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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Goldbrick 7k posts, incept 2008-01-23
2022-01-31 17:44:02

How about that, the FDA is playing the same shell game of approvals for Spikevax that they played with Comirnaty.
The shell game continues: Moderna's 'FDA approved' vax is not available to Americans, and it's not scrutinized for Omicron
On Monday, the FDA "approved" Moderna's Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine for all US customers. Just like the Pfizer "approval" episode, this vaccine will not be available for anyone for an indefinite period of time. And according to the FDA, the shot was approved without being tested for Omicron, which accounts for 99.9% of current U.S. COVID cases.

"The higher I go, the crookeder it gets." --Michael Corleone
Dnomsed 435 posts, incept 2021-05-18
2022-01-31 18:05:30

"Laos...did they even have a covid problem?! A lot of SE Asian didn't until they started vaxxing."

100% correct...
Gleppo 52 posts, incept 2021-12-21
2022-01-31 19:02:15

The reality is that our federal public health agencies have badly failed at accurate and honest messaging about the vaccine and its efficacy and inefficacy.

"badly failed at accurate and honest messaging" ... that is one bullshit verbal gymnastics pretzel way of saying "they/we LIED"

And yet, that is exactly what he is admitting. "Failing at honesty" is LYING. I resent his bullshit attempt at phrasing it so carefully that people will not realize what he is actually saying. He made a clear admission of DISHONESTY.

That's how bad these people are. Even an admission that they lied is phrased in a way that is a lie in and of itself.
Early_retirement 4k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-01-31 19:03:46

That cunt should have his medical license revoked for all that bullshit.
Tritumi 2k posts, incept 2008-11-29
2022-01-31 20:48:17

If an American citizen receives one of the approved branded jabs overseas and has an adverse reaction/death, could they or their loved ones bring suit in the USA against the pharm company that produced the serum?

Just a theoretical question...
Striped-pad 169 posts, incept 2009-03-15
2022-01-31 20:48:23

Sorry - the first lot number I listed was wrong. Here's the correct list:

FD7220 ('FF7220' was incorrect)
Invisiblesun 884 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2022-01-31 20:48:27

Is there any doubt that "Misinformation" really just means the gatekeepers losing control of the narrative?

There is nothing being said by Covid Realists that isn't said by "The Party" or isn't printed in accepted journals of science. The issue is "The Party" wants to control the interpretation of facts. It will and has said masks don't work and the vaccine is leaky and the virus isn't a threat to the vast majority of people. All these things are true. No matter that, "The Party" still wants to be able to force kids to masks, require masks on planes and use Covid to exercise power and control over the population.

If the truth gets said too loud, too often, the reality of the Big Lie will take on a life of its own and "The Party" will be forced to react, whereas now it is still in the driver's seat.

Erj 158 posts, incept 2021-08-15
2022-01-31 20:48:36

Rumored all the Pharma fraud may be the next Enron.

Excellent article, thank you
Tonythetiger 1k posts, incept 2019-01-27
2022-01-31 21:35:33

Saw that the Canadian equivalent of a Transportation Secretary tweeted that they were working on new inter-Province covid rules for Truckers. I guess Trudeau was too busy hiding to announce it himself.

Also saw articles in major Canadian newspapers where the 'fact' that goobermint officials were afraid of the truckers being violent apparently made the truckers violent. (You can't make this stuff up.)

If those in officialdom continue to double down on stupidity in the face of a popular uprising then there may be only one recourse to address the situation for good.


Old Time Hockey. Like Eddie Shore. A simple one-on-one session between Trudeau and someone that has "put on the foil" about the true extent of the power he wields. In a closed room. For as long as it takes to reach consensus.

@TG Excellent summary to draw everything together in one place and put a pretty bow on it. Many thanks for all the time you spend helping to get the truth out to the masses. Doubly so for acknowledging that the data might support a different conclusion for other folks than the one you drew from it for yourself.

"War is when the Government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself." - Benjamin Franklin

You can vote your way into Communism, but you have to
Krzauber 4 posts, incept 2021-07-30
2022-01-31 21:51:14

Up to 2 feet of snow fell on Long Island this weekend. I would be very curious to see emergency room statistics for heart attacks since Saturday.
Kikknback 1k posts, incept 2020-03-17
2022-01-31 21:51:35

Science has proven:

1 - Masks don't stop viruses.

2 - The CV-19 Shots don't stop the virus.

3 - The CV-19 virus has basically the same death rate as the Flu.

Government has proven:

1 - They can destroy your Lives.

2 - They can destroy your Businesses / Economy.

3 - They can remove your Freedoms, and destroy your Country.

* Read this ticker again if you don't understand these FACTS.

