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 I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!
Mebbesane 332 posts, incept 2021-10-06
2022-01-11 20:59:42

This news could be the trigger for the start of a stock market crash.
Jack_crabb 18k posts, incept 2010-06-25
2022-01-11 21:15:12

There is not enough retribution to go around for these lying evil fucks.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
Traelin0 563 posts, incept 2021-01-28
2022-01-11 21:15:18

Zappafan wrote..
I figured that deep elements of the US government were involved in illegally funding the research. Fauci ought to be hauled before a Nuremberg committee with a jury of everyday international citizens of each nation impacted by the pandemic. A swift conviction and public hanging would be the only way to restore a sense of justice
I told my boss today that if SCOTUS rules like I think they will, then it looks like I'll be outta here before March. Not a chance I'll ever get the jab.

I agree wholeheartedly with you. I told a guy at work that there's ZERO chance I will ever again acknowledge this shitty government unless every culprit is tried, convicted, and hanging. There's no way for me to ever go back to Storybook Land at this point; and since we're on this trajectory, we may as well peel the onion over the last 30 years.

Reason: They != I
Freewill 319 posts, incept 2021-08-31
2022-01-11 21:15:43


In a sane world, it would result in complete global collapse.
How has anything sustained itself up to this point?

Every economy in the world is screwed.
Its peoples are either hypnotized, facing potential starvation, or facing persecution.
Social trust is gone. Religious leaders are hypocrites. The police forces are actively attacking the citizens for legitimate grievances.
Inverted world.

Traelin0 563 posts, incept 2021-01-28
2022-01-11 21:36:22

abelardlindsey wrote..
This confirms their original research was legitimate, But they went about it in a half-assed manner. One screw up and the virus slips out the door onto the streets of the world. It is said the moved the research over to the Wuhan lab because Obama put the kibosh on doing gain of function work here in the U.S. I think the reason why Obama did such is because we've had too many close calls with pathogens nearly slipping out of our labs over the years that Obama decided to put a stop to it.

Correction: Obama officially washed his hands of gain of function in America while either turning a blind eye to its continuation OCONUS, or covertly funding it.
Shermanbroder 117 posts, incept 2020-04-25
2022-01-11 21:36:45

IMO, the most chilling possibility discussed over the past two years is widespread vaxxinations with "leaky" vaxxines leading to a Marek's disease scenario where the vaxxinated aggressively spread more lethal variants to the unvaxxinated.

This scenario would be the worst possible ending of all.

Then I read this headline:

Dr. Malone Mentions Possible Outbreak in China of Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus or Marburg Virus That Has Only 50% Survival Rate

God help us!

This virus is 99 percent survivable for most age groups.
Vexxines do not protect against transmission or infection.
VAERS: 25,566 deaths from these investigational vexxines.
Biden: "This is not abo
Ee4fire 1k posts, incept 2011-03-24
2022-01-11 21:36:59

What is Freedom Worth?

There's something happening here
But what it is ain't exactly clear
Big Gubmit has a jab in their kit
Telling me I got to submit

I think it's time we stop
and say, what's that sound?
Fauxi & his minions locked us down!

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
The smart people are speaking their minds
While Jabs being forced from behind

It's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound?
Crappy politicians locked us down!

What a field day for the WuFlu (Ooh ooh ooh)
Ten thousand people march down the avenue (Ooh ooh ooh)
They are carrying signs saying "We've been backstabbed(Ooh ooh ooh)
They all say, "We don't need to be jabbed" (Ooh ooh ooh)

It's time we stop
Hey, what's that sound?
The mask Nazis locked us down!

Loss of freedom strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the G-men come take you away

We should listen up
Hey, what's that sound?
The corrupt bureaucrats locked us down!

You should listen up
Hey, what's that sound?
Our Republic is what's going down!

You better stop
Now, what's that sound?
Everybody's freedom is going down!

You better stop
People, what's that sound?
Everybody stop, what's going down!

For What It's Worth!

Gov't is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. - Frederick Bastiat
Lemonaid 18k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2022-01-11 21:51:09

Original song was from a liberal attacking the still right of center government.

Popular music never goes after .gov anymore.

The Long March Through The Institutions is complete.

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
Mosaik 232 posts, incept 2021-09-10
2022-01-11 21:51:13


"it's either a fake out or it's intended for getting rid of fauci finally."

