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 Stick To Your Beliefs
Raven 19k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2023-05-20 13:44:46

There are immense implications in this article. Few people realize the gravity of it and to how many things it applies.

Here is something which i have found in the face to face world, my other forums both on and off line and even here. One must be what one is and say it how one does for a very important reason.

This tone, method, style, subject matter, facts and opinion are a niche in and of themselves. This is why some people are here, and some are not.

When one tries to please everyone and not be true to himself he has many losses. These losses come from unfamiliarity with other groups thus less effective communication and plans, diluting his niche, and forgetting the ultimate message.

Even the way one does thing matters to the niche who could be called followers or fellow travelers.

Those who need to be here are here.

Those who need to post here post here.

It is as simple as that.

The internet has allowed two things which other innovative technology has also enabled to lesser degree. The niche is rather huge when great distance is not an impediment. And, people do not need to be 100% alike to share a sub-niche connection. This is the greatest aspect of modern communication and has existed with less disruptive technology in the past. People in a new style "tribe" such as here can still be quite different and would not connect in real life due to said, however something of here if not all of it crosses into other tribes where there is no other conflict. This is why things such as the printing press, early journalism, and things such as quality television and even the telephone broke down barriers leading to the sub-tribe process. This brings me to the ultimate point.

This is America. Every American is supposed to share a common sub-tribe at the high level while being allowed to have his own equally valuable personal and cultural tribe at the community level. What has been lost is the concept of the high level tribe its morals and values, and this is what we discuss here and Karl does in today's article.

There is nothing wrong with a professional tribe and in this case a form of Law Enforcement. The problem is that tribe has forgotten that the high-level sub-tribe of America must be present at the base of their mission as they expect said of all of the other cultural, personal and professional tribes out there. Everyone follows the same America Ideals and its resulting rule of law.

Otherwise we are merely factions at war and stealing from each other.

You are here.

If you change, your tribe ceases to exist. As Captain Picard in the Star Trek franchise said to the Andriod, "You are a culture of one."

Be a culture or tribe of one without apology or compromise, and one will realize that one is more than one in many others in whole or in part.

"Don't you just love it when the trash takes itself out?"
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