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 I...TOLD.... YOU.... SO!
Raven 18k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2022-01-11 13:47:12

If we were playing with this here, it definitely escaped from labs here. Not too difficult a thing to look at outbreak maps and viral mutation reports by geographic areas to determine where the research was going on.

Also, i want some better timelines as this thing probably got started over a year before the first noteworthy events.

Even worse, what else has been accidentally released over the years near population centers. Explains a lot of the flu hype over the decades and interesting "hot" years for said.

I think that this just scratches the surface of what has been happening with the same players.

As my friend Mayor Ed Koch used to say, "First time offender? No. First time he got caught."

Something made me really sick years ago, damned near killed me after i beat my own condition and primed the pump for me to be sick with a lot of things with lasting damage that closely parallel this latest insult. Every day that sixth sense of mine makes me think that they have tested stuff before, accidentally let it out or both. You know when you know that you are on to something but cannot prove it yet.

Listen to the canary in the coal mine. This has happened before.

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