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 Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory
Printlife 211 posts, incept 2018-05-22
2021-11-02 22:33:11

The DNA synthesis that starts the process has variable yields. Our process is within a factor of 2 on each synthesizer run. Other synthetic DNA providers may have more variability in the amount produced. During synthesis when a new base doesn't couple, there is a chemical trick, called capping, that terminates that strand changing a deletion error into a short strand.

We then combine the DNA to make a longer strand, a gene. Then we check to make sure it is perfect. Biologists are usually picky about that. Not these bastards.

Vaccination required? Not if we leave.
Now in Florida, heart rate dropping, nicer people
Mosaik 226 posts, incept 2021-09-10
2021-11-02 22:58:47

@Joancrawford, Darkness Descends.

Wow. I had never heard of this film. I also didn't know that the Kulak peasants were of German origin.

In the American South, too, German farmers were the most efficient, the most productive, with the best-run independent farms, and no slaves needed. They are described by Frederick Law Olmsted in The Cotton Kingdom (a very interesting read, BTW).

Proud to be German!! Yawohl!
Scottj175 626 posts, incept 2010-09-06
2021-11-02 23:05:45

You'll find lot numbers on all manner of things that are not individually serialized but where tracking a potential screw-up without having to recall EVERY item made is important if something is discovered later on.

It's important in the reloading world. Sometimes powder burn rate can vary slightly from lot to lot. Usually not enough to matter but if you're playing around with max loads it might or doing benchrest level precision or if you're building powder puff loads for action pistol shooting that must make a certain velocity times bullet weight score.

On the accuracy end of things it's nice to have each component in a batch (case, primer, powder, projectile) from their own lots because they are more likely to be more consistent and therefore more accurate.
Lemonaid 16k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2021-11-03 07:54:19

Some of these lots = *Spikes gone wild* smiley

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
Okiedale 49 posts, incept 2018-01-23
2021-11-03 07:54:19

Possible double count on deaths for lot numbers: example EL9261 and EN6201 on same dead person although EN6201 seemed to always be 2nd dose or 1st and only dose.
Only good thing about lot number EN6201 is those 117 will never have to get a booster.
Jessica6 15 posts, incept 2009-12-26
2021-11-03 07:54:22

FWIW I saved a few screenshots where the person complaining of adverse reactions posted their vaccine card. One, an unfortunate 13-yo died, and the lot numbers on his card were Pfizer EW0168, and Pfizer EW0217. Wonder if that made it into VAERS. However, I looked up the lot numbers against the list posted in the article, and both had under 10 records, so neither was part of the 'bad lot'. Basically, a person shouldn't look up the lot number on their vaccine, and assume they're safe if there's only a handful of reports vs the 'bad batches'.

I'll leave it at what I've felt all along, that any one of these is the equivalent of Russian Roulette with your immune system.
Scottj175 626 posts, incept 2010-09-06
2021-11-03 07:54:22

There is no fix. Simply put you cannot successfully vaccinate using a "protein production technique" against these viruses. The sensitivity is too high and since the spike is pathogenic if you get a tolerance stack you **** everyone that gets that lot at a wildly-accelerated rate. It is likely impossible, or nearly-so, to detect it before its used.

And the big question is did anyone in the shot-pushing hydra know this in advance and ignore or suppress it?
Heartlander 2k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2021-11-03 07:54:22


This is one of the most important tickers you've ever done.

I saw that Dr. Mike Yeadon linked it on his Telegram channel, and The Burning Platform featured it. I suspect it's going to be picked up by many others in coming days.

This is huge. As this issue makes its way into the public consciousness, people from all over the place, including other countries, for months to come, are going to want to refer to this article.

This really, really needs to be pinned.
Afields 50 posts, incept 2010-04-12
2021-11-03 07:54:22

My SO works at a medical clinic. They all got vexed at the same time including her (severe autoimmune disease) with Moderna early on.
1st- 041L20A | 31 early January.
2nd- 012M20A | 46 early February.
My SO is a tough cookie and she was laid out flat for a week. Thought it was just her disease, except it was the same for most of her co-workers. It was very notable in her organization, as to how many folks went down for days. Im not privy to any severe outcomes. Ive always wondered why they were hit so hard as a group, while other groups that I know had zero reactions. Thank You Karl! Its all becoming clear thanks to your considerable efforts.

