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2021-07-10 12:06 by Karl Denninger
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Well-Deserved Consequences *
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You aren't going to like this article, but frankly I don't care.  I've never written an article with a single bit of concern as to whether people would like what I had to say; any so-called "journalist" who does so isn't a journalist at all.

Going back to the start of Covid-19 there were several things that were apparent:

  • Not everyone was susceptible to a serious or fatal outcome irrespective of age or medical status.  Diamond Princess proved this conclusively.  It was ignored.  We later conclusively and scientifically proved that approximately 80% of all people had pre-existing resistance and, absent severe co-morbid issues that could kill them literally at any time were never at material risk.

  • If you let the virus into nursing homes it will kill a lot of people.  Kirkland proved that conclusively.  We not only ignored that we called the employees of said places "heroes" and did not demand they isolate away from the general population, paying them whatever we had to in order to get them to do it, even when we had a wild excess of hotel space in which we could have as we had (foolishly) locked down basically all travel and leisure activity.

  • Children and young, healthy adults are at little or no risk.  It's not zero, but it's less than the flu.  We now know fewer than 400 people under age 18 have been killed by Covid in the US and virtually all of those who died had unrelated life-threatening medical issues (such as childhood cancers.)  For older, more-morbid people it's another story entirely; they have 1,000x as much danger or more.  So what did we do?  We closed schools and forced 60 million healthy kids to wear masks.  In other words we made children pay for other people's risk, and we did it by force, screwing all those kids out of months to a year or more of schooling and treating them as plague rats who were responsible for killing their grandmother.

  • Most of the morbid conditions that put you at particular risk are voluntary.  Specifically, Type II diabetes and obesity.  We not only lied to kids about their risk we forced children and young adults to bear the cost of voluntary adult behavior.  This is particularly monstrous and massively compounds the above point.

  • We allowed the demonization of drugs that had been used safely for decades for other conditions and in fact let them be effectively banned.  Was there proof that they worked?  Not early on, but so what?  The so-called "right to try" that was much-ballyhooed and paraded around for over a decade disappeared instantly under force by every single social media company.  Who remembers all the crying mothers in front of Congress and elsewhere begging for access to unproved but possible treatments for their children with rare diseases and the attendant and relentless GoFraudMe cry-room campaigns?  Abortion, a purely-elective procedure undertaken by millions and considered a sacred civil right with its need arising in nearly every case from voluntary adult (irrespective of age) conduct has a higher risk of death than Ivermectin.  Where the hell did all those screaming for access to unproven therapies go and why did not that same principle apply here, especially for consenting adults?  Lupus and RA patients have taken HCQ as a maintenance drug on a daily basis for over a decade and the safety profile and its contraindications are well-known.  It also, of course, was used as a prophylaxis for malaria before that on a mass-population basis and as such its safety profile when given to people on a widespread basis is very well understood.  Ivermectin has literally had several billion human doses handed out over the last 30 or so years for the prevention of river blindness and treatment of parasitic infections.  Both are OTC (no prescription required) in many nations.  Budesonide is used by asthmatics as a daily maintenance drug by millions as well, and again, outside of the US can typically be bought OTC for a few dollars.  These are drugs with safety profiles similar to Tylenol and aspirin.  Yet we denied people the right to use them when first infected, or suspected to be and worse, we called them dangerous despite their documented safety profile on a world-wide basis.  If you're the average American you are already taking 12.2 prescription drugs per year, or at least one prescription drug at all times.  Essentially all of them are more-dangerous and likely to kill you than any of HCQ, Ivermectin or Budesonide -- that's a fact.

One of Trump's first actions when Covid-19 hit was to (1) immunize any health care provider for their failures, including refusal to treat and (2) direct CMS to pay "bounties" for anyone on Medicare who went into the hospital for Covid ($13,000 per person) and if they were ventilated then the bounty rose to $39,000.  This, despite knowing at the time that ventilators were nearly worthless; before that order was issued we knew 95% of the people in Wuhan that were put on vents died anyway.  In other words CMS issued an order offering to pay for shoving a tube down your throat that nearly always killed you instead of incentivizing hospitals and physicians to find ways to keep you from dying.

The hospitals, of course, complied with the money making path forward and 100,000 people died in those first few months as a direct consequence.

