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 I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!
Frat 14k posts, incept 2009-07-15
2022-01-11 16:34:34

There it is. What we "conspiracy theorists" have suspected all along, been ridiculed for since we wouldn't follow the science - when the actual science was not only behind us, but exactly the opposite of what *they* put out in the media - and apparently the quite clear intent to KILL US, all in emails from the player(s) themselves.

Will the mass media ignore this, like they try with every Veritas release? Can they? Will other nations ignore it? Anyone not involved absolutely has a rational beef with both if the main countries involved.

THIS should end it. Hell, ignore the fact that they created it in the first place - THEY HAVE REFUSED THE VERY TREATMENTS THEY *KNEW* WORKED to both cover their asses and we have to assume to purposely spike the death toll.

Heads should literally roll for this.

We're fucked. There will be no happy ending here; there is no going back to 'normal.'. There are only bad outcomes and worse outcomes. And we don't get to choose those, either.
Steelpiston71 8k posts, incept 2007-09-05
2022-01-11 16:35:01

Hmm, those institutions listed, NC and Duke are in close proximity to Virginia. Now, in the summer of 2019, didn't Virginia have a:

'Respiratory outbreak' being investigated at retirement community after 54 residents fall ill.

Two have died and 18 were hospitalized in Virginia, officials said.

We never did hear what happened there and it got big time buried.

"We have resolution authority under Frank/Dodd... How about we USE IT?" Karl Denninger, 10/07/10 on the Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC.
Steelpiston71 8k posts, incept 2007-09-05
2022-01-11 16:35:09

Imagine Murphy, he sat on this info, fuk...

"We have resolution authority under Frank/Dodd... How about we USE IT?" Karl Denninger, 10/07/10 on the Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC.
Mjeff87 4k posts, incept 2021-11-22
2022-01-11 16:41:33

Mister Shit My Pants in Chief just said that majority should rule (in his speech currently occurring).

This Repubic is dead. Mother of Christ.

Si Vis Pacem, para Bellum

You'll get less than you desire, but more than you deserve

Reason: Im stupid
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2022-01-11 16:42:09

Ok: What about when they say "Off with his head!"

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Nelstomlinson 1k posts, incept 2011-12-21
2022-01-11 16:48:22

It'll be really funny if the supremes can't change course quickly enough, rule in favor of Brandon's mandate, and then everyone Gets up in arms - literally not figuratively.
Erroldo 691 posts, incept 2013-09-12
2022-01-11 18:49:42

Now it makes sense why they are working so hard to get rid of the control group(us unjabbed). Note when Biden came with his mandate back in the late summer. Note within weeks we had Omicron announced. And Omicorn with so many mutations? cant be natural(very unlikely).
Iou 1k posts, incept 2009-03-16
2022-01-11 18:49:47

I just want to see that Mother Fucker Fauci get what he deserves. I want that POS to suffer really bad. He's a dead man walking. Soon there will be no place for him to hide.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies
Emupaul 199 posts, incept 2013-04-17
2022-01-11 18:49:52

Hanging is too good for the folks responsible for this. Why waste the rope and lumber?

Kneecap them and shoot them in the guts. Toss a shovel full of fire ants on them. They can bleed out while the ants bite them.
Chiff 79 posts, incept 2016-10-24
2022-01-11 18:49:56

Email to Fauci discussing covid bio weapon method
Twainfan2 1k posts, incept 2018-12-04
2022-01-11 18:50:14

From my take assuming this document is real is not so much what people here will do (we know most dont care) but what will other nations do? If they didnt know about this then they have a very good reason to nuke DC, literally. The deaths and economic destruction done worldwide. If the rest of the world wanted revenge, the US and China could be fucked big time.
Erj 158 posts, incept 2021-08-15
2022-01-11 18:50:21

I hope this is all true...and lawsuits follow...Maybe Fauci has made Rand Paul so mad he can figure some way to get justice for all those who were medically mis will be tough...also Ron Johnson has decided to run again..he had previously said he would not.

It's reading like they are getting away from the C$$$D and going into voting changes before fall elections..they want every illegal, 16 year old ETC.. to be able to vote...there will be tons of people watching the voting places no doubt..they doubled down in Virginia and looked what happened.
Keetz 502 posts, incept 2007-11-02
2022-01-11 18:50:27

The last 2 minutes, especially the last 20 seconds really sound like a kid in grade school who gets in trouble with his buddies and starts blaming the others!


Tsherry 15k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2022-01-11 18:50:33

People in my office are much more interested in their booster schedule than actually learning that ivermectin is effective at all stages of the infection.

They are utterly uninterested in the facts presented by Project Veritas and the Marine major.

Ok, so be it.

IQ plus a promethean mindset matters.-Eleua

1 Thessalonians 4:11 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2022-01-11 18:50:37

With each new revelation, the latest worse than the one before, I keep thinking, "this has to be the breach of the damn." And yet nothing.

