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 Coof Wars Epilogue
Ambiguousfrog 82 posts, incept 2013-08-20
2023-01-14 10:10:03

Unvexxed wifey is quiting her current employer after 20 years being a mother/baby nurse due to some wild hair up some executives ass recently requiring N95 masks for unvexxed nurses. Sounds discriminatory when it'll put a sign on your back for being non-vexxed in the workplace. She's not doing it. 12 hour shifts wearing that crap will kill her. The stupid hurts. She's a good nurse and at the beginning of all this we both were willing to lose our jobs during their b.s. mandate requirements. It's about control. Religious exemptions don't address stupid people wanting to exert their control over you and everything around them. We'll watch it crumble from a distance. We'll try all we can to become more healthy and resist any reliance on the health system as it is today. We look forward to all that you've expressed. Grab the popcorn.
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