We later discovered why vents were worthless with this disease; the reason you were choking to death was that your blood was clotting in the lungs.  Forcing more oxygen into the lungs does nothing if there is no effective circulation.  Even after this discovery, which was conclusively known by summer, the bounties remained in place.  Becerra, Biden's HHS secretary, has not rescinded them.

In other words even once we knew not only that vents did not work but why, which was all known by June of 2020, HHS maintained and continues to this day to pay hospitals to shove a tube down your throat and kill you.  A sane policy would have paid only for success and let doctors figure out what works, aligning the money with outcomes.

The successful would get paid, those married to failure and dogma would get nothing.

We could have also cut off the hero worship bullshit by having the government publish the success rate for every single hospital in the US when it came to Covid-19 patients.  This many admitted, this many left in a box, success rate = X%.  HHS could have done that and suddenly all the TikTok dancers would have disappeared -- unless you walked out under your own power.

But... it gets worse.

Blocking people from using early treatment wildly inflated those hospital payments.  If you never go to the hospital then said hospital doesn't get their Covid bonus, do they?  That right there is enough reason for the corporate medical networks to ban their doctors from writing prescriptions for Budesonide, HCQ and Ivermectin, among others despite off-label use being entirely legal; indeed, about one prescription in five is written off-label!  These corporate monsters own and run the hospitals and have been buying up the doctors' practices for decades; a sick person who does not get admitted makes them nothing and the drugs cost about $10!

Never mind that issuing an EUA requires that there be no demonstrated safe and effective alternative by law.  Safe we already knew; all it took was for a large medical network to start handing this stuff out to any adult who appeared to have Covid with informed consent and the statistical evidence would show up within days.  If it proved up that would be the end of the EUAs and the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals did not want either to take place; no sick people in the hospital, no emergency and no money.

The medical systems did not know whether the drugs worked on a conclusive basis but what they did know is that if they showed effective "at first sign of infection" treatment outcomes the money spigot would shut off instantly because nobody would show up sick enough to require hospitalization.  In addition the demand for vaccines would immediately go to zero among anyone who didn't have serious multiple risk factors, such as being in a high-density living environment while seriously ill (e.g. in a nursing home.)

This particular sort of perversity where money trumps all other considerations has permeated medical care for decades.  A coronary catheter will save your life if you're having a heart attack by restoring the blood flow to the impacted area of the heart quickly.  The only other option is open heart surgery which takes longer and the longer you wait the more damage is done.  Never mind that the cath lab is much less dangerous than sawing open your chest.

But "safer" does not mean safe -- the procedure is in fact quite dangerous.  About 1 in 50 people having a stent inserted die either immediately on the table or within the next month or so, and a decent percentage have strokes caused by clots breaking off and traveling to the brain as well, which usually causes permanent and severe disability.  In people who are not having a heart attack, but who have stable angina, the data is that this procedure does not improve mortality at all.  We've known this for a couple of decades now, yet at $20,000 or so a crack these procedures are done all the time in people who are not having heart attacks.

If you are obese and Type II diabetic you can resolve both in virtually every case without spending a nickel.  Stop eating carbohydrates other than green vegetables and get all seed oils (canola, shortening, etc.) out of your diet.  Not only do you resolve the conditions but in addition all the bad things that come over time from high blood sugar, including gangrene and amputated limbs, retinal damage (blindness!), kidney failure (dialysis and ultimately death) and your early demise are all interrupted.  Instead of taking the zero-cost and superior approach in terms of outcomes you're put on drugs; first metformin which is cheap but, since the disease is progressive if you do not stop eating carbs it stops working and then the really expensive drugs come out along with mandatory insulin.  Even that does not prevent the bad; in most cases you still suffer the effects and eventually die.

But not before you leave a half-million dollar medical bill in your wake.

All of this to avoid your doc telling you the answer to your medical condition is to quit eating pizza, pasta, bread and fries?  Oh, and not pocketing the $500,000 either, never mind your misery as your toes are amputated and you go blind, have a heart attack or stroke.

