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 Since We're Taking Shots....
Invisiblesun 904 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2022-01-31 20:48:27

Is there any doubt that "Misinformation" really just means the gatekeepers losing control of the narrative?

There is nothing being said by Covid Realists that isn't said by "The Party" or isn't printed in accepted journals of science. The issue is "The Party" wants to control the interpretation of facts. It will and has said masks don't work and the vaccine is leaky and the virus isn't a threat to the vast majority of people. All these things are true. No matter that, "The Party" still wants to be able to force kids to masks, require masks on planes and use Covid to exercise power and control over the population.

If the truth gets said too loud, too often, the reality of the Big Lie will take on a life of its own and "The Party" will be forced to react, whereas now it is still in the driver's seat.

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