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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Punch_rockgroin 4k posts, incept 2008-12-31
2022-01-31 09:58:23

The FDA is doubling down and has approved remdesivir for outpatient use. Both for adults and pediatric use:

I want to see teeth flying as someone is beaten with a cast iron dildo hidden in a sock.
Kf7psm 81 posts, incept 2021-09-12
2022-01-31 09:58:29

Karl, wow, am sure it took quite some time to assemble all that into one post. And I found no errors in it! That deserves a bottle of fine Scotch! Well done.
Likesbeer 46 posts, incept 2021-05-24
2022-01-31 10:03:37

If he were to substitute Fauci's name for Kory's, wouldn't it be close to the same argument AGAINST what the mainstream medical establishment has done?
Indeed. The rhetoric sounds like a call for scientific rigor but it's actually a massive double standard. False claims for the vaccines have been made repeatedly, with no support at all from RCTs.

To date, the most that the anti-IVM lobby has been able to claim is that some of the IVM trials are of insufficient quality and that some of the "high quality" trials are underpowered Also, some of them may have been fraudulent. Similar criticisms could be levelled at the vax trials. Some "experts" have spun the underpowered trials as showing that "IVM doesn't work".
Motorelay 256 posts, incept 2021-09-20
2022-01-31 10:10:33

May I kindly remind my fellow posters that none of this has anything to do with public health or safety. As long as we continue to fight it as if it does we will lose the battle. The courts, the doctors, the medical facilities, all educational entities, unions, corporate HR, and especially governments of any stripe, want to engage us on the playing field of health and safety, where they will win the debate. They will not listen to logic or reason. As long as they can steer the discussion back to health and safety, we have no hope of being heard.

We need to separate the reality of the virus and its treatment, from the debate about the role of government in said treatment. We can more easily win in a non-health related sphere. We need to meet force with counter-force. The Powerz are expecting resistance from the people, but they are certain that they will retain control.

The "Freedom Convoys" are brilliant in that they can disrupt traffic, impede the free flow of goods, get their message across, and send Twinkle Toes Trudeau scampering out of Ottawa to save his own cowardly neck.

The next effective tactic is messing with corporate profits. We are already starting to see this on a minor level. Employers bitch and moan about losing good employees. Insurers complain that excessive deaths are biting their bottom line. There will be a tax revolt if this continues. Perhaps the best way to turn the tide is withholding the only thing they need us for - our work and our money.
Blanca 578 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2022-01-31 10:10:50

Dr N. says to get the jabs. How'd that work out for Justin Trudeau?
Dingleberry 880 posts, incept 2011-11-06
2022-01-31 10:30:40

Great Ticker Karl.

This could have been written by a lawyer. Or physician.

The bottom line on all of this is medicine violated many historical, sacrosanct public health and scientific rules (not to mention ethics) rolling this shit out. But cannot cure a delusion in another. A delusion is a clinical term for a firm, fixed belief that is VERY difficult to cure.

I hope the good doc gets him, his wife, and all his kids repeatedly jabbed. For the good of Public Health and whatnot. No doubt he is raising a cabal of fascist idiots.


That's it in a nutshell.

We here know the answer. So does everyone else deep down. The question is......that pesky delusional thingie. Can it be fixed or changed?

I highly doubt it.

The ONLY thing that I can possibly see the jabs helping with is for those fat, walking time bombs who may have been spared deadly infection short-term. Hard to know, as so much of the data is now hopelessly skewed and/or false. And that does not even consider the side effects.

Woe betide anyone who took leave of their common sense, and trusted big Pharma. For them or their kids.
Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2022-01-31 10:45:26

I don't agree...the debate on the science hasn't happened which is why they are resorting to censorship. I doubt that we'd lose which they're attempting to avoiding the debate
Debtfree2200 1k posts, incept 2015-10-29
2022-01-31 10:53:59

Excellent post. We need posts like this to succinctly wrap up the past couple years every now and then.
Edwardteach 393 posts, incept 2021-05-01
2022-01-31 10:54:04

This is a Ticker worth saving as it has essentially all of the main points outlined in one handy reference.

Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin command here.
Sraven 95 posts, incept 2010-07-29
2022-01-31 10:54:08

I suppose we will see new definitions of immune and un-immune but this concept of immunity interests me.

During the last two years, I remodeled a house in Alabama, sold it, packed a UHaul and moved to Texas. Bought a house in Oklahoma, and remodeled it. Did some repairs on the house in Texas, sold it, packed a UHaul and moved to Oklahoma.

