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 Well-Deserved Consequences
Hanssachs 171 posts, incept 2021-06-24
2021-07-11 19:51:28


Thanks for the link on protocol. I'll suggest they addquercetin, which I've been taking since before 2020. I'm prepared to fly to them in FL to bring the ivermectin they refuse to buy now. Hope I don't have to.


It's a scam. "In 1998, the National Institutes of Health lowered the overweight threshold from 27.8 to 25branding roughly 29 million Americans as fat overnightto match international guidelines. But critics noted that those guidelines were drafted in part by the International Obesity Task Force, whose two principal funders were companies making weight loss drugs. In his recent book Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind Americas Obesity Epidemic, political scientist Eric Oliver reports that the chairman of the NIH committee that made the decision, Columbia University professor of medicine Xavier Pi-Sunyer, was consulting for several diet drug manufacturers and Weight Watchers International."
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