Raven 17k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-01-31 21:51:42

Excellent summation. Bravo.
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2022-01-31 21:52:01

They have made flashing lights for the people with hearing loss for a long Time. Should not be to hard to find at Amazon or a site that specializes in products for the deaf.

I have security cameras by Wyze with the service they can send alerts to your phone, and set your phone to give an alert.

Cheap cameras work pretty well good pictures with new V3 HD, Set it for People, motion or both alerts. I caught someone making a visit to my home when I was away. Tracked his ass down with some work and now the po po wish to talk to him. Crossed state lines, so I had to track him myself.

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2022-01-31 22:24:36

Sorry that post was supposed to go into another post, had two screens open did't realize that,

WAs for the poster looking for non siren alerts.

but you do need internet.

otherwise look for a store with flashing lights for deaf people if you read this

my stuuppeed

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Invisiblesun 884 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2022-02-01 08:43:50

More "misinformation" control on display from Reuters. Reuters apparently hesdlined Japanese research touting the benefits of Ivermectin. Of course, that can't be allowed to stand on its own, so Reuters rewrites the article with three times as many paragraphs discounting the benefits of Ivermectin.

You must not be allowed to think inexpensive medicine will work against Covid!
Smokeyblonde13 386 posts, incept 2021-10-29
2022-02-01 08:43:54


I posted a separate thread on this but no one bothered to comment.

My limit is commenting after 24 hours. Nothing personal; just damn busy and can't post at work, which is minimum 14 hours a day.

Smokeyblonde13 386 posts, incept 2021-10-29
2022-02-01 08:44:06

@Dnomsed Is it really genocide if one kills the old or the infirm or the societal throw-aways?

/asking for Dr pFauci....
Mikeg 8 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2022-02-01 08:44:13

@Susanlauren wrote..
Great summary of the issues. The ticker could have been written by a JD/MD. Very well done. I hope you sticky this post for easy reference. Thank you for all you do. It is hard and thankless work, and you have no idea how many lives you have saved by your well documented and well presented writings on this topic.

OK, I want to know who the f*ck down-voted this post. I'm thinking it was that undercover NIH agent masquerading as a Polish business owner branch covidian.

Karl, I'd rate this as your second best ticker ever. (#1 has to be the post where you explained in crystal clear detail, how to lose weight just by eliminating sugar and most carbs from your diet. Thanks to which, I went from 6'1 240 in March of 2018, down to 195 seven months later. And still under 200 to this day.)

Can't thank you enough for that, and for this, and for all that you do. And screw whoever downvoted @Susanlauren.
Ronniemcghee 569 posts, incept 2012-07-28
2022-02-01 08:44:29

And another February in the world covid saga has arrived.

Negative PCR and Antibody test results.

Mayo Clinic says I'm the only person in my age bracket not to get vaccinated; 99.9% jabbed.

So what's all the fuss about?

London125 6 posts, incept 2015-01-09
2022-02-01 08:44:56

Most excellent ticker. Thank you!
Vernonb 3k posts, incept 2009-06-03
2022-02-01 08:45:01

Your honor we find the defendants guilty on all charges and recommend charges for purjury and manslaughter for all involved.

This "doctor" reminds me of every swindler, liar, and other miscreant that tries to hide his crimes by wrapping himself in the Constitution, the Flag, or military service. If you righteously attack such people they pretend you are attacking some aspect of the country.

Doctor shut the hell up. No one appointed you to speak for anyone. Doctor you are a self-righteous POS.

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."
Wayiwalk 1k posts, incept 2016-11-09
2022-02-01 08:45:13

On the storm, Long Island, and added stress related health issues, here are the ones that made the paper

I keep thinking, "it can't get any worse" and then it does!

Let's Go Brandon!
Rockysullivan 21 posts, incept 2021-10-12
2022-02-01 08:45:27


"The truckers are standing up to Trudeau. The business owners are standing up to Trudeau. The peanut vendors are standing up to Trudeau! And by god, if I could get across the border, I'd be standing up to Trudeau."

I do, however, have a Canadian flag flying from my house in upstate NY. A futile gesture, perhaps, but we have to proclaim ourselves as being on the side of truth and liberty. Yesterday's appalling bit of mendacity by Trudeau should be a wakeup call to anyone sitting on the fence. Watch live streams from Parliament Hill and then recall Trudeau describing the scene as something out of a Leni Riefenstahl work. He hates you and he wants you dead.
Californialost 149 posts, incept 2021-10-14
2022-02-01 08:45:29

Excellent post. Thank you.
Scotbarber 172 posts, incept 2021-09-04
2022-02-01 08:45:32

Forwarded this summary to my contacts
Data data data
I hope rogan gets this hooman prick on against kory,purely for balance.
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