Heartlander 2k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2021-11-03 07:54:22


You're off by a factor of ten.
1.63M 3 = 543K
Heartlander 2k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2021-11-03 07:54:22

I would love for Steve Kirsch to get your analysis and amplify it bigly.

Bigbuzzle 144 posts, incept 2020-03-10
2021-11-03 07:54:22

My statistics professor in college told a story about Cadillac back in the 80's, I have no clue as to the validity. Cadillac had contracted with a Japanese firm to manufacture the radios for the current years production. The contract allowed a couple percent of the radios to fail inspection. All year long, every single radio in every lot worked, until the last lot of the year showed up, none of them worked! The production line was dead in the water.
Outofmydepth 25 posts, incept 2010-03-13
2021-11-03 07:54:22

To illustrate how sloppy the data is, over 1/4 of deaths do not have a lot ID. What's the point of having this database if they can't trace adverse effects to a lot?

Deaths where Lot is listed
Total 6839

Deaths where Lot is null
Total 2434
Californialost 103 posts, incept 2021-10-14
2021-11-03 07:54:22

I read this Ticker at 5 AM Pacific time and at 10 PM Pacific, I am still trying to process my thoughts into words.

Except, I don't really have any fully formed, cogent thoughts, just feelings of anger and betrayal towards those at the FDA, CDC, NIH, and the pharma bros.

And then, today, the ACIP came for the kids. Based on the blatant corruption on display in DC, I can't fathom a future where the USA stays whole if/when the Feds mandate those clot shors for all Americans.

Great work Karl. Thank yoh.
Dudeguy 44 posts, incept 2021-08-24
2021-11-03 07:54:22


Good investigative work, agreed it probably is a quality control issue or they are fiddling with the formulation as they go along. There is something confounding going on in the production of these things, lot by lot most likely. Now, I'm not a chemistry guy, I got a C in general chemistry in my engineer coursework, so I will defer to everyone else there. I do have some professional thug experience, so a couple issues come to mind for the tin foil inclined crowd to address if this is deliberate:

1. BDA (Battle Damage Assessment). If this is deliberate poisoning with certain lots, then the attacker needs to be able to assess the impact of what they are doing. Anyone who says this is intentional needs to answer how the WEF or whatever Bond villain is getting precise information back on how well their formulation worked, so they can determine what the next move or formulation looks like. Given the defects with VAERS noted here, they can't be relying on this info Karl looked at for a campaign, and it's not clear how else they get the precise info back on how they'd be doing. They gotta know how they're doing with the current stuff to know how the boosters should be set up if this is a deliberate campaign. We know boosters forever more is the game plan, but I don't see how they get feedback on how they did with the current jabs. To me that says nobody cares what the jabs do, it's just about money and control, not deliberately whacking a bunch of people. They just don't care that they do whack a bunch of people with this insanity.

2. That the J&J has a similar pattern to the other mRNA shots is a huge tell on something because it's a totally different delivery system and tech. As noted, it isn't an mRNA vs. adenovirus thing, it's a spike protein thing, the mRNA is a red herring IMO. It is linked to the production of the spike protein, not that mRNA is used to make the proteins, because the adenovirus gets the same issue without involving any new fancy mRNA tech. Hmm... Good news certainly for Moderna, but not sure what else to say there... Perhaps let's look for other correlations between the three deadliest lots from each jab maker. @TG, I see you named the two nastiest lots for Moderna and Pfizer in your table in the article. Can you name the ugliest for J&J? I would also be interested in production date if possible. My sense for this is they are iterating new variants of this stuff as time goes along and they all cooperate under the table. They have a game plan for x amount of mRNA and adenovirus makes y amount of spike protein, and they adjusted the slide on x downward as time went on and they heard rumors of bad effects, but never issued a recall on what was shipped, does that make sense? Then the shipped stuff just kinda worked its way into the general public. Simple stupid stuff like not cleaning out the fridge consistently and getting all the vials at the back before putting the new shipment into the fridge. Any pharma or docs, can things be that sloppy at a field injection site??? Everything about this jab has been sloppy, so I'm thinking why not, but I really don't know.

