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 There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price
Mikeyinfl 177 posts, incept 2021-08-02
2021-08-31 10:32:43

I fear that folks like Warren Wilhelm who is tripling down on vaxing NYC kids is simply not going to stop unless someone stops him, be it Fredo style or otherwise, but once parents realize that the loss of their child was totally unnecessary, I sincerely hope those responsible don't walk away with a fat retirement and book deal and actually pay for the harm they have done. What bothers me most about these guys is it's either insane megalomaniacs or they actually know what they are doing is wrong and do it anyway. I've worked with a lot of gov clients and yes some are dumber than a box of rocks, not all are, but these tyrants are not going to stop unless they are stopped.
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