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 There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price
Georgi 58 posts, incept 2021-07-07
2021-08-31 10:32:07

New data from Israel, now with 'event after 3rd dose' column. See the attached JPG. It is puzzling however: there are too many events after 3rd dose already and I am not sure how to interpret it. Maybe some combination of the points below:
1. It is about the delta after all. The 3rd shot is not helping much because the delta variant is able to escape the spike-only antibodies induced by the vaccines
2. Israel is in the middle of the 3rd dose administration and they are doing it against all bast practices during a disease wave. Maybe the events after the 3rd dose are people getting the boosters but the infection happened within the 1-2 week span after the injection so that they were not able to mount the antibody protection from it.
3. For some reasons the boosters are not having the same (short-term!) protective effect. Or even ADE?
4. The boosters do actually cause bad reactions and disease, as @Blackcrow suggests

Any thoughts on this?

Apart from the dosing, there is still the question why they require 2 jabs. Maybe they noticed the first one does not induce B-cell memory so they added a second one (and increased the dose)
Do you think repeated boosters might after all induce B-cell memory? So each booster makes the jumping off the train a bit riskier ...

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