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 Once Upon A Time...
Nickdanger 2k posts, incept 2011-06-12
2021-09-26 13:21:19

You can count me in on your fan club! You definitely have a way with words.

-- I'm in the control group

-- In life, it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.
Supertruckertom 8k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-09-26 13:55:06

We all have our own ways to contribute here.

The cross section of thinking humanity in TF gives a 360 degree perspective on problems.

More than likely someone here has been there and done that.

Quite possibly invented that or discovered there.

Preparing to go Hunting.
Burya_rubenstein 2k posts, incept 2007-08-08
2021-09-26 13:55:28

Someone was asking about pulse oxymeters. Got thisone at my local Ollies, $17.
Supertruckertom 8k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2021-09-26 14:03:02

My almost 3 year old granddaughter loves going around and checking grandma or momma's fingers.

A beep and flashing lights just make her eyes glow.

Wife was negative for Covid-19 at Kaiser.

Will still test for antibodies in a month.
She is still feeling tired but O^2 saturation never really dropped below 95%.

Preparing to go Hunting.
Kikknback 1k posts, incept 2020-03-17
2021-09-26 14:07:51

Tickerguy wrote..
Okay what are you going to do about it?

You have to wait for the baton (Tickers of Hard Evidence) before running the fourth leg in a race, and then "sprint" for the win.
Mjc1960 358 posts, incept 2015-02-28
2021-09-26 16:11:19

It's probably that PREP act thing. Legal liability shield is more important saving people, again it's all about the money.

Most doctors are captives of corporate medical.
Corporate medical is owned by the same people that own pharma.
No money in cures.
Just managing long drawn out diseases with office visits and meds.

Only independent doctors actually prescribe off label.
Neighbor lady has doctor script for Ivermectin, CVS won't fill it.
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-09-26 16:11:25

My good friend and nursing colleague discovered the "Spanish Care Home protocol" entirely by accident. It worked "a miracle recovery from COVID" for both her and her husband. They did not use IVM or HCQ, but had the rest of the medications and supplements.

At this point, I think if you do the exact opposite of whatever is recommended and published by the CDC, NIH, FDA, mainstream media, the local health care system/ hospital and your state and local health departments, you will be healthy and well. Seriously - Not Sarcasm!

"Oppositional Defiance Disorder" is now a determinant of health and survival.

And by the way, the folks who are now refusing the death jabb - no matter what profession they are in - are the folks who have the courage, critical thinking skills and backbone of steel to rebuild a country soon to be in collapse and ruin.
The_collapsar 4 posts, incept 2021-09-14
2021-09-27 08:36:57

This article blew my mind, even though I know it shouldn't have. My disbelief about the monstrous evil at work in the world has vanished rapidly.

Like our host, the only time I've had a serious illness "lately" was in Jan/Feb 2020. Still not sure if it was Rona, H1N1, or something else, but it was rough. A week or more of nasty flu symptoms, waking up soaked with sweat multiple days in a row, etc. The symptom that differentiated it from the other flus and flulike illnesses I've had was the sustained cough that lasted 6+ weeks after everything else went away.

I spend a large chunk of the rest of the year on generic allergy meds - allergies have been bad since I was a kid. It's probably worth making that an all-year pill now. Too bad Z-packs aren't OTC.
Swingtrader 10k posts, incept 2007-08-12
2021-09-27 08:37:44

Carllieb wrote..
if its necessary to continue with Ivermectin.

I have little doubt that the ticker is correct.

However, the event was 18 months ago, and this mess is a moving target.

flccc has changed their protocols more than a couple of times in those 18 months

What worked 18 months ago, may not do so well with current variants.

The point of the ticker (as I understood it) was not for someone to stop doing something that was working but something to add to the protocols that are working and also that it's a damn shame to see people killed by the system for profit and who could have been easily and cheaply helped with off-label use.

I have no idea what variants are currently in South Africa nor the best protocol to follow in that country at this time.

I no longer trade. When I watched the machines pull the futures up overnight without a trade taking place I thought it was time to quit.

Kegler 10 posts, incept 2021-08-16
2021-09-27 16:28:19

@Mjc1960 - "Neighbor lady has doctor script for Ivermectin, CVS won't fill it"

Send this to your neighbor lady.

Overcoming Pharmacy Barriers
Burya_rubenstein 2k posts, incept 2007-08-08
2021-09-28 22:38:26

Found Cetirizine HCL tablets, 10 mg, 14 in a package for a buck. Since the protocol says Cetirizin OR Loratadine, not AND, I should now have enough for 7 days of treatment.

I see no reason to take the antibiotics.

What does the dexchlorpheniramine (normally) do?

I do sometimes take a Phenylephrine HCL 10 mg tablet to unplug a plugged nose. It works, sort-of, most of the time. I would prefer phenylpropanalamine, but they took that off the market decades ago.

I also have taken the generic Tylinol, but mostly switched to Ibuprofin as the former seemed to have lost some effectiveness. I have a supply of both.

There don't currently seem to be any attempts to stop people from buying the two allergy pills. Meijer had an aisle-end packed with their generic version of Zyrtec, and some of their generic Claratin, tonight.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-09-28 22:39:42

Macrolide antibiotics also have an immune modulating effect (e.g. Zpak) and that is why they are useful with both HCQ and this protocol. They also stave off the potential for a secondary bacterial infection.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Tat668 4k posts, incept 2007-09-09
2021-09-29 11:25:09

Just want to say thank you to Karl and all for your effort to publish / point to / information in this time of suppression of valid scientific facts for the money grabber.