Surely there is internecine shit going on within these orgs.

Surely someone knows that Fauci is a gigantic liability for everyone in his orbit, and wants to pull the plug on him sooner rather than later.

So glad I didn't touch the jab!
Gingersmom2009 125 posts, incept 2021-04-15
2022-01-11 21:51:24


Everything I've dug up says that Obama's "science czar" John Holdren made the recommendation, with Obama/Biden, for lifting the ban - on January 9, 2017. Pre Trump. Another article out of U. of Minnesota states that the NIH then officially lifted it, in December, 2017. No Executive Order is ever mentioned.

Debtfree2200 1k posts, incept 2015-10-29
2022-01-11 21:51:48

In a sane world Fauci would have been detained when he tried to leave the hearing today and he'd be pulled in front of a judge under oath to answer for the PV revelations.
Asimov 148k posts, incept 2007-08-26
2022-01-11 21:51:53

Remember how we kept blaming china? Now the whole world gets to blame us.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-01-11 21:52:21

If DC gets nuked we deserve it.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Evergreen 381 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-01-11 22:00:36

After reading the documents to the IG, it would appear that the ultimate crime is the following: withholding knowledge of 1) the pathology of the virus and 2) the efficacy of ivermectin, HCQ, and others.

Duty to warn. Endeavoring to suppress aid. Withholding lifesaving treatment. That's cold blooded murder.
Asimov 148k posts, incept 2007-08-26
2022-01-12 09:04:58

No nukes. We can respond to that. Hmmm... What, exactly, is it we produce that other nations can't do without?

Some more nasty little land wars against our notional allies. Point out how helpless we are.

No big wars though, we do still have plenty of the long distance nasties.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Lizardqueen 5k posts, incept 2008-04-01
2022-01-12 09:05:03

>>If DC gets nuked we deserve it.

Exactly what I have been thinking. If this all proves true (as it likely is) we will lose any moral authority we ever had in this world (if we haven't already) and deserve any retribution innocent countries decide to expend on us.

I honestly would support nuking DC at this point, I just want to make sure Congress is in session. It needs to be on a workday, not a weekend.
I'd really miss the Smithsonian but that is about it.

Maybe someone can dig the Hope Diamond out of the ashes, I used to visit that rock every time I was there.

"The closer you get to the drain, the faster you spin."
---some rando on ZeroHedge
Gavilan 1k posts, incept 2014-01-01
2022-01-12 09:05:07

If DC gets nuked, sadly, a lot of us will celebrate.

Fuck the Forest Service.
Oh and FJB too.
Mosaik 232 posts, incept 2021-09-10
2022-01-12 09:05:12

"Everything I've dug up says that Obama's "science czar" John Holdren made the recommendation, with Obama/Biden, for lifting the ban - on January 9, 2017. Pre Trump. Another article out of U. of Minnesota states that the NIH then officially lifted it, in December, 2017. No Executive Order is ever mentioned. "

Holdren is also a big "climate czar."
Evergreen 381 posts, incept 2021-12-26
2022-01-12 09:05:16

...inoculum delivery methods...transdermal nanoparticle application...
Erroldo 681 posts, incept 2013-09-12
2022-01-12 09:05:34

Well, I was certainly exposed to covid last Tuesday. Had someone in my X5 in the front seat for about 10 mins as I drove her to the freeway to put a tire on her car due to her having a flat. I thought about having her call AAA, but decided I would do an act of charity. Well, she came down with covid Wednesday and went to hospital. Tested her positive and sent her home with nothing. Come back IF YOU HAVE BREATHING DIFFICULTIES. I gave her 3 doses of IVM and NAC/Zn to take for 3 days. She is still having symptoms but not life threatening.
As of Friday I started having a sore throat that continued in to Sunday. After hearing on Fri she had covid, I hit myself hard with 24mg of IVM Fri and Sun. Lots of Vit C, D3, Zn, Quercetin, Curcumin, NAC. Monday I was fine. I wanted to get a covid test, but none could be had until next week.
What a cluster *****!
Traelin0 563 posts, incept 2021-01-28
2022-01-12 09:05:46

Tickerguy wrote..
If DC gets nuked we deserve it.

Thank GOD someone finally said it.

