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 Amnesty? Absolutely NOT 655 posts, incept 2021-12-17
2022-11-01 15:48:35

Tickerguy wrote..
A just and lawful society would already have hundreds in the dock awaiting trial on capital charges.

@Tickerguy -- I'm trying:

I'd have to look in other States' Constitutions, but there's likely a few other States that allow such a public-driven solution.

Smooth wrote..
She deserves to die, period. And all the others. Totally concur with vigilante justice.

@Smooth -- The list includes my own governor, Trump, and many others.
I would suggest that company boards (and HR heads) should also be on the list.

Abelardlindsey wrote..
If this writer is sincere about an amnesty, she should be advocating the following things:

1) Constitutional amendment that enshrines bodily autonomy.
2) Constitutional amendment enshrining right to travel and move about.
3) Governments are now allowed to have emergency powers under any condition whatsoever. I don't care if the comet is coming to hit the Earth. No emergency powers.
4) Complete the separation of state and religion by extending it to a separation of state and economy.

@Abelardlindsey -- WRT #2, we already have it via the 9th, 10th, and the traditional "privlidges and immunities" (via the Articles of Confederation, IIRC Art. 4)... #3 already exists, again via the 9th and 10th... the "emergency powers" bullshit is precisely so those in power can say "Oh, we don't have to abide by the Constitution because EMERGENCY!" And as for #4, about the only way to get that would be a Constitutional amendment defining the Dollar as an exact weight (mass) of Gold or Silver (i.e. no paper/digital monies) AND removing the ability of the Congress to [re]define that weight. (Simply because it's much more difficult to counterfeit precious-metals than it is to print money or digitally alter an electronic balance-sheet.)

Buckeyedoug wrote..
Unless we get a massive red tsunami AND aggressive investigations to expose everything, EVERYTHING, I fear the truth will get put on the back burner, even when people continue to die off.

@Buckeyedoug -- I see no reason, whatsoever, to conclude that a Red Tsunami would matter at all.
After all, Trump is the self-proclaimed "Godfather" of the Stroke Poke... and going against any claim of authority by a government official is extremely out of character for him.
And do you think DeSantis would be any better? How many of the cruise-lines are bankrupt because of their Clot Shot mandate-policies, which our host has pointed out are violating a law DeSantis signed which (if enforced) would cause said cruise-lines bankruptcy?

We CANNOT think that a "Red Win" is at all helpful to the application of Justice --for when, in the past 20 years, did the Republican Party push government accountability? and despite having it as a central party-plank all that time!-- the only way to achieve Justice is to advocate it your own self.
I'm doing what I can with my lawsuits (and petitions), you should do what you can.
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