Went to Walmart and did a search on the generic name and bought 4 bottles of 200 ea for $42, shipped and with Ca tax!

"This marks the beginning of the end."- Barack Obama 2-26-09

"Every rock we turn over, every time we looked for it, it's not only there, it's worse than we anticipated."
Bill Priestap, FBI's coun
Sillylulujess 4 posts, incept 2021-09-27
2021-09-29 20:26:08

Thank so much for everything you share here. So glad to have randomly found this page by following comment links in fb world. Copying sharing on my pages this easy peasy anyone can do treatment formula. In a world gone nuts I am still very blessed to be down here in New Zeland

Keep the light on for the newly awakened forging their own path out of the matrix
Swiftly 649 posts, incept 2007-10-16
2021-09-29 21:24:36

NZ has gone nuts. They did well to keep out other variants, but should allow Delta to run, with Vit D, ivermectin provisions at least, better iMASK (FLCC protocol)

Basic Facts
Diamond Princess - not novel or deadly
Blood Bank Study - does not prevent transmission
These should have short circuited the process
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-09-29 21:48:57

I would encourage you to keep an open mind. The reason for the antibiotics is to address and deal with secondary bacterial infection/ pneumonia after the primary viral infection has been successfully overcome. One accomplishes nothing to recover from the viral infection only to succumb to secondary bacterial pneumonia. Seriously.
Dishwasher 19 posts, incept 2021-08-05
2021-09-30 11:15:50

In reply to Mosaik at

Thanks for this, interesting. I wonder how that interacts with the known reservoir effect in the wild bird population? I think it is fairly well established that influenzas circulate in the wild bird population. From that I have hypothesised a connection between flu seasonality in the UK and wild bird migration. I want to read more of Hope-Simpson at some point to see if there are testable hypotheses that could be checked vs wild reservoirs. His north and south movement could be linkable to bird migrations.

I imagine if we get through this pandemic with an economy, a nation state etc that there may be a fair amount of funding for investigations into the background of respiratory epidemics for some time to come. Mind you I should definitely not panic re the survival of national economies given that tax administration and property registers over here survived the Black Death in working order some few centuries back.
Willc 1 posts, incept 2021-09-30
2021-09-30 11:16:11

What medical journal was the author referencing that had this study posted to it in January 2021? (Page #1)
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-09-30 11:18:09

@Willc - The original preprint actually dates to FALL of 2020.

It was revised, put once again on a pre-print server, submitted and, in the April edition, published following their review.

In other words (1) this was known before vaccines were finished EUA trials, (2) it was published before EUAs were issued and used in virtually everyone and (3) ignored the entire time, including in the six months, roughly, following formal acceptance and publication in a major journal - specifically, in this case, a pulmonology journal.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."

Sillylulujess 4 posts, incept 2021-09-27
2021-09-30 20:37:10

Might be on interest to some on here, public statment out of Australia this week in respect to a worker who appealed against being fired for refusing a flu vaccination. The key take away of the decision: when asked if employers can mandate covid vaccinations under a public health order the Trade Unions, Business Counsel, Fair Work Commission and Safe Work Australia answered NO it cannot be mandated in almost every work place in Australian when there is another alternative to assist employers to meet their H&S obligations and that is by means of testing (PCR) as testing is arguable a better control measure than vaccines whose stated purpose is to reduce symptoms not stop transmission and spread.

Keep the light on for the newly awakened forging their own path out of the matrix
Maddmaxx 1k posts, incept 2021-05-31
2021-10-01 09:55:57

Plus this:

BREAKING: from the court filings in the #NSW Supreme Court case on mandatory vaccination.

The lead vaccine researchers driving all government policy in Australia received $65,330,038 in government grants covering 2020-2021.

Grants of this size are unprecedented

And this: #GladysBerejiklian "Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced she has resigned as NSW Premier after the Independent Commission Against Corruption announced she was being investigated."
More to come like dominos....

Reason: add another tweet
4n6 25 posts, incept 2021-09-16
2021-10-03 08:02:50

I bought a bottle of Allerclear (generic Claritin/Loratatine) at Costco for $10.99. It had 365 10mg tablets. The Claritin package next to it had 105 10mg tablets for $38.95. I can use the savings to buy 5.5 gallons of Chevron premium gas.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-10-03 08:04:08

@4n6 - Yep. I keep the stuff around even though it is only moderately effective in suppressing seasonal allergy symptoms for me; at the "brand" price it was not worth it, but at the generic price it is. WalMart has it at a similarly-reasonable price.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Khantotdrogo339 2 posts, incept 2021-10-06
2021-10-06 15:50:58

Well good. I am on regular dosage of two OTC antihistamines and I also take pseudoephedrine. As one who suffers from severe pollen allergies, I've wondered whether the body's response to allergens prepares it against viruses.

The most severe illness I ever experienced was in context of an allergic response. I could feel it coming on and by the time it hit all I could do was curl up in bed and pray I would live till morning. I experienced extreme fever and body pain. I spent 36 hours in bed before I had the strength to stand up. After another 36 hours I was pretty much recovered.

So I have long wondered, did my immune system learn anything from this episode?
Winston2020 461 posts, incept 2020-03-29
2021-10-25 18:06:26

Incredible anecdotal evidence VERY early on in the pandemic. Here's intelligent testimony about the amazing COVID-19 prophylaxis results among VERY elderly residents with many comorbidities at this nursing home in Canada due to the COINCIDENTAL use of ivermectin for a scabies outbreak immediately before the pandemic hit. They were officially ignored and discouraged from speaking of it. A nursing home in France had the same coincidence with similar results [not mentioned in the video]:
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