Again, congrats to you Karl and credit where it's due, wish it could have come under better circumstances. This is a big deal, you and those other guys are probably the first to see this. .gov guys running this VAERS database are paid to take the reports, not look at and think about them. You might not think anyone could possibly be this thick but I'm telling you they are. For example, I was made to take a class on my way out of the Army along with everyone else called CTIP, Combatting Trafficking of Illegalized Persons or something like that. One of the big things in there was, Don't buy goods and services made from prison labor because that encourages it! That's an order! A couple days later, I was on a last look through my local military clothing and sales shop before I lost access, and what did I see but new PT uniforms, with a proud little American flag and Made in America sign, along with a big gray logo on the package that said FEDERAL PRISON INDUSTRIES, just like that in caps too. Now what kind of labor do you suppose FEDERAL PRISON INDUSTRIES uses in America??? I don't want to hear about how eeevvvil communist China is for using convict labor from the USG. I don't want to hear about much of anything from USG anymore, it's all ignorance or lies. And this was back in 2012, it's just gotten way more obvious today.
Tickticktick 188 posts, incept 2008-11-23
2021-11-03 07:54:22

As a car guy I've always hated the "speed kills" mantra but it applies in things like development of these shots.'s true. But not in relation to vehicles. The term originally referred to speed (amphetamine) abusers, who would go on "speed" binges for days, not sleeping or eating, get neurotic and psychotic, and then end up killing people around them. "Speed kills"....not so much the user, but people around him.

Jansen uses a different technique to get the RNA into the victim's cells, but do they use the same technique as Pfizer and Moderna to create the RNA payload in the first place?

I don't know whether this is relevant, but here goes:

- A friend of mine is "double-vaxxed": he was in the early trials for the Novavax product in January 2021, got both doses. And then he got the Moderna jab and booster. "Why?" I asked him, incredulously, my jaw dropping to the floor....

"Novavax was actually highly effective in clinical trials. In fact, the trial that I participated in was a 2:1 trial where 2/3 of participants received the vaccine and 1/3 got placebo. What they had trouble with was manufacturing capacity. They were using the same contract manufacturer as some of the vaccines that had already received emergency use authorization (EUA) like Pfizer and Moderna.

The reason I dropped out of the trial in May is that without EUA, Novavax could not issue vaccine cards which I needed for work. So I then had to get 2 doses of the Moderna.

When I quit the trial, they told me I received the vaccine, not the placebo. I confirmed that through an antigen blood test.

Novavax is still having problems completing its trial because of the manufacturing capacity problem and how many people dropped out for the same reason I did. One of the attractive features of Novavax is that it doesnt require all the special handing like refrigeration so it will be very attractive in 3rd world countries."

- The above report was from late September 2021.

- He is rather high-up in the medical industry food-chain, and is not prone to exaggeration or might rightly describe him as being very serious and "stoic".

So not only may the various manufacturers be using common "component" suppliers, they may be using common manufacturers.
Bradjackson 1 posts, incept 2021-11-03
2021-11-03 07:54:22

What would be interesting to look into is prevalence of reactions in people who receive sequential shots from the same vial and therefore the same batch. Like couples or families who queue up together.
Mannfm11 8k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2021-11-03 07:54:22

I would like to read all the responses, but I'm tired. I would like to know the order, in dates of the lots. Clearly, the shelf life is short. I have seen a lot, on the net, that hospitals are denying the jabs are killing people. What I suspect is the coverup in in the later proposed nonsense that someone isn't vaccinated for 14 days after the second shot and thus the jabs only exist 14 days later, eliminating, under make believe anything, adverse or infection, is unvaccinated. One has to be blind, deaf, crippled and crazy to work, in a hospital and not see the danger.

I bet the high number event lots all came out early and the difference is they were more apt to report events early, and quit doing it as much as time goes on. Isn't it clear the CDC, FDA and any of these criminal organizations are going to pull the jabs and are just ignoring the data? VAERS has shown over 1000 deaths, since the early stages. When 25 die, they usually quit.

I have heard enough about the short expiration dates, that, as the jabbing slowe down, it is likely more, of the following lots, went unused, where as the early were gobbled up by the sheep trying to get to the front, of the line.

Bad batches? I doubt it. The mix is likely so measured, that wouldn't happen. Damn, the mix paint colors, in a Home Depot. Maybe an ingredient that was bad. I think the difference is due to temperature.

My father died of thrombosis. I looked it up. What I learned was it is more likely to occur, in cold weather, thus it is somewhat likely the difference is largely due to the weather, not the batch.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
Neonsignal 90 posts, incept 2021-03-24
2021-11-03 07:54:23


I am leaning toward a lot of this effect being reporting bias - bias against reporting as the rollout increases the sheer volume of cases, the system clamping down on reports, and the VAERS reporting backlog.