Question, Karl: Do you think that Washington knows they're stoking a revolution? If so, what's the end game here? They can't possibly think they'd win, let alone other global players remain on the sidelines.
Tsherry 14k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2022-01-12 09:05:55

The fact that Daszak himself is on it looks like damage control to me.

That's because no one's blown his head off yet.

Father forgive me for the times I craved a place at a table that you would have flipped.
Tickticktick 218 posts, incept 2008-11-23
2022-01-12 09:06:02

Also, i want some better timelines as this thing probably got started over a year before the first noteworthy events.

- unknown pneumonia deaths with "bi-lateral ground glass opacity" found in the lungs, early 2019 in Dominican Republic. Variety of age/sex/condition people from a variety of countries (tourists, all of them) die. Never explained what happened. Go back and read the reports about the symptoms, conditions, and disease progression. The "news" said that maybe it was due to disgruntled locals poisoning the liquor in the in-room liquor bars (you can't make this shit up!).

- vaping illness outbreak, Summer 2019. It was finally "discovered" by the CDC that it was due to Vitamin C acetate contamination in the "juice". The bi-lateral, ground-glass opacity noticed in many of the victims was not much of a concern.

- nursing home deaths around a famous (infamous?) US bioweapons research lab located in Maryland, and nursing homes in close proximity. Everyone reckons it's the common cold, nothing to see here. CDC (of all people....) order the US Army (!) to close the country's oldest research lab. Because of bad protocols in handling (viral) materials. Meaning the viral escaped, somehow.

- I don't have the source for this anymore (I think), but back in later September (I believe) of 2019, researchers and doctors in Taiwan (note: friendlies) notified the CDC (I think) of a breakout of a strange new influenza-like illness with a specific (can you guess what type?) of lung damage. The CDC told them to mind their own business.

- here's a good timeline (someone else linked to it)........NOTE THAT IT WAS PUBLISHED IN MARCH, 2020.....

Will this just go away like a popcorn fart or.....

Like a popcorn fart, for now, hopefully it may one day (after we're all long gone) become a nuclear popcorn fart.

That they sought to suppress the early treatment options (HCQ, Ivermectin, etc.) in order to push people into the vaccine option does NOT mean the release was intentional (although it might be).

The bullets that went thru Kennedy's brain does NOT mean that they were the cause of his death.

At minimum, this will destroy the credibility of the U.S. medical establishment.....

What's this "credibility" thingy that you are talking about, paleface?

.....but I am hopeful.

Hope is not a strategy.

I dont think other countries will ignore this.

They shut down too, destroyed their economies, shot up their people.

Which countries you talkin' about? France? The UK? Germany? Australia? New Zealand? Or maybe the great state of Canada? What, exactly, makes you believe that all of them (and others) didn't already know about it?

When do we get to kill everyone involved?

Right after they finish disabling and/or killing all of us. So be patient.....

Oh please don't let this be some kind of honeypot operation.

You know, even if it is (doubt it), what --- in the Immortal Words of The Immortal Hillary --- difference does it make? Isn't the evidence pretty much clear as day, even w/o this info? HOW MUCH EVIDENCE AND COMMON SENSE DO YOU NEED TO BE CONVINCED? For God's sake, man (or woman), STOP TRUSTING IN POWERFUL PEOPLE THAT YOU:

a) don't know anything about
b) that have repeatedly lied to you about......well, about almost everything.
c) or otherwise your "hope" and "belief" and blah-blah-blah makes you a part of the problem. I'm not trying to be a shit by saying this, but....C'mon, man!

I see no evidence that any covidian is changing their mind.

Why you even bother looking for such "evidence" is beyond me. Most of those people could give a rat's ass about a virus (maybe at first, but even then it's doubtful), their worldview is all based on their absolute terror and disgust about Trump ---- not so much him personally, but everything that he was SAYING (actions, well, that's a whole different story). But his WORDS: they ticked off ALL of the right boxes, they promised to pull off some long lingering scabs, they postulated that all of the fraud, all of the "bezzle", all of the "shithole-ness" that this society/country had become was going to be exposed and fixed. That's what drew people to Trump (and still does; never mind reality)....and you'd better sit up and take notice here: that is what these same people can't stand. Whether for economic reasons ("if the bezzele goes away, what am I going to do then?") or their lack of self-worth --- as Cmoledor so correctly pointed out yesterday: ("if I can't say that I am 'proud to be an American', then what else am I, that's the only worthy thing about me that I can brag about....").