These are far from the only examples.  The FDA just approved a drug for Alzheimer's that failed to demonstrate either halting cognitive decline or demonstrating improvement in treated patients.  It is, however, frightfully expensive.  FDA regulations, in fact, specifically do not require that a new drug work better than an existing drug or therapy, nor that it be cheaper, or even that it have a better safety profile.  You'd think that "better, faster, cheaper -- must show at least one" would be the law in that if you can't demonstrate by hard science at least one of those your drug does not get approved -- period.  You'd be wrong and the reason you're wrong is you let pharma, hospitals, CMS and your President pull this bullshit for decades while both robbing you blind and shortening your life.

Who writes those laws?  Congress.  How long has this gone on?  For more than 50 years.  Has either party fixed it?   NO.

Now we add this:

  • The shots were given EUAs without the usual pharmacological data (e.g. where does it concentrate and distribute in the body, etc.) and full set of animal trials.  The usual dose-ranging trials were truncated.  Zero intermediate (months long) small-group human trials (a couple thousand people) were done with weekly follow-up comprehensive bloodwork to detect things like evidence of cardiac damage (e.g. myocarditis), which can be detected if troponins are checked.  For clotting, d-dimer.  Ditto for platelet disorders and similar which would show up on a CBC. These are normal, routine steps in testing any new drug and none of them were done with no results published.  Even to this day such follow-up has not been done -- at all.  The vaccine firms applied to use their shots in Japan and were forced to disclose pharmacological data which was deliberately withheld from the FDA.  That was leaked on the Internet and it is now known that the spike protein concentrates in the ovaries and spleen.  We do not know the full story on safety and thus it is impossible to make an informed decision.  Certainly, for some people even in this situation the shots may be a good bargain -- but where is the line between "good deal" and "bad deal" and how much is that line moved because of intentional obstruction of early treatment?  Further, where are the autopsy results in people who unexpectedly die after these shots?  You'd think with a new and lightly tested therapy every person who meets an untimely demise shortly thereafter would be looked at forensically to determine whether there's a potential link.  In other words we probably could have detected all of these issues, at least at a sub-clinical level, but if we had that would have stopped the roll-out until conclusive answers were obtained, and perhaps permanently.  So we blindfolded ourselves -- on purpose -- and once again you let it happen and in fact cheered it on.

  • NOW data is starting to stack up showing that not only are the shots dangerous directly there is a nasty pattern appearing of viral infections, not necessarily Covid, in vaccinated people which is wildly out of the ordinary for this time of year.  Exactly what is causing that is unknown; it may just be our fascination with lockdowns and such over last winter but if not then this coming cold and flu season will be catastrophically bad.  While thus far what I have are anecdotes if this proves up your decision to believe a bunch of proved liars about safety may well have set the stage for your own serious disease or death.

Let's point out once again that even if 20% of the 600,000 or so dead aren't really Covid deaths there are still a crap-ton of dead people who should not have died, at least not right then and even if you kill someone with a week left to live under the law you still murdered them.

These people died when they did for exactly one reason: People made money on each death and the more who died the more money was made.

Blocking the use of possible effective and cheap drugs along with refusing to protect those in nursing homes by stopping the employees from being the vector into the place is why most of the people who died are dead, and a hell of a lot of money was an incentive to make them dead with a literal bounty paid for each toe tag.

Our local hospital likely got roughly $5 million -- a little county hospital -- in said bounties.  I'm guessing here since I can't see their books but I'll bet I'm close.

You let that happen.

You let the medical ghouls intentionally send sick people home without any treatment at all until they were literally choking to death, with the doctors and hospital administrators rubbing their hands in glee at the bonus payments to be received in the amount of millions of dollars per hospital.

You either Hated or Loved Orange Man and so you not only let him and his administration do it when the next one showed up the other half of the nation cheered them on doing the same damn thing.

Now you're letting 13 year old boys be jabbed with these shots and some of them are dying of enlarged hearts.  Proved caused by same?  Not yet.  Of course we're not demanding and publishing the autopsies of those bodies either! 

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around  -- you prove safety first -- before we stab children who by definition cannot give informed consent to the risk of death?

