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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Boredfree 2k posts, incept 2021-09-15
2022-01-31 08:13:51

Karl, EXCELLENT, elegant and factual! I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the guy with the MD after his name.

MD these days stands for; made dead.

Is he really as big of an ass as he seems from his writing? Probably. Do you think he believes what he writes?

If he were to substitute Fauci's name for Kory's, wouldn't it be close to the same argument AGAINST what the mainstream medical establishment has done?

At least the medications promoted by the outcast doctors have a long track record of safety.

After two years of lies, pointless mandates and sundry official rules I'm tired of the shit show. Obviously, I'm in a small minority, judging by how the masses are responding to the crap.

America is a nation of eunuchs led by soulless demons.

The problem is most people want to point a finger rather than their thumb when dealing with challenges.
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