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 Coof Wars Epilogue
Dingleberry 1k posts, incept 2011-11-06
2023-01-14 10:10:03

What a great Ticker and a wonderful way to start the weekend. I would add TG was a de facto general in our army of pure bloods. TG's willingness to stick his neck out and go not only against the grain, but literally against a tsunami of propaganda was an island of sanity in a sea of societal madness. None of us has ever seen anything like this. Coming through this onsalught while remaining un-jabbed, I feel like I won a 15-round heavyweight fight, battered and bruised, but still standing. And now I get the sublime satisfaction of watching the "suddenlies and unexpecteds" pile up, certainly those who wanted jab mandates, or shamed others into getting jabbed.

I wish that the average reader here could see for themselves how pharm sales actually work. Imagine the slimiest tactics, and that is a start. Think used car salesman x 10. And the docs are often no better. They take the bribes.....subsidized cruises, or trips to Disney for a "conference", etc. And then throw in the marketing lies, slick advertising, etc. The latter is how the media is captured. Don't bite the hand that feeds.....buying all those commercials on your network! So if anyone in the media or medicine now tells you they "didn't know"....tell them to fuck right off.

I personally know a few that took the jabs and now suffer mightily for it, certainly shorter life spans. They were not karens, but naive common folk who (to quote Flounder from Animal House) "fucked up and trusted us"....meaning their doctors. The masses are awakening. Very few are getting boosted now. This is about the only good thing that will come from this disaster, aside from watching karens continue to drop.

p.s. Lisa Marie died this week of a heart attack....and in case you were wondering....she was jabbed 10 months ago and virtue signaled on twatter about it.

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