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 Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory
Disgusted 646 posts, incept 2021-07-20
2021-11-02 12:07:45

More proof that the bottom line is everyone that takes the shit is a human lab rat. They knew there would be no way to know how any individual would react and how much spike protein each individual would produce in the body. Add to that variables like different batches with varying amounts of the active ingredients, how the jabs were administered, and so on. There are so may variables, it's hard to get your mind around it all. Everything is being done on a seat of the pants decision, and "see what happens" attitude. This flies in the face of all international laws and norms, and with wholly unconstitutional edicts. Every one of these monsters and maniacs deserve the worst that can be administered via public execution broadcast on TV every day one after the other as a warning to any other NAZI's not to try this shit ever again. Every day it just gets more insane, and yet the maniacs just double down and move the goal posts again. Son of a bitch.
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