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 The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine
Raven 18k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-09-01 14:36:30

Karl, a greater concern over the Flu shot or any vaccine for that matter is that one can no longer trust the label.

Imagine if those in charge conjure an internal lie, perhaps based in a truth, that there is a threat so severe that the people need to be long term treated for it, however they cannot reveal the threat for whatever reasons. Only after some indeterminate period will the people be grateful when the truth comes out from what those in secret protected them.

So many egos in the process will be convinced that they are doing a mission of good that there will be many layers of buy-in frustrating any efforts to peel the onion until it takes on a life of its own where the key players are literally unknown up and down the levels of power from the highest to interested outsider.

This is how it works, and why some knew that something like this was bound to happen. Be cautious when finding supposed truths regarding something like this as it is easier to hide lies between truths.

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