Go re-listen to this rather stunning speech that Michael Moore (of all people) gave right before the 2016 election (predicting that Trump would win).....note what he is saying....Moore has got a lot of issues (mental and otherwise), but boy does he have a way of correctly expressing what the average person on the ground is feeling and thinking (probably because he takes the time to get out and, you know, actually talk to and listen to regular people):

But I would still like to know the primary motivation for the suppression of early treatments and the pushing of vaccines they knew from the get go would have problems.


From my take assuming this document is real is not so much what people here will do (we know most dont care) but what will other nations do?

Which countries you talkin' about? France? The UK? Germany? Australia? New Zealand? Or maybe the great state of Canada?

Or do you mean Botswana or East Timor?

People in my office are much more interested in their booster schedule than actually learning that ivermectin is effective at all stages of the infection.

At this point in time, you should stop trying to dissuade them from their enthusiasms, and encourage them. Ask them if they're sure that 3 are enough? Perhaps take injections for someone else?

Some would say this is a very cynical, perhaps malicious way of being, for which you may encounter eternal damnation for doing so.

Others might say if you don't do everything to stop this madness that you are fully aware of, and can see the eventual outcome of, then you may encounter eternal damnation for not doing so.

Or as Sean Connery said (dying words) in The Untouchables: "What are you prepared to do?"

What will happen with the kids?

Go ahead, take a wild guess......

What will become of the US military? Are they headed for the same fate?

Go ahead, take a wild guess......

Who cares, they all took the shot, and will be life-fucked or dead soon anyway. The problem is self-solving.

Encourage them to "bid early and often"......take more shots, as many as they can find, go pharmacy to pharmacy and get superized with boosters, you can probably hit a dozen per day, it should be a real Boosterama, what are you waiting for?

When this sham fully unravels it will have the potential of being nation ending as people realize how dangerous the "vaccines" are.

Carnack the Magnificent sez: no they won't.

People are going to lose it especially if many of their children are made sick or dead from the "vaccine".

Karnack the Magnificent sez: no they won't.

This confirms their original research was legitimate, But they went about it in a half-assed manner.

Oh please. STOP IT!

They are racial supremacists, consider you cattle, and are psychopaths

Attention all! Here, this, right above you. Listen to this man. You're life may literally depend on doing so.

Quote: attorney would take on a class action lawsuit involving only the unvaccinated (control group) citing the government making false claims against the unvaccinated labeling them "domestic terrorist" resulting in major discrimination and grave emotional damages.

Sure, maybe this will happen. And if we all had square assholes, we could shit bricks and build our houses really cheaply.

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but since you're here at the World Headquarters of Rationality and Reality, you're going to have to make an effort to disabuse yourself of all the mind-fucking that you've had throughout your entire life (think about that for a moment....) and be like Juels in Pulp Fiction and "have a moment of clarity".

Oh, and one last thing:

The issue which has swept down thru the centuries, and which will have to be fought sooner or later, is the people versus the banks."
- Lord Acton

P.S. you may wonder, why do I post that quote? Ask yourself, where does all of the funding that allows all of this kind of shit (and more....) to happen actually come from? Acton seems to have figured it out almost 200 years ago....
Californialost 147 posts, incept 2021-10-14
2022-01-12 09:07:14


I'm going through the same thing with my gather he is just less vocal about it, and he knows you adamant and loudly I argue, so we just don't talk about covid.

My parents live about 30 miles away, and I try to see my parents every weekend now. Like you fathers, mine is late 70s. I was going to buy my wife a new car this year, but with all of the shortages, I decided to slowly replace parts on her car, so my dad and I have been doing that on Sunday mornings now. Standard stuff so far, brakes, alternator, starter, drain the radiator, belts, etc. It's been good bonding time, reminds me of when I was was kid, learning how to work on cars. I was surprised he bought the vaccine ruse, but, then again, most people did.

I'm really gonna miss that old, tough, mean SOB when he is gone.

Smokeyblonde13 374 posts, incept 2021-10-29
2022-01-12 09:07:30


Completely agree. "Covid" was their wildcard held until it was needed. Say what you want about Trump, but he disrupted their plans by waking people up, so they played their next-to-nuclear option.
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