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 I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2022-01-15 14:03:08

I remember reading about the Tuskegee experiments when I was in high school, back in the late 70s. I immediately understood that this was not done because the victims were black. It was done because the perpetrators could do it. Of course not everyone in the government was involved in Tuskegee, and not everyone in government is involved in what will be the covid equivalent. But the structure is set up so that psychopaths can do this to other humans, while others look away.

For a brief time half a lifetime ago, I worked in research at a medical school. My boss was a weird guy who yelled at his wife (who by the way was his academic equal, an MD/PhD) in front of other staffers, and who would come look over my shoulder and smile weirdly when I had to kill the experimental mice.

My fellow research assistant, a bachelor's degree person like me, was herself cold and arrogant. So NONE of the people I worked with in that lab were normal, warm human beings. In the years since, I've read about researchers who "harvest" organs from aborted-alive babies and transplant them into or onto mice, Chinese researchers' efforts to create human-ape chimeras, and other grotesque, Frankensteinian experiments... and I'm sorry to say I am not surprised. Many of these researchers think they are a superior species to you and me. I think that's one of the definitions of a sociopath. Biological research attracts a lot of these sick fucks.
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