Since I think we have figured out the interpretation of the Moderna lotcodes, I took a snapshot of VAERS data from sept and filtered out only the Moderna entries, and manually cleaned up the lot codes as best I could. Then I plotted the data as a function of lot date code. (year + letter roughly indicating month).

The cleaned up file I created is here:

I plotted two ways.

The left hand plot shows a blue point for each lot that contained at least one death, with the number of deaths on the y axis and the sequence of blue points ordered by lot date code on the x axis. The red line shows the corresponding lot date code, you can see roughly the number of lots in each month ramps up and stabilizes.

The right hand plot shows the deaths in lots as blue points, with the x axis being the lot date code (month).

Both of these plots show a general decrease in the number of reports over time, which could be due to reporting issues.

The left plot also shows a clear bi-modal distribution where some lots seem very safe, while others are not. That is suggestive of an intrinsic problem of the sort you are proposing (a stackup issue that is only detectable within the host), or possibly a production problem that produces some lots that are ineffective (perhaps ineffective in both its intended and unintended effects) and the typical lot is generally hazardous.

Another interesting observation is that much of the production occurred in advance of the rollout - the rollout started early 2021 (Jan 2021 is "14" in this date code format). The right hand plot shows the situation brought "under control" in lots produced beginning in Feb 2021. Is it possible they saw a signal in VSAFE and quickly "fixed the glitch", leading to those Feb and future lots appearing to get safer? Meanwhile all the volume that was already produced just got used anyway...

The fact that all three products seem to have similar curves (I have not made plots for the others but eyeballing them the problems reduce over time) and the fact that J&J is quite different technologically seems to point to either reporting problems or something fundamental about the approach.. for this I am leaning more toward reporting problems.
Stalag13 64 posts, incept 2020-04-03
2021-11-03 07:54:23

@Onthebeach the product date code you suggested checks with 10 random reports I pulled as well as your examples. I tried to download a copy of VARES data but it is not currently available. So I made a list of decoded lot dates. This is something I will modify if I can get actual production dates for the lots, so consider it for what it is (incomplete list of fatalities sorted by a part of the lot code).

I discarded unknown codes and consolidated the similar appearing codes with hyphens. I converted A20 to 1 on the graph ... M20 would be 13 representing December 2020, A21 = 14 = Jan 2021 ...

The first public jabs were in late December 2020 (13 on the timeline) and 26 is where we are now. If the Lot code conversion is correct, there have been 0 identified lots in the last 6+ months. The total unknown lots are less than 40.

Stalag13 64 posts, incept 2020-04-03
2021-11-03 07:54:23

If the Moderna Lot code includes a date code format xyy x=A through M (4 week periods) y=20 or 21 for year ... then the graph represents fatal reports by lot, placed by lot month. I added a monthly cumulative plot.

I am looking for verification that the lot code is valid for this purpose. I checked 20 random reports with different lots and the date code was as expected 100%.

Happytrails 935 posts, incept 2008-10-24
2021-11-03 07:54:23

Karl, your article hit Mike Adams' column in Censored News via a link from Burning Platform:

Jwm_in_sb 6k posts, incept 2009-04-16
2021-11-03 07:54:23

Interesting...I found this ticker posted in the comments of this video of Ron Johnson hosting a panel recently on VAXX injuries and mandates. Not sure when this meeting occurred exactly.
Pharmadude 225 posts, incept 2020-03-26
2021-11-03 07:54:23

@TG, What are the top AE's listed for the "hot" lots? Do these differ from the other "nominal" lots? There could be some clue(s) in the data to help solve the mystery.

The hypothesis is micro contamination produced additional spike protein(s) and/or the microbe(s) are pathogenic.

The manufacturers should have tested for sterility, bacterial endotoxins and performed the antimicrobial effectiveness test. Probably all passed at release, but manufacturing and packaging issues related to micro contamination can take time to reveal themselves. The lot retains and samples taken from the field should be retested again - and this should include all relase testing and then some.

This is new tech and there will be new issues, but micro contamination is a longtime issue which may exponentially compound the new tech issues.
Attilahooper 4k posts, incept 2007-08-28
2021-11-03 07:54:23

I think onelegged means your porst "No, read this". Perhaps the language suggests there is a link in context.

Thanks for the analysis KD.

Sick Boy nCoV!
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