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 Well-Deserved Consequences
Hanssachs 171 posts, incept 2021-06-24
2021-07-11 13:48:03

Ah, I had missed the Adobe link. I only use Acrobat and so far as I can tell I can continue to share PDFs.

I think they like the model of Type 1 diabetes: turn a human being into a life-long dependent on your medication. So much so that Ancel Keyes pushed the anti-fat nonsense, combined with HFCS replacing sugar because of the artificially high price of sugar, and this helped create diabesity in people who weren't Type 1. Cue expensive medications. I think Keyes was wrong and a bad scientist who altered his data to match his conclusions (therefore not a scientist) but I do not see him creating diabesity intentionally. The pharma complex opportunistically capitalized on their new bounty, a feast of tens of millions of living people who could be turned into commodity profits.

But that would benefit countries whose drug companies get the skim: USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands. It will cost countries that have to pay: all others. Now, maybe they've figured out that they profit from things like smoking, which pays more sin taxes and kills people before they collect pensions. So presumably paying countries like France or Belgium would have to figure out that paying an extra $100 per citizen per year would pay off in more rapid death of resource-consuming old people, or else it's a bad financial deal. Of course,if the shots kill young people before their annual boosters then it won't be the cash cow that you've written for the drug companies.

But France and Belgium are also on board the mRNA train. Have they run the numbers, or is the agenda pushing the vaxx, regardless, with profit only an added bonus?( It's also possible that the agenda was always profit in the USA, and we have used our soft and hard power to propagate that to the world, and others are following in an information cascade.) The complete and utter discarding of all previous standards, as with Swine Flu shutdown from Guillain-Barre, tells me this is not driven just by profit. If the FDA approves these in the face of VAERS and worldwide data it could just be profit. I'm going with some larger agenda.
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