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 Amnesty? Absolutely NOT
Evergreen 440 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-11-01 08:20:52

How about ventilators?

The MOMENT Fauci sh*t on HCQ while at the same time ordaining that ventilators were the only saving grace short of a vaccine (then under development) was the only tell one needed to know that the fix was in.

Why? Because ventilators are medical devices. Fauci's position was that whatever does not undergo a randomized clinical trial against covid does NOT get approval for use in this instance. But, where was the trial for efficacy of ventilators? "Oh, common sense, man! Use the ventilators!"

"Common sense? OK, then HCQ is in." Later IVM and anything else physicians wanted to try. Sense says to go with what "could" conceivably work, not what is known to work--because "known" didn't exist in unimpeachable strength.

"Absolutely not!", said the totalitarians.

And, so began the murders. They denied existing medications with known safety profiles. Denied.

They denied patients who begged and sued to take medications that are doled out as prophylaxis routinely. That's a special kind of degree of homicide. 0th Degree Homicide, it's so fundamentally evil that it has to be jammed in before 1st Degree.

No, these people who beg for mercy were participants in a takeover of personal freedoms. They stole life from others, both literally and figuratively. They demanded compliance under penalty of tazers and baton beatings and arrest. They subjugated their fellow man.

Ventilators were used to scare the crap out the population; that's why they were the default solution. It fed the narrative to make mRNA--notoriously unsafe--"safe enough" in the eyes of the scared.

Went head to head with four emergency covid doctors on patient treatment last October. ALL of them said patient was going to die; go to hospice now. Only one yielded to reason and modified the protocol to maximize the steroid dose and supply Vit C IV (and zinc). V-shaped recovery ensued, such that the staff considered patient a miracle. "IVM is horse sh*t" said one. "If it ain't in NEJM, it's bunk".

Provided NEJM article on RCT where methylprednisolone outdoes dexamethasone in spades against covid. "Uh, I can't see anything to counter or reject this report. But, no."

Every single one of them were head cases in their wards, presiding over the deaths of patients who could have been saved.

Patient, early 80's, bad heart and all, kicked like a mule until they released many days later. Still a mule today, thanks to some brave physicians who trusted their gourds and actually practiced medicine and circulated their findings so that Patient could have a fighting chance against tyranny.
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