Neither I nor my sweetie have had corona. I have avoided masks, distancing, lock downs (its not possible to remodel a house and move across country and do those things). We aren't vaxed. I'm 67, she is older. Neither of us are slim and trim nor do we exercise. And neither of us have taken the ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

So . . . define immune and un-immune. Am I immune because I have not had the corona? Am I un-immune because I have not had the vax? Or have I had the deadly virus and simply did not know it?

Or am I simply immune? I honestly don't know. We exercise some care when we go about our business but nothing over the top.

They like to talk about how many have had the corona and how many have died.
What are the statistics for the number of people that have NOT got corona.

Is it possible that the majority of people simply won't get it?

And don't get the idea I am a virus denier. I looking at a box of ivermectin, NAC, quercetin, D3, zinc, Vit C, Xlear, Magnesium, Melatonin, Listerine, Sambucol and some other crap.

Ewtnewbie2 315 posts, incept 2021-09-13
2022-01-31 10:54:59

Thank you Karl for taking the time and effort to put this screed together for all of us to read and share. It is an awesome summary of the history, data, and conclusions our "public health officials" have ignored. When all the errors are in one direction, they are NOT errors/mistakes. They are intentional and should be treated as such, hence the lack of trust going forward. They burned that bridge, and it is up to them to rebuild it, not us to forgive and forget.

Our government has failed, we just don't know it yet. Confidence has been slowly crumbling away for decades, and it seems to be rapidly approaching the point where the confidence erodes away "all at once." Be ready, confidence is a very delicate thing and once broken, is impossible to repair.
Maddmaxx 1k posts, incept 2021-05-31
2022-01-31 10:56:49

@Blanca I'm not buying that Trudeau tested positive. Maybe, but convenient excuse to be out of sight for a bit as the trucker convoy sits in Ottawa.
Disgusted 572 posts, incept 2021-07-20
2022-01-31 11:03:23

Of course "Dr." Douchechashm conveniently forgets to mention all the other things that are recommended to treat the virus and other preventative measures and only talks about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. That's lie through omission at best. There are many many other things on the list of recommended treatments that we all know of. This is one of the main problems with the way the liars have pushed their bullshit. The silver bullet approach. Do this one thing, (fake vaxx) and you don't have to worry, we "experts" saved the world. Fuck all the liars straight to hell. I hope that fake "doctor" gets a serious case of crotch rot, along with Justin Truedope. I bet he's lying about getting the coof so he can hide somewhere, because he's afraid to show his ugly pussy face right now.
Nickdanger 2k posts, incept 2011-06-12
2022-01-31 11:04:05

Awesome ticker! Excellent read with my Monday morning coffee.

-- I'm in the control group

-- In life, it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.
Evergreen 377 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-01-31 11:17:11

Spouse just said that Rogan made a commitment to balanced vaxx coverage, or some such proclamation.


Dr. Noorchashm can now go on Rogan to debunk Kory, et al, and be the grand reopening of ROGAN-on-the-VAXX, REBALANCED.

What a joy that would be to see Dr. Noorchashm speaking directly with Kory, McCullough, and Malone, where he can lambaste them with all of his accusations face to face.

Of course, the three will be free to respond, so it would be a VERY, VERY enjoyable, enlightening engagement with a massive audience of pro-vaxxers waiting to see the three lit up like Christmas trees, finally.

Oh, to see that engagement come to pass.

What would be the result?

The pro-vaxx audience would leave in a state of despair, because Kory, Malone, and McCullough--but Kory in particular--would mop the damn floor with this snide poser. Kory has been through the damn wringer, and he made it out the other side, trusting in his inner light that guided him in doing right all along.

That MF is loaded for bear. He is the reason ivermectin is in widespread use and why methylprednisolone is a go-to for THE INFORMED. The man has saved untold lives.

Let the go-along to get-along Dr. Noorchashm point his finger while standing opposite Kory. Let the truth be aired man to man.
Phoenix800 190 posts, incept 2021-09-18
2022-01-31 11:17:40

Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD

I hate the fucking letter people, those self-important assholes who list their letters after their names in an attempt to give their position merit. I'm really not impressed.

Oh I didn't realize that you have a MAFMUTHCS! You must be really fucking smart! By the way I'm not sure what a MAFMUTHCS is, and I don't very much care.

My old dentist, Jim, is nice guy, personable and did a good job. He sold his practice. I went in for cleaning, new dentist comes in wearing scrubs, some bandana kind of thing on his head, and yellow tinted safety glasses - "Hi, I'm DOCTOR Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..."

I burst out laughing at him. The fucking moron is a dentist who thinks he's a heart surgeon. Never went back, bought a set of curettes and scrape them clean myself.

I left a job a few years back. The company hired PhD guy to replace me. Guy was a joke. Useless, hated, and incompetent.

