleep.  You might have been persecuted, fired and ostracized but you have your health and are not wondering if there's a ticking time bomb in your chest.

You should contemplate putting your unvexxed status everywhere -- including especially on resumes.

Wear it proudly -- you were RIGHT and its a perfectly-valid marketing point to use both personally and professionally.

Those who cheated (e.g. bribing the doc $50 to squirt it in the trash) are arguably in the worst situation of all.  You branded your own chart by doing that and in today's world with EMR (electronic medical records) you can never undo it.  If you ever used that fake credential you committed an offense against the person who you gave it to and might have committed a crime but even if it wasn't a crime if and when you get caught (and yes, it is possible for it to be proved you never got the actual shots) or try to walk it back you risk being blackballed in your industry or worse, particularly if your profession has ethics clauses -- and many professions do.  Even if you can't be blackballed you marked yourself as untrustworthy, and that cannot be reversed.

The consequences from all of this stupidity are going to have to go through the system and this is not going to be "over and done" as if nothing happened next week -- or next year.  But those consequences are going to create tremendous opportunities.   All-cause mortality is currently running in the high single-digits to around 12% all over the world, it is not coming back down materially and that is not a small figure.

Then there's disability, which is doing its best impression of a skyrocket just after launch:


Note the dip in "disabled" as we went into 2020; that was disabled people dying from the virus.  They were medically fragile and succumbed; we know this virus was especially ugly in those who were already seriously medically compromised, and that shouldn't have surprised anyone.  But what happened afterward and why, even though Omicron has been the dominant virus form for the last year and it kills almost nobody, has that trend in disability gone vertical?  Those newly-minted medically-fragile are the new screwed -- and they did it to themselves.  Perhaps this will level off in the next year or two and stop but if it doesn't, and the evidence thus far is that it is not slowing down, asset prices are going to collapse in many areas and those who are healthy and didn't screw themselves will be writing their own ticket, which will go a hell of a lot further when it comes to standard of living than it did five or ten years ago.

Take a million and a half extra people out of the workforce every year just from disability and perhaps 1/5th of that again in deaths on top of the normal everyday rate and guess what: That's almost exactly the 3% rate of "seriously screwed" I predicted and what this data appears to show was a pretty darn good educated guess.

The rage over the last couple of years was surcharging people's health insurance for refusing the jab as a punitive, coercive act.  On a forward basis those who took it may find themselves uninsurable at any price, never mind life insurance and those who refused have every right and should demand all of those surcharges back in cash, with interest at today's higher rates.  This is where you'll get caught if you try to lie too, because both the damage and residuals from taking the vexxine is almost-certainly going to be detectable and will be looked for.  Elevated troponins or even worse LGE on a cardiac MRI are impossible to hide.  Yeah, Obamacare will be there but for the healthy this means subsidy levels for decent insurance will go way up and that's good if you don't need it because it means you can have reasonable coverage for little or no cost.  In private business when this worm turns the screwed may find themselves unemployable at anything other than part-time, no-health-insurance jobs as the prognosis for those with LGE is both very poor and hideously expensive.  Then there are all the younger people still in or before their childbearing/siring years -- you have to be out of your damned mind as a young man or woman to date with the intent to marry and try to create children with a vexxed partner when you have the choice of a someone who didn't take it -- and you do.  Three percent doesn't sound all that bad but it is: Do you like adding a one in thirty risk that your husband or wife-to-be is mortally wounded and going to stick you with both the psychic and economic costs of their prior decision two, five or ten years down the road, never mind the possibility of being unknowingly unable to have children?  How about the recent study that found evidence of cardiac damage in nearly one in five young people?

How do you like those odds if you're a young man or woman?

Choose wisely -- which means unvexxed.  Let the vexxed have each other and whatever misery comes to them.  They bought the ticket; don't take their ride for them.

Here's my take: Those who thought for themselves, read the available information and then stuck up the middle finger at the people attempting to convince them to take the vexxines not only will win they have already and will keep winning.  Be smart now and into the future, build reserves, live frugally so you're prepared and be patient; you're not just winning now, today and here you're going to continue winning and those who made the other decision are going to continue losing both now and well into the future.  Not everyone who did a dumb thing will lose but in terms of economic impact that does not matter; all that matters is that many, far more than usual in our society, did a stupid thing and you will be able to take advantage when they are awarded their stupid prize.  If you do that and keep your powder dry five years from now you're odds-on to have a big fat grin on your face.

When all is said and done I expect mRNA to be consigned to the dustbin of history, the worst of a bad set of medical experiments run on entire populations without cause -- and those firms involved in it are going to be severely damaged if not (as in the case of one-trick-ponies) utterly destroyed.  Biotech firms blowing up is nothing new; they do it all the time and most of them fail.  The only difference here is the size of the detonations as a result of the stupidity of attempting to use unproved medical technology on a mass basis.

Do not expect the economic and sociological impact will be over or "back to normal" in a year.  If we're lucky in five years we'll be coming out of it; if not it might be a decade or even longer.  But those who made smart decisions will be the winners on a statistical basis and already are winning.