I've written dozens of articles on the medical scam for more than a decade now.  It featured prominently in Leverage.  A medical system in which there is a profit motive has both a good and bad side.  The good side is that new discoveries make people rich, and new discoveries move science and health forward.  The bad side is that if proof of improvement -- better, faster and/or cheaper -- is not required and the people are not allowed free and full access to all of the existing medical art at the time at their option, not that of someone who gets paid not for results but for treatments and drugs then it becomes extremely profitable to try to create a mandatory subscription model that puts a daily, monthly or yearly fee on keeping you alive to be distributed to the commercial interests behind same while ignoring, discouraging or even forbidding you to take actions (e.g. using drugs off label) that might interrupt that process or keep some or all of the money out of their pockets.

Now add to this toxic mix a virus that causes a pandemic.  There have been lots of pandemics across history.  Typically, a pandemic respiratory virus shows up about once every 15 or 20 years.  It always has.  We have records of them.  They have all behaved the same way: Two or three waves of infection, typically over one or two years, with the second wave usually being the worst.  The virus mutates over time and becomes more-infectious and less-deadly.  Within two years it is endemic; those who can be easily killed are dead, those who get it and survive have immunity, and whether infection confers permanent immunity does not matter.  The virus continues to circulate and causes colds and flus, but the serious health incident is over.

Every single pandemic respiratory virus for which we have decent records, which I remind you span more than 100 years, has behaved in exactly this manner and there is no evidence that Covid-19 has or will behave differently.  The jabs are, for most people, worthless as the virus will over time evade them (as flu evades the flu shot in whole or part) but it makes no difference to 90+% of the population as the virility of the circulating strains wanes.  By the time we jabbed the first arm the second, and most-serious wave had already occurred in the United States and was on the decline, even as we ignored all of the usual safety testing in the interest of speed.

The exception is that if you vaccinate into an active pandemic, leaving aside direct injury from an improperly-tested vaccine you run the risk of ADE, OAS or its more-encompassing name ("pathogenic priming") occurring, and if it does those who took the shot get fucked worse than those who did not and there's nothing the people who took the shot can do about it.

May I further remind you that coronaviruses are not new and neither are attempts to produce vaccines for them?  Every single attempt in the past has failed -- either the virus evades the vaccine, the vaccines causes severe injury on its own or on re-challenge it produces binding but not neutralizing activity and as a result makes the resulting infection much more-dangerous.  Since we now know there is cross-reaction between Covid-19 and other viral T-cell reactivity the potential for it to work the other way -- that is, for the shots to cause you get severely screwed by other, non-Covid viruses -- exists as well.

"This time its different" is one of the most-common and nearly-always wrong pronouncements -- whether the subject at hand is economics, markets or medicine.  The burden to prove that indeed it is different this time is extreme and must always fall on the person making the claim.

So here's the deal, America.

You didn't stop the killing for money.  We call that murder-for-profit, and exactly nobody has been held accountable for it and in fact people are still cheering it on, including Biden's plan to try to convince people to take the stabs by going door-to-door.

It should have been stopped.

If the government refused to stop it then the people should have risen and made clear that killing people for profit was not going to be tolerated.  The conversation could easily have gone exactly this way:

You will stop -- every hospital, every doctor, every so-called "public health" authority.

You will stop now.

If you do not stop now tomorrow at noon there will be a BBQ and the hospital administrators, doctors, nursing home operators who refused to lock in the employees and politicians who enabled it all are going to be the guests of honor.

One way or another, you will stop this perversity that has permeated our medical system for decades and instead of killing people one at a time it is now murdering them en-masse.  You will cut it out and never do it again or justice will be done -- right here, right now, by we the people.

This is not a negotiation any more than Concord was on April 19th, 1775; you stop or you will be forced to stop.

We're not asking, we're telling you.


Well, you didn't do it.  One dude, or three dudes -- you start building a gallows along with erecting a spit and firepit on the lawn of the parties to be invited to your BBQ and you go to jail immediately.  Big shock, right?  Of course if you're a pharmaceutical company, sell a drug like Vioxx after allegedly hiding evidence it has a nasty side effect profile and 60,000 people are killed by heart attacks as a consequence nobody goes to jail for doing that, and that's not threatened death, it's actual death and that it happened is fact.

