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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Gleppo 52 posts, incept 2021-12-21
2022-01-31 12:57:32

Wow ... another TG masterpiece, brilliant and savage.

I have lost so much faith in the medical establishment that anymore, IMO until proven otherwise, MD now means Malicious Deceiver.

What absolutely pisses me off about this quack is that he is deliberately creating the impression that these doctors' recommendations consist solely of ivermectin and HCQ, and avoiding the vaccines. This is a deliberate lie of omission.

Kory's FLCCC prophylactic and early treatment protocol available on the FLCCC websites clearly states, "Consult Health Care Provider: Discuss all protocol elements as well as the role of vaccination... vaccines are part of a multi-modal COVID-19 strategy and we encourage health authorities to allow doctors to use all tools at their disposal."

A core component of the FLCCC protocol is Vit D3, Vit C, Zinc and Quercetin, both prophylactically and in early treatment. These supplements are known to strengthen the immune system. Is he actually disputing their effectiveness? Why does he rake Dr Kory over the coals over ivermectin and HCQ, yet avoid any mention of FLCCC's active promotion of these common supplements? Why has the government, medical establishment, CDC, etc been virtually silent for 2 years about the value of D3/C/Zinc/Quercetin?

When I got coofed I doubled my D3/C/Zinc/Quercetin intake and, based on information gleaned from this site and others, took Vitamin I, aspirin, NAC, glutathione, generic antihistamine, and bovine colostrum. I had a one-day fever, fatigue, and head cold and was over it all in 9 days.

Did any of my stuff actually work, and if so, which were the most effective? Beats me. Maybe none of it worked and my natural immunity just took care of business. But I had sound reason to believe some or all of it would help -- and most importantly, I knew none of it would HARM me -- so it made sense to throw the kitchen sink of cheap medications and supplements at it. And based on the outcome I stand by my decision.

I find the establishment's bizarre lack of curiosity about the mere possibility of cheap effective treatments, and outright hostility to the mere suggestion that they may exist, to be one of the most deeply disturbing elements of this entire fiasco.
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