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 The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine
Olddad 224 posts, incept 2019-08-22
2022-09-01 07:59:02

Karl, your writing always leads one to think beyond the paragraphs you put to paper.

Though I have long thought of the potential for widespread social and economic harm to everyone through the removal of the jabbed from the workforce (via disability or death), I had not previously considered the possibility that a jab's harms could be passed on to offspring. Though somewhat outlandish (perhaps not?) in the realm of things, I could see that we are just stoopid enough to create zombie babies or maybe like that the NF movie "Deer Boy" where they created mixed species kids (the main character was a deer boy). And yes, the "purebloods" hunted the children down and killed them.

Perhaps life does imitate art. God help us.
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