First time?  Not even close.  AZT anyone?  It did not save a single AIDS patient from death.  The intentional blocking of Bactrim, which was part of getting AZT through, killed about 30,000 Americans far sooner than they would have otherwise died.  Bactrim, a combination of cheap, off-patent antibiotics, was known to prevent PCP recurrence; this had been discovered 10+ years earlier in leukemia patients.  AZT, a failed attempt at a cancer drug was, at the time, the most-expensive prescription drug ever sold.  Who was involved up to his neck in pimping AZT while blocking Bactrim?  A man by the name of Anthony Fauci.  Yes, that Anthony Fauci.

Or, as is the case this time, Remdesivir.  The data from two solid trials: RECOVERY and now this study say it's worthless.  Worse, it has a nasty side effect profile including causing cardiac damage.  But despite the data the FDA has not withdrawn its EUA.  Gee, why not?  Because it costs $3,000 and thus makes people rich, that's why.  If it kills you well, tough crap; we'll call that "Covid" even though it was the worthless drug that may have caused your heart attack and not the virus.  You still count as a Covid death though so here's the hospital's bounty for racking up another toe tag.

Why didn't Trump's HHS -- or Biden's -- do it the other way around?  You get your $13,000 bonus if the patient walks out of your hospital under his or her own power.  If he or she dies the hospital gets nothing.

Want to take a bet on how much Ivermectin, Budesonide and HCQ would have been used had the government done that?

Tell me once again why you have allowed both the previous and current Administrations to infest Washington DC given these facts -- including the fact that these so-called "experts" are all proved serial liars with multiple well-documented instances that led directly to mass-death over the last forty years.

I'm listening and have been for 18 months -- all I hear is crickets.

Here's reality whether you wish to admit it or not:  If 5%, 10% or 50% of the population decides they've had enough of this robbery and death then it stops.  One hopes the demand is enough.  It should be enough, but you have to be willing to back it up just like the Minutemen were on April 19th of 1775.

The government knows this.

They know it to their core because this nation exists due to that very demand and willingness to back it up when the King of England's men said "fuck you!" in response to a similar demand.

They get away with this sort of crap today for the same reason they got away with it in 2008 with the banking system.  You let them.

That time they stole your money, your jobs and in many cases your house.

This time they stole your grandmother's life, and in both cases they did it for one reason and one reason only: MONEY.

The proof is simple: HHS could have made the payments contingent on your discharge by means of walking out of the hospital under your own power.  They did not, on purpose, you let them slaughter your alleged loved ones and worse, you let those murderous, money-grubbing assholes walk among you to this very day, lauding them as "heroes."

That's fine.

The people of this nation, as with the people of any nation, have the right as a body politic to act like cult members and bow before those who have been demonstrably wrong on a serial basis for the last 18 months.  Remember: MASKS ARE BETTER THAN VACCINES, according to the CDC.  That was stated by the CDC Director in sworn testimony before Congress and yet winter came two months later and the virus killed a crap-ton of people anyway, proving he was completely full of crap.

That's just one of many of the lies you sucked your way all down the shaft and then swallowed whole.

So here's the deal:

If you were or are today one of those nutjobs who believed the CDC even after they were proved wrong this last winter, if you believed Fauci after he was repeatedly proved wrong, if you still listen to anything they say after Fauci got caught conspiring to hide the origins of this virus and in fact organizing censorship of its origin all over the media and you believe the government at large did not and is not to this day deliberately deceiving you and everyone else, including deception about the natural course of all pandemic viruses for the last 100 years -- every single one of them -- then if you listen to them now, take their advice, and it kills or severely disables you or your family members I am going to laugh in your face and that of your family members and loved ones.

You are stupid.

Only a mentally-compromised cult-member idiot listens to some agency or person, no matter who it is, once they make a pronouncement in front of Congress under oath and within a couple of months it is conclusively proved they're full of crap, who issue government policy incentivizing death instead of targeting said incentives to be paid only when lives are saved and as a direct result of intentional neglect for profit several hundred thousand people die.

That's what happened folks.

We're 18 months into this now.

The lies are manifest and so is the killing of people for profit.

You have to be nuts to allow anyone involved in that act of mass-manslaughter for money to get anywhere near you with any medical advice.

They already killed your grandmother and if you let them kill you or those you love then you and they both deserve to have this blow up in your face and die, I hope it hurts, and I will celebrate every one of your well-overdue express elevator rides to HELL.

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