Maybe it is "slowly then all at once."

I am half expecting the table (and the game) to be thrown over and a breaking news announcement that we are now at war with ... Russia or China or both.

They need something to divert attention.

And what will happen with all the people who took one shot, two shots, boosters and so forth? What will happen with the kids? I guess we wait and see.

Only time will tell how bad this will be.

We are seeing top rated professional athletes collapsing on the field. What will become of the US military? Are they headed for the same fate?

We are headed for a very rough time.
Omegapoint 214 posts, incept 2020-12-26
2022-01-11 18:50:42

In a Zoom meeting earlier today, the boss says to only go into the office if you absolutely have to as many engineering teams have 50% to 75% of their teams sick. This is for a company where probably around 80% of the employees are "vaccinated". One person in the meeting said that many of these engineers who are sick have had both shots and have been "boosted" and warned people on the call to stay safe even if you are "vaccinated". I would love to have been able to read people's minds who were on that call. My hope is many of them would be thinking, the MFer "vaccines" don't work. Why in the f*** did I get them and a booster. F*** this S*** next time. Haha!
Notleftjeff 17 posts, incept 2021-04-25
2022-01-11 18:50:57

Anyone want to give odds on a war starting soon to misdirect the sheep over the breakup of the official narratives? Typical ploy. Lots of hot spots, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Taiwan.
Kontrolkaos 182 posts, incept 2021-09-13
2022-01-11 18:51:05

Project Veritas record on getting stuck legally on whatever they put out? Given the fat targets on their backs, they know dang well they better have it together. In other words, the narrative is done, all that's left is the shaking and screaming. Their sound and fury signifying nothing.

So ... major distraction incoming. TPTB desperately need one. Like yesterday. War in the Ukraine, perhaps? Well if that was them stirring manure in Kazakhstan, they failed. But something's going to get our attention away from the narrative failure.
Mightymosin 191 posts, incept 2020-04-01
2022-01-11 18:51:10

I've been following project veritas like many others, for quite a while. They seem to be very good about vetting the sources and documents that they publish.

Many people do not like their gotcha style of Journalism, but I believe it's real.

Were never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and thats just the way it goes.
Dr. Eric Rubin, Harvard University
Zappafan 6k posts, incept 2007-11-30
2022-01-11 18:51:14

This was always my baseline scenario, after the initial anti-China hysteria which I could tell was a case of "The Lady doth protest too much."

I figured that deep elements of the US government were involved in illegally funding the research. Fauci ought to be hauled before a Nuremberg committee with a jury of everyday international citizens of each nation impacted by the pandemic. A swift conviction and public hanging would be the only way to restore a sense of justice

Any university that participated in the research should be given the death penalty, have their educational charters revoked, and anyone whose fingerprints are on the research permanently banned from setting foot on any campus or ever publishing again.

None of this will happen, of course. I have seen no coverage of this story outside of TF, Zerohedge, and the usual alt-media suspects.
Onelegged 1k posts, incept 2009-11-13
2022-01-11 18:51:25

Jesus, Genesis. I wish I had your memory. You can keep this going and build on it with the great aid of that steel trap of yours.

I actually dont know what to say about this latest Veritas stuff. I can guarangoddamntee you that the fact checker vermin are hard at work this afternoon.

Im numb.

All The News That Fits, We Print.

New York Times
Bagbalm 6k posts, incept 2009-03-19
2022-01-11 18:51:29

If it's not on the TV evening news tonight it didn't happen for most folks.
Supernumb 81 posts, incept 2017-10-30
2022-01-11 18:51:33

@Czyhorse - "As others have said, some Karen's are invested so much in this fantasy that no amount of evidence or reason will change their mind. Only pain will do that."

Who cares, they all took the shot, and will be life-fucked or dead soon anyway. The problem is self-solving.
Omegapoint 214 posts, incept 2020-12-26
2022-01-11 18:51:37


I hope everyone understands that the released docs are nation ending type bad, forget Congress or USSC or any part of gov!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the other bogeyman is being pushed so hard, the "domestic terrorist".

When this sham fully unravels it will have the potential of being nation ending as people realize how dangerous the "vaccines" are. People are going to lose it especially if many of their children are made sick or dead from the "vaccine". There won't be enough security in the world to protect Washington D.C. or the blue state capitals. They will be burn with the politicians inside of them.
Throughput 156 posts, incept 2021-09-21
2022-01-11 18:51:43

If this is true, then Biden will be trying to start a war with Russia. My question for any of the military people here is this:
How is morale after the Afghanistan fiasco?
Let's say Biden and the Jt. Chiefs decide to launch airstrikes in Ukraine or even worse, Russia itself. They issue the order to the carrier battle groups, destroyers, the B-2 squadrons for the night of the coordinated attack.
Could a commanding officer consider that an illegal order in light of this information? Is it conceivable that any of said commanders would refuse to carry out the attack order?

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