Hold your head high if "screw you!" was your answer to this garbage.

You were right and it is rapidly becoming consensus whether the media and so-called "bigwigs" like it or not.

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2022-09-16 13:53 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 484 references
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So CDC, NIH and others are over-reach and bullshit extraordinaire.

I was asked to speak on this briefly today.  And did.

Then the conversation went toward "smart meters" and the overtones of "5g."

Jesus, cut the shit folks.

So-called "smart meters" are nearly all Zigbee-style devices which is a quite-common option for home automation.  This is a mesh technology and typically runs in the same bands as your WiFi router does, with less power in terms of ERP (effective radiative power) than your cellphone -- and not by a little either, given the wild difference in distance between the device and you.

The reason the power companies use this is because it can be certificate-based for security and thus is quite secure from interception or tampering, which is a really big deal when you're talking about people's power bill never mind being shut off if you don't pay.  While they could have designed their own why re-invent what already exists and is available to anyone who wants to use it when that is perfectly-suitable to the task and quite secure?

Here's an ARRL document on them, which is entirely accurate by the way.  902 Mhz is very close to the Z-wave US frequency (908 Mhz) and I've had that stuff all over my house for over ten years.  You probably have too, since it was one of the earlier "cordless phone" frequencies (nowdays most are on 2.4Ghz.)

FCC power requirements limit such a meter to one watt of RF power.  For comparison your cellphone is tower-controlled as to power level but, because you walk around with it near and on your body (which attenuates the signal thus can cause the power required to go up) its limited to 600mw, or 0.6w, which is the maximum for a handheld device.

A common ham radio HT or "walkie talkie" has both a 1W and 5W setting.  I own two.  My ham "base" transceiver has a base power level settable of up to fifty watts but the power I'm allowed to run depends on the band I'm operating on and, depending on the band and the power limits associated with amateur radio use on same I can run a linear amplifier behind that and boost the power to ten or more times that level.

I also used to work on Ku and C band microwave transmitters and in fact did control software for some of them; the C-band klystron units, in particular, had rated power outputs into the kilowatt range, with TWT units typically having rated outputs around 300-600 watts.  These were continuous ratings, not "burst" or "pulsed".

All of RF is, as you learn if you ever study it, subject to the inverse-square law.  This is why the local FM radio station frequently runs somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 watts of output power yet at your radio the signal level received by the antenna is tiny.

Thus while your meter may emit 1 watt and your cellphone is 6/10ths of that the meter is almost-certainly a hell of a lot further away from you than the phone just as your FM radio or TV is from the transmitter and thus the actual power you are exposed to is a tiny fraction of that from your cellular device, laptop connected via WiFi (which of course is transmitting) and similar.

In addition the meter transmits on a periodic basis because all the others within "listening range" have to not be transmitting at the same time or they will "step on" each other since they're all on the same frequency band.  The "mesh" is what makes this work; in short your neighbor "helps" your signal get to one of the utility company's antennas and vice-versa.  This is, of course, wildly different than what happens when you use a cellphone, PDA or laptop where your transmission is for you -- and only you.

In short the argument is bullshit unless, of course, you have no electronic devices in your house and do not live anywhere near a transmitting radio or TV station, nor do you have a transformer (which also emits EMF) on the pole or pedestal outside your home.  Well, perhaps not if you're Amish.  For everyone else?  It's crap.  Period.

The other argument is "dirty power."  Guess what I own?  A Tek digital storage oscilloscope, with which I can trivially look at the power quality coming from my AC outlets just as easily as I can use it to design, diagnose and fix electronics.  I have.  The claim is nonsense.

Why do power companies love smart meters?  Because they don't have to send people out to read them, so their costs are lower.  In addition nearly all (if not all) have a remote disconnect capability.  This cannot be used to shut you off for load management as its not designed to be used on a regular basis (it has a rated connect/disconnect under load life of perhaps a hundred cycles) so in terms of a "rolling blackout" that's not how they'll do it -- if they try they'll be buying a lot of new meters when the contacts fail.

But if you don't pay your bill, well, that's a "once in a while" deal and yeah, they can and do use it that way since now they don't need to send someone out to remove the meter from the socket and potentially meet the deadbeat with a 12ga shotgun who's rather interested in them not removing it and thus shutting their power off.

What I was asked to speak to was CDC overreach and my view that the agency should be destroyed, as their malfeasance and misfeasance, all of it intentional, goes back decades and is well-documented as is that of the FDA and NIH.  AIDS was one of the most-egregious examples but hardly the only one prior to Covid, never mind the CDC's refusal to actually act within their authority and seize and destroy contaminated items in interstate supply (such as E-coli contaminated food), which under statute they are empowered to do.

Nonetheless I refuse to have my name associated with bullshit and, while I'm polite enough not to call it out while on the Zoom, it shall not pass without my commentary here, on the record and exempt from roll-off.

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