I got whacked by a car once to the tune of $40K in medical bills. I wasn't in a vehicle so it was me against an insurance company. I got a lawyer, the best one around. We should do X he says. But what about statute Y? - I ask. Oh, I'm not familiar with that. Perfect, I hired an expensive moron!

Let me make it clear, Hooman Noorchashm MD PhD, I don't give a fuck what letters you have after your name. If you can't discuss the subject on its merits and support your position using logic and data, then shut the fuck up!
Canadianna 97 posts, incept 2008-10-23
2022-01-31 11:18:54


If Trudeau did test positive, then this 2 part inoculation plus a booster, DID NOT work.
Therefore, ALL MANDATES and illegal coercion need to be halted immediately.

If this is a stunt to avoid DEMOCRACY then, he needs to be removed from office immediately, and charged with a long list of crimes against Canadians.

Personally, I want both to happen. Before the end of this week preferably.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead
Cheetah9 809 posts, incept 2021-02-15
2022-01-31 11:19:26

Terrific Karl. Thank you. Just got off the phone with my older sister whom I spoke of in a previous post. I was letting her know that her care package of IVM, documentation, and Pancho's queso quarts (Panchos is an old mexican restaurant in Memphis...I lived there back in the 70s and is still remembered quite fondly.) were on the way to Houston today.

She amazes me. We chatted for about an hour. She has learned of a lot of this stuff via Michael Berry and Glenn Beck but at least she is getting it and no longer calling me a "conspiracy nut." It's really great!
Dissenter 284 posts, incept 2021-05-30
2022-01-31 11:33:38

Red herring. NPC. Should we play the name game decode and find the hidden meaning?

Hooman Noorchashm

Human no orgasm

Human no cash em


Good summary though Karl. Somebody send it to dumbert.
Goldbrick 7k posts, incept 2008-01-23
2022-01-31 11:33:50

Karl, this Ticker is not only a home run, but a grand slam! I've shared it and highly recommend others share it far and wide.

"The higher I go, the crookeder it gets." --Michael Corleone
Franco 311 posts, incept 2009-10-06
2022-01-31 11:33:58

One of the most bizarre things about prevention (maybe prophylaxis rather than prevention) is vitamin D. Early in the pandemic they saw a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and severity of covid. The logical measure would have been for government to promote everyone to get their vitamin D level tested and supplement if needed. But they did nothing of the sort.
Cary 110 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-01-31 11:34:14

@Sraven said:
Is it possible that the majority of people simply won't get it?

Certainly this has seemed possible or even likely since the Diamond Princess, where only 20% ever got sick.

Probably many have some protection that can be breached in certain circumstances. For example Karl had many exposures with no illness but got sick after exposure and hornet stings stressing his immune system.

Neither wife, daughter, nor I had been sick this whole time. We are all unvaxxed. Mrs. Cary got ill Saturday evening and tested positive on a rapid test yesterday. Myself and daughter are still symptom free and negative, but obviously facing stronger exposure now. Was concerned went from zero to 101 fever right out of the gate, but started vitamin I, Nitazoxnide, and other supplements right away. I took a lower prophylactic dose vitamin I. She bounced between 99 and 101 yesterday, woke up this morning at 100. Fever broke mid-morning. She's had 2 doses about 36 hours in, and she says already feels better today. Hoping it is Omicron, and that coupled with treatment, it is finished quickly.

I'm ambivalent about whether I want to avoid getting or not. In a sane world you would never want to get ill, even with a low risk. But would also like to get the baseline natural immunity, before these jabs cause a more dangerous mutation. Debating whether to take a day 3 prophylactic does tomorrow if she continues to improve.

Again I would thank @Tickerguy and all the commenters here that have helped us to be well prepared to face this.

Btw, it is important to have things on hand. I have a good doc willing to prescribe stuff, but am still waiting to hear back from his office. Closed yesterday, and I called first thing this morning. Having on hand has given her at least a 48 hour jump on EARLY treatment.
Ndp 186 posts, incept 2021-04-21
2022-01-31 11:35:37

Given what we can surmise about the cast of characters involved, those 1000 locusts are going to have a hard time finding landing space to carry out the dick devouring part of their mission. One locust per member should suffice.
Dnomsed 435 posts, incept 2021-05-18
2022-01-31 11:36:54

Methinks Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD doth protest too much.

He sounds like one of the WW2 German 'never Nazis', trying to reshine his tarnished badge. Where does his money trail lead, I wonder? Sounds very Pharma-linked.
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2022-01-31 11:44:07

Great summary of the issues. The ticker could have been written by a JD/MD. Very well done. I hope you sticky this post for easy reference. Thank you for all you do. It is hard and thankless work, and you have no idea how many lives you have saved by your well documented and well presented writings on this topic.
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