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 There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price
Drole 144 posts, incept 2015-11-17
2021-08-31 08:59:23

I've not located a proper write up of this study out of Portugal.

An ongoing year-long study of 9000 health professionals...

They find that after three months, the level of antibodies dropped to one-sixth of the value detected after taking the two doses of vaccine. And at the six month mark, it is lower still.

It also says that in those who had already been infected, the drop in antibody levels was smoother...aka longer lasting immunity. I think this might be infected people who were then vexxed, but can't be sure based on the articles.

A couple other bits.... immune response decreases with age and sex with women and younger people developing/ maintaining stronger immunity from vexxing.

So most folks at TF might then say, what the heck is the point of taking the jab?

But no, officials in PT instead conclude:
"Serological tests are not recommended in Portugal or in other countries as a basis for decision-making on the status of protection conferred by vaccines against covid-19", arguing that "the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines cannot be measures exclusively" by these tests."

Guess they are hoping for a b-cell Hail Mary??

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